51 Fantastic Names That Mean Healer

names that mean healer or healing
names that mean healer or healing

Pain, whether physical or emotional, is something no human being is unfamiliar with, it is an intricate part of life that is simply unavoidable. While you have pain on one side, you have healing on the other, both of which go hand in hand, life itself is a constant cycle of pain and healing.

Just as you cannot avoid pain you cannot continue without healing either. Be it the removal of disease, or alleviating distress or anguish, healing is certainly a superpower we humans possess. However, it is also true that while some certainly yield this superpower far better than others, be it to heal oneself or heal another. It is a talent like no other, a skill anyone could be immensely proud of.

Therefore, considering the magnitude of the term “healing,” there is no doubt what value a name meaning “healer” would possess.

Girl Names That Mean Healer

Girl names associated with the meaning “healer” are plenty. They are stunning names with impressive meanings, do check them out without fail.

1. Rafaela

A captivating girl’s name of French origin, meaning “God has healed.” The name has several spelling variations associated with different roots. It is spelled Rafaela in Spanish and German, Raffaella in Italian, and Raphaela in Hebrew.

2. Leigh

This is a quaint and beautiful English name, also used for boys. Leigh means “healer,” “delicate,” “weary,” “meadow,” or “parture,” and is pronounced as lee.

3. Galena

A unique-sounding name of Greek origin, meaning “calm,” or “healer.” The Male version of Galena is Galen, which originated from America. Other variations of the name include the Spanish-originating name Galenia.

4. Meditrina

An elegant Roman girl’s name, that personifies “health,” and “longevity.” Meditrina is also a character in Roman mythology.

5. Zywie

This is a gorgeous and trendy name that personifies “health and healing” in Western Slavic mythology.

6. Panacea

A unique-sounding Greek girl’s name that personifies “health,” “cleanliness,” and “sanitation.” Panacea is also a figure in Greek mythology.

7. Raseda

A gorgeous Latin girl’s name, meaning ”healer.”

8. Sirona

An elegant girl’s name of Celtic origin, meaning “healing,” or “letting go of the pain.”

9. Beiwe

This adorable Nordic girl’s name, pronounced as bee-wee, is the personification of “sunlight,” and “mental health.”

10. Eir

A unique and simple name of Scandinavian Norse origin, meaning “peacefulness,” or “mercy.”

11. Cannenta

A gorgeously graceful Latin originating girl’s name, meaning “healer.” Cannenta is a popular name among the Christian community.

12. Elethea

This beautiful Greek girl’s name means “healing herb.” Elethea is the alternate version of  Althea, and other variants of the name include, Eltha, Althia, Althaea, and Altha.

13. Isis

A beautiful and charming name rooted in Egyptian mythology. Isis in Egypt personifies “healing.”

14. Shaffia

A unique but popular Arabic girl’s name, meaning “healers,” “mercy,” or “pure.”

15. Shaushka

This is a magnificent name originating from Hittite-Hurria mythology, that personifies “fertility,” “war,” and “healing.”

16. Aegle

An attractive name that originates from the Greek name Aigle, which means “brightness,” or “splendor.” A beautiful name with an impressive meaning.

17. Gro

An adorable and unique Old Norse name meaning “to grow,” “to heal,” “the one who will cure in each type of environment” and “to grow and heal easily.”

18. Iaso

A simple but elegant Greek girl’s name means “cure,” or “remedy.” Also, Iaso is a name with roots in Greek mythology.

19. Althea

A modern and attractive Old Greek name used mainly among English speakers. Althea means “wholesome” and is derived from the verb althein meaning “to heal.”

20. Tabeeba

A unique and interesting Arabic girl’s name, meaning “healer.” Tabeeba is a popular name among the Muslim community.

21. Amethyst

A beautiful and elegant name derived from the Greek word ametusthos, meaning “not intoxicated.” Amethyst also refers to the gemstone, which is known for its healing properties, involving the improvement of intellect and cerebral thought.

22. Eirny

A pretty and unique Scandinavian girl’s name, pronounced eir-NY, meaning “born of new healing.” Other variants of the name include Eirnea, Eirneah, Eirnee, Eirney, Eirni, and Eirnie.

