70+ Unique Names Meaning Fierce

Choosing the right name for your little one is a serious business. Many people believe that the name given to one at birth becomes a huge part of their identity and has a profound impact on the personality and mannerisms of an individual.

Most parents opt for names with gentle and wise names hoping for their child to grow up to be kind, quick-witted, or compassionate. However, there’s always someone who wants to cut the trend and go for names with zealous or high-spirited meanings such as “fierce.”

So if you want your baby to be fearless, rebellious, and perhaps a little feisty, here are some quirky and fierce names for your little warrior, here you go!

Girl Names That Mean Fierce

1. Jara

Looking for a strong name for your baby girl? Of Slavic origin, the name Jara meaning “fierce” is the perfect name for your tough little warrior.

2. Erica

One of the most popular girl names in the US, Erica is of Swedish origin and means fierce and ever mighty. Erica is the female equivalent of the male name Eric belonging to Ancient Nordic origin.

3. Yarisel

Pronounced like “Yu-re-zel”, this name belongs to Spanish origin and means “glorious and fierce”.

4. Gorgo

This is Sparta!! Gorgo was the wife of King Leonidas and the Queen of Sparta. This name of Greek origin is derived from the word “Gorgon”, which according to Greek mythology was a female creature. The name Gorgo means “fierce” and also “grim”.

5. Adira

This Hebrew name is pronounced like “Aa-dee-rah”, and has multiple meanings including “courageous, fierce, and strong”.

6. Valerie

Stemming from French and Latin roots, Valerie means “brave, strong, and fierce”. It can be turned into “Val” as a cute little nickname for your valiant princess.

7. Roskva

Pronounced like “Ross-k-vaa”, this Old Norse name means “fierce” and also “vigorous”.

8. Harlow

This beautiful name was put in the spotlight and made popular by Nicole Richie when she named her daughter Harlow Madden in 2008. Harlow is of German/English origin meaning “fierce army”.

9. Shakti

Shakti is a very popular Hindi name amongst Indian girls and the meaning of this mighty name is “fierce power”.

10. Geesi

This Somali name is pronounced like “Gay-see” and means “bold and fierce”.

11. Amber

Also an organic gemstone, Amber means “fierce” in the Gaelic language.

12. Kimora

This name was made famous by Kimora Lee Simons of the Baby Phat fame and means “born to be fierce” in Japanese. Kimora can be turned into Kim or Kimmy as a nickname.

13. Fiain

The cool and enigmatic thing about Irish names is that they never sound like the way they are spelled. Fiain is pronounced like “Fee-awn” and it means “wild and fierce”.

14. Iraidia

Of Russian origin, the name Iraidia means “fierce hero”. This name is pronounced like “I-raid-ee-aa.

15. Etana

A female equivalent of Ethan, Etana has several meanings in different languages but in Swahili, this name means “strong and fierce”.

16. Yaroslava

Coming from Russian origin, Yaroslava means “fierce and glorious”.

17. Chanda

Of Sanskrit origin, Chanda translates to “moonlight” as well as “passionate and fierce”. This name is popular amongst Hindu and Muslim girls.

18. Roswitha

This German name is pronounced “Ros-wee-tah” and it is believed to have the meaning “fierce might”.

19. Kaimana

This Hawaiin name is pronounced “kaa-ii-maa-naa”, and means “fierce powerful sea”.

20. Ho-jin

Korean and Japanese names have become quite a trend in recent years since the world has started becoming multicultural. In Sino-Korean, the name Ho-jin means “brave”, “tiger” and also “fierce”.

21. Balsinde

Pronounced like “Bal-sin-dee”, this name is of Old Saxon origin and has the meaning “destruction” and “fierce strength”.

22. Hertha

Hertha is a German name of Old Norse origin and it means “Strong, bold, and fierce”. Famous people with this name include Austrian actress Hertha Feiler and German communist Hertha Sturm.

23. Akierra

This exotic name is of English origin and it is believed to have several meanings including “fierce, smart and brave”.

24. Kelsey

Usually used as a surname, Kelsey stems from Old English origin and means “fierce island”.

25. Baldey

Baldey is of Icelandic origin and has meanings including “fierce, bold, and strong”.

26. Seron

The female equivalent of Charon, Seron is of Hungarian origin and means “fierce brightness.

27. Aluma

Aluma is a Hebrew name that means “Strong, brave, and fierce”.

28. Jarmila

Stemming from the Slavic word “Jary” meaning “fierce”, Jarmila is a beautiful Slovak female name mainly typically heard in countries where the Czech language is spoken.

29. Alcmene

According to Greek mythology, Alcmene was the mother of Hercules, and much like her son the meaning of her name is “fierce and strong in wrath”.

30. Bry

Bry is a name of Arabic origin, which means “wild and fierce”.

31. Xosha

Pronounced like “Zo-shah”, this name comes from the Khoisan word “Xhosa”. Xhosa is of South African origin and it has the meanings “fierce and angry”.

32. Indartusa

This name is of Basque origin and is pronounced like “In-dart-sa”. Indartusa means “fierce strength”.

33. Empedonika

Pronounced like “Em-ped-oh-nika”, this name stems from ancient Greek origin. This name is an amalgamation of two Greek words “empedos” and “Nike”, with empedos meaning “fierce and steadfast” and the latter being the Greek goddess of victory.

