60 Glorious Names That Mean Great

names that mean great
names that mean great

The literal meaning of the word “great” refers to something or someone considerably above average in terms of an extent, amount, intensity, ability, or quality. It is an excellent term to be associated with.

A “great” person will always be distinguished as important. They are held in high regard and considered an inspiration by their peers.

If you want your set your little one on a path of success, excellence, and prosperity then you can’t go wrong with a name meaning “great.”

So without further ado, let’s dive right into this magnificent list of names.

Girl Names That Mean Great

This list offers a stunning and inspiring list of girl names meaning “great.”

1. Abia

A beautiful Arabic girl’s name, meaning “great.” A simple yet elegant name for your little princess.

2. Nirvana

This graceful Sanskrit originating name means “bliss,” or “liberation.” Nirvana is often used as a boy’s name too.

3. Meredith

This gorgeous name of Old Welsh origin, means “great,” or “noted ruler.” It’s a soft and gentle-sounding name. Pet names associated with Meredith include Merry or Merri.

4. Atalia

A trendy and attractive Hebrew girl’s name, meaning “the Lord is exalted.” Other versions of the name include Athalia and Atalie.

5. Morag

A charming Scottish girl’s name, meaning “great.” Morag is also a Hebrew name, meaning “threshing sled”

6. Avonmora

An elegant and impressive Irish girl’s name, meaning “from the great river.”

7. Alisa

This beautiful girl’s name is of Hebrew and Russian origins, meaning “great happiness.” Other versions of the name include Alice, Alyssa, Alicia, and Lisa.

8. Felicia

A pretty name girl’s, meaning “happiness.” Felicia derives from the Latin adjective felix, meaning “happy,” or “lucky.”

9. Jalila

A unique-sounding Arabic girl’s name, meaning “great.” Jalila is used in both Arabic and African regions.

10. Alaska

This gorgeous American girl’s name means “great land.” The name is derived from the Aleut word Alyeska. The Aleuts are the inhabitants of the Aleutian islands and western Alaska.

11. Kubria

An attractive Arabic girl’s name, meaning “great,” or “senior.” A popular name due to its prestigious meaning.

12. Precious

A gorgeous Latin name, meaning “of great values,” or “highly esteemed.” Precious is a name that also has roots in several other regions such as  Jamaica, African-American, American, and English.

13. Laetitia

This stunning Latin girl’s name means “joy.” The name Latitia is popular among the English, France, Latino, and Quebec communities.

14. Mor

An adorable girl’s name of Scottish-Gaelic origin, meaning “great,” or “exceptional.” Other variants of this rare name include Morand, Morann, Morand, and Morann.

15. Titania

A primarily Greek girl’s name meaning “land of giants.” Titania is also a character (Queen of fairies) in Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

16. Megara

This stunningly elegant Greek girl’s name means “great.” Megara was also the first wife of Hercules in Greek mythology.

17. Velika

A melodious girl’s name of Slavic origin, meaning “great.” Velika is a popular name among Hungarian-speaking countries.

18. Magna

A gorgeous female name of Latin origin, meaning “great.” Magna also means “a mighty, strong woman” in Norse, Swedish origin.

19. Aronui

A unique-sounding girl’s name of Maori origin, meaning “desire,” or “great desire.”

Boy Names That Mean Great

Names meaning “great” also offer a range of charming boy names that are truly stunning.

1. Augustine

An impressive Latin boy’s name, also used as a feminine name, meaning “great,” or “magnificent.” Augustine is derived from the Latin word Augere meaning “to increase.” The shortened version of Augustine is the popular name Austin.

2. Abhiraja

This gorgeous Hindu boy’s name means “fearless king,” or “fearless ruler.” A powerful majestic name.

3. Denali

A charming Native American boy’s name, meaning “the great one.” Denali is the modern variation of the Koyukon Athabaskan word deenaalee.

4. Ainmire

A melodious boy’s name of Irish Gaelic origin, meaning “great lord.”

5. Maxwell

An impressive masculine name of Scottish origin, meaning “great stream.” Other variations of the name include Maximilian and Max. Maxwell is considered to be among the most classic and attractive Scottish names.

6. Arioch

This handsome name of Hebrew origin, means “long,” “great,” or “tall.” The name appears in the Book of Genesis, associated with the King of Ellasar, who participated in the Battle of Vale of Siddim.