23. Carmentis

A unique-sounding Latin name, meaning “healer.” Carmentis is derived from the Latin word carmen meaning “magic spell” or “oracle/song.”

24. Airmed

A beautiful meaningful name of Celtic origin, inspired by a woman called “Airmed ” in Irish mythology who was renowned for her healing abilities.

25. Sirona

A gorgeous name of Celtic origin means “healing,” or “letting go of the pain.”

26. Altha

This beautiful Greek girl’s name is a variation of the name Althea, meaning “with healing power.”

Boy Names That Mean Healer

There is also a magnificent list of boy names associated with the meaning “healer.” These names are sure to impress.

1. Aeson

A charming name of Greek origin, meaning “healer.” The popular Greek boy’s name Jason is derived from the name Aeson.

2. Bliant

A boyish name of Hebrew origin, meaning “healer.” Bliant also has roots in the Arthurian legend of Bliant and Lancelot.

3. Chiron

A gorgeous male name of Greek origin meaning “wounded healer,” representing one’s deepest wounds and the effort taken to heal. Chiron is also a prominent figure in Greek mythology, a centaur who was a healer and a teacher, who ironically could not heal himself.

4. Alaunus

This is a handsome boy’s name in Gaulish mythology, associated with “healing,” and “prophecy.”

5. Iason

A charming name of Greek origin, meaning “healer.” Iason is also a derivative of the common boy’s name Jason.

6. Walentyn

A handsome name of Polish origin, meaning “healthy,” or “strong.” The feminine version of the name is Walentyna.

7. Lenus

Lenus is a trendy boy’s name of Celtic origin that personifies “healing.” The name Lenus was also adopted by the Romans.

8. Asa

An adorable Hebrew boy’s name, meaning “healer,” or “physician.” Asa is a popular American boy’s name.

9. Rafal

This gorgeous boy’s name means “God has healed.” Rafal is the Polish variant of the Hebrew name Raphael, which was derived from the Hebrew words rafa meaning “to heal,” and el meaning “all-powerful.”

10. Errapel

A unique-sounding name of Basque origin, meaning “divine healer.” It’s an uncommon name with an impressive meaning.

11. Giasone

A charmingly masculine Italian name meaning “to heal,” or “healer.”

12. Rafael

This gorgeously romantic boy’s name means “God has healed.” Rafael is of Spanish and Hebrew origins, and other spelling variations of the name include Raphael.

13. Edi

Edi is an adorable Hindu boy’s name, meaning “healing,” “strive for wealth,” or “herb.” It’s an attractive and meaningful name that is popular among the Hindu community.

14. Jaison

A handsome name of Old Greek origin, meaning “to heal,” “the Lord is my salvation,” and “healer.” Jaison is also a variant of the popular name Jason.

15. Salim

An indirect Quranic name for boys, meaning “free from error,” “safe,” “intact,” “unharmed,” “unblemished,” and “healthy.”

16. Josiah

A traditional boy’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God supports,” or “heals.” Josiah is derived from the Hebrew name Yoshiyahu.

17. Heka

This adorable Egyptian boy’s name represents “health,” “healing,” and “wellness.”

18. Daktari

A handsome name of African Swahili origin, meaning “one who heals others.” Other variations of the name include Daktarea, Daktaree, Daktarey, Daktarie, and Daktary.

19. Derzelas

This stunningly handsome name of  Thracian origin means “God of health, prosperity, and vitality.”

20. Valentino

A charmingly romantic Spanish boy’s name, meaning “strength,” and “health.”

21. Arpachshad

A unique-sounding name of Hebrew origin, meaning “healer,” “helper,” or “releaser.” Another variation of the name is Arphaxad.

22. Jayr

Jayr is a simple and unique Greek name, meaning “healer.” It’s an old name that is rarely used, and therefore would be great for those seeking originality.

23. Lee

This adorable Celtic boy’s name means “healer.” Lee is also derived from the old English word Leah.

24. Galen

This handsome and graceful Greek boy’s name means ”calm,” or “healer.” The name is also associated with the second-century Greek physician and philosopher in the Roman empire, Galen of Pergamon.

25. Ase

This graceful Hebrew boy’s name means “doctor,” or “healer.” The alternate form of the name is Asa.

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