45 Deep Names That Mean Faith

names that mean faith
names that mean faith

Faith is an element that gives people’s lives direction. It strengthens our motivation to act and do right, keeping the positive attitude necessary to guide us throughout our journey. It teaches us to face our struggles and imperfections with courage, along with the belief in God’s presence and His will. Having faith means living in trust, hope, and confidence in God’s eternal salvation.

As parents, we desire our children to live in faith and trust in God. We want assurance that they will be on the right path, making the right decisions, and embracing God’s plan for them. Cited below is a compilation of 45 faith-related names that will definitely make your child stand out.

Girl Names That Mean Faith

Here are some strong faith-related names that will satisfy your devoted little girl.

1. Vera

Of Russian origin, Vera is a feminine name that stands for “faith”. A notable character who uses this great name is the American actress Vera Farmiga known for playing Lorraine Warren, a paranormal investigator in the Conjuring Universe films The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, Annabelle Comes Home, and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.

2. Zayah

Zayah is a female name of Arabic origin translating to “honest”, “hope”, and “faith”. You can also use a much simpler spelling variation of this name like Zaya.

3. Faith

Of course, the classic and timeless name Faith will surely make this list. It is defined as complete trust and loyalty to God.

4. Dayana

Dayana is a Latin name for girls, meaning “heavenly” or “faith”. One notable character who possesses this alluring name is the equally alluring Miss Universe 1993 titleholder, Dayana Torres.

5. Amina

Amina is an Arabic-originated name usually given to women. It means “trustworthy” or “faithful”. A Hausa Muslim historical figure named Amina is said to have ruled in the mid-sixteenth century.

6. Fidelia

Fidelia is a girl’s name of Latin origin that signifies “faithful”. Known for delicately detailed paintings that captured flowers, plants, and birds in their natural settings, the American artist Fidelia Bridges gained a reputation as an expert in watercolor painting during the late 19th century.

7. Imee

If you are looking for an eye-catching faith-related name for your little gift from God, then you should consider this one! Imee is a womanly name of African and Arabic origins, referring to “dream” and “faith”.

8. Datyah

Commonly used by girls, Datyah is of Hebrew origin that stands for “belief in God”.

9. Rida

Rida is a Portuguese-originated girly name that implies “God-fearing” or “devoted to God”.

10. Fideline

Fideline is a captivating French name suitable for your beautiful daughter. It means “loyal”. Another spelling variation that you can use for this name is Fidelyn.

11. Aminata

Of Arabic origin, Aminata is a feminine name meaning “trustworthy” or “faithful”. Aminata Diallo, a French former female footballer who played as a midfielder, is a remarkable character who enjoys this lovely name.

12. Faithful

One of the most important values that parents want to cultivate in their children’s young minds is to be faithful. It can also serve as a charming name that will satisfy your baby girl.

13. Minette

Minette is a female name of French origin that refers to a “faithful defender”. Min is a three-letter alias for this appealing name.

14. Fiance

Fiance is a French-originated name for girls, which signifies “faith” or “confidence”.

15. Fe

The two-letter girl’s name Fe is of Spanish origin that stands for “faith”.

16. Aminah

Aminah is an Arabic name usually given to girls, which implies “trustworthy” or “faithful”. Aminah bint Wahb was the name of the mother of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. 

17. Emunah

Of Hebrew origin, Emunah is a pretty feminine name translating to “faith”. 

18. Hanifa

Hanifa, an Arabic-originated girl’s name, pertains to a “true believer”.

19. Emoni

Commonly used by girls, Emoni is an enticing Arabic name referring to “faith”.

Boy Names That Mean Faith

Listed below are some committed faith-related names suitable for your loyal son.

1. Zinedine

Of Arabic origin, Zinedine is a masculine name that stands for “beauty of the faith”. Considered one of the most successful coaches in the world, Zinedine Zidane is a French professional football manager who most recently coached Spanish Club Real Madrid.

2. Fidel

Fidel is a male name of Latin origin meaning “faithful”. Regarded as the 12th president of the Philippines who served from 1992 to 1998, Fidel V. Ramos was the only career Filipino military officer who reached the rank of five-star general or admiral de jure.

