70 Ferocious Names That Mean Lion for Your Little Cub

If you want your little one to have a fierce and powerful spirit, you might be searching for a lion-inspired name to match. As it happens, there are countless baby names that mean lion to choose from.

Lion names are often related to themes of leadership, courage, and ferocity. Maybe you’re looking for a name that lets people know your baby has a heart as big as a lion’s, or perhaps one that conveys their bravery and strength. From Aslan to Aria, you’re sure to find a fitting ferocious name.

So, if you’re in the market for a lion-related baby name then check out this list.

Girl Names That Mean Lion

For parents expecting a little lioness, these fierce names are both beautiful and unique.

1. Aria

Aria is a pretty name that exists in multiple different languages. The Greek meaning of the name translates to “lioness,” while the Persian meaning is “noble.”

2. Kiara

With roots in English and Celtic, Kiara is a feminine name that means “the daughter of a lion.”

3. Nalea

A stunning name with both Hawaiian and African origins, the most common meanings of Nalea are “lioness” and “queen.”

4. Mai

Of Vietnamese origin, Mai is a sweet girl’s name that means “lion.”

5. Emeteria

Emeteria is a name that stems from Ancient Greek. It means “half lion.”

6. Leandra

An elegant female name, Leandra has roots in Greek. The meaning of Leandra is “lion human.”

7. Jocelyn

Jocelyn is a classic name of German origin that means “lion of god.”

8. Areille

Of Hebrew origin, Areille is a lyrical name that translates to mean “a lioness.”

9. Dandelion

Dandelion is a rare name that stems from English and means “tooth of a lion.”

10. Lenina

A name that comes from England, Lenina means “like a lion.”

11. Emery

Emery is a female name of British origin. It means “as brave and powerful as a lion.”

12. Safia

With Muslim roots, Safia is a unique name that means “lion’s share.”

13. Nala

A name made popular by the movie series, Lion King, Nala is of Swahili origin and means “lion.”

14. Baillie

Baillie is an adorable feminine name of English and Scottish origin. The meaning of Baillie is “lion of god.”

15. Lavi

A rare name with roots in Hebrew, Lavi means “lion” and “ancestor’s relic.” Though Lavi is a unisex name, it is a pretty choice for a baby girl.

16. Leontina

Of German and English origin, Leontina is a dazzling name that translates to “like a lion.”

17. Tiaret

A lovely name for a lion, Tiaret stems from African origin and means “lioness.”

18. Amandala

For a little girl with the strength of a lion, Amandala is an African name that means “powerful.”

19. Loni

Coming from Hebrew and Latin, Loni is a feminine name that means “fierce lioness” and “oak tree.”

20. Jala

Jala is a name that derives from Arabic and means “a lion.”

21. Cakusola

With African roots, Cakusola means “one who possesses the heart of a lion.”

22. Aeriela

A unique name that stems from Hebrew, Aeriela means “lion of God.”

23. Zariel

Magnificent and magical, Zariel is a name of English and American origin. It translates to mean “lion princess.”

24. Kefira

Kefira is a little girl’s name of Hebrew origin. It means “lion cub.”

25. Llewella

A delightful name for a newborn girl, Llewella has roots in Welsh and Celtic. The meaning is “like a lion” and “leader.”

26. Athaleyah

Athaleyah is a pretty Hebrew name that means “lioness of god.”

27. Lenna

Stemming from German origin, Lenna is a beautiful name that means “lion’s strength.”

28. Chephirah

A name fit for a princess, Chephirah is of Israeli origin and means “a little lioness.”

29. Hafsa

Hafsa is a girl’s name with Muslim and African roots. It means “little lioness” or “little cub.”

30. Leoline

Of Latin American origin, Leoline is a gorgeous name that translates to mean “lion-like.”

31. Poldi

Stemming from Hungarian, Poldi is a feminine name that means “brave like a lion.”

32. Liona

A classic name for a little cub, Liona is of Italian origin and means “the lioness.”

33. Sher

Sher is a brilliant name of Persian origin. It translates to mean “lion.”

34. Leocadia

Derived from Spanish, Leocadia is a dreamy girl’s name that means “strength of a lion.”

35. Ly

Of English and Vietnamese origin, Ly is a short and sweet name that means “lion.”

