53 Lyrical Names That Mean Flower

Names that are inspired by flowers are beautiful and lively. While many may think that most names that mean flower are for girls, there are various boy names from different cultures and languages that are fantastic botanical monikers.

With a vintage sentiment, floral names symbolize the power, grace, and beauty of nature.

From common names like Rose and Daisy to unique ones like Aciano and Zinnia, below is a list of beautiful names that mean flower for your little one.

Girl Names That Mean Flower

From names that are derived from Greek mythology to ones that belong to the Roman goddess of flower and spring, explore this list of names for girls that are inspired by flowers.

1. Alyssa

A soothing name of Greek origin, Alyssa means “rational” or “noble.” The name is based on the asylum flower, used to cure madness at one point in history. If a single smile from your little one helps to calm down all the madness going around in your life, Alyssa is the name for her.

2. Marigold 

With a warm and sunny feel, Marigold is a name perfect for blondes or girls born in the summer. The name suggests a strong and admirable personality for your child. It has appeared in multiple children’s books, such as Once Upon a Marigold. Winston Churchill’s fourth child was named Marigold. The name has an English origin, and the flower is often used to symbolize Virgin Mary.

3. Rose

From the elegant and beautiful Rose in Titanic to the savage and brave Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn 99, the name Rose and its variations are the ones to never fall out of trend. Rose originates from the Latin word Rosa which means “rose” and also refers to romantic bloom. The name was originally a Norman form of the German name “Hredhoid,” which means “famous flower.” Other variations of Rose include Rosalia, Rosemary, Rosaria, and many more.

4. Lily

The name Lily originated from the Latin word Lilium, derived from the Greek word leirion. Both these words refer to the white and elegant flower, symbolizing purity and innocence in Christian art. If you are looking for a formal variation, then Lily can be short for Lilian, Liliana, or Lilibet. The current fan favorite Emily from Emily in Paris is called Lily Collin in real life.

5. Daisy

Daisy means “day’s eye,” which refers to petals opening during daybreak. Despite its origin in old English, Daisy has a modern touch. The magnitude of the name’s popularity can be measured by the fact that Katy Perry named her daughter Daisy Dove.

6. Flora

Not sure which flower to name your little cherub after? Flora is the perfect name to capture the essence of beauty all flowers display. Originating from the Latin word flos, meaning “flower”, the name honors the goddess of spring and flowers in Roman mythology.

7. Azalea

Based upon the pink and vibrant flower Azalea, this is an English name derived from the Greek word “azaleos,” which means “dry.” The meaning refers to the fragility of this flower’s nature, hinting that spring is the perfect season for its bloom. This name should be at the top of your priority list for all the lovely spring baby girls out there.

8. Jasmine

Name your little royalty after one of Disney’s most loved and fierce princesses Jasmine. She was no damsel in distress and had a strong personality with the elegance of the fragrant and delicate flower she was named after. The name has a Persian origin meaning “gift of god” and “fragrant flower.” It is derived from the Persian word Yasmine which is also a variation of this name.

9. Zinnia

If you find all flower-inspired names very common for your unique little angel, then Zinnia is the name for you. The name has a Latin origin and means “flower,” yet it isn’t as common as its description. A name this edgy and distinct will leave an impact on anyone who hears it.

10. Violet

The lovely and simple English name, Violet, of Latin origin, means “purple”; however, it has much more depth than just depicting a color. It symbolizes the power, grace, and beauty of nature, which is why this name is the first choice of many affluent people when naming their beautiful girls. An example is the eldest daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

11. Poppy

Cute and trendy, the name Poppy comes from Latin origin meaning “flower” and symbolizes lively imagination. It also depicts remembrance and the coming of good times since they grew up on the battlefields of World War One after it ended.

12. Primrose

If your firstborn is a delicate little girl with rosy cheeks, then naming her Primrose would be ideal. The name of British origin means “first rose” and represents young love in the language of flowers. Primrose became popular because of the character in The Hunger Games trilogy.

13. Dahlia

Denoting dignity and elegance in the Victorian language of flowers, Dahlia means “flower of the valley.” The flower itself was named after a Swedish botanist Anders Dahl, but Dahlia is also said to be a Scandinavian word for “valley.” The name is often associated with kindness and commitment, along with beauty.