3. Lemuel

Lemuel is a Hebrew name for boys, which implies “devoted to God”. You can use the shorter Lem as an alias for this pleasing name.

4. Caleb

Commonly used by boys, Caleb is a Hebrew-originated name that translates to “devotion to God”. A spelling variation that you might want to consider for this bewitching name is Kaleb.

5. Tadashi

Tadashi is a boy’s name of Japanese origin that means “true”, “lucky”, or “devotion”. Tadashi Hamada is a gifted Japanese robotic student who appears in the 2014 American computer-animated superhero film, Big Hero 6.

6. Hanif

Hanif is an Arabic masculine name referring to a “true believer”. Referred to as the “Little Master”, Hanif Mohammad was the first Pakistani star cricketer who played the longest innings in Test History.

7. Fate

The French-originated Fate is an exquisite name usually given to men. It translates to “faith”.

8. Amin

Amin is a male name of Arabic origin that signifies “trustworthy” or “faithful”.

9. Besim

Besim, an Albanian name preferably for boys, stands for “belief” or “faith”.

10. Lafayette

Of French origin, Lafayette is a boy’s name pertaining to “faith”. Often called the “Hub City”, Lafayette is a city in southern Louisiana notable for its cuisine, traditional music, and stellar festivals.

11. Dumuzid

Dumuzid is a cute manly name of Sumerian origin signifying a “loyal son”. In Sumerian mythology, Dumuzid the Sheperd was known as the first and primary consort of the goddess Inanna and is an ancient Mesopotamian god related to shepherds.

12. Salah

Salah is an interesting Arabic-originated name for boys, implying “peace through faith”.

13. Lafe

Lafe is an enticing masculine name suitable for your young boy. It is of Scandinavian and French origins, meaning “heir” or “descendant” and “faith”.

14. Truman

Truman is an English name appropriate for men, and refers to the “loyal one”. The 27-year-old son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson was named Truman Hanks.

15. Saladin

Saladin is an Arabic male name translating to “peace through faith”. Considered the first sultan of both Egypt and Syria, Saladin was the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty.

16. Tammuz

Of Sumerian origin, Tammuz is a boy’s name that refers to a “loyal child”. Another name for the  Sumerian Dumuzid the Sheperd is Tammuz.

Unisex Names That Mean Faith

These are some gender-neutral names that mean faith, which can surely catch everyone’s attention.

1. Fayette

Fayette is a unisex name of French origin meaning “faith”. One of the Three Degrees’ original members Fayette Pinkney was an American singer who used this endearing name.

2. Dillon

Of Irish origin, Dillon is a gender-neutral name that stands for “loyal”. Dillon Brooks is a Canadian-born professional basketball player who currently plays for NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies.

3. Coel

Coel is a Welsh name suitable for both genders. It refers to “belief”.

4. Iman

Iman is an Arabic-originated name fitting for both girls and boys, translating to “faith”. elected by the New York Knicks with the 17th overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft, the American professional basketball player Iman Shumpert won an NBA championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016.

5. Loyal

Loyal is a rare English unisex name that signifies “faithful” or “loyal”.

6. Foy

Commonly used as a surname, Foy is a French-originated gender-neutral name that implies “faith”.

7. Rutendo

Of Shona origin, Rutendo is a nice name that both your son and daughter will enjoy. It means “faith”. The Zimbabwean footballer Rutendo Makore plays as a forward for the Zimbabwe women’s national team.

8. Amani

Amani is a genderless name of Arabic origin that stands for “faith”. Amani Askari Toomer is a former American football wide receiver and punt returner who played his entire career for NFL’s New York Giants.

9. Imani

Imani is a unisex name of Arabic and Swahili origins, meaning “faith”. Imani Hakim is an American actress notable for portraying the Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas in the 2014 Lifetime original movie, The Gabby Douglas Story.

10. Dill

Dill is a cool Irish gender-neutral name implying “loyalty”.

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