55 Delightful Names That Mean Air

Air can mean a lot of things, from “invisible, gaseous substances,” to “someone’s impression of manners.” However, its most significant role would be aiding in the respiration of all living organisms, both plants, and animals.

One can’t deny the importance of respiration for living creatures. That being said, “air” is a force to be reckoned with, as without its existence, we would fail to exist too.

Hence, a name meaning “air” would successfully convey just how important your little one is to you, and you to them. Such a name would indeed leave a meaningful impression.

That being said, check out these gorgeous names that mean “air.”

Girl Names That Mean Air

The meaning “air” offers an impressive and fabulous list of girl-baby names. Do check this list out.

1. Aelia

Aelia, is a gorgeous Greek name with a beautifully soft, and melodic undertone, meaning “sun,” or “sunlight.”

2. Auretta

Auretta is a name of Italian origin. A name with a majestic and sophisticated vibe meaning “a gentle breeze.” The beginning Aur, often related to gold, makes Auretta an appropriate name for autumn babies.

3. Haizea

This gorgeous feminine name meaning “wind,” is of Basque origin. Another variant of the name is Hayzu.

4. Alizeh

Alizeh is a graceful and regal-sounding name, meaning “trade wind.” This stunner of a name is of Persian origin.

5. Era

An adorable and noteworthy girl’s name of diverse origin. Era means “wind” or “air” in Albania, and “guardian” or “awake” in Hebrew. Era is also the feminine form of the Biblical name Er.

6. Aura

Aura is a name of Latin origin, meaning “soft breeze.” A name with so much grace and beauty.

7. Anemone

A unique Greek girl with elegant and regal vibes. Anemone in Greek means “daughter of the wind.” Anemone also has an English meaning, which is “genus of flowering plants.”

8. Aria

This melodious Italian girl’s name means “song” or “melody,” its literal meaning being “air” referring to “an elaborate vocal solo.”

9. Aureola

A magnificent Latin name meaning “golden.” Aureola refers to the golden hue cast upon a cloud. A beautiful name indeed.

10. Makani

Makani, is a graceful and classy Hawaiian name, meaning “wind.” Other variants of the name include Makania, Makanee, Makany, and Makanya.

11. Mystral

A unique name with a beautiful and melodic undertone, meaning “cold, dry, northerly wind.” A mystical French name is also used to address that seasonal cold, violent wind in the south of France.

12. Ninlil

An adorable name of Sumerian origin. Ninlil is a compound name, Nin meaning “lady,” and Lil meaning “wind.”

13. Brisa

An adorable Spanish girl’s name. The name’s meaning, “breeze” is just as precious. A name commonly found within Latino families.

14. Fei

A simple and adorable name of Chinese origin, with a beautiful meaning; “to dance in the air.” Also, a variant of this name, Fay, means “fairy” in English.

15. Hurricane

A powerful and feisty-sounding Native American name, meaning “evil spirit of the wind.”

16. Breeze

An elegant girl name of Welsh origin. Breeze in Welsh means “light, gentle wind.”

17. Ilma

Ilma is a name of Spanish, Hungarian, and Finnish origins, meaning “air,” or “starlight.” A name with diverse origins. Another noteworthy meaning of Ilma would be of Hindu origin, meaning “resolute protector.”

18. Nasima

Nasima is a name of Arabic-Persian origin, meaning “a gentle breeze,” or “sweet scent.” Does this one not sound regal and sophisticated?

19. Nephele

Nephele is a name of Greek origin, meaning “cloudy.” An adorable name, commonly used in English-speaking countries.

20. Scirocco

An adorable and trendy Italian girl name, meaning “warm wind.” Scirocco was originally a description of the wind that blew over Italy from the Libyan deserts.

21. Skye

A simple and trendy name of Scottish origin, meaning “island of clouds.” Skye in English refers to the Scottish Isle of Skye.

22. Stormi

Stormi is a name of old English origin, meaning “storm.” This one’s befitting all mischievous firecrackers out there.

23. Sefarina

A graceful and elegant name of Spanish origin, meaning “west wind.” Its meaning is derived from the Greek word Zephyros.

24. Tempest

Tempest is a name of French origin, meaning “turbulent,” or “stormy.” This one sure does sound like a force to be reckoned with.