36. Puma

Puma is a stylish and gender-neutral name with roots in Latin. It means “an animal that resembles a mountain lion.”

Boy Names That Mean Lion

If you’re in search of the perfect name for your beastly baby boy, you may want to consider one of these choices.

1. Aslan

Known for its use in The Chronicles of Narnia movie series, Aslan is a name that comes from Old Turkish. It means “lion.”

2. Gryphon

A trendy choice for a baby boy, Gryphon is a Greek name. It refers to a mythical creature that appears as a combination of an eagle and a lion.

3. Miles

Charming and boyish, Miles is a name of Latin origin and means “lion-hearted soldier.”

4. Zaidan

An uncommon name in the United States, Zaidan is a masculine choice. It comes from Arabic and means “lion.”

5. Aryeh

Aryeh is a Hebrew name for baby boys. A popular choice in Israel, Aryeh means “lion.”

6. Kasar

With roots in Hindu, Kasar is a cute and masculine name that means “lion.”

7. Ariel

A gender-neutral name for your newborn, Ariel is of Hebrew origin and translates to “lion of god.” It was also the name of a messenger of Ezra in the bible.

8. Ander

Stemming from both Scandinavian and Greek origin, Ander is a handsome boy’s name that means “lion man.”

9. Dilan

Dilan is a timeless name for a baby boy. It has roots in Welsh, French, and Irish, and means “like a lion.”

10. Kosey

Of Egyptian origin, Kosey is a unique and rare name that means “lion.”

11. Lander

Charming and masculine, Lander is a name with Greek and English origin. It translates to mean “lion” or “lion-like.”

12. Othneil

A Hebrew name, Othneil means “God’s lion.”

13. Griff

Derived from the Greek name, Gryphon, Griff has Welsh roots. It means “fighting chief” or “fierce person.”

14. Haidar

Haidar is a striking name that exists in multiple cultures. The Indian meaning of the name is “lion” or “king of the jungle,” and the Arabic meaning is “brave.”

15. Kesari

Yet to become a common name in the United States, Kesari is of Sanskrit origin and means “lion.”

16. Ari

A sweet name for a baby cub, Ari comes from Hebrew and means “lion.”

17. Basel

An artistic-sounding boy’s name, Basel has Islamic roots and means “brave.”

18. Lais

Lais is a graceful yet handsome name that is derived from both Indian and Greek origins. It means “lion.”

19. Abbas

Stemming from Arabic, Abbas is a lyrical name for a baby boy. It means “lion” and is also the name of a prominent figure in Islam mythology.

20. Benroy

With roots in Hebrew, Benroy is a masculine name that means “the son of a lion.”

21. Hari

Hari is a lovely name derived from Sanskrit. The meaning of Hari is “lion.”

22. Levon

A rare name with Armenian roots, Levon translates to mean “lion.”

23. Arsalan

Arsalan is a powerful name for a baby boy. It comes from Arabic and means “king of the jungle.”

24. Tocho

Of Native American origin, Tocho is a delightful baby boy’s name that means “mountain lion.”

25. Herein

Distinctive and uncommon, Herein is a French name that means “lion.”

26. Lenny

Lenny is a masculine name that never gets old. With roots in English and German, Lenny means “hardy lion” or “someone who is as bold as a lion.”

27. Lenard

The long-form version of Lenny, Lenard is a masculine name of German and French origin. It means “bold like a lion.”

28. Gurion

Gurion is a novel name for a baby boy. It comes from Hebrew and means “my lion cub.”

29. Lev

A cute name for a baby boy or girl, Lev is of Russian and Latin origin. The meaning of Lev is “lion.”

30. Leo

Arguably the most popular lion-inspired name, Leo is derived from Latin, Italian, and Greek. It means “lion,” and is also the name of an astrological sign.

31. Rasalas

Rasalas is a name with roots in Arabic. The meaning translates to “the top of a lion’s head” or “the lion’s crown.”

32. Kithlish

Of Biblical origin, Kithlish is a unique boy’s name that means “the company of a lioness.”

33. Lionel

A timeless choice for a baby boy, Lionel comes from English and Latin origin. It means “a young lion” or “a cub.”

34. Napoleon

Napoleon is a famous name with roots in Italian and French. It means “lion of Naples.”

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