70 Names that Mean Friend or Friendly

names that mean friend
names that mean friend

There is a quote by Greek dramatist Euripides that says, “Life has no blessing like a good friend.” Life is much easier when you have great friends who are there for you in the good and the bad times.

Healthy Parenting includes urging your kids to keep good friends and also encouraging them to be a good friend. Giving your child a name that has a meaning that epitomizes friendship may inspire them to live up to the expectation of being a loving and supportive friend who always has your back.

From Alverna to Emre, we have male and female names from different origins with a myriad of different “friend” related meanings including “wise and noble friend” or “beloved or loving friend”. You will surely find a friend in this list of “pally” names.

Girl names that mean friend

1. Cara

This chic name for girls is of Irish origin and means “friend”. British model and actress Cara Delevingne made this name really popular for baby girls born after 2010.

2. Amica

Pronounced “A-mee-kaa”, this feminine name is of Latin origin and means “loved friend” or “female friend”.

3. Dakota

This name was particularly popular by American child star Dakota Fanning and is also shared by two of the 50 states of America, together known as the “Dakotas”. The meaning of this Native American name is “friend” or “ally”.

4. Ruth

This name got a little phased out in the last decade or so, but since vintage is in style now, maybe Ruth will make a comeback soon. Ruth is of Hebrew origin and has many “friendly” meanings including “compassionate friend”, “friend” and also “friendship”.

5. Alvina

Of Old English origin, the name Alvina has several magical meanings including “magical being”, “friend” and “elf”.

6. Raya

Raya is a feminine name of Hebrew origin and translates to “friend”, “queen” or “beloved woman”.

7. Anissa

If you want your baby girl to be a faithful friend who always has their mate’s back, Anissa is the way to go. This Arabic name means “loyal friend” and also “good companion”.

8. Edwina

Of Old English origin, the name Edwina has several “rich” meanings including “rich in friendship”, “wealthy friend”, and “rich and prosperous friend”.

9. Amity

Amity is a beautiful Christian name of Latin origin, which means “friendship” and “harmony”, which makes it a great option to give to your baby to symbolize these special connotations.

10. Taffy

When you hear “Taffy”, you may think of saltwater candies, but believe it or not “Taffy” is also a Scottish name meaning “beloved” or “friend”.

11. Safiyya

There is no love purer or sincerer than the love parents have for their child, and the honor that love, you can give your little one the Arabic name “Safiyaa” meaning “sincere friend”.

12. Damica

Damica is a striking name stemming from French roots, meaning “friendly” or “open-spirited”.

13. Aerwyna

Of English origin, Aerwyna is a Christian name for girls meaning “friend of the sea” and is a nice option if you are an aquaphile.

14. Filia

Filia is a feminine name of Greek origin meaning “friendship” or “friendship love”. This name originally stems from the word Philia which is supposed to be one of the four Greek words symbolizing love and loyalty for friends. Philia translates to “deep friendship”.

15. Rowena

Of Welsh origin, the feminine name Rowena means “famous friend”. You can find this name in J.K Rowlings Harry Potter mentioned as Rowena Ravenclaw, one of the founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

16. Winna

Stemming from African-Kele origin, the name winna means “friend”.

17. Nita

Of Hindi origin, the name Nita (pronounced like Neeta), means “friendly” and also “to plant”.

18. Aimee

Of French origin, the name Aimee means “beloved friend”, which is an adorable option for your brand-new and much-loved best friend.

19. Sumitra

Of Indian origin, Sumitra is an exotic name common among Hindu girls and translates to “good friend” and also means “mother of Lord Lakhsman”. It originated from the Sanskrit elements “Su” and “Mitra”, the first meaning “good” and the latter meaning “friend”.

20. Faunia

Faunia is a name of Latin origin meaning “to befriend”. Roman mythology describes Faunia as the Roman Goddess of fertility and healing.

21. Yadira

Of Latin origin, the feminine Hebrew name Yadira means “beloved” and also “friend”.

22. Ludivine

This unique French name is pronounced “Loo-dee-veen” and means “friend of the people”. Famous people with this name include French actress Ludivine Sagnier and Olympic gymnast Ludivine Furnon.

23. Alverna

Of Old English origin, the feminine name Alverna means “wise or noble friend”.

24. Ruta

This feminine name is supposed to be the Polish version of the Hebrew name Ruth and translates to “compassionate friend”. Although Ruth is still found more commonly among Christian girls around the world, Ruta however has only been heard within Poland.

25. Davida

The feminine version of David, Davida is a Hebrew name of Scottish origin and has the meaning “beloved or friend”.

26. Shepry

Of American origin, the feminine name Shepry means “a friendly mediator”.

27. Winola

Winola is a feminine name of German origin meaning “charming or gracious friend”.

28. Aethelwyn

If you like mythical names, Aethelwyn is an Old English name with the magical meaning “friend of the elves”.

29. Samira

Samira or Sameera, is of Arabic origin and is extremely common worldwide among Muslim girls. This beautiful name has the unique meaning of “companion or friend of the evening” or “nighttime companion or friend”.

30. Frodina

Of German origin, Frodina is a rare name that means “wise or sage friend”.

31. Herophile

Herophile is an extremely rare and unique name of Ancient Greek origin meaning “friend of the heroes”. Greek mythology has depicted Herophile as the daughter of Poseidon and Aphrodite.

