61 Ferociously Wild Names That Mean Bear

From their growl to their strength, everything about bears is majestic.

Whether you want your baby to be cuddly like a bear or be wildly fearless, names that mean bear symbolize strength and power.

Below we have compiled an extensive list of countless names from various cultures inspired by these large dominant carnivores.

Boys’ Names That Mean Bear

Magnificent and glorious, here are some great names for boys that mean bear.

1. Armel

Although primarily a boy’s name, Armel can also be used as a sweet name for a girl. Armel has roots in Welsh, meaning “bear prince.” It also originates from French and Breton. It is also known as the name of a Breton prince, Saint Armel, a holy man from the 6th century.

2. Barney

Barney originates from English and is referred to as someone “as strong as a bear.” It also has roots in the Slavic name Barnim meaning “defender,” fitting for a brave little boy ready to defend his loved ones from all evil. Many famous people have Barney as their first name, including the children’s dinosaur character in Barney and friends.

3. Ben

Ben was mainly used as a nickname; however, over the years, it has become popular as a first name. It has roots in German and Dutch, meaning “bear.”

4. Art

The unique name Art originates from the Celtic origin, meaning “bear.” Whether he loves being creative or is fearless like a bear, this is a great name for your little boy.

5. Otso

The smart name Otso has Scandinavian-Finnish origins meaning “bear.”

6. Barrett

Barrett has roots in German, Irish, and Middle English and is mainly used as a surname. Barrett means “bear strength,” “warlike people,” or “strife.”

7. Osborn

Having roots in Old Norse, the English name Osborn means “god bear.” It also means “divine warrior.” Another variation is Osbourne which is also the last name of the famous English singer and songwriter Ozzy Osbourne.

8. Baer

Originating from the Yiddish term “ber,” the smart name Baer means “bear.”

9. Arthur

The majestic name Arthur became popular during the Middle Age. Arthur is of English, French, and Celtic origins, meaning “bear.” Arthur was the name of the legendary king of Britain in the 6th century.

10. Bernard

The English, French, and Germanic name Bernard means “a bold and tough bear.” Saint Bernard, the co-founder of the Knights Templars, was a well-known leader. A senior British army official, Bernard Montgomery is also a renowned name bearer.

11. Artie

The cute name Artie originates from Celtic, meaning “bear.” It also has roots in Roman from the name Artorius, which means “noble and courageous.”

12. Dov

The short yet dashing name Dov means “bear.” It originated from Hebrew and is pronounced as Dahv.

13. Bruin

The snazzy name Bruin has roots in English and Dutch, meaning “bear or brown.”

14. Ott

Mainly used as a surname, Ott originates from Estonian, meaning “fighting like a bear.”

15. Oberon

Stunning with a chic vibe, Oberon has roots in German, meaning “noble and bear-like.” Oberon is best known as one of the mythological characters in William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

16. Frysil

The alluring name Frysil, with a lovely ring, has Welsh origins meaning “bear man or boss.”

17. Gracia

The fascinating name Gracia is derived from the basque word “hartz,” meaning “bear.” It also has roots in Spanish, meaning “brave in battle.” Another variation is Garsea.

18. Torben

Having roots in Old Norse, Torben has yet to gain popularity in western countries. The lovely name Torben means “thunder bear.”

19. Liwanu

The lyrical name Liwanu is from Native America. Liwanu means “growl of a bear,” perfect for your wild little bundle of joy.

20. Byme

The cheerful name Byme originates from English, meaning “brown bear.” It was once a common surname.

21. Esben

Having a fresh sound to it, Esben has Scandinavian and Old Norse origins meaning “divine bear.” Another variation of this name is Espen.

22. Bjarni

The exquisite name Bjarni is derived from the ancient Norse name Bjǫrn, the name of the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok’s son. Bjarni means “bear” and is most common in Iceland.

23. Orson

Originating from French, Orson means “bear cub,” a lovely name to give your cuddly bear-like little boy. Other variations are Orsino and Orsu.

24. Torbjorn

The exotic name Torbjorn has a Danish origin meaning “bear of Thor,” invoking his ferociously wild side.

25. Berengar

The fierce name Berengar originates from German, meaning “bear” and “spear.” It was a popular name during the Middle Ages amongst noble families.

26. Berard

Derived from ancient Germanic, Berard is a combination of two terms, “ber,” meaning “bear,” and “hard,” meaning “hard strong.” It also has roots in French, meaning “strong as a bear.” Berard is typically used as a last name.

27. Hallbjorn

Originating from ancient Scandinavian, Hallbjorn, with its enchanting vibes, means “rock bear.”

28. Ardghal

Having origins in Irish, the fine name Ardghal means “high” or “bear-like valor.”

29. Kuruk

The distinctive Native American name Kuruk means “bear.” A fitting name for a fiercely unique little boy.

