46 Gorgeous Names That Mean Dream

A dream, in other words, a cherished ideal, aspiration, or ambition. The driving force that motivates most of us to continue persevering throughout this journey of life.

Dreams are the reason we can remain goal-oriented, and not lose interest. Dreams are, therefore, the focal point of our existence.

That being said, a name meaning “dream” can only ever positively influence your child. By choosing such a name, you would be manifesting a future of great ambition and aspirations for your child.

Further, the meaning “dream” also offers a truly glorious set of names, they are indeed beauties. So feel free to browse this list of stunning names that mean “dream.”

Girl Names That Mean Dream

Check out this list of absolutely stunning baby girl names that mean “dream.”

1. Alora

A regal-sounding name of Latin origin, meaning “my beautiful dream,” or “dreamer.” Alora is a variation of the name Elora, which derives from the Greek name Eleonor.

2. Aislin

A gorgeous name with a beautiful, lyrical tone, of Irish origin, meaning “dream,” or “vision.” Aislin is pronounced as ae-shlihn.

3. Ashlyn

A beautiful and trendy name of Irish origin, meaning “dream.” Ashlyn is a popular name in the US.

4. Kalpana

Kalpana is a name of Indian origin, meaning “fantasy.” A strong name associated with a marvelous namesake Kalpana Chawla, who was the first Indian woman in space.

5. Bhranti

Bhranti is a name of Indian origin, meaning “daydream.” This one sure is a mouthful, it is unique though.

6. Chimere

Chimere is an adorable-sounding name with diverse origins and a fascinating set of meanings. In Greek mythology, it refers to a “monster,” In Nigeria, it means “dream,” and in English Chimere refers to a garment.

7. Deisy

An adorably pretty name of English origin, meaning “one who achieves dreams,” or “passionate.” An interesting variation of the well-known name “Daisy.”

8. Eislyn

A beautiful Celtic name with a fascinating origin, meaning “dream,” or “a beautiful and pretty rose.”

9. Godusa

Godusa is a fascinating name of English origin, meaning “the one with the big dream and achievements.”

10. Hayal

A beautiful Arabic name with a melodic airy tone to it, meaning “dream.” Hayal is also used as a boy’s name by Muslims.

11. Imena

A pretty and adorable name of African origin, meaning “dream,” or “faith.”

12. Isleen

Isleen is a name of English origin, meaning “dream,” or “vision.” A unique name that was derived from the Irish name Aislinn.

13. Kanasu

A powerful-sounding Indian name with an interesting variety of meanings; “dream,” “dreamy,” or “fantasy.” This name is also considered to be a source of immense pleasure.

14. Maya

A mysterious and beautiful Indian girl’s name, primarily meaning “water.” Maya also means “dream” or “illusion” in Sanskrit, “courage” in Maori, and “mother” in Greek.

15. Menaali

Menaali is a name of Gaelic origin, meaning “dreamland.” Menali also means “black,” or “dark” in Greek.

16. Reverie

Reverie is a name of French origin, meaning “daydream.” An adorable name with an equally adorable meaning.

17. Roya

Roya is a name of Persian origin, meaning “sweet dream,” “fantasy,” “premonition,” or “vision.” A common name in Iran, Afghanistan, and Azerbaijan.

18. Ruyah

Ruyah is a name of Urdu origin, meaning “dream,” or “vision.” This one is very pretty too, is it not?

19. Sadira

An Arabic name with a sophisticated tone and an interesting variety of meanings; “dreamy,” “lotus tree,” or “star.” Sadira is a name of great symbolic meaning in Eastern religions.

20. Sanjati

Sanjati is a name of Croatian and Serbian origin, meaning “to dream,” or “she dreams.”

21. Sapana

An exotic Indian name, with a beautiful and unique tone to it, meaning “dream.”

22. Sovanna

Sovanna is a name of Cambodian origin, meaning “dream.” A beautiful name with such a pretty ring to it.

23. Svajone

Svajone is a name of Lithuanian origin, meaning “dream(hope),” or “daydream.”

24. Swapan

Swapan is a name of Indian origin, meaning “dream.” A really pretty name with exotic roots.

25. Swapnika

Swapnika is a beautiful exotic-sounding name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “dreams.”

26. Ahlam

An Arabic name with a majestic aura, meaning “dream,” or “vision of perfection.” Ahlam is among the finest Muslim names given to baby girls.

27. Avic

Avic is a name of English origin, meaning “focused on goals and dreams.” A simple but adorable name.

28. Ayumu

A unique Japanese name that sounds very pretty too. Ayumu means “dream,” “vision,” or “walk.” A popular name in Japanese-speaking countries.

29. Sanja

An adorably beautiful girl’s name of Russian origin, meaning “she dreams.” Sanja is derived from the Croatian and Serbian name Sanjati, meaning “to dream.”

30. Yume

An adorably pretty Japanese name for your little one. Yume means “dream,” or “vision.”

Boy Names That Mean Dream

Do browse through this list of gorgeous baby boy names that mean “dream.”

1. Almos

Almos is a name of Hungarian origin, meaning “dreamy,” or “sleepy.” A charming and unique name.

2. Baduli

A charming Indian name, with a fascinating meaning. Baduli means “dreamer,” “thinker,” or “philosopher.”

3. Bruadair

Bruadair is a name of Irish origin, meaning “dream.” This one sure is a mouthful, but it does give an aura of power.

4. Bruatar

A handsome Irish name with strong masculine undertones. Bruatar means “a dream.”

5. Endri

A simple yet very handsome Albanian boy name, meaning “dreamer.” Endri is a derivative of the word Ederr, meaning “dream,” or “wonder.”

6. Rasui

Rasui is a name of Egyptian origin, meaning “dream.” A handsome name with a beautiful tone to it.

7. Reve

An adorable and charming English and French name, meaning “dream,” or “bailiff.” Reve is the alternate spelling of the occupational English name Reeve.

8. Abhidhyan

A complex yet masculine name of Bengali origin. Abhidhyan means “dream,” or “deep consideration.” Abhidhyan is a common name among the Hindu community.

9. Albadawi

A unique and majestic-sounding boy name of Arabic origin. Albadawi means “expression,” or “inner dream,” and is pronounced as al-ba-da-wi.

10. Alwold

A charming English name with a wonderfully descriptive meaning.  Alwold means “a master builder with persistent leadership qualities who turn their dreams into reality.”

11. Alyan

This handsome Arabic name also has a beautiful and descriptive meaning. Alyan means “the one who accomplishes impossible dreams,” “high status,” and “sublime and lofty personality.”

12. Dissaith

A handsome English name with a unique tone, meaning “a daydreamer,” and “a hard worker.”

13. Nehkaam

This truly meaningful name is of Sikh origin, it means “the one who sacrifices his dreams and wishes.”

14. Yeraz

A charmingly handsome name of Arabic origin, meaning “dream.” Yeraz is a commonly used boys name in Persia.

15. Swapan

Swapan is a name of Indian origin, meaning “dream.” An exotic name with deep cultural roots.

16. Swapnil

Swapnil is a name of Indian origin, meaning “dreamy.” This one’s got a rich cultural background too. It is considered a meaningful and attractive name in the Hindu community, and therefore it is quite popular among them.

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