The Gift of Life: 100 Names that Mean Gift

names that mean gift
names that mean gift

Mother Teresa said, “The child is the beauty of God present in the world, that greatest gift to a family”. There is truly no greater gift in this world than the gift of life. The day you embrace your little one in your arms for the first time feels like the most precious gem has been handed over to you by God.

What better way of celebrating that moment and feeling than giving your baby a name that means “gift”? From Darina to Ukesh, we have compiled a list of top-notch names from various languages, history, and religious texts that mean “gift”.

Dig into our riveting series of “gifted” names for the brand-new bundle of joy.

Girl names that mean gift

1. Giovanna

Giovanna is a Christian name that stems from Italian origin and it means “gift of God”. This regal name belonged to the Italian princess of the House of Savoy, known as Giovanna of Italy.

2. Oashni

Pronounced “Oash-nee”, this name is of Indian origin and is mostly given to Hindu girls. The meaning of this beautiful name is “God’s precious gift”.

3. Callidora

This is a Greek name for girls and is an amalgamation of two Latin words “Calli” and “Dora”, with Calli meaning “beautiful” and the latter meaning “gift”. Callidora means “gift of beauty”.

4. Darina

This beautiful name comes from the Slavic word “Dar” meaning “gift”. The name Darina is particularly popular in the Czech Republic.

5. Godiva

This name just brings water to the mouth now that it is more popular as a chocolate brand, but this luxury chocolate takes its name after an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman named Lady Godiva. The name Godiva means “God’s gift”, and indeed it is for all chocolate lovers.

6. Hibah

Of Arabic origin, Hibah is a Muslim name for girls meaning “gift”.

7. Eldora

Eldora is of Spanish origin and means “gift of the Sun” or “blonde”.

8. Dorothy

This name was made particularly popular by L. Frank Baum’s novel Wizard of Oz in 1900 with its headstrong leading character Dorothy. This name means “God’s gift”.

9. Tayja

This exotic name of Indian origin is common among Hindu girls and holds the meaning “God’s gift”.

10. Natania

Natania is a Hebrew name mostly given to Christian girls and means “gift of the Lord”.

11. Pandora

According to Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman created on the commands of Zeus with each God giving a distinctive gift, hence the meaning “all-gifted” or “all gifts”. This name is used in a very commonly used metaphor known as “Pandora’s box” signifying something that sets off a whole new set of unexpected problems.

12. Iva

Pronounced “Eye-vah”, this Hebrew name means “gift from God”.

13. Janet

Janet was one of the most popular names in America throughout the 80s and 90s. This name is of Scottish origin and means “God is gracious” and “gift from God”.

14. Medora

Another name from the Latin Greek “Dora”, is Medora meaning “a mother’s gift”.

15. Apollonia

Considered a female form of Apollo, this Greek name means “a gift of Apollo”.

16. Aishi

Of Indian origin, Aishi is a Hindu name for girls meaning “God’s gift”.

17. Chipo

From the Shona language of South Africa, Chipo is a female name meaning “gift”. The pronunciation of this name is “Ch-iy-pow”.

18. Mercedes

This Spanish name is particularly common among the African-American community and comes from a Roman Catholic name for the Virgin Mary – “Maria de las Mercedes”. The meanings of this blessed name are “reward”, “benefits” and “gracious gifts”.

19. Jarshika

Jarshika is a Tamil/Indian name for girls meaning “God’s gift”.

20. Parisha

Pronounced “Pur-ee-shah”, this is an Arabic name common among Muslim girls. Parisha means “angel”, “gift of God” and also “like a fairy”.

21. Amadora

There are lots of Greek “Dora” names in this list but there’s something special about this one. Amadora means “the gift of love”, and this is a truly beautiful way to honor the love for your child. Amadora also happens to be a city in Northwest Lisbon.

22. Emsley

Do you like the name Emily but want to give a quirky twist to it? Go for Emsley! This unique name if of English origin and means “a gift from God”.

23. Janina

Pronounced with a silent “j”, “Yah-nee-nah”, is a Hebrew name of Latin origin and means “God’s gracious gift”.

24. Nawal

Nawal is of Arabic origin and is common among Muslim girls. Pronounced “Naa-waal”, this name means “blessing, gift or bestowal”.

25. Hannah

Hannah is one of the world’s most popular Christian girl names and has been one of the top 50 names for decades. This name has quite a few meanings including “grace”, “graceful one”, “gift of God’s favor” and “God is merciful”.

26. Elidi

Pronounced “Eh-lee-dee”, this Greek name means “gift of the sun”.

