55 Cocoa-Colored Names That Mean Brown

Are you preparing to welcome a beautiful brown-eyed baby into the world? Maybe you’re expecting a baby with pretty brown skin or hair. There are plenty of lovely baby names that mean brown to choose from. While some are inspired by the rich caramel color of one’s hair or eyes, other names are related to the earthy colors of nature. Whichever you are looking for, this list is sure to help you find the perfect choice.

From Bruna to Komo, we’ve compiled a complete list of the most adorable, charming, and classic names that mean brown. If you’re ready to find an auburn or hazel-inspired name for your newborn, consider these options.

Girl Names That Mean Brown

There have been countless songs written about the beauty of brown-eyed and brown-haired girls. Here are some feminine names related to the color brown.

1. Brina

The name Brina is derived from the Yiddish language. Meaning “brown,” it is reminiscent of the more common name Sabrina.

2. Kionna

Of Native American origins, Kionna is a lovely girl’s name that means “brown hill”.

3. Tawny

Tawny is a pretty and classic name for a baby girl. Of Irish and English origins, Tawny means “of a light brown or warm sand color”.

4. Solbrun

Originating in Iceland, Solbrun is a feminine name that means “brown sun”.

5. Terava

A Tahitian name that sounds like a combination between Teresa and Ava, Terava means “a dark or brownish woman”.

6. Burnett

Derived from French, Burnett is an elegant name that means “of the color brown” or “a woman with brown hair”. It can also be spelled as Burnette.

7. Hanja

A unique name with roots in Swahili, Hanja translates to mean “brown”.

8. Bruna

Bruna is a charming name that’s perfect for a little girl. Meaning “brown,” this name is derived from the Italian language.

9. Jhane

An interesting and more uncommon choice for a brown-related name, Jhane is said to have German and African origins. It means “girl with pretty brown eyes”.

10. Sorrel

Sorrel is a lyrical and feminine baby name that has roots in French. The meaning of this name is “of a reddish brown color”.

11. Ravahere

The second name of Tahitian origin on this list, Ravahere is an adorable name with a beautiful meaning. It translates to “brown love”.

12. Sienna

One of the more popular names that mean brown, Sienna is of Italian origin and means “a woman with reddish-brown hair”.

13. Wren

A personal favorite, Wren is an Old English name that means “a small songbird that is brown in color”. This name is gender-neutral, though it would be quite cute for a little girl.

14. Braunle

Braunle is a distinctive yet sweet-sounding baby girl’s name that means “brown” or “brownness”. It is of Yiddish origin.

15. Esmer

Originating from the Kurdish language, Esmer is an interesting name for girls that means “brown”.

16. Roana

Similar to the names Roanne or Rowan, Roana is of Spanish origin and means “a woman with reddish brown skin”.

17. Naghwe

A name that you are unlikely to see often, Naghwe is derived from the Circassian language and means “brown-eyed person”.

18. Dunnonia

Dunnonia is an enchanting name that has roots in Old French. It means “brown”.

19. Armona

Of Hebrew origin, this stunning name means “of a chestnut brown color”. It can be alternatively spelled as “Armonit” or “Armonah”.

20. Braunee

Braunee is a delightful girl’s name that originated in India. It means “brownie”. How cute is that?

21. Komo

Komo is a Native American name that means “brown hawk”. This name can be gender-neutral.

22. Esmercan

Meaning “brown soul,” this uncommon name is derived from Kurish.

23. Byrna

Almost the same as Bruna but not quite, Byrna stems from Old German and means “brown”.

24. Kajuak

Kajuak is an elegant and powerful name for a little girl. The meaning of this name is “brownish colored one” and it is of Greenlandic origin.

25. Morena

Derived from Spanish, Morena is a pretty girl’s name that means “a brown-haired woman”.

26. Hazel

Of English origin, Hazel is an amazing feminine name that’s meaning translates to “of a greenish-brown color. This is perfect for baby girls with hazel eyes.

27. Kadru

A name with roots in Hindu, Kadru is a stunning girl’s name that means “reddish brown” or “tawny” in color.

28. Aruna

Aruna is a short name that packs a punch. Meaning “reddish brown” or “dawn,” this name is of Sanskrit origin and refers to a Hindu god that steers a chariot through the sky.

29. Dindrane

One of the more mysterious and dark-sounding names on this list, Dindrane is of Welsh origin and means “brown raven”.

30. Orbrun

Stemming from Icelandic, Orbrun is a shimmery name that means “shining brown arrow”.

Boy Names That Mean Brown

If it’s a masculine brown-inspired name that you’re after, take a look at all these choices.

1. Nyui

An eye-catching name for a baby boy, Nyui is of Burmese origin and means “brown”.

2. Burnet

Of French origin, Burnet is a timeless name that means “brown-haired”.

3. Dune

This striking name is derived from Gaelic. Meaning “brown-haired man” or “soldier with brown skin,” this name is a trendy choice for the son of sci-fi fans.

4. Browne

Of course, Browne is a name that means “brown”. Stemming from English, the true meaning is “one with a russet complexion”.

5. Brunlocc

Quite an interesting looking name, Brunlocc is a unique choice that means “brown curls of hair”. It comes from Old English.

6. Soren

Soren is a name that sounds like it’s fit for a prince. Of Swedish origin, Soren means “one with reddish brown hair”.

7. Donagh

Though you’re not likely to find this name on a keychain, Donagh is a unique and pretty name that means “warrior with brown hair”. It is of Celtic origin.

8. Auburn

With roots in Latin, Auburn is a timeless name that means “of a red or brown color”. This name is a nice choice for a baby boy or girl.

9. Allaq

Similar in sound to the name Alec, Allaq is a Greenlandic name that means “brown bear”.

10. Lebron

Alternatively spelled as Lebrun, Lebron is a masculine name derived from French. It means “brown-haired man”.

11. Dunham

More commonly seen as a family name, Dunham is of Celtic origin and means “a brown-haired man”.

12. Bronson

A tough and manly-sounding name, Bronson has roots in the English language and means “son of brown”.

13. Bruin

A name that stems from Dutch, Bruin is a charming yet rugged name for a baby boy. It means “brown”.

14. Donnel

Donnel is a name that stems from Scottish. While it means “brown-haired warrior,” it is also translated as “ruler of the world”. Definitely a choice for a little prince.

15. Kapila

Stemming from Sanskrit, this ancient name means “of a reddish-brown color”.

16. Burnell

Burnell is a lovely name for a baby boy, though it is still relatively uncommon. Meaning “small and brown-haired one,” this name is of German origin.

17. Bear

Though not many people know, the meaning of Bear is “brown”. This name is of English origin.

18. Burne

Of English origin, Burne is a name that can mean both “brown-haired one” and relate to the idea of a burning fire.

19. Dunstin

Similar to the name Dustin, Dunstin is a more uncommon name for boy’s that means “from the hill of brown stones”. This name has roots in English.

20. Donovan

Donovan is a classic and cute baby boy’s name that means “brown-haired chief”.

21. Duncan

A famous Shakespearean name, Duncan is of Scottish origin and means “brown battle”. It was also the name of multiple Scottish kings.

22. Suhaib

Stemming from Arabic, Suhaib is an enchanting boy’s name that means “one with reddish-brown hair”.

23. Erpo

An interesting and rarer name, Erpo originates from German and means “dark brown in color”.

24. Amr

Short and sweet, Amr is a masculine name with roots in Old Norse. It means “of a reddish-brown or dark brown color”.

25. Donnan

Of Irish origin, Donnan is an adorable boy’s name that means “a brown-haired man”.

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