34. Devlynn

This Irish name is unisex but is mostly given to females and it means “fierce courage”.

35. Larasati

This Indonesian name is pronounced “Laa-raa-saa-tee”, and means “firm” and “fierce strength”.

36. Ermintrude

Not your conventional name, Ermintrude is of German origin and it means “universal or fierce strength”.

37. Comfort

It may remind me of a fabric softener, but the meaning of this Latin name is not soft at all. Comfort, as per its Latin origin means “to fiercely strengthen”. 

38. Nerthus

Derived from the German word “Nerthuz”, this name has several meanings including “strong, fierce and vigorous”.

39. Fierce

What is more fierce than the name “fierce”? This name is of American origin and means “wild, fierce, and untamed”.

40. Natoya

Natoya is an African name meaning “fierce and brave”.

Boy Names That Mean Fierce

1. Charon

Charon is originally a name stemming from Greek mythology, described as the ferryman of Hades. Pronounced like “Kha-ron”, this Greek means “fierce brightness”.

2. Kennedy

One of the most famous last names, owing to the 35th president of America, John F. Kennedy, this name is also used as a first name. Kennedy is of Scottish and Irish origin and either means “fierce” or “helmet-headed”.

3. Jarek

Another name molded from the Slavic word “Jary” meaning “fierce” and “strong”.

4. Idris

Who doesn’t love Idris Elba? If you’re a fan then this name is perfect for you. Pronounced like “Idh-rees”, this Welsh name means “fiery leader”.

5. Lorcan

Derived from the Gaelic word “Lorcc” meaning “fierce”, Lorcan is an Irish name that means “fierce little one”. The pronunciation of this powerful name is “Lawr-kin”.

6. Divoky

Divoky is a unique boy name of Czech origin, meaning “wild and fierce”.

7. Ardal

This name is a great option for your little bear as it literally means “fierce little bear”. Ardal is a name stemming from Irish origin and is an embodiment of strength and bravery.

8. Mel

Mel is a name of English origin meaning “fiercely daring one”. Double thumbs up if you want a fierce name and also happen to be a Mel Gibson fan.

9. Ugra

Ugra is a male name of Indian origin and in Sanskrit, it has multiple but similar meanings including “mighty”, “fierce” and “powerful”. The pronunciation of this name is “Uw-grah” and it can also mean “king”. If you choose this name, your little one would be a fierce and mighty king!

10. Aldric

Aldric is a Christian name stemming from German origin and means either “strong” or “fierce ruler”.

11. Leo

The name Leo has different connotations in several languages, but all meanings are the epitome of bravery and strength. In Greek, this name means “Lion”, in German it means “brave people” and in Italian, Leo means “fierce one”. This is a great option if your baby’s star sign is Leo!

12. Cruise

This Anglo-Norman name means “brave and fierce” and is popular as a surname in the US. This name was put in the spotlight by “Top Gun” star Tom Cruise.

13. Koa

Koa is a type of tree found in the state of Hawaii and also a male name meaning “fierce and bold”.

14. Chasin

This dynamic name is of Hebrew origin and it means “fierce and mighty”.

15. Grimes

Grimes sounds like a name straight out of a storybook. This Scandinavian name has two meanings; “fierce” and also “masked person”.

16. Angus

The name Angus comes from the Gaelic languages and it means “fierce strength”.

17. Amell

Pronounced like “Uh-mell”, this male name is of German origin and it has the intense meaning “fierce eagle’s power”.

18. Takeshi

Takeshi is a popular male name in Japan, and it has multiple meanings including “healthy”, “fierce” and “strong”.

19. Eric

The female equivalent of Eric, this name is of Swedish origin and means “mighty and fierce”.

20. Tukumak

Tukumak is a Greenlandic male name meaning “vigorous” and also “fierce”.

21. Jaromir

Jaromir is another name from the Slavic language meaning “fierce”, “peace” and “energetic”.

22. Everett

This charismatic name is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means both “fierce warrior” as well as “strong boar”.

23. Pruitt

More commonly heard as a surname, Pruitt stems from Old French and can mean both “fierce” and “valiant”.

24. Laukinis

A Lithuanian name by origin, Laukinis meaning “natural and fierce”, sounds like it is a quirky option for your baby boy.

25. Daji

From the Hausa tribe of Africa, Daji is a unisex name mostly used for boys, and it means “wild and fierce”.

26. Leonidas

Just like his wife Gorgon, King Leonidas also made it to this list. Of Greek origin, although this name means “son of a lion”, it is also believed to have the meaning “fierce warrior”.

27. Takeo

Pronounced like “Tay-kay-o”, this Japanese name means “brave and fierce”.

28. Yaroslav

The male equivalent of Yaroslava, this name means “glorious, energetic, and fierce” in the Slavic language.

29. Kadien

Of Irish origin, the name Kadien means “fierce little warrior” and “son of the battler”.

30. Arsenios

Arsenios is an exotic Spanish name meaning “strong”, “fierce” and “virile”.

31. Gibbor

Pronounced like “Gee-bor”, this Hebrew name means “fiercely strong” and “mighty”.

32. Stark

Stark belongs to Scottish, English, and German origins, but it means “fierce strength” in the German language. This is usually heard as a surname, for example, Games of Thrones star Emilia Stark.

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