Stand Fast: 40 Names That Mean Fast

names that mean steadfast
names that mean steadfast

The renowned Italian race car driver Mario Andretti once said “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough”. This world is a very fast-paced place and life really requires you to be equally fast if you want to keep up with the race for success.

The meaning of a person’s name is widely believed to be a reflection of their personality. There are many names from different languages that mean “fast” and are ideal for parents who want their little speedsters to evolve into swift and quick-witted individuals.

From “as fast as a bee” to “fast lightning” to “fast pacer” you name it, we have names that symbolize the word “fast” in all kinds of ways.

Girl names that mean fast

1. Suri

Suri is a name of various origins but in Hebrew, this female name means “fast” and also “quickness”.

2. Bhagini

Of Indian origin, Bhagini is a female name common among Hindu girls, and has the meaning “fast like a mountain stream”. So if you want your little one to be as quick as a stream name her Bhagini.

3. Haya

Haya is a Japanese name for girls meaning “quick”, “fast” and “light”.

4. Breezie

This name has a very fresh and naturesque vibe to it. Stemming from the English word “breeze”, the name Breezie means “like a fast flowing wind”.

5. Asvini

Asvini or Ashvini is a Hindu name of Indian origin meaning “swift”, “fast” and “quick”.

6. Inna

Another nature-related name is Inna, a Ukranian name for girls meaning “fast river” or “a fast-flowing stream”.

7. Tvarika

Stemming from Indian roots, Tvarika is an exotic name for girls literally meaning “fast”, “swift” and “quick”.

8. Lovota

If you want an Italian name with a speedy meaning, Lovota is a female name originating from Italy and it has the meaning “a fast wolf”.

9. Advija

Of Bosnian origin, Advija is a unique name for girls meaning “swift” and “fast”.

10. Ajiah

Of Sanskrit origin, the name Ajiah means “quick”, “fast” and “unconquerable”.

11. Maivelyn

This is your pick if you want your baby to be quick and beautiful! Maivelyn is a female name of English origin and it means “one who is fast and attractive”.

12. Debashmeet

One of the speediest but also longest names on our list is Debashmeet. Of Hebrew origin, this name for girls means “one who is as fast as a bee”.

13. Ranhita

Of Indian origin, Ranhita is a female name common among Hindu girls. The meanings of this name include “quick”, “fast” and “swift”.

14. Emer

Of Irish and Gaelic origin, the name Emer means “swift” which has connotations of the word “fast”.

15. Gijima

Coming from Brazilian and Portuguese roots, the name Gijima means “a swift or fast runner”, which works out perfectly if you are hoping to give birth to a marathon runner.

16. Achira

Stemming from the Sanskrit language, the unique name Achira symbolizes a very “prompt and fast person”.

17. Suka

It is the era of unique names from different parts of the world and Suka is a perfect example of that. This Eskimo name means “very fast” and also means “lily”.

18. Twarita

Twarita is a Hindu name for baby girls with several meanings including “a fast individual”, “quick”, “swift” and “Goddess Durga”.

19. Flyta

Flyta is a variant of Fleta, and is reflective of “something which is fast and rapid”.

20. Tarashini

If you want your little girl to be a swift pacer, Tarashini is a Hindu girl name meaning “she who moves at a fast pace”.

Boy names that mean fast

1. Aayan

This name is of Indian and Arabic origin, and it means “God’s gift” and also “One who is bright, fast and swift”.

2. Min

A very common name is Korea and China, Min means “fast”, “clever” and “swift”.

3. Souta

Of Japanese origin, Souta is a male name meaning “fast and thick”.

4. Dahy

Stemming from Irish roots, Dahy is a male name meaning “quick”, “agile”, and “quick-footed”; all connotations of the adjective “fast”.

5. Javas

Javas is an Indian male name of Sanskrit origin and it means “quick and fast”.

6. Sherwin

A sophisticated name of Middle-English origin, Sherwin means “swift or fast runner”.

7. Burak

Pronounced like “Burr-aak”, Burak is a male name of Turkish origin meaning “as fast and strong as a lightning bolt”.

8. Dhruvan

Dhruvan is a very common Indian name meaning “the fastest one”. It also means “pole star”.

9. Skeeter

We remember this name from a very popular 90s sitcom called Cousin Skeeter. Of English origin, this name means “a very fast, swift, and rapid man”.

10. Flash

If you’re into superhero names, boy do we have a speedy name for you. DC’s Flash has been depicted as the fastest speedster in the world. Flash is also a Mexican male name meaning “one who is fast”.

11. Hartman

Hartman is a Christian boy name of German origin meaning “fast runner”.

12. Boas/Boaz

Boaz or Boas is a Hebrew name meaning “fast” or “swiftness”. The Bible depicts Boaz as the second husband of Ruth.

13. Grigor

Of Ancient Greek origin, the name Grigor comes from the word “gregoros” meaning “fast, swift, quickly and alert”.

14. Shun

Shun is a male name of Japanese origin meaning “speed” and also “fast and quick”.

15. Ber

Stemming from German origin, the name Ber means “bear” and “fast and furious thing”.

16. Fleda

Of Teutonic origin, the name Fleda means “fast and swift”.

17. Apce

Pronounced like “Apps”, the Jamaican male name Apce means “someone who is swift and fast in whatever he does”.

18. Cheta

Of Indian origin, the Hindu name Cheta means “quick” and “fast”.

19. Grier

Grier is a male name of Scottish origin meaning “a fast person or a person who can act upon things instantly”.

20. Manotej

Of Indian origin, the name Manotej is mostly common among Hindu boys and means “one who has fast thinking”.

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