32. Karima

Karima is an Arabic name for girls meaning “generous” or “friend”.

33. Reuelle

Of Hebrew origin, the feminine name Ruelle has a very special and sacred meaning “friend of God”. If you have strong religious and spiritual values then this name is a befitting option for your little friend.

34. Marvina

The female version of Marvin, Marvina is a name of English origin and means “renowned friend”.

35. Oldwina

Of Old English origin, Oldwina is a Christian name for girls meaning “special friend”.

Boy names that mean friend

1. Darwin

Darwin is a renowned name that stems from the Old English/Anglo-Saxon name Deorwine meaning “dear friend”. Arguably the person who put this name on the map was the English geologist/Biologist Charles Darwin famous for his theory of evolution.

2. Oscar

Origination from the Gaelic languages, Oscar is a very popular name for boys meaning “friend of deer”.

3. Kelvin

Of British origin, the name Kelvin means “friend of ships” and also “river man”. Kelvin is also the primary unit of measuring temperature.

4. Philip

Philip was and is one of the most common male names across the world. From the Greek Phillipos, the meaning of this name is “friend”.

5. Alvin

For most of us, the first recognition of this name was from Alvin and the Chipmunks, but this name actually comes from the 19th-century Old English Ealdwine meaning “old friend” and “noble friend”.

6. Kahlil

Khalil or Kahlil stems from Arabic origin and is a very common name among Muslim males. This name is particularly popular in the Middle East and means “friend”.

7. Irwin

Of Old English origin, the name Irwin means “boar friend”. One of the most prominent people with this name includes the Late Australian zoo keeper and conservationist Steve Irwin.

8. Sahir

Of Arabic origin, Sahir is a male name meaning “friend”. This name is particularly common among Muslim boys.

9. Baldwin

When we hear this name, we immediately think of the famous Baldwin family of Hollywood, but Baldwin can make a very fine first name also with a strong meaning; “bold, brave friend”. The origin of this name is German.

10. Anis

One of the friendliest names on our list is Anis, a Muslim masculine name of Arabic origin with several warm meanings including “close friend”, “companion”, “lover” and “friend”. The pronunciation of this name is “A-nees”.

11. Emre

This name of Turkish origin means “loving friend” or “older brother”. Emre is one of the most popular names for boys in Turkey.

12. Berton

It is believed that people named Berton are supposed to be great friends, so it’s no surprise that this male name means “good friend” and “shining friend”.

13. Oswin

Another option for people who are religious and spiritual is the name Oswin meaning “God’s friend”. The origin of this name is British.

14. Audun

Pronounced like “Aw-den”, this Christian name is of Old Norse origin and means “friend of wealth”.

15. Delvon

Delvon comes from the Old English and Irish name Delvin with several meanings including “bright friend”, “proud friend” and also “godly friend”.

16. Godwin

Stemming from British and Anglo-Saxon roots, the name Godwin means “friend of God” as well as “good friend”.

17. Buddy

This name or nickname is pretty much self-explanatory and means “friend” and a cute option for your Lil bud.

18. Rafiq

Rafiq, also spelled like Rafique is a name of Arabic origin and is mostly given to Muslim boys. The meaning of this name is “intimate friend” or “companion and comrade”.

19. Chatwin

Of Old English origin, the name Chatwin means “warring friend” or “warlike friend”.

20. Aghy

This name is an interesting option for you if you are a hippophile (horse lover). Pronounced like “A-gee”, Aghy is a Christian name of Irish origin meaning “friend of horses”.

21. Kadin

Popular among Muslim boys, Kadin is an Arabic name meaning “companion, friend, or confidant”.

22. Corwin

Corwin is of English and Irish origin, with a very unique meaning of “hearts friend” or “friend of the heart”.

23. Dai

If you like short and cute names, Dai is a male name of Welsh origin meaning “beloved or friend”.

24. Jeb

Of Hebrew origin, Jeb is a Christian name meaning “beloved friend”.

25. David

David has been one of the most common male names across the world since forever. Of Scottish/Hebrew origin this name means “beloved or friend”.

26. Marvin

Speaking of popular names, Marvin needs no introduction. This name stems from Welsh origin and means “sea friend”.

27. Lauge

Of Swedish origin, Lauge is a male name meaning “fellow, partner, or friend”. Although Lauge seems like a rare name, it is one of the most commonly heard names in Nordic countries.

28. Edwin

The masculine version of Edwina, this Old English name means “rich friend”.

29. Ames

Pronounced “Aimz”, this name stems from French origin and means “friend”. Ames is also the name of a city in the state of Iowa.

30. Levin

Stemming from German and Hebrew origins, Levin is a biblical name meaning “dear friend”.

31. Rei

Pronounced like “Ray”, Rei is a gender-neutral name of both Japanese and Hebrew origin. According to Hebrew origin, this name means “my companion or my friend”.

32. Selwin

Of Anglo-Saxon origin, the name Selwin means “manor-friend” and “good friend”.

33. Theophilus

Of Ancient Greek origin, this name means “friend of God”. Theophilus stems from two Greek elements “Theos” meaning “God or deity” and “Philos” meaning “friend or beloved”.

34. Raguel

Raguel is a male name of Hebrew origin meaning “friend of God”. This is also the name of one of the seven archangels from the book of Enoch.

35. Dal

Of Welsh origin, the name Dal for boys means “beloved or friend”.

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