Oh, My Shepherd: 50 Names Meaning Shepherd

Are you bored of vetoing names with regular meanings? Since the last decade or so baby names and their meanings have sparked people’s interest on a whole new level. It is a strong conviction of many that the name given at birth shapes one’s personality and attributes.

If you’re looking for a name with a profound and inspirational meaning then we’ve got good news for you! Here’s a list of names that hold the meaning “shepherd”. What’s so great about the word shepherd you may ask? The word shepherd signifies a natural-born leader and is an embodiment of the elements of protection, guidance, and culture.

So if you want a head-strong leader with characteristics of leadership and guardianship,  keep an open mind and have a good time devouring these classic names meaning shepherd!

Boy Names That Mean Shepherd

1. Dolius

This endearing name is of Greek origin and is usually given to boys belonging to the Christian faith. Dolius or Dolios is also a name familiar in Greek mythology and has the meaning of shepherd.

2. Barker

Barker is of English origin and it goes back to the twelfth century. It has several meanings including “leather tanner” or “shepherd” originating from the Old French, Berchier a Middle English occupational name for a shepherd.

3. Endymion

If you’re big on Greek mythology and good looks then this next name might make it to your baby name list! Pronounce like “Endim-ee-uhn”, Greek mythology describes Endymion as a handsome shepherd/prince of Elis.

4. Ramiar

Not a very commonly heard name, Ramiar stems from Persian roots and has the meaning of “shepherd”.

5. Pastor

Originating from the Latin word pāstor, this Christian name means “shepherd”. Pastor itself is derived from the Latin verb pascere which means “to protect, to graze or to nourish”. You can count on your little Pastor to protect and lead his brethren!

6. Calbex

Of English origin, Calbex is a rare Christian name meaning “shepherd”.

7. Ewert

Ewert is both a noted sir name and a first name, and it has two meanings; “ewe herder and shepherd”. This name is of Old English and German origin and is usually found in the European parts of the world. Famous people with this name include Swedish artist- Ewert Karlsson, and German Actress- Renate Ewert.

8. Daphnis

Daphnis is a Latin name meaning “shepherd”. According to Greek mythology, Daphnis was a Sicilian shepherd who conceived Pastoral poetry idealizing a simple rural life, as a shepherd would.

9. Rei

Like “Ray” but with quirky spellings, Rei is a biblical Hebrew name meaning “my shepherd”.

10. Pan

Greek Mythology portrays Pan as a pipe-playing being who is “Half goat, half man”. He has been described as “the God of shepherds and flocks”.

11. Laoghaire

Like Irish names eh? Aye Aye! Laoghaire is an Irish Christian name meaning “shepherd, herder”.

12. Calvert

Of Anglo-Saxon origin, Calvert is usually used as a surname and is less common as a first name. The meaning of this urbane name is “calf herder and shepherd”.

13. Ovidio

Exotic Latin names are a real fad these days. The name Ovidio is of Spanish origin and means “shepherd and owner of sheep”.

14. Csaba

Csaba is pronounced like “Chaba” and means “shepherd or Gift” in the Hungarian language. According to folklore, this name was shared by a prince of the Szekely people of Transylvania.

15. Errai

The constellation Cepheus has a binary system called Gamma Cephei which created the name Errai meaning “shepherd” in Arabic.

16. Ghannam

Looking for a special Muslim name that means “shepherd”? Ghannam is an Arabic name that means shepherd and what makes it extraordinary is that it is the name of a person who took part in the eminent Islamic battle of Badar.

17. Macgregor

Macgregor, normally heard as a surname, is of Scottish origin and means “son of a shepherd”.

18. Reuel

Pronounced like “Ruw-ahl”, Reuel is a biblical name of Hebrew origin that means “shepherd” and “friend of God”.

19. Sergei

One of the most popular names in Russia particularly in the ’80s, Sergei is a Latin name meaning “protector, shepherd, and guardian”. Famous people named Sergei include Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff and Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia.

20. Malusi

Malusi is a unisex African name of Xhosa origin, meaning “shepherd”.

