55 Silvery Smooth Names That Mean Gray

names that mean gray
names that mean gray

Baby names are frequently chosen because of how they sound or what emotions they give. Gray is typically a neutral color and is also seen as a chilly color. It is occasionally linked to sage wisdom and old age. Given that it lacks vibrant hues, the color grey is said to signify tranquility, practicality, and calmness.

It makes sense that you are looking for names that signify grey, gray, or silver, as some parents also choose names based on their favorite hue or animal. Grey names are the way to go if you want to give your child a name representing a quiet, collected, and restrained person. So feel free to browse and choose from our compiled list of names below that mean gray.

Girl Names That Mean Gray

Below is the list of calming and soothing girl names that mean gray.

1. Argenta

The South American girl’s name Argenta has a gloomy undertone. This name explicitly means “gray-silver.” Argenta is one of the few mineral/metal-related names and is more fashionable and seductive than silver.

2. Zelda

The name is German, meaning “gray-haired war maiden.” Zelda is a diminutive form of Griselda that is simpler and prettier.

3. Arianwyn

Arianwyn is a girl’s name of Welsh origin that has a variant, namely Arianwen. This name means “lady of gray-silver” or “silver and blessed.”

4. Sooleawa

Sooleawa is of Native American origin, meaning “resembling silver.” This name is usually used for girls, and it is believed that this name possesses a sweet and great personality.

5. Arian

This name has Welsh roots that mean “silver, gray.” Still, Latin roots call it “a particularly pious, warrior-like, or honorable person.” It is primarily a gender-neutral name but is mainly used for girls.

6. Tarachand

Of Indian origin, Tarachand is a unisex name meaning “silver star” or “shining one.” Tarachand is hardworking, orderly, and loyal.

7. Ash

Ash is a dark, unisex name that dates back to Old English, meaning “ash or gray tree.” It is also of Hebrew origin, meaning “happy, blessed.” This name is mainly used as a nickname for names such as Ashby, Ashton, or Asher.

8. Glaucia

A unisex name from the gloomy depths of ancient Rome, this name means “bluish-gray.” This name is most often associated with females and has Greek and Portuguese origins.

9. Leslie

Leslie is the female name of Scottish and Gaelic roots having unisex use. The literal meaning of this name is “hailing from the gray fortress” or “holly garden.” This name is mainly used for girls in America and is a variant of Lesley, Lesly, and Leslee.

10. Griswalda

Of German origin, Griswalda is a smoky feminine name that means “a child from the gray woodland.” It is a variant of Griswald, and this name invokes a warm and admirable personality for your little girl.

11. Jumana

A girl’s name of Arabic origin, Jumana, is a variation of Jumanah, and its meaning specifically is “gray-silver pearl.” People with this name are gems and embodies stunning personality.

12. Picabo

The Native American girl’s name Picabo means “pearly bearing,” “shining waters,” or “gleaming gray creek.” Picabo is derived from the children’s game “Peek-A-Book” and the name of a small town in Idaho.

13. Lioslaith

Lioslaith is a sooty Scottish girl’s name and variant of Leslie. This name refers to “woman who dwells at the gray fortress,” according to its interpretation. People with this name are believed to be determined, energetic, and brave.

14. Yin

This is a Chinese name with unisex usages and wan merit. Depending on the character used, this name might signify anything from “silver-gray” or “money” to “sound” or “tone” to “shade” or “protect.”

15. Grane

The name Grane, which means “gray-colored” in German, was given to the fabled Siegfried horse. It also has an Irish origin, albeit its meaning is distinct. It is a delicate and simple yet very classy name to give your baby girl.

16. Keslie

Of English and Celtic origin, Keslie is the American form of Leslie. The name implies “of the gray fortress” or “from the holly garden.” This name embodies a logical and organized personality.

17. Gray

What’s the more appropriate name to give your little one than to name him/her a name that is Gray itself? Gray is an English name that means “a man with gray hair” or “a color mixture of black and white.” Graye, Grai, Grae, and Grey are spelling variations of Gray.

18. Hartun

This uncommon baby boy’s name is of English origin, which means “from the grey estate.” It has variant names like Hartan, Harten, and Harton; people with this name are hardworking and persevering.

19. Mingan

Another name of Native American origin is Mingan. This name means “like a gray wolf” or “a person as intelligent and furious as a wolf.” Variations of Mingan are Mingen, Mingin, Mingon, and Mingyn.

20. Aranrhod

Aranrhod is a female name of Welsh origin, meaning “a large gray wheel.” This name is a great name to give your little girl if you’re a fan of Welsh mythology.

21. Ariana

Ariana is an influential name with Welsh, Hebrew, and Greek ancestry. It denotes “one who is holy,” “like gray,” or “like a beautiful melody.” This name is also associated with the famous pop singer Ariana Grande. If you like her, this is the best name to give your talented lass.

22. Criselda

Of Greek origin, Criselda is the variant of the American name Griselda. It refers to “a battle maid with gray hair.” Other beautiful forms of Criselda are Criselle, Chriselda, Crisella, and Cricely.

23. Fidda

Fidda is known in Arabic-speaking countries as “silver, gray.” It is a beautiful choice for a baby girl’s name, and its alternative forms are Fida, Fizza, or Fiddah.

24. Gina

Gina is a name with numerous meanings and origins. It means “a silvery woman” in Japanese. In Latin, it means “queen,” while in Hebrew, it means “garden.” The name is a nickname for Regina, Luigina, Georgina, and Eugenia.

25. Joo-Eun

The meaning of this gorgeous yet rare Korean name is “resembling a silver pearl.” It is believed that Joo-Eun is an achiever and an idealists.

