60 Graciously Good Names That Mean Mercy

names that mean mercy
names that mean mercy

In a world where individuals constantly seek retribution and sue one another at the drop of a hat, teaching children to be forgiving, compassionate, and merciful is essential. Parents can prevent feelings of hatred and antagonism in their children’s hearts by instilling principles like mercy and compassion.

More than most of us realize, mercy has a deeper meaning. It encompasses the capacity to overlook an offense and give someone a second chance and forgive and pardon individuals for the wrongs they have done to you. Merciful people have patience, compassion, empathy, and soft heart.

What, then, is the most effective strategy to instill mercy in your young children than by naming them after the word mercy? The nickname will be a constant reminder to treat everyone with kindness and mercy. We have listed the following names that signify mercy if you want one.

Girl Names That Mean Mercy

Check out the list of amicable and charming girl names that signify “mercy” below.

1. Mercy

What better way to name your child a name that means mercy than calling him/her actual Mercy instead? This name is of Spanish and English origin, meaning “mercy, merciful.”

2. Altagracia

This feminine name is of Spanish origin, meaning “high grace or mercy.” It is taken from the Dominican Republic’s patron saint, Virgin Mary Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia. Giving this name to your little one will ensure them an honorable and respectable life.

3. Charis

Of Greek origin, Charis is a feminine name that means “mercy and beauty.” The name is ideal if you want your little girl to embody elegance and earthy beauty. This name alludes to the Greek legend of The Charites, renowned for their seductive appeal.

4. Ana

Ana is a girly name that is of Hebrew origin meaning “grace” or “favored mercy,” and it is a Spanish variant of “Anne.” People who have this name are believed to be lucky and popular.

5. Ebele

Ebele is a unique girl’s name that originated in Africa and is defined as “mercy, kindness.” It is a variant of Ebere, and people with this name are believed to be kind and helpful.

6. Mercedes

Of Spanish origin and one of the notable Spanish names for girls, Mercedes is derived from one of the Spanish titles for the Virgin Mary. The name means “mercy, gracious gifts, or benefits.”

7. Gechina

Gechina is a female name of Spanish origin meaning “mercy, graceful.” It has also roots in Basque and Latin and is the variant of Grace. Girls with this name are adventurous and impulsive.

8. Analise

Of Hebrew origin, Analise is a female name that means “mercy, grace or devoted to God” or “gifted with God’s bounty.” It originates from German and French and is a prominent German name often used for girls.

9. Eun/Eun-Ji

This gender-neutral name is of Sino-Korean origin, which means “kindness, mercy, or charity.” Eun/ Eun-Ji also means “wisdom, silver, money,” so having this name can attest to a life full of blessings. 

10. Anamarie

The name Anamarie is a variant of Anna and is of Spanish origin, which means “mercy or favor.” Anamarie is popularly used as a girl’s name in English-speaking countries like America, Canada, and France.

11. Clementina

The name Clementina is a variant of Clemence or Clementine. It is of French origin, meaning “clemency, mercy.” Girls with this name are guaranteed to have peaceful and transparent life.

12. Anechka

Anechka is a name of Russian origin meaning “mercy.” It is also rooted in Hebrew, meaning “God has favored me.” So it is a perfect name if you want your baby girl to have a blissful and graceful personality.

13. Grace

The most famous name that means “mercy or grace of God” is Grace. The meaning of this Latin-derived name is “kindness, charity.” Having this name assures noble and bountiful life.

14. Dayawanti

The name Dayawanti is of Indian origin, which means “Goddess of mercy” or “Goddess of Kindness.” People with this name are primarily Hindu and possess compassionate, grounded, and independent traits. 

15. Hannah

Of Hebrew origin, Hannah is a feminine name meaning “favor or grace” or “God has favored me.” This trendy biblical name is given to girls, ensuring a sacred and joyful journey.

16. Tabitha

Tabitha is a traditional girl’s name from Greek and Aramaic, meaning “beauty, grace, gazelle.” Tabitha is a popular charitable name that embodies a charming and quirky personality.

17. Ingelise

The name Inglelise is of Danish origin, which means “Ing’s grace or Ing’s mercy.” People with this name are hasty and examining.

18. Nancsi

This delicate name is of Hebrew origin, meaning “grace,” and is a variant of Nancy. Give your baby girl this name to ensure finesse and balance.

19. Karis

Karis is of Greek origin and a phonetic variant of Charis that means “grace.” It is a classy name mainly used in English-speaking countries. It is remarkably known as the character’s name in the Star Wars series.

20. Rosanna

Rossana combines the female name Rose and Anne, rooted in English. It means “favor, grace,” Rosanna is a variant of Rossane and Rozanna.

21. Lutfiyya

This name of Muslim origin means “kindness, delicate grace” and is one of the most beautiful Muslim names for girls. The name embodies distinct characteristics from other children.

22. Genise

This name is rooted in America, meaning “God has shown mercy upon me.” Girls with this name are usually Christians and are believed to be loving and divine.

23. Mara

Mara is a female name of Hungarian origin that means “bitter or grace.” This prominent biblical name also connotes “spotted land” in Kishwahili and “of the sea” in Latin.

24. Sadie

The vintage-modern name Sadie is a diminutive of Sarah, which means “princess, mercy.” It is of English and Hebrew origin, and girls with this name are sassy and fun.

25. Anca

Anca is a name of Slavic origin that means “merciful or God has Favored Me.” It is a diminutive form of Ana.

26. Shashai

This biblical female name symbolizes “rejoicing, mercy, linen, or whitish.” It is a variant form of Sheshai and is a very rare but lovely gal’s name.

27. Yanamai

Yanamai is of Basque origin, meaning “bitter grace.” Girls with this name are believed to be logical and organized.

