50 Magical Names That Mean Fairy

names that mean fairy
names that mean fairy

If you are enchanted by fairies and all things magical, then names that mean fairy can be an excellent choice for your sweet child.

Fairies, gnomes, brownies, and elves are all part of the magical world that is loved by many. From beautiful Ella to quirky Albwin, there are many names from different languages and cultures that mean fairy.

These names can be a beautiful way to honor the enchanting world of fairies and gnomes. Here is a list of magical names that mean fairy.

Girls’ Names That Mean Fairy

Inspiring a whimsical charm, names that mean fairy make a great choice for an adorable baby girl. From exquisite Ella to magnificent Kendra, here is a list of fairy-inspired names for your bright little girl.

1. Faerie

The first name of the list sounds similar to its meaning. A name of Old French origin, Faerie means “realm of fairies”. The name was used to describe the world of fae, from which the English word fairy is derived. It also means “Tall, pretty” in Arabic.

2. Ella

A name having roots in multiple origins such as Greek, Hebrew, and Norman, the exquisite name Ella means “fairy”, “beautiful”, and “goddess”. The name and its meaning are so charming that it’s no wonder that so many female protagonists in fairy tale fiction are given this name. For instance, Ella, played by Anne Hathaway, in the beloved Ella The Enchanted movie.

3. Aine

The name of the fairy queen of Munster in Irish mythology, Aine, means “radiance” and “splendour”. The Irish goddess of wealth and summer also had the same name. If you want your baby girl to be named after a fairy, make sure it’s someone as bright and powerful as these two.

4. Tiana

The name Tiana means “fairy queen” in Slavic origin. Alternatively, the name means “princess” and “joy” in Russian and Latin origins. The name became increasingly popular after being used for the first African American Disney princess in The Princess and the frog.

5. Fae

A short and cute alternative for Faerie, Fae is a name with Irish and French origins. Fae means “fairies” in French, whereas “trust and belief” in Irish. The name has a modern sound to it and represents some admirable qualities.

6. Pari

The name Pari is a literal translation of the word “fairy” in Persian. Using this name in the Western culture will give your little princess an edge, just like it did to Pari Wahdati in Khalid Hosseini’s acclaimed book And The Mountains Echoed.

7. Naida

A mystical name of Greek origin, Naida means “water nymph”. The name also means the same in Arabic and is a popular choice for people across many countries such as Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, etc.

8. Peri

A name with mixed origins such as Hebrew, English, and Persian, The name Peri makes its meaning clear. Even though the name means “fairy”, its alternate meanings, such as “dweller of by the pear tree”, “mountain dweller”, and “fruit”, give it more depth and relevance.

9. Breena

Breena is a name of Gaelic origin that sounds like the calm and cool breeze from the sea, meaning “fairyland”.

10. Parisa

Another Persian origin name, Parisa, means “fairy-like”. This name can serve as a unique alternative for Pari, even among the Iranian and Persian communities, helping your baby girl stand out in the crowd.

11. Pixie

Having roots in English, Pixie means “fairy” or “a small mischievous creature,” making it a fitting choice for your playful and charming little girl.

12. Ilayda

A Turkish origin name meaning “water fairy”, Ilayda is a unique name. If your little enchantress is a water sign, this name is perfect for her.

13. Celeste

A celestial name for your shining little star, Celeste means “heavenly maiden”. It is a name of Latin origin and references fairies and divine creatures in a unique way.

14. Fayette

A name with an urban touch to it, Fayette means “little fairy” and “raven”. It has a French origin and sounds like a name right out of a romantic period drama.

15. Taneisha

An attractive name with an American origin, Taneisha means “fairy queen”. The name alternatively means “ambition” in Sanskrit, giving your baby’s name more depth and significance.

16. Nidaw

An eccentric name for your sweet cherub, Nidaw means “pixie” and “fairy”. It belongs to Omaha, Native American origin and will definitely give your daughter a strong sense of individuality.

17. Shayleen

A name of Gaelic origin, Shayleen means “from the fairy palace”. The name sounds incredibly regal and will help your little one make an impression wherever she goes.

18. Faylinn

A Christian name for girls, Faylinn means “fairy kingdom”. The name also has its roots in Irish origin and means “a graceful woman”.

19. Kendra

A fashionable name of English origin, Kendra means “magical” and “water baby”. If your baby is as tranquil and wondrous as the sea, then this is the name for her.

20. Tien

Short and adorable, Tien in Vietnamese origin means “fairy”. The source for the name was a Sino-Vietnamese word meaning “something celestial and immortal”. It’s a fitting name choice for your tinker who has brought nothing but magic into your life.

21. Siofra

Pronounced as “shee-fra”, Siofra means “fairy” in Gaelic and Irish origin. It is a pleasing name and a perfect choice for parents looking for something out of the box.

22. Sebille

According to the Arthurian legend, Sebille means “fairy”. It is said to be a Christian baby girl’s name and sounds simple yet pleasant to one’s ears.

23. Chepi

Quirky and distinct, Chepi is a name of Native American origin that means “fairy”. Unlike its oh-so-common meaning, the name itself is underrated and undiscovered by many.