27. Aldora

Aldora is a Greek name derived from the Latin word “Dora” meaning “gift”. The meaning of this beautiful name is “winged gift” which makes it a great option for your little angel sent from God.

28. Adea

Of Swahili origin, the name Adea means “a kind gift from God”.

29. Dolly

This adorable name is of English origin, and although it is mostly given as a nickname, it can also be used as an actual first name. Dolly means “Gift of God” and is the perfect name for your little doll and works out great if you happen to be a Dolly Parton fan.

30. Miesha

Of Slavic origin, Miesha means “gift from God”. This name is particularly popular in Russia.

31. Amachi

From the Niger-Congo language of Igbo, Amachi is a female name meaning “the child is a gift of God”.

32. Dori

This is a Greek Hebrew name that is a modification of the name Adoria. Dori means “gift or generation”.

33. Ohanna

Ohanna is a Christian name of Armenian origin meaning “God’s gracious gift”.

34. Aelfgifu

A mishmash of two words “aelf” meaning elf and “gifu” meaning gift, this Anglo-Saxon name means “gift of an elf”.

35. Shani

This Irish name is the male equivalent of Sean and means “God is gracious” and also “gift from God”.

36. Kirabo

Kirabo is an African gender-neutral name but is more common among females. This Christian name means “gift from God”.

37. Heartha

Heartha is of Old German origin and it means “gift from Mother Nature”.

38. Bogdana

This name stems from two Slavic words Bogu and Dan, with the first meaning “God” and the latter meaning “gift”. Bogdana means “a gift given by God”.

39. Daryn

Pronounced “Dare-en”, this Greek name for girls means “gift”.

40. Feo

Of Italian origin, this name translates to “God’s gift” and also “a beautiful gift of the Lord”.

41. Ananti

This Hindu girl’s name is of Indian/Gujrati origin and means “a beautiful gift”.

42. Hadiya

Although this is a popular Arabic name meaning “guide to righteousness” but in Swahili, it means “gift”.

43. Jenica

If you like names like Jessica and Jennifer but also looking for an unusual name, then Jenica it is! This Romanian name means “God’s gracious gift”.

44. Eudora

Eudora is an amalgamation of two Greek elements ‘Eu’ meaning “good” and ‘Dora’ meaning “gift” merging to become “the good gift”.

45. Anjanette

A combination of the Scottish name “Janet” and the Hebrew name “Ann”, Anjanette is of American origin and means “gift of God’s favor”.

46. Aleire

Pronounced “Ale-eyer”, this unique name means “one who is a noble gift”.

47. Hansvi

This Gujrati name for girls means “God’s gift” and also “swan”.

48. Mikelle

The female equivalent of Michael, Mikelle is a Hebrew name is of English origin and means “gift from God”. The pronunciation of this name “Mi-kell”.

49. Isoke

Pronounced “Eye-sokh”, this Christian name is from the African languages and means “a good gif from the Lords” or “satisfying gift”.

50. Pounamu

From the Maori language of New Zealand, the name Pounamu means “treasured gift”.

51. Omica

Of Sikh origin, the name Omica means “God’s blessing or gift”.

52. Doris

According to Greek mythology, Doris was the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, and her name means “gift of the ocean”.

53. Halla

Halla is a Norwegian name for girls meaning “half protected” and “an unexpected gift”.

54. Matea

This biblical name is the feminine equivalent of the Italian “Matteo”. Pronounced “Maa-tay-ya”, this name means “gift from God”.

55. Jaliya

Of Swahili origin, this African name means “gift”.

56. Atiya

Atiya is particularly popular among Muslim girls and is of both Arabic and Swahili origin. In Swahili this name means “gift or present” and in Arabic, it means “Gift from God”.

57. Feodora

Of Russian/Slavic origin, the name Feodora is common among Christian girls and means “divine gift of God”.

58. Michtam

Of Old French origin, this name translates to “gift of writing”.

59. Mariama

The name Mariama stems from African origin and translates to “gift of God”.

60. Zawadi

This Kenyan name means “gift from God”. Zawadi is a Christian name for girls and is pronounced “Za-waa-dee”.

61. Chiquita

Pronounced “Chuh-kee-tah”, this Spanish Christian name for girls means “little gift”.

62. Musidora

This is an extremely rare and unique name of Greek origin meaning “gift of the muses”.

63. Jaantje

This Hebrew name for girls means “gift from God”.

