60 Names That Mean Guardian for Your Little Angel

names that mean guardian
names that mean guardian

Webster’s dictionary defines the word guardian as “a person who watches over someone or something” and also as a “protector” and “caregiver”. All of these are strong, caring, and protective attributes that you may want to instill in your child.

There are names all around the world that have the word “guardian” as a meaning in diverse contexts. From the name Argus meaning “vigilant warrior” to the female name Meredith meaning “guardian of the sea”, each name articulates this word in a different way.

Here is a list of male and female names from various origins, dialects, religious scripture and mythology that embody the word “guardian”.

Boy names that mean guardian

1. Edward

Of Old English origin, the name Edward is extremely common, especially among Christian boys. This name has multiple meanings including “guardian”, “wealthy guardian”, “wealth”, “fortune”, “protector” etc. It originally comes from “Eadward”, with “Ead” meaning “wealth and prosperity” and “ward” meaning “guardian or protector” in Old English.

2. Argus

Argus stems from Greek origin and means “vigilant or watchful guardian”. According to Greek mythology, Argus has been depicted as a creature with hundred eyes, later transformed into a peacock.

3. Ranger

Of English and French origin, the name Ranger has a very cool meaning “forest guardian”.

4. Millard

The name Millard is a male name of British origin meaning “guardian of the mill”. Although is more commonly heard as a surname, it could be a fine first name too and can be shortened to Milo or Mills as a nickname.

5. Liam

Of Irish origin, Liam is a popular male name meaning “guardian”, “protector”, “boss” and “desire”. Famous people with this name include Irish actor Liam Neeson and Australian actor Liam Hemsworth.

6. Daurte

Duarte is a male name of Spanish origin meaning “prosperous guardian”. The pronunciation of this name is “D-wart”.

7. Neddie

Neddie is a quirky name of English origin meaning “wealthy guardian” or “wealthy protector”. Although Neddie already sounds like a nickname, it can also be shortened to “Ned”.

8. Howard

Not so common anymore but Howard used to be one of the most heard-of names somewhere up till the late nineties. The meaning of this name is “chief guardian” or “high defender”. Howard is often shortened to “Howie” as a nickname.

9. Raymond

The name Raymond has multiple origins including French, English, and German. In German, this name means “guardian”, “famous protector” or “counseling protector”. Raymond can be shortened to “Ray” as a nice pet name.

10. Asim

Asim is a male name of Arabic origin very popular among Muslim boys and has the meaning “savior”, “guardian” and “protector”.

11. Aylward

A very rare name, Aylward stems from Old English “Ailward” and translates to “noble guardian”. This name is composed of the Old English elements “Ail” meaning “noble” and “ward” meaning “guardian”.

12. Garan

Of French origin, the name Garan means “to guard” or “guardian”.

13. Wardell

Wardell is a Christian name of American/English origin and has the meaning “from the guardian’s hill”

14. Ede

Pronounced like “eed”, Ede is a Christian name of German origin meaning “rich guardian” or “wealthy guardian”.

15. Hafiz

Hafiz is a male name of Arabic origin, common among Muslim boys with the literal translation “protector” or “guardian”.

16. Alvaro

If you are into magical names, Alvaro is a Spanish name meaning “elf warrior”, “guardian” and “all guard”.

17. Havard

Of Scandinavian origin, Havard is a male name meaning “high guardian”.

18. Eideard

Pronounced like “eh-dard”, this male name stems from Irish/Gaelic roots and translates to “rich guardian” or “guardian of prosperity”.

19. Wordsworth

This name was put on the map by noted English poet, William Wordsworth. Wordsworth is a Christian surname and first name of English origin, meaning “world guardian”.

20. Ned

Ned is a male name of Old English origin and means “guardian of the riches” or “wealthy guardian”. This name is often heard in English movies and series.

21. Edek

rom Polish names, Edek is a Christian male name meaning “guardian of property”.

22. Rai

Of Arabic origin, Rai is a male name mostly used for Muslim boys meaning “guardian”, “patron”, “custodian” and “protector”.

23. William

William is one of the most common male names across the world and is often shorted to “Will”, “Bill” and “Willy”. Stemming from English roots, this name means “resolute protector or guardian” and also “strong-willed warrior”. William originally comes from the Old German name “Wilhem”.

24. Hayward

This name originates from Old English origin and has a very unique meaning i.e. “guardian or keeper of the hedged enclosure”.

25. Warden

By the sound of it, the meaning of this name is self-explanatory. Warden is an English name mostly common in the Christian community and it means “valley guardian” or “watchman”.

