32 Silly Names That Mean Fool

names that mean fool
names that mean fool

When most people think about the word “fool” they likely picture a negative image of an individual who is nonsensical or is of low intelligence. However, those who are familiar with the lore and symbolism of fools in literature and art will know that these characters can represent innocence, purity, cunning wit, and childlike enthusiasm. If you’re in search of a name that is both unique and meaningful, a name that means fool might be the perfect choice for your little one.

While some of these names refer to Shakespearean jesters and others are names related to trickery, mischief, and playfulness, these fool-inspired names are uncommon and distinct. From Rogue to Lailoken, there are dozens of fun options to choose from.

So, if you’re ready to embrace your silly side and explore this list of amusing names that mean fool, then dive right in.

Girl Names That Mean Fool

Check out these interesting and pretty feminine names that mean fool.

1. Adallyn

Similar to the more common name Adelaine, Adallyn is a feminine name of French origin that means “of good humor”. It’s perfect for a humorous and playful little girl.

2. Thurio

Thurio is a distinctive name that can be given to a baby regardless of their gender. This name is of English origin, as it was created by Shakespeare for the play The Two Gentlemen of Verona. In the play, Thurio was described as a foolish gentleman.

3. Chesil

An enchanting name that has Irish roots, Chesil means “foolishness”. Perfect for parents looking for a name that evokes childlike innocence.

4. Weisa

Of Musoga origin, Weisa is a unique girl’s name that you don’t see every day. Meaning “foolish girl,” this name represents purity and enthusiasm for life.

5. Touchstone

Another Shakespearean name, Touchstone is extremely uncommon. A nice choice for a boy or a girl, this gender-neutral option was the name of the happy jester in As You Like It.

6. Sagwa

Derived from the Chinese name Shagua, Sagwa is a name that comes from popular culture. Meaning “fool,” Sagwa was the name of a siamese cat in a children’s animated television series.

7. Marnin

Marnin is a rare feminine name that has roots in Hebrew. Meaning “one who creates joy,” this name would be a lovely choice for a jestful little girl.

8. Lesmana

Lesmana sounds like it could be the name of a princess in a fairytale. This lyrical name is of Indonesian origin and translates to mean “a foolish night”.

9. Hatitosa

Definitely a charming choice for a newborn girl, the meaning of Hatitosa is “playful one”. This name is derived from Native American origin.

10. Ginnlaug

Ginnlaug is an extremely rare name, perfect for parents who want something unique. Meaning “to decoy,” “to entice or enchant,” and “to fool,” this name comes from Old Norse.

11. Feste

Feste is a joyful unisex name created by Shakespeare. In the play The Twelfth Night, Feste is a licensed jester who is considered to serve a philosophical purpose. Besides being employed to make the court laugh, Feste is a talented musician and is quite witty.

12. Sheen

Sheen is a glimmering name for your little one. Meaning “fool,” this name stems from Indian origin and is a great pick for a playful baby.

13. Anjani

An interesting name that means “illusion,” Anjani reflects the deceptive and cunning quality of fools. This name is derived from Indian origin.

14. Lailoken

Lailoken is a beautiful name that stems from Scottish origin. Originally related to a character in an Arthurian legend, Lailoken refers to a madman and prophet who is better known as Merlin. It means “fool”.

15. Jorund

A name that is derived from Old Norse, Jorund is a gender-neutral name from Norse folklore. It refers to the son of Hrafn the Foolish.

16. Froth

Froth is a fun and distinctive name that means “foolish gentleman”. A gender-neutral choice, Froth comes from the Shakespearean play Measure for Measure.

17. Loki

Of Scandinavian origin, Loki is a powerful name that means “trickster”. This is an adorable name for a joyful and fun-loving little one.

Boy Names That Mean Fool

Need a perfect name for your little jester? Look no further, here are some great masculine names that mean fool.

1. Sokkwi

An amazing name for a playful little boy, Sokkwi is a name that means “little fool”. This interesting and unique name is derived from Egyptian origin.

2. Nabal

Nabal is a remarkable name that you’re unlikely to run into often. Meaning “fool” or “senseless,” Nabal is a name that has Biblical and Hebrew roots.

3. Boetius

Rare and cute, Boetius is a name suitable for a baby boy. Boetius means “foolish” or “full of pride,” and is derived from Irish origin.

4. Trinculo

Trinculo is an interesting Shakespearan name. Created by Shakespeare for the play The Tempest, Trinculo was the name of this play’s jester.

5. Baethan

Quite similar in sound to the name Nathan, Baethan is a charming baby boy’s name. Stemming from Irish, Baethan has the meaning “foolish and prideful”.

6. Durmad

Meaning “foolish pride,” Durmad is a striking and masculine name. The origin of this name is in Sanskrit.

7. Ginnarr

Ginnarr is a masculine name that stems from Old Norse. Meaning “to fool,” “to deceive,” or “to bewitch,” Ginnarr is a cool name suitable for your little one.

8. Agya

Agya is an interesting name that means “a fool with little knowledge”. Stemming from Indian origin, Agya is the perfect name for a baby boy who is eager to learn.

9. Sannyrion

The name Sannyrion is derived from Ancient Greek origin. It means “to jeer and mock” or “fool”.

10. Abirham

Of Hebrew origin, Abirham is a timeless and classic-sounding name for a baby boy. The meaning of this masculine name is “father of deceit”.

11. Rogue

Rogue is a trendy and stylish name that stems from English origin. This fun boyish name means “mischievous” or “unpredictable”.

12. Amoor

With roots in Indian, Amoor is an adorable and charming name that means “not a fool” or “not ignorant”.

13. Ike

Ike is an enchanting name for a newborn little boy. Meaning “to laugh,” this boy’s name is perfect for a fun-loving family. The origin of this name is in Hebrew.

14. Amlooi

Quite a unique name choice, Amlooi stems from Old Norse. This masculine name means “fool” or “simpleton”.

15. Koroibos

Ancient Greek in origin, Koroibos is a distinctive boy’s name that translates to mean “fool”.

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