90+ Luscious Baby Names That Mean Forest

If you have an affinity for nature you may be considering a name that means forest for your little one. A beautiful creation of mother earth, trees and woodlands are known to symbolize courage, endurance, and tranquility.

If a forest name sounds like it might be the perfect fit for your baby, you’re in luck because there is an abundance of down-to-earth options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a name that reflects the strength and vitality of great trees, or one that captures the magical feeling of the woods, you are certain to find the perfect forest-inspired name for your baby.

From Waverly to Asiza, take a look at these unique and beautiful forest-related baby names.

Girl Names That Mean Forest

If you’re in search of a name for your baby girl that is both enchanting and inspired by nature, consider these woodsy choices.

1. Lin

Short and sweet, Lin is a Japanese name that means “beautiful jade, “forest,” and “from the woods.”

2. Asiza

A rare and beautiful name for a little girl, Asiza is of Arabic origin and means “forest sprite.”

3. Nahili

Nahili is a brilliant baby name that means “flower of happiness.” It has roots in Aboriginal languages.

4. Bambi

An adorable choice for your newborn, Bambi is a name derived from Italian that means “little tree.”

5. Althea

Althea is a noteworthy name that stems from Greek. It means “trees that have healing powers.”

6. Arlie

Of Old English origin, Arlie means “from the hare’s meadow.”

7. Glade

A name suitable for both baby boys and girls, Glade is of Old English origin and means “a clearing in the forest.”

8. Tallis

Tallis is an elegant name with roots in French. It means “woodland.”

9. Aspen

WIth roots in Hebrew, Aspen is an earthy name that means “shaking poplar tree.”

10. Cherry

A sweet name, Cherry is of American origin that refers to the popular fruit and beautiful cherry tree.

11. Olivia

Lovely and of Latin origin, Olivia means “olive tree.” Another variation of this name is Oliva.

12. Ilana

A wonderful Hebrew name, Ilana means “tree” and “beauty.”

13. Aveline

Aveline is a timeless and feminine name that stems from French. It means “from the hazelnut forest.”

14. Lesly

Of Gaelic origin, Lesly is a gender-neutral name that means “small meadow.”

15. Bel

Bel is a girl’s name of Sanskrit origin and means “wood that is sacred.”

16. Cedar

An aromatic choice, Cedar is a stellar name that means “evergreen conifer tree.” It has origins in Latin.

17. Diana

Classy and cute, Diana is a name with Indo-European roots that means “beautiful goddess of the woods.”

18. Alyvia

Alyvia is a charming name of Latin origin. It means “olive tree” or “forest.”

19. Defne

With roots in Turkish, Defne is a stunning name that means “bay tree.”

20. Forestra

Of Latin origin, Foresetra is a feminine name that means “one who lives by a forest.”

21. Silvana

Silvana is a graceful name stemming from Italian. The meaning of Silvana is “forest.”

22. Keita

A rare and trendy name that has Celtic roots, Keita translates to mean “forest.”

23. Ayla

Turkish in origin, Ayla is a girl’s name that means “oak meadow.”

24. Banani

Banani is a Sanskrit name that means “evergreen forest.”

25. Sylvonna

A name with Latin roots, Sylvonna means “of the forest.”

26. Aranya

Aranya is a gorgeous name of Thai origin. It means “bountiful forest.”

27. Daisy

Classic and cute, Daisy is an Old Greek name that means “day flower.”

28. Seda

Seda is a mystical and feminine name with Turkish roots. It means “echo or voice in a forest.”

29. Kezia

This magical name comes from Hebrew. The meaning of Kezia is “cassia tree.”

30. Sylvanella

Sylvanella is an enchanting name that is derived from African languages. It means “small forest.”

31. Forestina

Of Latin origin, Forestina is a delightful and woodsy name that means “wood maiden.”

32. Adoette

Adoette is a graceful name with Native American roots that means “big tree.”

33. Feronia

A wondrous name of Latin origin, Feronia translates to “goddess of springs and forests.”

34. Mori

Perfect for parents with cultural ties to Japan, Mori is a Japanese name that means “the forest” or “the grove.”

35. Vanya

Vanya is a feminine name of Sanskrit origin. The meaning of this name is “deity of forests.”

36. Daere

Stemming from Welsh, Daere is a lyrical name that means “oak tree.”

37. Hayma

An ambrosial name for a baby girl, Hayma comes from Burmese and Pali. It means “forest.”

38. Sylva

Sylva is a luminous name with origins in Christianity. The meaning of Sylva is “woodland.”

39. Keitha

Of Scottish and Gaelic origin, Keitha is a feminine name that means “forest.”

40. Aiken

A gender-neutral option, Aiken is of Old English origin and means “made of oak.”

41. Aase

Aase comes from Old Norse and means “from the tree-covered mountain.”

42. Laragh

An interesting and uncommon name, Laragh is of Irish origin and means “bay laurel.”

