61 Fascinating Names That Mean Hunter

Hunters and huntresses symbolize more than just a sport, they represent skillfulness, patience, courage, and precision. The word ‘hunter’ can also be used to describe someone with a zest for life and who has the confidence to follow their dreams. Seem like something you want your little one’s name to embody? Then you’re in luck because we have compiled a master list of baby names that mean hunter for your tiny deerstalker.

Whether you’re hoping your child will literally become an expert hunter, or if you simply wish them to possess the fierceness and intelligence of one, there are plenty of hunting-relating names to choose from. From historical names to ones inspired by mythology and folklore, you’re certain to find the perfect choice for your newborn.

So, if you’re ready to hunt down a name for your vivacious baby, set your sights on this list of hunter names inspired by masters of the craft.

Girl Names That Mean Hunter

Some of the most revered hunters in ancient mythology were female. Here are some names suitable for a strategic huntress.

1. Artemis

Artemis is the name of a powerful mythological figure. Of Ancient Greek origin, this name refers to the Greek goddess of the hunt, animals, and the wild outdoors.

2. Brielle

A name that is bountiful in beauty, Brielle means “hunting grounds”. It comes from the French language, though it also exists in Hebrew where it means “heroine of God”.

3. Fianna

This pretty girl’s name is still relatively uncommon outside of where it originated, which is Ireland and Scotland. The meaning of Fianna is “warrior” or “huntress.”

4. Cyrene

Another name that comes from Greek antiquity, Cyrene is a feminine name that means “hunter”. It refers to a fierce huntress in Greek mythology.

5. Atlanta

Stemming from Greek, Atlanta is a girl’s name that means “virgin huntress.” In mythology, Atlanta was abandoned as a child yet became a fierce huntress.

6. Bendis

Bendis is a feminine name derived from the Thracian language. The equivalent to Artemis in folklore, Bendis means “goddess of the moon and the hunt”.

7. Nujalik

With ties to Inuit culture, Nujalik is an ethereal name that means “goddess of hunting on land” in Inuit mythology.

8. Kacela

Of African origin, Kacela is girl’s name that is both adorable and pretty. It means “hunter”.

9. Britomartis

Britomartis is a stunning and rare baby name. Meaning “goddess of mountains and hunting,” this name comes from Ancient Greek.

10. Winda

An exquisite female name that is derived from the Swahili language, the meaning of Winda translates to “hunter”.

11. Zambadi

Stemming from Arabic, Zambadi is a unique and striking name that means “hunter”.

12. Arnakuagsak

This powerful name is of Inuit origin and means “goddess of the hunters”.

13. Dali

Dali is a lovely name for a baby girl. It means “goddess of the hunt” and comes from Georgian mythology.

14. Neith

The Egyptian goddess of the hunt, Neith is a gorgeous name fit for a little huntress.

15. Atalanta

Another version of Atlanta, Atalanta is distinctive Greek name that refers to the mythological virgin huntress.

16. Nerrivik

A name that emerged from Inuit mythology, Nerrivik means “mother of the sea” or “patron of hunters”.

17. Auryon

Charming and rising in popularity, Auryon is a baby girl’s name that means “great huntress”. Though originally stemming from the Greek name Orion, Auryon comes from America.

18. Skaoi

A name with roots in Norse, Skaoi is a baby girl name that means “goddess of bow hunting”.

19. Diana

In Roman mythology, Diana was the name of the goddess of the moon and hunting. It was also the name of the late Princess Diana.

20. Devana

Similar to Diana, Devana is the Slavic goddess of the hunt. The name Devana comes from the Slavic word for “maiden”.

21. Fliadais

Of Irish origin, Fliadais is an amazing name that means “goddess of ancient woodlands and the wilderness”.

22. Kainda

A strong and trendy name, Kainda comes from African origin and means “the daughter of a hunter”.

23. Zarola

Zarola is a name derived from Arabic. It means “hunter” and is cute for a feisty little girl.

24. Nujalik

In Inuit languages, Nujalik means “goddess of the hunt”. It is said that this goddess provided food for Inuit peoples.

25. Mielikki

A name that comes from Finnish folklore, Mielikki is an adorable baby girl’s name that means “goddess of the hunt and forest”. In mythology she was also a great healer.

26. Pakhet

A name with roots in Egyptian mythology, Pakhet refers to the lioness goddess of war. The literal translation of the name means “one who scratches”.

27. Chace

A gender-neutral name, Chace means “to hunt” and has roots in early Anglo-Saxon languages.

28. Sedna

Stemming from Northern Canadian Indigenous languages, Sedna is the goddess of marine life and hunting in Inuit mythology.

29. Zada

In Arabic, Zada is a pretty and feminine name that means “huntress” and “fortunate”. Perfect for your lucky little hunter.