14. Heather

Known to bring life to the barren lands of Scotland, the flower name Heather means “evergreen flowering plant.” The British-originated name signifies beauty and admiration, making it the perfect fit for your doll since you will always be in awe of her admirable personality.

15. Cassia

An exquisite name for your little fairy whose heart is made of gold, Cassia comes from Greek origin and refers to the cheerful and lively cinnamon tree, otherwise known as the golden shower tree.

16. Petunia

Coming of French origin, Petunia refers to a flower that blooms in many different colors, such as pink, white, purple, yellow, and many more. The name is minimalistic and subtle, just like the flower, and is believed to ware off bad luck by the Mayans and Incans.

17. Marguerite

An exotic take on the name Margaret, Marguerite means “daisy” in French. However, the name means “pearl” in Greek and Latin origins.

18. Iris

Representing power and majesty, Iris is based on the flowering genus of 310 species. The name has a much deeper significance in Greek mythology, where Iris was the goddess of the rainbow.

19. Holly

Got a sweet little December princess as your Christmas gift? Name her Holly. The old English name represents the bright Holly tree with small flowers and red berries. A festive name to celebrate the birth of your little one during the most heartwarming season of the year.

20. Cynthia

Referring to the Greek goddess Artemis, the name is derived from the Greek word “kynthia,” meaning “lady of mount Kynthos.” The background of this flower-inspired name is enough to stress its magnificence and grandeur. Gift your child with a name like Cynthia to define her strong personality ahead in life

21. Susan

Known as a timeless Mediterranean name, Susan means “Lily.” It is a Hebrew origin name derived from the word “shushannah,” meaning “lily of the valley,” and works as an excellent alternative to the existing name Lily.

22. Zaria

Zaria is a name of Arabic origin that is named after the World’s most loved and sought-after flower, the Rose. The meaning provides elegance to the already strong and exotic-sounding name, making it extremely popular. In Slavic origin, the name means light and is inspired by the Slavic goddess of dawn.

23. Posy

Short and feisty, the name Posy means a “bunch of flowers.” Like the cheerful colors this name represents, your child’s personality will also have a colorful palette of characteristics. The name is of British origin.

24. Mawar

An Indonesian girl’s name, Mawar, means “rose.” It is one of the most unheard-of names around the World and is most popular in the country of its origin. If you think the name rose is too common for your princess, then Mawar is a good alternative.

25. Hana

A kawaii and lovable name, Hana means “flower” in Japanese and “happiness or flower” in Spanish. The name has a positive vibe overall and denotes happiness, bliss, and grace in multiple cultures, such as Hebrew and Arabic.

26. Celandine

A name of Greek and English origin, the name Celandine derives from the Ancient Greek word “chelidon.” The name is based on a small yellow flower from the poppy family. A name like this will guarantee a bright and shining personality for your little sunshine, just like its meaning.

27. Varda

A name of Hebrew origin, Varda means “rose, pink.” A name as beautiful as this will be the reason for your daughter’s high self-esteem and confidence in the future.

28. Winika

A cute and peppy name for girls, Winnika means “Christmas orchid.” It would be a delightful name for your baby girl, especially if she was born during the festivities of Christmas. The name is said to have a Maori origin.

29. Thallo

A name of high importance in Greek mythology, Thallo means “bringer of blossoming” and is based on the goddess of spring. This dignified name brings a lot of meaning and significance to one’s personality; hence, a name like this will never go unnoticed.

30. Xochitl

A name with great depth yet simple meaning, Xochitl means “flower.” The name is of Mexican origin and refers to a breathtaking flower found in Southern Mexico. It also has significance in the Aztec calendar since Xochitl is when the goddess of youth and pressure, Xochiquetzal, looks over artists working on their masterpieces.

Boy Names That Mean Flower

Exquisite and poetic, there are various names for boy’s that mean flower. From regal ones like Basil to timeless classics such as William, here are some of our favorite names for boys inspired by nature’s best creation.

1. Florent

Florent is a classic French name for boys meaning “flowering.” It also refers to prosperity and flourishment and is known as the French variant of the Roman name Florentius. Another variant is Florian.