43. Mielikki

Mielikki is a distinctive name that is derived from Finnish. The meaning is “goddess of forests and hunting.”

44. Sylvina

Another name that comes from Latin, Sylvina means “forest.”

45. Sylvie

An adorable baby girl’s name, Sylvie has roots in French and means “from the forest.”

46. Perrie

Perrie is a charismatic and feminine name of English origin. It means “one who lives by the pear tree.”

47. Ebony

A classic name for a little girl, Ebony stems from Latin and means “the color of deep and dark wood.”

48. Metsa

Metsa is a rare name of Finnish origin. The meaning translates to “woman of the forest.”

49. Aranyaa

Aranyaa is an exceptional baby name with Sanskrit roots. It means “flame of the forest.”

Boy Names That Mean Forest

Having trouble finding the perfect forest name for your baby boy? Not to worry, this list of earthy and woodland-inspired names has you covered.

1. Olive

Olive is an adorable name with roots in English. A gender-neutral choice, Olive means “forest” or “olive tree.”

2. Parker

Endearing and trendy, Parker is a name that stems from English origin. It means “keeper of the forest” or “forest ranger.”

3. Laurie

An angelic and masculine name, Laurie is of English origin and means “laurel tree.”

4. Waverly

Another gender-neutral option, Waverly is a charming and preppy name that has English roots. The meaning is “from near an aspen tree forest.”

5. Fraser

Fraser is a stylish name of Christian origin. It means “man of the forest.”

6. Ellery

Of English origin, Ellery is a lovable name for a baby boy that means “one who lives by the alder tree.”

7. Haywood

Earthy and unique, Haywood is an American name that means “from the hedged forest.”

8. Alder

A captivating baby boy’s name, Alder comes from Old English and means “of the alder tree.”

9. Adair

Adair is a handsome and masculine name that means “oak grove.” The origins of this name are in Gaelic.

10. Silas

Charming and distinctive, Silas is a male name with roots in Latin. It means “forest.”

11. Nowles

Nowles is an English name that means “cove forest.”

12. Ardian

Of Albanian origin, Ardian is a sweet-sounding name that means “future” and “great forest.”

13. Oakley

A boyish name, Oakley is an American name that means “from the oak tree forest.”

14. Chane

Chane is a strong name for a baby boy. It comes from French and means “oak-hearted.”

15. Haslet

With roots in English, Haslet means “from the land of hazel trees.”

16. Boise

Boise is a pleasant name of French origin. The translation of Boise means “forest.”

17. Garwood

A novel name, Garwood stems from English and means “from the forest.”

18. Tane

Derived from Portuguese, Tane is a masculine name that  means “God of the forests.”

19. Marwood

Marwood is a unisex name that has roots in English. It means “a lake near the woods.”

20. Van

Of Sanskrit origin, Van is a stand-out name that means “forest.”

21. Sen

A name that is short and sweet, Sen stems from Japanese and means “forest elf” or “wood fairy.”

22. Roscoe

Roscoe is a cool baby boy’s name of Norse origin. The meaning of Roscoe is “deer forest.”

23. Oren

With roots in Hebrew, Oren is a masculine name that means “pine or ash tree.”

24. Elwood

A classic-sounding name, Elwood comes from Old English and means “old forest.”

25. Yardly

Yardly is a trendy name of English origin that means “the forest of kindling.”

26. Sil

Perfect for parents in search of a shorter name, Sil comes from Latin and means “of the forest.”

27. Royd

Of Norse origin, Royd is a boy name that means “one who dwells in a forest clearing.”

28. Arden

A gender-neutral baby name, Arden is an endearing choice that means “great forest.” This name is of British origin.

29. Colhoun

Colhoun is a charming name that is of Irish origin and means “small forest.”

30. Ollepu

A vibrant and masculine name, Ollepu is an Indian name that means “king of the forest.”

31. Locke

With roots in English, Locke is a boy’s name that means “the woods.”

32. Nahele

A musical name, Nahele is a Native American name meaning “forest.”

33. Lennox

Lennox is a name of Gaelic roots. It means “elm grove.”

34. Sylvester

Of Latin origin, Sylvester is a masculine name that means “woodlands.”

35. Coy

A handsome name for a baby boy, Coy is an American name that means “from the forest.”

36. Vipin

A unique name with roots in Sanskrit, Vipin means “the forest.”

37. Walker

Meaning “one who wanders in the woods,” Walker is a masculine name that has roots in English.

38. Faunus

Faunus is a delightful name with Latin and Roman roots. It means “God of the forest.”

39. Kai

Of Navajo origin, Kai is a boy boy’s name that means “willow tree.”

40. Ealdwode

A striking name of English origin, Ealdwode means “from the forest.”

41. Ghaslan

Stemming from Arabic, Ghaslan is a stylish name that means “forest.”

42. Boyce

Boyce is a charming name that is derived from French. It means “living beside the woods or forest.”

43. Firth

A unique choice, Firth is an English name that means “arm of the forest.”

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