26. Edo

It is the era of short and quirky names with unique meanings. Edo originally comes from the Old English name Eadward, meaning “wealthy guardian”.

27. Mumin

Mumin or Momin is a very common Islamic name for baby boys meaning “believer” or “guardian of the faith”- the faith being Islam in this meaning.

28. Folke

If you want your little guy to be a protector of mankind then Folke is an interesting option for you. Of Danish origin, this name means “people’s guardian”.

29. Wardley

Of English origin, Wardley is a Christian name meaning “from the guardians’ meadow”.

30. Kenward

This regal Christian name stems from English origin and means “brave and royal guardian”.

31. Jasper

Jasper is a common name with American, Greek, Persian, and Finnish origins. The meaning of this name is “guardian or bearer of the treasure”.

32. Eri

Eri is a male name of Hebrew origin meaning “guardian or nobleman”.

33. Anael

Anael is a Christian name of Hebrew origin and means “guardian of the Librans”.

34. Warmond

Warmond stems from German origin and means “loyal and true guardian or custodian”.

35. Ted

Ted is a common Old English name meaning “wealthy guardian”.

36. Seaward

Of Old English origin, Seaward is an uncommon male name meaning “sea guardian” and also “victory guardian”.

37. Daemon

Daemon is a very grunge name of Greek origin with a super cool meaning of “guardian spirit”.

38. Orthros

Speaking of Greek names, another guardian-related name from this origin is Orthros. Orthros means “guardian of Geryon (the grandson of Medusa).

39. Rickward

Of American/English origin, Rickward is a Christian name for baby boys meaning “strong guardian”.

40. Edmund

Of Old English origin, the name Edmund means “wealthy guardian” or “happy defender”.

Girl names that mean guardian

1. Samara

Samara is a female name of both Arabic and Hebrew origin. In Hebrew, this name means “guardian” as well as “protected by God”.

2. Meredith

Of Welsh origin, Meredith is a name for baby girls meaning “guardian or protector of the sea”. Although this name has been common for decades, it was really put in the limelight by the main lead of the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, “Meredith Grey”.

3. Cassiel

Stemming from Hebrew roots, Cassiel means “guardian of the Capricorns” and has also been mentioned as one of the seven archangels in Judeo-Christian mythology.

4. Willa

Of Old German origin, Willa is a female name meaning “resolute protector or guardian”.

5. Soteria

According to Greek mythology, Soteria was the Goddess of safety and protection from harm. So this name is a good option if you want a mythological name with connotations of guardianship and protection.

6. Hildegard

Of Old German origin, the name Hilliard means “guardian in a battle”.

7. Custodia

Stemming from the word “custodian”, Custodia is a beautiful female name of Spanish origin meaning “guardian angel”.

8. Selma

Of Teutonic origin, the name Selma has several protective meanings including “guardian”, “helmet of God”, “secure” and “safe”. Famous people with this name include Cruel Intentions and Legally blonde actress Selma Blair.

9. Deandra

Of Greek origin, Deandra is a Christian name for girls meaning “protector or guardian of mankind”.

10. Wilhelmina

Of German and English origin, the name Wilhelmina means “determined guardian” and also “resolute protector”. This is also the name of a very famous modeling agency founded by Dutch-American model Wilhelmina Cooper.

11. Merry

Of Welsh origin, the name Merry means “guardian of the sea”.

12. Eda

Of Hebrew/Irish origin, Eda is a female name meaning “wealthy guardian”.

13. Medousa

Not a very conventional name but Medousa or Medusa is a Greek name for girls meaning “guardian” or “protectress”. Medusa is one of the most famous monstrous gorgons of Greek mythology, depicted as a female with snake hair.

14. Eduarda

The feminine version of Eduarda, this name is of Old English origin and means “wealthy guardian”.

15. Anselma

Of Teutonic origin, Anselma is a female name meaning “guardian” or “God’s helmet or protector”.

16. Terentia

Of Greek/Roman origin, Terentia is a female name that comes from the Latin word “Terentius” meaning “guardian”.

17. Neda

Another name with a “wealthy guardian” connotation includes the female name Neda stemming from Old English roots.

18. Eryl

Of Welsh origin, Eryl is a quirky name for girls meaning “guardian”.

19. Gwilym

Gwilym is a female name of Welsh origin meaning “resolute guardian or protector”.

20. Qaletaqa

Qaletaqa is a very unique female name of Native American origin and it has the meaning “guardian of the people”.

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