43 Solitary Names That Mean Alone or Lonely

Most parents want to choose a bright and cheery name for their babies, which makes a name that means alone all the more interesting. And, contrary to popular belief, names that mean alone are not all that negative. Many of these names reflect ideas of independence, introspection, and the strength that comes with being a solitary being.

Not only are many of the names on this list quite rare, but are incredibly beautiful in meaning. From Aline to Solita, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect alone-inspired name for your newborn. So, if you’re ready to choose a name fit for your solitary sweetheart, check out this list of baby names that mean alone.

Girl Names That Mean Alone or Lonely

Though it may not seem likely, there are dozens of lovely feminine names that mean alone. Take a look through these girls’ names which represent courage and solitary wisdom.

1. Enola

Unbeknownst to many, Enola is an English American name that is simply the word “alone” spelled backward.

2. Honja

Honja is a unisex name that is derived from the Korean word for “alone.” Though not a name typically used in Korea, the romanized English version is quite cute.

3. Isolabella

Similar to the word “isolation,” Isolabella is a Gothic name that means “beautiful and lonely one.”

4. Chardee

A name that is derived from Hindi, Chardee means “alone forever.” This name speaks to philosophical ideas of the self.

5. Ealhburg

Meaning “a lonely one,” Ealhburg is an intriguing name that can be gender-neutral. The origin of this name is in the English language.

6. Tanamra

Of Native American origin, this beautiful name means “a lonely wind.” Perfect for a serene and strong baby girl.

7. Aline

Alternatively spelled as Aleen, this name is derived from Dutch and means “alone.”

8. Dushala

Dushala is a profoundly pretty name for a solitary baby girl. Meaning “only sister,” this name comes from India and would be suitable for the youngest daughter of brothers.

9. Lorna

One of the better-known names on this list, Lorna stems from Old Celtic and translates to mean “alone” or “in solitude.”

10. Farda

A rare and unique Uzbek name, Farda means “lone” or “solitary one.”

11. Almana

Almana is a rhythmic and celestial-sounding name for a newborn girl. This name means “alone” or “lonely” and has roots in Hebrew.

12. Solavita

Easy for Italian speakers to understand, Solavita is a feminine name that means “life alone.”

13. Eindis

A name that originated in the country of Iceland, Eindis is a distinctive and rare name that means “alone” or “one.”

14. Ainsley

Cute and classic, Ainsley means “a meadow of one’s own.” This lovely metaphor of a name is derived from Scotland.

15. Devlin

Devlin is a name suitable for independent little girls. Meaning “alone,” this name is said to have both Gaelic and Native American origins.

16. Isel

Similar in sound to isle or island, Isel is a tranquil feminine name that means “alone” and “unique.” This name is of Nahuatl origin.

17. Solead

With roots in Spanish, Solead is a unisex name that translates as “solitude.”

18. Bakarne

From the magical Basque language, Bakarne is a feminine name that means “alone.”

19. Solita

Meaning “solitude,” this girl’s name is full of grace. The origin of this name is in Spanish.

20. Khalwat

A name that would nicely suit a baby girl of a Muslim family, Khalwat can be translated as “solitude.”

21. Hitori

An uncommon name outside of where it originated, Japan, Hitori is a beautiful baby girl’s name that means “alone.”

22. Marisol

Marisol is of Latin origin and means “Mary of solitude.”

Boy Names That Mean Alone or Lonely

If you’re struggling to find a name that means alone for your newborn baby boy, not to worry. Below are a bunch of interesting alone-inspired options.

1. Ceowald

Of English origin, Ceowald is a handsome boy’s name that means “lonely” and “diligent.”

2. Daylof

Another name that is rooted in the English language, Daylof is a distinctive masculine name that means “youthful and lonely.”

3. Bedad

Stemming from Hebrew, Bedad is not a commonly seen name in North America. In Hebrew, Bedad means “alone” or “solitary.” It is also the name of a figure in the Bible.

4. Elduin

Classy and elegant, Elduin is an English name that means “a lonely person.”

5. Ahed

Ahed is an entrancing name derived from Arabic. Meaning “alone,” this is a great name for a little pioneer.

6. Rento

Suitable for parents or children with connections to Japan, Rento is a masculine name that means “a solitary person.”

7. Chardy

Similar to Chardee, Chardy is a name with roots in Hindi. The meaning of this name roughly translates to “someone with a desire for love but who is alone.”

8. Kissimi

An incredibly cute name of Inuit origin, this name means “alone.” Though we’ve listed this name in the boy’s section, it is traditionally gender-neutral.

9. Eru

Short and sweet, Eru comes from the Japanese language and means “alone.”

10. Dominic

Probably the most popular name on this list, Dominic is a masculine name that emerged from the Roman Catholic faith. It means “belonging to God only.”

11. Weimin

A nice choice for children of Chinese descent, Weimin is translated to mean “an innovator who is best working alone.”

12. Samoslaw

Samoslaw is an idiosyncratic and extremely rare name outside of Poland, where it originates from. The meaning of Samoslaw is “lone glory.”

13. Bijan

Well-suited for a little boy who enjoys his alone time, Bijan is a Persian name that means “a lonely place.”

14. Einherjar

An ancient name of Old Norse origin, Einherjar means “alone.”

15. Iliarik

A name derived from Greenlandic, Iliarik is a great name for a boy destined to lead. The meaning of Iliarik is “lonely or sole ruler.”

16. Wehid

Originating in the Quran, Wehid is a baby boy’s name that means “alone” or “peerless.” If you have a self-reliant baby boy, this might be the name for you.

17. Aeilaeifr

Aeilaeifr is a name that you’re unlikely to see often. Meaning “lone descendant,” this Old Norse name would be perfect for an only child.

18. Bakar

With roots in the Basque language, Bakar can be translated to mean “alone.”

19. Ainsley

Meaning “lone woodland,” this name is both outdoorsy and solitary. Ainsley is derived from English.

20. Tanho

A succinct two-syllable name, Tanho is of Uzbek origin. The meaning of this masculine name is “solitary” or “alone.”

21. Naamjeevan

Suitable for babies with ties to India, Naamjeevan is an amazing boy’s name that means “one who lives life alone.” Great for a baby boy who will walk his own path.

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