30. Tuur

The quirky name Tuur means “bear” and has Dutch origins. Tuur was once used as a nickname for Arthur but has now become a name of its own. It is popular in Belgium and Netherlands.

31. Bernhardt

The fiery name Bernhardt has roots in German, Dutch, and Scandinavian. It means “strong as a bear.”

32. Math

Having roots in Old Celtic, the name Math is derived from “matus,” which means “bear.” It is also known as a nickname of the Ancient Irish name Mathghamhain, which was the name of one of the brothers of the Irish ruler Brian Boru.

33. Adalbern

Originating from Old High German terms, “adal” means “noble,” and “bern” means “bear.” The great name Adalbern means “noble bear.”

34. Nanuq

The dashing name Nanuq origins from Inuktitut, meaning “polar bear.” Another variation is Nanook.

35. Asbjorn

The sophisticated name Asbjorn has roots in Old Norse, meaning “godly bear” or “god of all bears.” Another variation is Oddbjorn.

36. Alfbern

Originating from German, the whimsical name Alfbern is derived from “alf,” meaning “elf,” and “bern,” meaning “bear.”

37. Urs

The unique name Urs is a modern name of the Latin “Ursus,” meaning “bear.” It is pretty popular in Switzerland because of Saint Ursus of Aosta.

38. Arkadios

The smart and alluring name Arkadios originates from Ancient Greek, meaning “a bear of Arcadia.”

39. Humbert

Once a popular name during the Middle Ages, Humbert has started to gain some admiration again. Having roots in French and Ancient Germanic, Humbert is derived from the Germanic terms “hun,” meaning “champion, bear fledgling,” and “beraht,” meaning “splendid.”

Girls’ Names That Mean Bear

From Bernadetta, with lots of vintage charm, to a more modern and chic Nita, here is a list of girls’ names that mean bear.

1. Calysta

Calysta, with a beautiful ring, has roots in Greek, meaning “most beautiful.” Calista was the name of a Mythological Arcadian who transformed into a she-bear, then into the Great Bear constellation. Another exotic variation is Calissa.

2. Eden

Originating from Old English, Eden is derived from the terms “ead,” meaning “wealth or blessed,” and “hun,” meaning “warrior or bear cub.”

3. Garcia

The rhythmic name Garcia has roots in Spanish and is derived from the Basque word hartz, meaning “bear.”

4. Turi

Originating from Spanish, the ravishing name Turi means “bear.”

5. Nadetta

Having roots in German, Nadetta means “the courage of a bear,” empowering her to be fearless.

6. Mishka

The pretty name Mishka is a female version of Michael. Mishka originates from Russian, meaning “bear cub.” An alternative spelling is Mischka.

7. Berne

A modern version of the old medieval Latinized Germanic name, Berengaria, Berne means “bold as a bear.”

8. Orsa

Having roots in Italian, Orsa means “little female bear.” The beautiful name Orsa is a great choice for your warm and cuddly princess.

9. Arthurina

The fascinating name Arthurina originates from Celtic, meaning “bear.” It is the female version of Arthur. Other variations are Arthurine and Arthurette.

10. Nita

The Native American name Nita means “bear.” It also has roots in Hindi, meaning “friendly” or “bear.” Nita is also known to have Spanish origins, meaning “gift of god.”

11. Bernadetta

The captivating name, Bernadetta, is a Polish and French variation of the male name Bernard, meaning “brave as a bear.” If you want a modern variation of the name, then you can opt for Benate or Berdine.

12. Armelle

The dazzling name Armelle has roots in Celtic and Breton. It is derived from the words “arz,” meaning “bear,” and “mael,” meaning “prince.” It also has French origin meaning “princess.”

13. Artis

Originating from Celtic, the mystical name Artis is derived from “artos,” meaning “bear,” helping her connect to her inner bear-like strengths.

14. Orsolya

The lovely name Orsolya is the Hungarian variant of Ursula which means “little bear” or “bear cub.”

16. Auberon

Primarily a girl’s name, Auberon, can also be used for a boy. With its gentle aura, Auberon originates from German and means “noble” or “royal bear.”

17. Arzhela

Originating from Celtic, Arzhela means “bear prince,” helping her embrace her inner wilderness.

18. Eferhilda

Enchanting and mystical, Eferhilda origins from Old English, meaning “bear or warrior maiden.”

19. Uschii

From the Latin “ursus,” meaning “bear,” Uschii is a fantastic name if you want something unique. Another variant is Ursa or Ursel.

20. Atiqtalik

Originating from Inuit, Atiqtalik means “polar bear mother.”

21. Avonaco

Having roots in Native American, Avonaco means “lean bear.”

22. Yrse

The soft Nordic name Yrse has a fierce meaning to it. Yrse means “she-bear,” which will help your girl bring out her positive bear-like characteristics.

23. Berangere

The interesting name Berangere stems from the popular royal French name of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, Berengaria, meaning “bear spear.” Another version is Berengari.

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