30. Cinthya

The name Cinthya is derived from Latin and Greek. Another way to refer to the Greek goddess Artemis, Cinthya means “goddess of the moon and hunting”.

31. Makaya

A stunning Native American name, Makaya means “one who hunts eagles”. This is definitely a beautiful choice for babies with Native American lineage.

32. Teresa

A name that has ancient roots in the Greek word theros, Teresa means “harvest” or “to hunt”.

33. Venatrix

An astounding and distinctive name for a baby girl, Venatrix means “female hunter” or “huntress” in Latin.

34. Alcyone

Alcyone is another name that means “huntress” from Ancient Greek mythology. As the story goes, Alcyone was a woman who threw herself into the ocean out of grief but was brought back to life as a kingfisher bird.

35. Orion

A unisex name, Orion is derived from Greek. It means “rising in the sky” and was the name of a powerful hunter and constellation.

Boy Names That Mean Hunter

Want your baby boy to grow up to be composed and confident? Check out these names for a little sharpshooter.

1. Arawn

Arawn is a name of Welsh origin. Meaning “god of the hunt and underworld,” this name is a stylish choice for a baby boy.

2. Huntley

This adorable name has a heart-warming meaning. Huntley is of Old English origin and means “meadow of the hunter”.

3. Sidon

Originally a Phenician name, the current meaning of the name Sidon is derived from Hebrew and means “to hunt or fish”.

4. Lelantos

Lelantos is a melodic-sounding baby boy’s name. Derived from Ancient Greek, this name means “titan of air and the hunter’s skill of stalking prey”.

5. Nodens

Associated with a Celtic god, Nodens means “godly hunter”. This ancient god was also associated with healing.

6. Cernunnos

Another name from Celtic mythology, Cernunnos is a strikingly unique name that means “horned God of the huner”. This god was known as the lord of wild things.

7. Kanati

An enchanting name that has Cherokee roots, Kanati is a beautiful masculine name that means “first man” and “guardian of the hunt”. This figure was known in folklore for teaching people how to hunt.

8. Firas

Friras is a name fit for a ferocious little boy. It is derived from Arabic and means “as powerful as a lion”. Lions are the kings of the jungle for their hunting abilities.

9. Oringo

Derived from Africa, specifically the Luo language of Kenya, Oringo is a male name that translates to “he who loves the hunt”.

10. Oden

Alternatively spelled as Odin, this strong-sounding name refers to the most powerful of the Norse gods. This name means “the god of frenzy and poetic fury”.

11. Woodman

A name of Middle English origin, Woodman means “woodcutter,” “forester,” and “hunter”. Perfect for a little boy who loves playing in the great outdoors.

12. Opochtli

Originating in Aztec mythology, Ophochtli refers to a god of hunting and fishing. This god was credited in folklore for inventing numerous essential hunting tools for the Aztec people.

13. Hearne

Primarily of English origin, Hearne is a lovely boy’s name that means “mythical hunter”. When tracing the Celtic origin of this name it means “horse-lord”.

14. Fowler

Dervided from the Old English word fugelere, Fowler is a charming and masculine name that means “hunter of wild birds”.

15. Apollo

The brother of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt, Apollo is a boy’s name that means “destroyer”. In Greeky mythology, Apollo was a powerful god of the sun who was associated with medicine, music, and poetry.

16. Cayde

A delightful baby name of Gaelic origin, Cayde means “battle”.

17. Actaeon

Surely a name that will make your baby boy stand out, Actaeon means “a hunter”. This name comes from Latin and Greek.

18. Theron

Derived from the Greek word ther, Theron means “the hunter” or “untamed”. Though we’ve included it on the boy name list, Theron can be a gender-neutral name.

19. Bowman

The name Bowman has roots in both Middle English and Scottish. It refers to the occupational title of a skilled archer hunter or solider.

20. Thimba

An enchanting male name of Swahili origin, Thimba means “lion hunter”.

21. Sayed

Perfect for those in seek of a 2-syllable name, Sayed is derived from Arabic and means “fisher” or “hunter”.

22. Rigel

Rigel is an interesting hunter-related name. Of Arabic origin, this name literally translates to “foot,” but also refers to the blue star of the hunter’s left foot in the Orion constellation.

23. Hunter

A more obvious choice for hunting-inspired names, Hunter is of British origin and means “one who hunts” or “pursuer”. This name can fit for a boy or girl.

24. Huntington

Huntington is a masculine name that stems from English origin. It means “hunter’s settlement”.

25. Khonvoum

In Banbuti Pygmy language, Khonvoum is a masculine name that refers to a god of the hunt.

26. Ivar

Stemming from Old Norse, Ivar is a classic yet trendy name that means “archer” or “bow warrior”.

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