21. Devagopa

The name Devagopa is of Indian Origin, and in the Hindi language it means “shepherd of the Gods” and also “the one who herds sheep and cows for the Gods”.

22. Dubem

Dubem is an African/Nigerian name for boys. It is mostly popular amongst people from the Christian faith and has the meaning “the lord is my shepherd”.

23. Shivan/Sivan

Of Turkish origin the name Sivan means “shepherd” in the Kurdish language.

24. Nolawi

From the Ethiopian Amharic language, Nolawi is a male name meaning “God is my shepherd”.

25. Opellius

Opellius is a Roman name derived from the Latin word Opilio which means “shepherd, sheep master and pastor”.

26. Cyrus

Of Persian origin, the name Cyrus has multiple names including “the blessed shepherd, far-sighted, and Sun”. This name was put on the map by the first King of Persia, Cyrus the Great.

27. Corydon

According to ancient Greek Pastoral poetry, Corydon, pronounced like “Kaw-ree-duhn”, is a male name given to “shepherds”.

28. Mureithi

Of Kenyan Kikuyu origin, Mureithi is a surname and a first name meaning “shepherd or herdsman”. This name is usually given to the firstborn boy of the family.

29. Ahira

With its origin being Israeli, Ahira is a Hebrew biblical name meaning “brother” of shepherd or brother of iniquity.

30. Unai

Originating from Spain, this name is pronounced “Ooh-nye”. Unai means “the good shepherd” and is popular in the Basque country. Famous people with this name include Spanish football player and manager Unai Emery.

31. Shaffer

Shaffer or Schaefer is of German origin and is derived from the word “schaffaere” which means “shepherd or the one who takes care of sheep”.

32. Silvius

Of Shakespearean Latin origin, Silvius is a male name meaning “as you like it a “shepherd”.

33. Calfhierde

Pronounced “Calf-hier-de”, this Christian name is of English origin and means “shepherd”.

34. Murisi

Of African origin, Murisi means “shepherd” in Xitsonga which is a language spoken by the Tsonga people of South Africa.

35. Paimis

Paimis is thought to have been derived from paimen a word from the Baltic language which means “herdsmen or shepherd”.

36. Boyer

Of French and English origin, Boyer has the meaning “bow maker, cattle herder, and “shepherd”. This name has two pronunciations, “Boy-err” in English and “Boy-ay” in French.

Girl Names That Mean Shepherd

1. Reilynn

The name Reilynn comes from the biblical unisex name “Rei” which means “my companion or my shepherd”. It can also be shortened to “Lynn” as a nickname.

2. Aminta

Coming from the word “amyntor”, Greek mythology describes Aminta as one of the shepherds of ancient Greece. In his play “Aminta”, Italian poet Torquato Tasso portrays the character of Aminta as a shepherd who falls in love with a nymph.

3. Ovidia

The female equivalent of “Ovidio”, this name is of Spanish/Portuguese origin and it means “shepherd or sheep”.

4. Pasztorella

Derived from the Italian word pastorella, this name means “little or young shepherdess”.

5. Nolawit

Nolawit is a female name that stems from Ethiopian roots and it means “shepherdess and also God is my shepherd”.

6. Makino

Of Japanese origin, the name Makino means “pasture, breed, and shepherd”.

7. Meriwether

Of old English origin, this unisex name means “happy shepherd”.

8. Pastora

The female equivalent of Pastor, Pastora is a Christian name of Spanish origin that means “shepherd”.

9. Shwana

Shwana is a name of Turkish origin that means “shepherd” in Kurdish.

10. Royel

This majestic name is of Jewish origin and it means “God is my shepherd”.

11. Lakesia

Pronounced as “Lakesha”, this beautiful name is of English origin and it means “shepherd of children”.

12. Roe

Pronounced like “Row”, this Hebrew name means “shepherd of God”.

13. Artzaina

This female name is also the Southwestern European Basque word for “shepherd”.

14. Jesse

This is a biblical name of Hebrew origin and has been used as the name of King David’s shepherd father in the bible.

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