Hiking Through Life: 50 Grandeur Names That Mean Mountain

names that mean mountain
names that mean mountain

A mountain is defined as a generally massive raised portion of the Earth’s surface. It involves steep, sloping sides and sharp or round ridges, and a high point called the peak. Mountain climbing is a type of recreational activity that helps increase your stamina and strength. Aside from that, it also induces the release of endorphins, energizing your spirit and making you feel happy.

As parents, we want our child’s journey to be like the shape of a mountain. From taking baby steps to making adult decisions. They may trip or fall down. Doubts will be feared. Challenges will be faced. However, just like every hike, the journey may reveal rewarding results after all the sacrifices and hardships encountered. Below-mentioned is 50 grandeur mountain-related names suitable for your little mountaineer.

Girl Names That Mean Mountain

Here are some calming mountain-related names that will leave you and your baby girl in awe.

1. Peri

Of multiple origins, Peri is a feminine name with several meanings. In Hebrew, it refers to “fruit”. It means “mountain dweller” in Greek. Lastly, it signifies “fairy” in Persian. You can also use other spelling variants such as Perry if you want to add extra spice.

2. Orestina

Orestina is an Italian name preferably for girls. It stands for “of the mountains”.

3. Gaea

Gaea is a female name of Greek origin meaning “the earth”. In Greek mythology, Gaea was the name of the mother goddess of the mountain gods called Ourea.

4. Tula

Of multiple origins, Tula is a girl’s name associated with different meanings. It refers to a “mountain peak” in Choctaw. In Kiswahili, it implies “to be tranquil”. It translates to “poem” in Tagalog. And lastly, in Hinduism, it pertains to the zodiac sign “Libra”.

5. Zaltana

Zaltana is a beautiful girly name of Native American origin translating to “high mountain”.

6. Aitna

Aitna, in Greek mythology, is the goddess who presides over the volcanic Mount Etna situated in Sicily, Italy. This name is a wonderful way to address your little goddess.

7. Hermona

Hermona is a Hebrew-originated name commonly given to girls. It signifies a “sacred mountain”. Mona is a cute alias that you can consider for this name.

8. Parvati

Parvati is a Sanskrit womanly name referring to “the daughter of the mountain”. The American television personality Parvati Shallow who won $1 million in the reality television series Survivor: Micronesia possesses this name.

9. Giri

Giri is a rare and uncommon Hindi-originated feminine name that stands for “hill” or “mountain”.

10. Odina

Of multiple origins, Odina is a female name that translates to “mountain”. Born in Uzbekistan, Odina Aliyeva is a 32-year-old Azerbaijani volleyball player who plays for Shenzhen Zhongsai and the Azerbaijani national volleyball team.

11. Ida

Ida is a Germanic girl’s name that implies “industrious” or “prosperous”. In Greek mythology, Mount Ida of Crete was the sacred birthplace of the sky god Zeus.

12. Topanga

The Native American name Topanga is a feminine name signifying “where the mountain meets the sea”.

13. Ourea

In Greek mythology, Ourea was used to name a group of primordial mountain gods born by the earth goddess Gaea.

14. Nyala

Nyala is a girl’s name of African and Ethiopian origins. It refers to a “mountain goat”.

15. Aadrika

Aadrika, the feminine form of Aadrik, stands for “mountain”, “hill”, and “an Apsara” or “a celestial nymph”.

16. Trevena

Trevena is a Cornish name usually given to girls, which pertains to a “village on a mountain”.

17. Chermona

Chermona is a Hebrew-originated female name that implies “sacred mountain”.

18. Monserrat

Monserrat is a spelling variant of a multi-peaked mountain range near Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain called Montserrat. It is a feminine name that means “serrated mountain”.

19. Olympia

Of Greek origin, Olympia is a girl’s name translated to “from Mount Olympus”. Aside from being the highest mountain in Greece, Mount Olympus is also considered the home of the gods in Greek mythology.

20. Jahel

Jahel is a female name of Hebrew origin referring to a “mountain goat”.

21. Skaði

If you have a growing fascination with mythologies, then Skaði can be a good choice for you. Skaði was the name used by the goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains in Norse mythology.

22. Himalaya

Himalaya is a stunning name that you can consider if you are looking for a mountain-related designation for your daughter. It is the name given to the famous mountain range that separates the plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau, where Earth’s highest mountain Mount Everest is located.