7. Hiroto

A handsome Japanese boy’s name, meaning “large,” “great,” ”command,” ”esteem,” ”sour,” and ”fly.”

8. Tai

An adorable name of Chinese origin, meaning “great extreme.” Tai is also used as a female name.

9. Awst

A graceful Welsh boy’s name, meaning “great.” A simple name with an impressive meaning.

10. Grosvenor

An impressive French originating boy’s name, derived from the French title “Le Grand Veneur,” meaning “Master Huntsman.”

11. Ballinamore

An impressive boy’s name of Irish origin, meaning “from the great river.”

12. Dhruvin

A handsome Hindu boy’s name, meaning “great person.” Dhruvin is a popular name across India.

13. Sagi

An adorable name of Hebrew origin, meaning “great,” or “elevated.”

14. Bogumierz

A magnificent Polish boy’s name means “God is great.” A name that is commonly used in Polish-speaking countries.

15. Gordon

This handsome Scottish boy’s name, largely used among English and Scottish speakers, means “great hill.” One of the notable namesakes of the name includes celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsey.

16. Bohumir

A unique-sounding boy’s name of Slavic origin, meaning “greatness of God.” The name also has several other roots such as Czech, and Polish.

17. Bolek

An adorable name of Slavic origin, meaning “honourable,” or “great glory.”

18. Magne

This charming Norwegian boy’s name is of Norse origin, meaning “great,” “mighty,” or “fierce warrior.” Other variations of the name include Magni, who was also the son of Thor.

19. Agung

A unique-sounding boy’s name of Indonesian origin, meaning “the great.” The name roots from the main language of Indonesia, Bahasa.

20. Gedaliah

A graceful and stunning Hebrew boy’s name, meaning “God is great.”

21. Carlomagno

This impressive Spanish boy’s name means “Charles the great.”

22. Kabir

A masculine Arabic name, meaning “powerful,” or “great.” It’s a magnificent name that demands respect.

23. Cathaoirmore

A complex but impressive Gaelic boy’s name, meaning “great warrior.”

24. Cathmor

An adorable Hebrew boy’s name, meaning “great warrior.” Cathmor is also of Irish origin, where it means “great fighter.”

25. Daran

Daran is a charming Gaelic boy’s name, meaning “great.”

26. Magnus

This handsome Latin boy’s name means “great.” A well-known namesake of the name is the Western Roman Emperor Magnus Maximus.

27. Typhoon

A magnificent name of Chinese origin, meaning “great wind.”

28. Daron

A masculine name of Armenian origin, meaning “great.” Daron also has roots in Old English, Irish, and Gaelic origins.

29. Darin

A graceful name of Gaelic origin, meaning “great.”

30. Magni

This elegant Nordic boy’s name means “great.” Magni is also a renowned figure in Norse mythology, he was the son of Thor and the giant Jarnsaxa.

31. Ramiro

An attractive Spanish boy’s name, meaning “great judge,” or “renowned counsellor.”

32. Moran

A masculine Irish boy’s name, meaning “great,” or “large.” Moran is a modern name that was derived from membership in a mediaeval dynastic sept, which is a division of a family.

33. Oliphant

This adorable name of Scottish origin, means “great strength.” Oliphant of Olyphant is a surname that is established in England and Scotland by a family of Norman origin.

34. Darren

A handsome name of Irish or Gaelic origins, meaning “great.”

35. Donell

An adorable Scottish name, meaning “world mighty,” or “brown-haired fighter.” Donell is also used as a girl’s name.

36. Taro

A charming boy’s name of Japanese origin, meaning “eldest son.” Other variations of the name include Talo, Taroh, and Tarou.

37. Dunmor

An adorable Scottish boy’s name, meaning “from the great hill fortress.”

38. Boman

A masculine name of Persian origin, meaning “a great mind.” The name is an unusual alternative to the name Roman.

39. Gedalya

An elegant regal-sounding name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is great.” Gedalya is a variant of the Hebrew name Gedaliah.

40. Dai

A simple and adorable name of Japanese and Welsh origins, meaning “large,” or “to shine.” Dai is also the Welsh short form of the name David.

41. Wenceslaus

This is an impressive name of Slavic origin, meaning “greater glory.” The name also possibly refers to the Wendlas, or Vandals, a Slavic people who lived in northern Europe in the Middle Ages.

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