72 Remarkable Names That Mean Helper or Helpful

names that mean helper or helpful
names that mean helper or helpful

A helper is someone who would help or give some sort of support or assistance to another fellow individual. They play crucial roles in relieving another’s distress or at the very least improving their current situation.

A helper is often on the receiving end of people’s gratitude and appreciation, making them individuals of high prestige and esteem, much loved by their peers. That being said, helping is not always about giving, the one who helps experiences benefits too.

Helping is associated with feelings of righteousness and moral superiority, resulting in feelings of great confidence and happiness. In terms of bodily health, helping is associated with increased production of oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine, all of which are regarded as “happy” hormones, and result in the relieving of pain and stress, improved heart health, and increased motivation to pursue one’s goals.

Hence, helping another indeed is a precious act that is ultimately beneficial for both parties involved. Therefore do not hesitate to choose such a meaningful name for your child, nor should you doubt the benefits associated with helping. Go right ahead and check out this beautiful list of remarkable names that mean “helper,” or “helpful.”

Girl Names That Mean Helper or Helpful

This list right here offers a magnificent range of girl names that mean “helper” or “helpful,” do check them out.

1. Auxiliadora

An impressive and gorgeous Larin girl’s name, meaning “she who protects and helps,” “help,” “assistance,” and “supporter.” The name derives from the Latin word auxilium with similar meaning.

2. Yara

Yara is a trendy name of diverse origins, meaning “friend,” or “helper.” Yara is of both Arabic and Brazilian origins. Yara is also a more unusual spin on names like Mara or Sara.

3. Sandra

Sandra is a lovely Greek girl’s name that means “helper of humanity.” It is also the short version of the name Alexandra or Cassandra, of which the masculine version is Alexander, meaning “protector of man,” or “defender of man.”

4. Lutfana

A beautiful Muslim girl’s name of Arabic origin, with the magnanimous meaning of “a woman who performs good deeds.” Lutfana is a much-favored name among the Muslim community.

5. Aitamah

A graceful Estonian girl’s name, meaning “one who is helpful.” Other variations of the name include Aitama.

6. Avneet

Avneet is an adorably pretty name of Indian origin, meaning “helpful.”

7. Amenah

Amenah is a popular Arabic name whose important namesake is Aminah bint Wahb, the mother of the Prophet Muhammad. Aminah means “faithful,” “trustworthy,” or “honest.”

8. Awhina

A gorgeous and melodious girl’s name of Maorian origin, meaning “help,” or “support.” Variant forms of the name include Awheana, Awheena, Awheina, and Awhyna.

9. Saada

An adorable girl’s name of Swahili origin, meaning “assistant,” or “help.”

10. Nasira

An elegant-sounding name of Arabic origin, meaning “helper,” or “supporter.”

11. Camila

A trendy and beautiful Spanish girl’s name which is a variant of Camilla, from Camillus, meaning “young, religious servant.”

12. Theary

A gorgeous Cambodian girl’s name, meaning “helper,” or “aide.”

13. Annaisha

A graceful girl’s name of  Japanese origin, meaning “a helpful guide to others.”

14. Omana

A unique-sounding name of Indian origin, meaning “help,” or “kindness.” Omana in Sanskrit origin means “woman,” or “giver of life.”

15. Alyx

A trendy and adorable Greek girl’s name, meaning “helper,” or “defender.” Alyx is the alternate version of the Greek name Alexis.

16. Ezri

Ezri is an adorable variation of the Hebrew name Ezra, which means “help.” Ezri is also a name that is used for both genders.

17. Ophelia

Ophelia is a stunning Greek girl’s name that means “help.” A name that has long been hampered by the stigma of Hamlet’s tragic heroine, for whom the name seems to have been invented. However, parents now have started ignoring the association and have chosen the name for its beauty.

18. Bergliot

A unique-sounding name derives from the Old Norse Bergljotr, which means “the light of salvation.It is composed of two elements; bjorj/bjarga meaning “to help,” “save,” “rescue,” or “protect,” and ljotr meaning “shining,” or “bright.”

19. Ezra

A graceful and regal-sounding Hebrew girl’s name that means “help.” The name could be a derivative of the Hebrew phrase Azaryahu meaning “Yah help.” Ezra is also where the Latin name Esdras derives from.