25. Tornado

Tornado is a powerful name of Spanish origin. Tornado is a name that initially meant “thunderstorm,” and later came to be addressed as “whirlwind.”

26. Zephyrine

A name with a powerful and majestic aura meaning “west wind.” Zephyrine is a name of Greek origin and is the alternate spelling of the word Zephyr.

27. Tuuli

An adorably beautiful Finnish name meaning “wind.” Tuuli is a sweet and intuitive Finnish word name.

28. Windy

A fascinating English name meaning “state of strong winds.”

Boy Names That Mean Air

There is also a great list of marvelous boy baby names meaning “air.” Do browse through this list without fail.

1. Nasim

Nasim is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “breeze.” A charming and popular Muslim baby boy name.

2. Aither

An elegant-sounding name meaning “spirit of the air.”  A handsome name of Greek origin, that personifies the upper sky and pure upper air.

3. Bayu

Bayu is a name of Indonesian origin, meaning “wind.” A simple and adorable name.

4. Corentin

A simple and charming boy name of French origin with multiple meanings; “friend,” and “hurricane.” A popular Saint’s name in France, though quite unknown in other areas.

5. Guthrie

A sophisticated and regal-sounding name, meaning “windy place.” Guthrie is a name of Irish Gaelic origin.

6. Cloud

A simple and adorable name meaning “visible vapor.” Cloud is a primarily gender-neutral name of American origin.

7. Coro

An adorable name, meaning “wind.” Coro is a boy’s name originating from Native America.

8. Gale

Gale is a handsome name of Hebrew and English origins. It means “joy” in Hebrew, and “wind” in English. It is also the short form of the English name Abigail.

9. Tal

Tal is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “rain,” or “dew.” This adorable name is used for both girls and boys in certain regions.

10. Rabi

This simple and handsome name is of Arabic origin, meaning “gentle wind.”

11. Rüzgar

An exotic-sounding Turkish boy’s name. Rüzgar means “wind.” This one gives major royalty vibes, does it not?

12. Storm

A trendy and powerful English name meaning “tempest,” or “violent weather.” What a fascinating choice of name this would be!

13. Typhoon

A name originating from China meaning “great wind.” A perfectly suitable name for your mischievous little ball of energy!

14. Zephyr

This handsome name with a charming and elegant tone is a Greek boy baby name meaning, “west wind.” The female form of this name is Zephirine.

15. Aeolus

A handsome and unique Greek name, meaning “changeable.” This name is associated with Greek mythology as well.

16. Akash

A masculine Indian name, meaning “sky,” or “open air.” Does this one not sound charming?

17. Anan

This adorable name has associations with both Hebrew and Arabic origins. Anan means “cloud,” or “vapor.” An interesting fact about the name is that Arabs tend to use it for only boys while non-Arabs consider it a gender-neutral name.

18. Anvindr

This unique Boy name comes from Old Norse origin. It’s a compound name with An meaning “against,” and Vindr meaning “wind.“

19. Avel

An adorably handsome name of Hebrew origin. Avel means “breath,” or “vapor.” Avel is the alternate form of the Hebrew name Abel.

20. Ermir

A charming Albanian boy’s name. Ermir is a compound name with erë meaning “wind,” and mirë meaning “good.”

21. Futen

A wonderful name originating from Japan. Futen in Japan means “heavenly wind.” An alternate form of the name is Fujin, meaning “wind god.”

22. Keanu

An adorably handsome boy’s name of Hawaiian origin. Keanu means “cool breeze.” A name sometimes used for girls as well, and used quite prominently in English and Hawaiian-speaking areas.

23. Ilmari

This unique and graceful boy’s name is of Finnish origin. Ilmari means “air.” Ilmari is the short version of the name Ilmarinen from Finnish mythology.

24. Notus

Notus is a fascinating boy’s name of Greek origin. Notus means “the south wind.”

25. Ayaz

An adorably handsome Muslim boy’s name. Ayaz means “cool breeze.”

26. Hayate

Hayate is a unique-sounding name of Japanese origin, meaning “sudden sound of the wind.”

27. Zeru

A simple and adorable boy baby name, meaning “sky,” of Basque origin.

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