24. Rusalka

In Czechoslovakian mythology, Rusalka means “wood fairy”. In Slavic origin, the name means “little mermaid” and refers to a nymph who falls in love with a land dweller. Does the story sound familiar?

25. Shailagh

Another Gaelic origin name, Shailagh, means “from the fairy place”. The name can be served as a more sophisticated alternative to the Gaelic origin name Shayleen.

26. Alfreda

Derived from Old English names such as Aelfraed and Aelfthryth, Alfreda means “elf power”. It is the feminization of the popular male name Alfred and a fitting choice for your cute little elf fairy.

27. Ailsa

A Scottish name for young girls, Ailsa means “elf victory”. The name also means the same in Gaelic origin and is a heavenly name with a unique meaning.

28. Brucie

Who doesn’t like a French name? Brucie is a French origin name that means “forest fairy”. The name is unisex and can be used for a boy too.

29. Lanette

A beautiful name of Welsh origin, Lanette means “nymph”. It also means “fair” and “good-looking,” making the name even more special.

30. Olette

As sweet as a melody, Olette is a name of Latin origin. It means “the small winged one” and is an excellent choice for your tiny angel.

31. Parishay

An Arabic-originated name, Parishay means “face of a fairy” and “innocent”. The name will perfectly suit your baby girl’s angelic face and pure soul.

32. Meriol

A name that sounds euphonic, Meriol means “sea nymph” and “the shining one”. The name is of Irish origin and is ideal for girls with bright personalities.

33. Alara

A name that sounds pleasant to the ears, Alara is of Turkish origin. The name means “water fairy,” helping her boost her imagination.

34. Elvina

Feminization of the name Alvin, Elvina means “elf” and “friend”. It is a name of Old English origin and is a delightful pick for your prim and proper princess.

35. Doris

Based on an “ocean nymph” in Greek mythology, Doris is a fantastic name to consider. It gives off a fun vibe, yet its meaning gives it a wise depth and importance.

Boys’ Names That Mean Fairy

Whether he is whimsy like an elf or delightful like a fairy folk, explore these fantastic boys’ names that mean fairy.

1. Elfie

Do you watch Emily in Paris for the plot? We watch it for the ever-charming Elfie. The name is of German origin and means “elf-strength” or “magical counsel”. The meaning of this charismatic name is powerful, and the name itself is a classy choice for boys. However, the name can also be conveniently used for girls.

2. Alwin

A name of British origin, Alwin means “elf” and “noble being”. It is a variant of the name Alvin and is pretty popular among people. No one can forget the adorable Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks now, can they?

3. Alfred

An Old English origin name, the graceful name Alfred means “elf counsel” and “wise”. Alfred was the name of several kings of Wessex and England during the 9th and 10th centuries and reached the peak of its popularity in the late 19th century and early 20th century. This classic name is an excellent choice for your little boy.

4. Hermes

A name with immense significance in Greek mythology, Hermes represents a magical deity. The name is said to mean “messenger of god.” Along with this, Hermes was also the god of eloquence, making it a power-packed name for young boys.

5. Alvar

A Finnish origin name meaning “elf-warrior”, Alvar is a name full of pride and dignity. The name has a contemporary touch and can be a top choice for modern parents.

6. Aubrey

A name with old German roots, Aubrey means “elf king”. It is a gender-neutral name; however, initially, it was a name for boys. Similar to its meaning, the name gives off royal vibes, making it a popular name to opt for.

7. Alvaro

A Hungarian name meaning “elf warrior”, Alvaro is an ethereal choice for charming little boys anywhere in the world. The name is trendy in European countries along with the USA.

8. Elden

Stylish and attractive, the name Elden is of Old English origin. It means “from the valley of elves” and “old friend”, making it a top pick among people looking for mystical names for their little bundle of stardust.

9. Ailwi

An English origin name from the Medieval times, Ailwi means “elf battle” and “noble”. The name is undoubtedly charismatic and is a befitting choice for many strong little boys.

10. Alfur

An underrated gem from Iceland, Alfur is the Icelandic word for “elf”. The name is edgy and will definitely differentiate anyone bearing this name from the crowd.

11. Alberad

With German origin, Alberad also means “elf counsel” and “noble strength”, like many other names in this list. However, this name will work as a commendable alternative for them and keep the little champ’s Germanic roots close if he belongs to them.

12. Elford

Having roots in English, the quirky name Elford is a combination of two words, “elf” and “ford”, leading it to mean “ford of the elves.” It is a fantastic choice for anyone interested in the mythology and legends of elves and fairy folks.

13. Elof

The poetic name Elof has origins in Swedish, linking to the name Alof, which is derived from the Old Norse name “Áleifr”, meaning “descendant of the elves.” This was a popular name during the Viking era and has also been a popular choice in Scandinavian countries like Norway and Denmark.

14. Albwin

Another name with Germanic roots, Albwin, means “friend of the elves”. It combines the words “alb,” meaning elves, and “win,” meaning friends. The meaning of the name radiates heartwarming energy, and anyone named Albwin will be a considerate buddy to all.

15. Gandalf

The mystical name Gandalf is of Old Norse origin, composed of two parts “gand”, meaning “magic wand”, and “alf”, meaning “elf.” It is the name of the wizard protagonist in J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

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