20. Lexus

A trendy Greek name that is also used for boys, and means “man’s defender.” The alternate spelling of Lexus is Lexie, which is a contraction of Alexis and Alexandra.

21. Sandi

A beautiful name of Greek and English origin, meaning “man’s defender,” or “shining upon man.” Sandi is an alternate form of the Greek name Alexandra, a feminine variant of Alexander. Sandra is also a derivative of Cassandra (Greek), Sandra (English), and Sandy (Greek).

22. Whina

An adorable girl’s name of Maori origin, meaning “helper.”  Whina could be a derivative of the Maori name Awhina, meaning “help,” or “support.”

23. Aytama

Aytama is a beautiful Estonian girl’s name that means “one who is helpful.”

24. Alesia

A quaint and demure Greek girl’s name that means “help,” or “aid.” Other alternatives to Alesia include Alicia and Alice. Alesia is also the name of an ancient Gallic city in France.

25. Alexandra

A gorgeous and exotic Greek girl’s name, meaning “defending men,” and derived from the Greek components alexein meaning “to defend,” and aner meaning “man.” The masculine version of the name is Alexander.

26. Codee

Codee is the alternate spelling of the Irish name Cody, and means “helper.”

27. Milly

An adorable name of multiple origins, meaning “rival,” “eager worker,” “helper to the priest,” “laborious,” “eager,” “bee,” “honey,” “gentle strength,” and “brave strength.” Milly is the alternate form of Amelia (Latin, Old German), and Camilla (Latin), a variant of Emily (Latin), Melissa (Greek), Mildred (Old English), and a derivative of Mellicent (Old French).

28. Lexine

Lexine is a gorgeous name of Old Greek and Hebrew origins that means “helper of mankind.” It is also a derivative of the English Lexie.

29. Ophelie

Ophelie is the French variation of the gorgeous Greek name Ophelia, which means “help.”

30. Alexa

This is a name of Greek and Old German derivation and means “man’s defender,” or “noble.” Alexa is also a variant form of Alexandra (Greek).

31. Sasha

This gorgeous and trendy girl’s name is also used as a masculine name, as the -sha ending is not feminine in Russia though it is in  America. It is a name of Russian and Greek origin and means “man’s defender.”

32. Aleka

A stunning and trendy version of the Greek name Alexandra, and means “man’s defender.”

33. Aida

An adorable Arabic girl’s name, meaning “reward,” or “present.” Also, Aida means “distinguished,” or “helpful” in Latin origin.

Boy Names That Mean Helper or Helpful

Scroll on and check out this magnificent list of boy names that mean “helper” or “helpful.”

1. Socorro

A stunning boy’s name of Spanish origin, meaning “aid,” or “help,” Socorro is also used as a girl’s name.

2. Eban

Eban is a lovely name of Hebrew origin and is the pet form of the name Ebenezer. It is a name used for both genders, and means “stone of help.” The meaning of the name refers to the ability of a person to be able to stand alone perfectly and be affable and creative. The name also is a spin on popular names Ethan and Evan.

3. Asriel

Asriel or Azriel is a handsome Hebrew boy’s name that means “God is my help” Azriel is also a Biblical name, the name of the angel of death.

4. Ebenezer

An impressive boy’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “stone of help.” Ebenezer is the name of a biblical place, the stone set up by Samuel to mark his victory over the Philistines.

5. Cody

Cody is a simple and adorable English boy’s name that is also used as a feminine name (although less widely), meaning “helpful,” or “pillow.”

6. Abdul Ghani

An impressive Arabic boy’s name, with the humble meaning of “servant of the independent,” or “servant of the rich.”

7. Alejo

A charming boy’s name that means “defender,” or “helper” and has roots in Greek. Alejo is also the alternate version of the Spanish and Greek name Alejandro, which is the respelling of Alexander. It is also a derivative of the Greek name Alexis.

8. Azrael

A stunningly gorgeous name of Hebrew and Arabic origins, meaning “help of God.” Azrael is also the name of the angel of death in Jewish and Muslim traditions.