26. Kailasa

This exotic gender-neutral Indian name means “from the silver mountain” or “crystalline.” Kailasa is mainly named for girls and has variations like Kaelasa, Kailas, and Kailash.

27. Hiriwa

This name is of Polynesian origin, meaning “silver, a silvery woman.” People with this name are sensible and risk-takers. It is a different name to give your courageous and loving little girl.

28. Liadan

Of Irish origin, Liadan means “the grey lady” or “an older woman” and has a variant from Liadain. Sometimes it’s abbreviated to the lovely-sounding name Lia.

29. Simin

This pretty name is of Afghan and Persian origin, which means “a silvery woman” or “gray-colored.” People with this name have leadership qualities, and they are physically strong.

Boy Names That Mean Gray

Below is the list of murky and livid boy names that mean gray.

1. Taklishim

The baby boy’s name Taklishim is of Native American origin, which means “a gray-haired man.” The variants of this name are Taklishym, Taklisheem, and Taklisheam, and they exemplify expressive and inspiring personalities.

2. Brandford

This name is of English origin, meaning “gray man’s ford,” and is a variant of Brandford. People having this name are usually Christians.

3. Graden

Graden is a manly name of English and Celtic origin that means “gloomy,” “gray-haired,” or “son of the Gray family.” Its variants are Grady, Grayden, and Graydon, and people with this name love to travel.

4. Cecil

Of Latin and Old Welsh origin, this boy’s name means “gray eyes” or “blind.” This name is also associated with Cecil Harvey. He is the main character of Final Fantasy IV, who starts the game as a dishonest dark knight but eventually atones and becomes a brave paladin.

5. Eirian

Eirian is a grey-hued name for girls of Welsh and Irish origin, meaning “silvery-gray” or “bright, beautiful.” It is a modern name derived from Arian, and having this name embodies an upbeat personality.

6. Glaucus

Glaucus, the name of a sea god in Greek mythology, is derived from Greek and means “bluish-grey.” You can give your infant boy a decisive and historic name if he exhibits such unwavering strength.

7. Grayson

The gender-neutral name Grayson has English and British roots meaning “the son of a grey-haired man” or “to shine.” It is mainly given to boys and has variant forms, Graysen, Graysin, and Greyson.

8. Farand

Farand is a smokey French boy’s name that means “gray-haired.” This name has an English root that means “having a specified appearance or disposition” and is a variant of Ferrand and Farrant.

9. Sage

Sage is a unisex name that originates from both Latin and Old French. The name’s connotation refers to the “plant’s gray-green coloring.” It is also associated with Sage Moonblood Stallone, the name of one of the children of renowned Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone.

10. Graham

Of English origin, Graham is a gunmetal boy’s name, meaning “the child from the gray home.” It is also rooted in Scottish heritage, signifying a “gravelly homestead.”

11. Eun

The unisex name Eun originated from the Korean language. Depending on how it is used, this name might signify “compassion,” “kindness,” “mercy,” or “charity,” It can also mean “silver-gray” or “money.”

12. Greeley

Greeley is a traditional boy’s name from England, but it is rooted in English. It is a variant of Greyley, which means “a child from the gray meadow.”

13. Lesley

Both boys and females can be given this silvery Gaelic and English name. However, this is used chiefly for males with the precise meaning “originating from the gray fortress.” The term also represents joy.

14. Silver

Silver is a dingy, uncommon, and gender-neutral name in the English language. This is either derived from the precious metal, a reflecting gray-white substance, or a particular shade of gray.

15. Argento

The name Argento which means “silver” or “resembling silver,” is of Italian origin. Those with silver-gray hair commonly use it as a nickname.

16. Caeso

This is an old Roman first name derived from the Latin word “caesius,” meaning “blue-grey.” It’s an uncommon name, and its variants are Kaeso, Caesonius, and Caesonia.

17. Floyd

Of Welsh origin, the masculine name Floyd came from “Llwyd,” meaning “grey or grey-haired.” In the US, this name is unusual, but several people have given it as nicknames for Floydy and Floydi.

18. Griswold

Griswold is a name of Old French and German origin that means “from the grey forest” or “gray woods.” It is an unusual name for boys, but Griswold is also associated with the name of a famous US lawyer and educator.

19. Horton

This name is of English and Scottish origin, meaning “from the grey town.” It is a historical name that means “from the farm on muddy soil.”

20. Lloyd

Lloyd originated from Welsh, meaning “a grey-haired man” or “one who is sacred.” It is also derived from “Llwyd,” and the name embodies wisdom and respect.

21. Farrant

Also French in origin, the name Farrant is another gorgeous boy’s name. This name means explicitly “gray-haired” and is a variant of Farrand.

22. Gradon

Gradon is a baby boy’s name of Celtic, Irish, Gaelic, and English origin, meaning “gray-haired” or “renowned.” Gradon is the variant form of Graden, and they are said to be creative and innovative.

23. Masichuvio

Masichuvio is a Native American boy’s name that means “resembling a gray deer.” People with this name are believed to be naturally brilliant and majestic.

24. Rajat

Of Indian origin, Rajat is a boy’s name that means “as precious as silver,” “silver or courage.” Its variant is Rajath, and this name entails a courageous personality.

25. Grayton

Grayton is another English name of Old English origin that means” from the grey town.” It is a variant form of Graydon, which means “from the grey hill.”

26. Gris

The name Gris came from German and Norse origin, which means “a grey-haired man” or “a man freed by Skallagrim.” It is a name that you could give to your son if you’re looking for a plain yet valiant personality.

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