2. Kunal

Derived from the Sanskrit word for lotus, Kunal is a sweet and simple yet meaningful name. The amazing Kunal Nayyar played the favorite Raj from the Big Bang Theory.

3. William

One of the most famous names around the world due to the current Prince of Wales, William, is inspired by an early flowering variety of Dianthus called sweet william. If your little angel reminds you of royalty, William is the name for him.

4. Laurence

The sophisticated name Laurence means “a wreath of laurels.” Symbolizing success and victory, it is of English origin. An alternate meaning is “the bright one” or “the shining one.”

5. Jared

A unique name of Hebrew origin, Jared means “rose.” If you are a Gilmore Girls fan, having your son share his name with Jared Padelecki, the famous Dean Forester, can be a dream come true.

6. Basil

Originating from the Greek name of a Byzantine ruler, Basileios, this name signifies royalty and chivalry. Along with referring to the fragrant herb, the name means “fearless” and “brave” in Arabic.

7. Anthony

Derived from the Greek wordanthos, meaning “flower” or “rose,” Anthony has been a preferable name for centuries. The main protagonist in period drama Bridgerton’s season 2 was named Anthony and had been ruling over the hearts of his fans ever since the release.

8. Admon

This Hebrew-origin name is a perfect fit for your little boy with a strong personality. The name means “red” and is based on the fiery flower known as the Red peony.

9. Arnit

This Indian-origin name is sweet and meaningful for your young boy. Arnit means “beautiful flower” and “eternal.” A name like this can be a wonderful first gift from you to your child.

10. Blodwyn

A Welsh origin name, Blodwyn means “white flower.” As sophisticated as its meaning, this name is bound to make your poised little girl feel wonderful.

11. Jacek

Meaning “flower,” Jacek is a name with Polish origins. Unlike its meaning, the name itself has rarely been heard. Jacek also refers to the fragrant flower Hyacinth called “Jacenty” in Polish.

12. Aciano

A name of Spanish origin, Aciano means “the blue bottle flower,” which is as unique as its meaning. If you want your champ to stand out, Aciano is a fantastic choice.

13. Crisanto

A name of multiple origins, such as Greek, Spanish, and Filipino, Crisanto means “golden flower.” This name sounds like the perfect first gift to your newborn due to its charm and individuality.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Flower

1. Aster

Your little starlight deserves to be named Aster if they tend to outshine everyone else in the room with their presence. The Greek name means “star” and is based on the graceful purple flower associated with wisdom, love, and faith.

2. Lupin

The name, with a Latin origin from the word “lupinus,” means “pertaining to the wolf.” It is based on a flower related to sweet peas.

3. Ren

Ren means “lotus” in Japanese, where the flower lotus is a Buddhist symbol of purity and perfection. The same meaning is followed in Latin, whereas in Chinese, it denotes kindness.

4. Cedar

Evident from the name itself, Cedar represents the evergreen cedar tree. The name has a Latin origin that tends to symbolize longevity and resilience.

5. Rue

Rue is a unique name derived from the common rue herb. This name is inspired by small yellow flowers. Rue has an English origin, but a possible Hebrew translation of the word can be “friend” or “neighbor.” The name sounds extremely chic and can be suitable for modern parents.

6. Ash

Inspired by the Ash tree, this name has a Hebrew origin meaning “happy” or “blessed.” The ash tree was believed to symbolize protection by the Gaels and Vikings. The essence of this belief plays a huge part in the significance of this name throughout history. Ash can be short for Ashton, Ashley, Ashlyn, etc., and is particularly famous due to the fictional character Ash Ketchum in Pokemon.

7. Indigo

One of the seven rainbow colors, Indigo is a name full of fun and vibrance for your baby. It is the color of spirituality and evokes passion. The name has English and Greek origins.

8. Rhodes

An English origin name meaning “where roses grow” is a distinct way to describe the new life that has just entered your life. The name has an urban touch and can work for both girls and boys.

9. Alder

Alder is an earthy and neutral name for your baby, which refers to the majestic and strong Alder trees. The name has an English origin and is derived from an old English surname.

10. Lotem

Having a Hebrew origin, the name means a “bush of golden flowers.” This name can be ideal for your golden baby girl or boy, especially if you are aiming for a name that’s out of the box.

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