9. Alek

Alek makes an adorable choice as a boy’s name. It is the Russian version of the Greek name Alex and Alexander, and means “man’s defender,” or “warrior.” Other spelling variations of the name include Alik.

10. Ansar

This is a direct Quranic name that means “the one who helps,” it is therefore of Arabic origin.

11. Zahir

Zahir is a handsome Arabic boy’s name that means “helper,” or  “supporter.” It is widely used in the Arabic, Swahili, Hebrew, and Turkish languages. Alternate versions of the name include Zaahir.

12. Eleazar

An attractive Hebrew boy’s name, pronounced as el-ee-AY-zar. The name means “God is my help.” Eleazar is also a variant of the name Lazarus.

13. Fadil

Fadil is a unique-sounding Arabic boy’s name, meaning “giving,” “virtuous,” and “generous.” Other variations of the name include Fadile.

14. Gallager

An unusual and rare name of ancient Gaelic origin, meaning “foreign help,” “brave,” or “valiant.”

15. Kemuel

This is a beautiful biblical name of Hebrew origin, meaning “helper of God.”

16. Abdul Nasser

An impressive Arabic boy’s name, meaning “servant of the Helper,” or “granting victory.”

17. Nasir

An attractive and simple Arabic boy’s name that means “helper.” Nasira is the feminine version of Nasir.

18. Dastgir

A boyish Arabic name that means “helper,” or “supporter.”

19. Ealhheard

A regal and masculine English name that means “helpful,” “honest,” and “authentic being.”

20. Mohsin

A graceful boy’s name of Arabic origin, meaning “gentle,” “humanitarian,” “benefactor,” and “doer of good deeds.”

21. Fui

Fui is a simple name of English origin, with the impressive meaning of “a generous and helpful person.”

22. Uzair

A popular name among the Muslim community, meaning “helper,” or “strength.” Uzair is the Arabic equivalent of the Hebrew name Ezra. The name originated from the Islamic prophet Uzair, who is identified as the biblical prophet Ezra.

23. Aragam

A masculine Hindu boy’s name means “assisting,” or “helpful.”

24. Akelan

Akelan is a trendy and attractive Indian boy’s name that means “helpful builder.”

25. Hansuke

A unique and adorable Japanese boy’s name, meaning “helpful friend.” Hansuke derived from two Japanese words, han meaning “companion” and suke meaning “help or assist.”

26. Akroor

Akroor is a charming and meaningful masculine boy’s name that means “kind,” “mild,” “gentle,” “clement,” “considerate,” “helpful,” “humane,” and “benevolent.”

27. Azor

A modern and attractive boy’s name of Biblical origin, meaning “a helper,” or “a court.”

28. Lazarus

A gorgeous Scottish boy’s name that means “God is my help.” Lazarus is the Latin version of the Greek name Lazaros, which is an aphetic short version of the Hebrew name Eleazar.

29. Mu’awin

Mu’awin is an interesting Muslim boy’s name that means “helper,” or “assistance.” It is considered to be among the finest Arabic names by the Muslim community.

30. Hyousuke

A charming Japanese boy’s name, meaning “a soldier who is very helpful.”

31. Mughith

This is an Arabic boy’s name, meaning “helper,” or “soccorer,” which refers to someone who gives help.

32. Mu’in

A cute and fascinating Arabic boy’s name, meaning “assistant.”

33. Saadya

Saadya is a handsome Aramaic name that means “the Lord’s help.” It is also the alternate spelling of the Aramaic name Saahdia.

34. A’waan

A’waan is a unique-sounding Arabic boy’s name that means “helper,” or “assistant.”

35. Betserai

A unique masculine name that originates from Zimbabwe, meaning “helper.”

36. Ezer

Ezer is primarily a boy’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “help.” It’s an interesting alternative to the name Ezra.

37. Hamrish

An attractive Indian boy’s name, meaning “helpful,” or “lovable.”

38. Alexei

Alexei is an attractive Greek boy’s name, meaning “man’s defender,” or “warrior.” It is the alternate spelling of Alexander (Greek), and also a version of the feminine name Alexis (Greek).

39. Azari

Azari is a name of Arabic and Hebrew origin, meaning “helped by God.” It is a unisex name, which is derived from the name Azariah.

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