28. Annikin

Annikin is a variant of Anne and of Norway origin, meaning “grace or mercy.” Most people naming their child Annikin are religious and are part of the Christian religion.

29. Yanamaria

Of Spanish origin, Yanamaria is a feminine name that means “bitter grace” and is a variant of Yanamari and Yanamarie. Having this name ensures a memorable and sparkling life for your little one.

30. Bethesda

Of Biblical origin, Bethesda means “house of mercy” or “house of kindness.” Bethesda is the usual name used among Protestants for their religious meeting houses.

Boy Names That Mean Mercy

Listed below are the boys’ names that mean mercy. You can choose from these names to give your handsome and attractive son.

1. Klement

The boy’s name Klement is of Latin origin, meaning “He is full of mercy.” It has a variant form of Czech and Slavic origin, Clement. It is believed that people having this name are mysterious and independent.

2. Admin

Of Hindi origin, Aamin is a masculine name that means “grace of God” or “safe and security.” It is a notable name in the Islamic world, and giving this name to your baby reminds him that he is always secured and guided. 

3. Dionte

This ancient-modern unisex name is of Greek origin, meaning “king of mercy” or “follower of Zeus.” It is a variant of Dion, and people with this name are sympathetic and understanding.

4. Aric

Aric/Aaric is a boy’s name of Norse and Scandinavian origin, meaning “rule with mercy” or “eternal ruler.” Its variants are Eric and Aaric, and this name embodies leadership qualities.

5. Elior

Elior is a masculine name from Hebrew and signifies “God who shows mercy and light.” It is a perfect name if you want your baby to be virtuous since Elior also means “My God is my light.”

6. Armo

The masculine name Armo is also of Norse origin, mainly from Finnish, which means “mercy, grace.” People with this name are affectionate and trustworthy.

7. Rahmat

Rahmat is a boy’s name of Muslim origin which means “mercy, clemency.” Giving this name to your little one ensures fortune and wisdom in life.

8. Aashish

Aashish is a male name from India that means “blessing, the bestowment of God, the mercy of God.” It also means “best wishes” and is used chiefly in Hindi-speaking countries.

9. Benhanan

Of Biblical origin, Benhanan is a name that means “son of grace.” Naming your little boy Benhanan will make him logical and detail-oriented.

10. Aashka

This gender-neutral name is of Indian origin, which means “mercy of God, blessings, the bestowment of God.” People with this name are primarily Hindu.

11. Dobromil

Dobromil originated from Czech, meaning “good grace or mercy.” This name signifies kindness and a loving personality.

12. Anacleto

Anacleto is a manly name from Italy and Spain and is a variant of Anacletus. This name means “they are complicated and invoke God’s mercy.”

13. Esmond

Of English origin, Esmond is a boy’s name meaning “protected by God, mercy, beauty.” Its variant is Esmund, and it became popular during the 19th century in the novel, The History of Henry Esmond.

14. Channel

This name, Chaniel, is of Hebrew origin, meaning “God’s grace.” Its variants are Chanyel and Haniel. Giving this name to your baby boy can make him friendly and well-mannered.

15. Hanniel

Of Biblical origin, Hanniel means “grace or mercy of God.” It is appropriate for your son if you want a not-so-common masculine biblical name. 

16. Clemence

Clemence is a boy’s name of Latin and English origin, meaning “mild, merciful.” It is a variant of Clement which is one of the names of the 14 popes.

17. Elhanan

This name is of Biblical origin, which implies “grace, or gift, or mercy of God.” People with this name are compassionate and chivalrous.

18. Hanani

Hanani is another masculine name of Biblical origin, which means “my grace, my mercy” or “God has gratified me.” There are up to six men in the Bible with this name.

19. John

John is a famous and traditional boy’s name from Biblical origin, meaning “the grace or mercy of the Lord” or “graced by God.” It ranked 27th among the most popular names for boys in the United States in 2020.

20. Hasadiah

Hasadiah is of Biblical origin, meaning “the mercy of the Lord.” People with this name are kind and faithful.

21. Jean-Luc

Jean-Luc is a striking manly name with French, Latin, Hebrew, and Greek roots. This name means “God is gracious” and “bringer of light.”

22. Dyansh

This name is of Indian origin meaning “to Give Mercy, to show kindness” or “a generous person who is merciful.” People with this name have a strong will to succeed and are unstoppable.

23. Jehohanan

Jehohanan is a Biblical name that means “grace, or mercy, or gift, of the Lord.” Its variant is Johanan and is considered one of the most famous names in the Bible.

24. Kuan-yin

Kuan-yin is a Chinese form of the Japanese name Kannon which means “Buddhist deity of mercy.” A unique boy’s name attracts tranquility in one’s life.

25. MacRae

This different Scottish name means “son of grace.” It is a unisex name but is mainly used for boys to ensure a blessed life. Its variants are McRay and McCrae.

26. Jerahmeel

This name is of Biblical origin, which means “God will have mercy” or “the beloved of God.” Jehrameel is a gracious name to give your baby boy because of its meaning, and three people are named like this in the Bible.

27. Karnesh

Karnesh is a name of Indian origin that means “Lord of mercy, compassion, benevolence, and kindness.” This name is mainly used by people with the Hindu religion.

28. Jushabhesed

Of Biblical origin, Jushabhesed is another masculine name meaning “dwelling place, change of mercy” or “kindness returned.” People with this name are analytical and peace-loving.

29. Kannon

This Japanese name is a form of Kuan-yin which embodies a “deity of mercy” or a Clergyman. It is believed that having this name can keep peace and relieve troubles.

30. Datrim

The manly name Datrim is of Indian origin, meaning “God filled with love and mercy.” This name is usually used by people of the Hindu religion who are industrious and ambitious.

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