47 Serene Names That Mean Dawn

Dawn signifies the beginning of a new day. It represents new beginnings, opportunities, hope, and happiness. While sunlight, which comes with the dawn, signifies the coming of the light and the waning of the dark. Dawn is certainly a time of day that is so very special.

Names meaning “dawn” are powerful on their own and hold impressive meanings. They are overflowing with a positive aura, and are surely a force to be reckoned with.

You couldn’t possibly go wrong by choosing a name meaning “dawn.” These names surely can positively influence your little one’s life, and hopefully, bring immense hope and happiness to them.

That being said, do browse through this wonderful list of names that mean “dawn” without fail.

Girl Names That Mean Dawn

This very impressive list of girl baby names meaning “dawn” will surely be a delight to browse through. Do check them out!

1. Dawn

A gorgeous English name with melodic undertones, meaning “daybreak,” or “the first appearance of light.”

2. Zorya

Zorya is a name of Slavic origin, meaning “dawn,” or “daybreak.” A mystical name with a beautiful aura, that is also a figure in Slavic folklore, a feminine personification of dawn.

3. Oriana

This gorgeous Latin girl’s name, pronounced as or-ee-ahn-ah, means “sunrise” or “dawn.”

4. Roxana

This trendy Persian name is indeed a vibe all on its own. Roxana means “dawn,” and it was also the name of the wife of Alexander the Great.

5. Sahar

An elegant-sounding Arabic name, meaning “just before dawn.” Sahar also originates from Indian, where it means “dawn” as well.

6. Diem

A simple and adorable girl name of Latin origin, meaning “day.” Diem is also a common Vietnamese name meaning “pretty.”

7. Zerlina

This gorgeous and elegant means “beautiful dawn.” Zerlina is a wonderful name of Arabic and Spanish origin.

8. Aruna

A beautiful name with exotic roots, meaning “rising sun,” or “dawn light,” of Sanskrit origin.

9. Aamu

This adorable Finnish name is a modern Finnish word that is currently in trend. It’s a beautiful name meaning “morning.”

10. Alba

This gorgeous name is of Spanish and Italian origin, meaning “dawn.” It’s a name that is creeping back in trend thanks to the actress turned baby-product mogul Jessica Alba.

11. Aurelia

A melodic Latin girl name derived from the Latin word Aurelius, meaning “golden.” Aurelia means “the golden one.”

12. Austra

A simple and unique-sounding name that comes from Australian origin meaning, “dawn.”

13. Aurora

This stunning Latin girl’s name means “dawn.” Aurora also refers to the natural light display in the Earth’s sky called the aurora borealis.

14. Ayelet

Ayelet Is a gorgeously unique name of Hebrew origin, meaning “gazelle of dawn,” or “the morning star.”

15. Dagny

This powerful-sounding name of Old Norse origin means “new day.”

16. Danica

Danica, a mystical and elegant-sounding name of Slavic origin, meaning “morning star.” Danica is also a name that is synonymous with Venus in many countries.

17. Dia

Dia would make a lovely Spanish name for your little princess. It’s a name with a range of impressive meanings; “day,” “heavenly,” “lamp,” or “love.”

18. Fioralba

Fioralba is a stunner of a name of Latin origin, meaning “flower of the dawn.”

19. Daisy

Daisy, a common yet pretty English flower name, meaning “days eve.”

20. Danique

This French name would make an impressive and sophisticated name choice meaning “morning star.” 

21. Eleonora

A graceful Arabic and Greek girl’s name, meaning “shining light.”

22. Lucy

This vintage Latin girl’s name with its endless appeal means “as of light,” or “born at dawn.”

23. Roxanne

This Greek girl’s name would make an impressive name choice for your little rockstar. Roxanne means “dawn.”

24. Sabah

Sabah is a simple and meaningful Hebrew name, meaning “morning.”

25. Oriana

A beautiful and classy Latin originating name, meaning “dawn,” or “sunrise.”

26. Roxy

This adorable Persian girl’s name means “dawn,” This one sounds cool, does it not?

27. Tarana

Tarana is an elegant African name with a wonderful melodic tone, meaning “born during the day.”

28. Zerlina

Zerlina is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “beautiful dawn.” A gorgeous name, with a regal tone to it.

29. Zorina

Zorina is a name of Slavic origin, meaning “golden dawn.” A beautiful and exotic-sounding name.

30. Zerlin

A handsome Arabic name with a beautiful meaning. Zerlin means “beautiful dawn,” gorgeous, isn’t it?

31. Zora

Zora is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “dawn.” An adorable and simple name.

32. Dagur

Dagur, a primarily female name of Scandinavian origin, meaning “day,” originating from the Old Norse word dagr meaning “day.”

Boy Names That Mean Dawn

The meaning “dawn” also offers a handsome list of boy baby names, do check them out!

1. Asahi

A gorgeous name with mystical vibes. Asahi is a Japanese name, meaning “morning sunlight.”

2. Aurian

Aurian is a name of Latin origin, meaning “gold,” “dawn,” or “breeze.” A smart name with an aura of royalty, inspired by the Latin word Aurum, “gold.”

3. Ahaan

Ahaan is a name of Hindu origin, meaning “dawn,” or “auspicious dawn.” A handsome name, with a melodious undertone.

4. Agim

Agim is a name of Albanian origin, meaning “dawn.” A charmingly simple-sounding name.

5. Lucrecio

An excellent boy name of Latin origin, meaning “twilight of dawn.” Lucrecio will make a charming and majestic name choice, very unique too.

6. Vihaan

Vihaan is a name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “dawn,” “morning light,” or “ray of sun.” Vihaan also has a symbolic meaning of the beginning of a new age.

7. Aroon

Aroon, is a unique and charming boy’s name of Thai origin, meaning “dawn.”

8. Abner

Abner is a name of Hebrew origin, pronounced as ab-ner, meaning “father of light.” This one’s charming, is it not?

9. Ahaan

Ahaan is a name of Hindu origin, meaning “dawn,” “sunrise,” or “morning glory.”

10. Aarush

Aarush is a name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “the first ray of the sun.” This fiery Indian name made it to the top 1000 list in the US, in 2010 and 2015.

11. Altan

A charming Turkish name meaning “red dawn.” Altan also means “golden” in Mongolia.

12. Asa

A simple name with diverse and impressive origins. Asa means “born at dawn” in Japanese and “physician” in Hebrew.

13. Aubade

A handsome French name with an impressive meaning. Aubade means “dawn serenade,” or “morning love song.” Scholars also believe aubade originated from the medieval watchman’s cry announcing the night’s end and the return of day.

14. Fajar

Fajar is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “dawn.” It is one of the finest Islamic names, favored by parents for their boys.

15. Lior

An adorable and meaningful Hebrew name, Lior means “my light.” Too cute isn’t it?

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