64. Shai

Of Hebrew origin, although Shai is gender-neutral, it is more common amongst girls. Pronounced “Shy”, this name means

65. Deshna

Deshna is of Gujarati origin and means “gift”.

66. Zaneta

If you are into exotic Spanish names then Zaneta is a beautiful name meaning “gift from God”.

67. Dorinda

Of Greek origin, Dorinda is a Christian name for girls meaning “a beautiful gift”.

68. Andsware

This is a very old and rare Anglo-Saxon name meaning “answer” or “gift”.

69. Hanameel

Hanameel is a beautiful biblical name of Hebrew origin and it translates to “gift of God”.

70. Lahja

Pronounced “Laah-jaa”, this Finnish name for girls means “gift from God”.

Boy names that gift

1. Matthew

This Hebrew name for boys comes from the name Mattityahu meaning “gift of Yahyew” or “gift of God”.

2. Darren

Darren is a name from various origins, but in Old Greek, it means “gift of God”.

3. Theodore

The male equivalent of Theodora, this name is of Greek origin and means “gift of God”. Theodore is made up of two Greek elements “Theos” and “Doron”, with the first meaning “God” and the latter meaning “gift”. This can be shortened to Theo as a cute little nickname.

4. Donatello

The male equivalent of Donatella, this name stems from Italian origin and means “a beautiful gift”.

5. Ukesh

The name Ukesh is of Nepali origin and means “God’s gift”.

6. Dorek

Of Polish origin, this name is pronounced like “Do-rakh”, and translates to “ruler of the people” and also “gift from God”.

7. Bozidar

Bozidar is a Slavic name for boys that means “divine gift”.

8. Ataullah

Ataullah is a Muslim name of Arabic origin that means “gift of God”. It is composed of two Arabic elements; “Ata” meaning “gift” and “Allah” meaning “God”.

9. Niaz

Stemming from Old Persian origin, Niaz pronounced like “Ne-yaaz” means “present” or “gift”.

10. Diodorus

Originating from Greek mythology, the name Diodorus means “gift of Zeus”. This name is composed of two Greek elements; Dios meaning “Zeus”, and “Doron meaning “gift”. This name belonged to the ancient Greek historian Diodorus Siculus.

11. Eledoro

Eledoro is a male name of both Spanish and Greek origin and translates to “gift of the sun”.

12. Johanan

This biblical name is pronounced “Yo-haa-nan”, and means “a favor or gift of God”.

13. Daijon

Daijon is a male name of American origin and it means “God’s gift of hope”. This beautiful meaning can be symbolic for the new ray of hope you are bringing into this world.

14. Armaghan

Pronounced like “Arr-ma-ghaan”, this Muslim name is of Persian origin and means “gift of God”.

15. Jesse

Jesse is of Old English origin and one of America’s most popular names for boys and sometimes girls as well. The meaning of this Hebrew name is “gift”.

16. Zani

A Muslim name of Arabic origin, Zani is a beautiful name for boys meaning “gift from God”.

17. Corban

This unique Hebrew name for boys means “a gift or sacrifice devoted to God”.

18. Olubunmi

From the Nigerian language of Yoruba, Olubunmi comes from two words Olu meaning “God” and Bunmi meaning “gift me”. Together the meaning of this name is “gift of God”.

19. Fedor

The male equivalent of Fedora, this Russian name means “gift of God”.

20. Cedro

If you like the name Cedric but want to give a unique touch to it, go for Cedro. This Spanish name for boys means “strong gift”.

21. Ayaan

This Arabic name is particularly popular among Muslim boys and has the meaning “God’s gift”.

22. Eudor

The male equivalent of Eudora, this old Greek name means “gift of God”.

23. Avishai

Avishai or Avishae is a Hebrew name for boys with a very special meaning “gift of my father”.

24. Elnathan

Biblical names are all the rage these days and Elnathan is a name from the bible meaning “gift of God” or “God hath given”.

25. Mehanavat

Mehanavat is a Hindu name for boys with the whimsical meaning “gift of the clouds”. 

26. Kedrick

Similar to Cedric, Kedrick is a Christian name of English origin meaning “gift of splendor”.

27. Ivan

Ivan is a very popular Slavic name meaning “God’s gracious gift”. This name was very common among the Bulgarian and Russian royalty.

28. Gibbon

Gibbon is of both French and Irish origin meaning “friend with a gift”.

29. Sidor

Of Russian origin, Sidor is a name for boys meaning “one who is a gift of goddess Isis”.

30. Enam

Enam or Inam is a gender-neutral Muslim name of Arabic origin meaning “gift”.

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