42 Tricky Names That Mean Deceit or Deception

names that mean deceit or deception
names that mean deceit or deception

Deceit and deception are usually concepts that have negative connotations, however, they are also characteristics associated with high intelligence and wit. Seeing as names that mean deceit or deception are less likely to be chosen by prospective parents, they are perfect for those in search of a unique and distinctive name.

From Keres to Wily, there are so many fun and playful names to choose from. While some are inspired by playful tricksters from folklore, others by mythological and sinister liars, and a few by thievery, you are certain to have an abundance of deceitful names to consider. As this list of names contains beautiful and interesting options from around the world, your little one is guaranteed to stand out.

If you’re ready to check out this list of names inspired by deceit and deception, then take a look at these trendy choices.

Girl Names That Mean Deceit or Deception

If you’re looking for a name that represents slyness and cunning deceit, then one of these feminine names might be perfect.

1. Eris

Eris is an elegant and enchanting name for your little one. Derived from Ancient Greek, this name refers to the Greek goddess of strife and chaos. It also is translated to mean “woman of discord”.

2. Keres

A sweet name for an adorable little trickster, Keres means “deceptive spirit”. This name is derived from Greek.

3. Apate

Meaning “goddess of deception,” this is a beautiful name for a baby girl. Of Greek origin, Apate also means “one who is lying and troublesome”.

4. Sidero

An unusual yet lovely name for a cunning newborn, Sidero means “evil and deceptive nymph”. It also means “luminous beauty”. The roots of this name are in Ancient Greek.

5. Narada

Narada is a charming name that is derived from both Indian and Hindu mythology. The meaning of this name is “clever trickster” and “charming”.

6. Mestra

Derived from Ancient Greek, Mestra is a beautiful baby name. Meaning “cunning wit and tricks,” this name can also mean “shapeshifter”.

7. Rebecca

One of the more commonly heard names on this list, Rebecca stems from the Old Hebrew word rivkah. It means “to tie tightly,” though also refers to “one who deceives”.

8. Sarka

Sarka is a stunning and feminine name that is of Czech origin. Meaning “one who is known for trickery,” Sarka was the name of a clever maiden in Czech folklore.

9. Ananasi

Ananasi is a name of African origin. The meaning of this lyrical name is “spider trickster”.

10. Kuma

The cutest name for a baby girl, Kuma is derived from Bulgarian origin. Meaning “trickster fox,” Kuma was the name of a sly animal figure in Bulgarian mythology.

11. Sivanah

Sivanah is a timeless name that has roots in Hebrew and Tamil. This was the name of an ancient goddess who was known as the patron of tricksters, illusionists, and secret keepers.

12. Leah

A more popular name, Leah means “weary or delicate,” but was also the name of a woman who Jacob was tricked into marrying in Hebrew folklore.

13. Medea

Medea is a stunning and melodic name that is of Ancient Greek origin. The meaning of this name is “cunning sorceress” and “trickster”.

14. Laverna

A name that has both English and Latin roots, Laverna means “goddess of thieves” and “liar”. Laverna was the name of a Roman goddess.

15. Dysnomia

The name Dysnomia is an unforgettable choice for a little girl. Meaning “lawlessness,” this Greek name also means “deceitful liar”.

16. Daeva

Daeva is a melodic and strong girl’s name. Derived from Indian origin, the meaning of this name is “deceptive spirit” or “demon spirit”.

17. Cozbi

Cozbi is an incredibly cute name for a newborn. Coming from the Hebrew word kazab, Cozbi means “to lie”.

18. Delilah

This sweet and floral name is of Hebrew origin. Delilah means “delicate,” however in Hebrew folklore, a figure with this name was known as the deceiver of Samson.

19. Mohini

Of Hindu origin, Mohini is a delightful name for your little one. This feminine name means “trickster goddess” and was the name of an infatuating and enchanting Hindu goddess.

20. Sigyn

Sigyn is a beautiful and delicate name that is derived from Ancient Greek. In Scandinavian folklore, Sigyn was the name of Loki, the trickster god’s, wife.

21. Calypso

Stemming from Ancient Greek, Calypso is a powerful baby girl’s name that means “she who hides”. Calypso is an infamous demi-goddess from Greek mythology.

22. Ruse

The name Ruse means “to use deceptions”. This classy and fun name stems from Old English.

Boy Names That Mean Deceit or Deception

1. Hermes

Hermes is a charming and boyish name for a newborn. Meaning “messenger god,” this name is derived from Ancient Greek and refers to the god who was a patron of thieves.

2. Dolion

From the Greek word dolios, Dolion is a unique name that means “deceitful and crafty”. It also refers to someone who is known to lure and to lie.

3. Ulkos

Of Old Celtic origin, Ulkos is an adorable boy’s name. The meaning of Ulkos is “one who acts with intense wickedness” and “one who lies”.

4. Zomo

Zomo is a distinctive name that is sure to make your little one stand out. Meaning “trickster rabbit” with “wily charm,” this name comes from Nigerian folklore.

5. Kaazib

A distinctive name for your little trickster, Kaazib is of Arabic origin and means “liar” or “fake”.

6. Malherbe

With roots in Old French, Malherbe is a trendy and masculine name. The meaning of this name is “bad one” or “one who speaks untruths”.

7. Anwir

The name Anwir comes from Old English and Welsh origins. Meaning “one who deceives,” Anwir is a super cute name for a newborn baby boy.

8. Maximon

Maximon is an interesting name of both Guatemalan and Mayan origin. The meaning of this name is “trickster deity” and refers to a mythological being known for insincere flattery.

9. Kharique

Stemming from the Arabic language, Kharique is a masculine name that means “liar” or “deceitful man”. Though not yet popular in the United States, Kharique is more common in Hindi and Muslim families.

10. Pedro

Pedro is a Hispanic name that is more often seen in Latin America. Meaning “trickster” or “bright and quick-witted,” Pedro is a name with a connection to folklore.

11. Moritz

Moritz is a pleasant name for a baby boy. This name is of German origin and refers to a mythological hero who was a legendary trickster.

12. Wily

Meaning “deceitful,” Wily is a perfect name for a playful little boy. Stemming from Old English, Wily is associated with those who use crafty measures to get what they want.

13. Jaakobah

The name Jaakobah means “deceiver” or “deception”. This name is derived from both Hebrew and Biblical origins.

14. Osman

Osman is a classic name that has roots in Arabic. The sinister meaning of this masculine name is “a lying snake,” and it also means “deceptive”.

15. Cluanack

A name of Irish origin, Cluanack is an unusual and rare name that means “deceitful” or “rogue”.

16. Illhugi

Those in search of a unique name may want to consider Illhugi. The meaning of this name is “one who lies and speaks untruths,” and it comes from Old Norse.

17. Reynard

Reynard is a timeless and elegant name that stems from French origin. This name refers to a legendary fox character who was known for being sly, cunning, and charming.

18. Mephistophilus

Meph for short, Mephistophilus is a mouthful of a name that means “liar”. This name is derived from Hebrew, Old English, and German origins.

19. Dajjal

Dajjal is an interesting and uncommon name for a baby boy. Of Arabic origin, this name means “one who lies” or “great deceiver”.

20. Tabrass

Meaning “one who is known to be deceitful,” Tabrass is a masculine name that has roots in Arabic and Muslim origin.

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