23. Doone

Commonly used as a surname, Doone is of Scottish origin translating to “hill” or “mountain”.

Boy Names That Mean Mountain

Listed below are some mighty mountain-related names that your baby will surely love and appreciate.

1. Aaron

Of Hebrew origin, Aaron is a masculine name that stands for “high mountain”, “mountain of strength”, “exalted”, or “strong”. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is an English actor notable for his portrayal of Pietro Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

2. Beaumont

Beaumont is a male name of French origin referring to a “beautiful mountain”. In 1887, a city in Riverside County, California, United States was named Beaumont by President Henry C. Sigler of the Southern California Investment Company for its view of San Jacinto Peak.

3. Nysos

In Greek mythology, an old Seilen demi-god of Mount Nysa was named Nysos who Zeus entrusted to raise the infant god of wine and festivity Dionysos.

4. Hammond

Hammond is a German-originated name for boys. It means “mountain home”. Considered the first skyscraper in Detroit, Michigan, the Hammond Building was a high-rise 151 ft building designed by George H. Edbrooke and was completed in 1889.

5. Athos

Considered one of the Gigantes, Athos is a primordial deity notable for the creation of a mountain and peninsula in northern Greece that was named after him. If you have a thing for mythologies, then you should consider this one.

6. Elbio

Elbio is a boy’s name of Celtic origin translating to “he who comes from the mountain”.

7. Berg

Berg is a masculine German name that refers to a “mountain”. It is commonly used as a suffix on German surnames.

8. Orestes

The Greek-originated name Orestes is a manly name implying “from the mountain”. In Greek mythology, Orestes was the prince who killed his own mother, Clytemnestra, as revenge for the murder of his father, King Agamemnon of Mycenae.

9. Helikon

Helikon was the name given to the Greek mountain god of Mount Helicon located in central Greece.

10. Jael

Jael is a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin that stands for “mountain goat”. In the Hebrew Bible, Jael is the heroine who delivered Israel from the army of King Jabin of Canaan in the Book of Judges.

11. Berquist

Of Swedish origin, Berquist is a masculine name translating to “mountain twig”.

12. Olympus

Olympus is a Greek name for boys, which pertains to Mount Olympus mentioned in Greek mythology. Regarded as the highest mountain in Greece, Mount Olympus, in Greek mythology, has been known as the home of Zeus and other Greek gods since before the time of Homer.

13. Delmont

Delmont is a French name for boys, which signifies “of the mountain”.

14. Goldberg

Commonly used as a German surname, Goldberg means “gold mountain”. Bill Goldberg, or simply Goldberg, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler and former professional football player, notable for his tenures in WCW and WWE.

15. Aarin

Aarin is a Hebrew-originated male name signifying “high mountain”, “exalted”, or “enlightened”.

16. Hochberg

Commonly used as a German surname, Hochberg means “high mountain”. Belonging to the Central Palatine Forest in Germany is a 635.3-meter-high mountain called the Hochberg.

17. Oreios

Located in the central part of Greece, Mount Othyrs is a 1,726-meter-high mountain presided over by the mountain god Oreios. You can use the spelling variant Oreus for a cooler impression.

18. Vermont

Pronounced as Vr-maant, Vermont is a boy’s name of French origin. It implies “green mountain”. It was the name given to a forested state in the northeastern United States.

19. Himadri

Himadri is an appealing male name of several origins, referring to “snow mountain”, “the Himalayas”, or “Himalaya”.

20. Parnes

In Greek mythology, Parnes was the name given to one of the ten mountain demi-gods who presided over the 1,413-meter-high Mount Parnitha in northern Greece.

21. Haran

Of Hebrew origin, Haran is a masculine name that translates to “hill” or “mountain”. In the Hebrew Bible, Haran is a man who first appeared in the Book of Genesis. He became the ancestor of the Moabites and Ammonites through his son Lot.

22. Aadrik

Aadrik is a boy’s name of Telugu origin meaning “the rising sun between the mountains”.

23. Mont

Mont is a French-originated name commonly used by boys. It stands for “mountain”.

24. Kithairon

In Greek mythology, Kithairon was one of the primordial deities and a mountain god whose mountain spanned the borders of Boiotia, Megaris, and Attika.

25. Kleinberg

Commonly used as a German surname, Kleinberg means “small mountain”. A notable character who uses this name is Jon Michael Kleinberg, a 51-year-old American computer scientist who received the Nevanlinna Prize given by the International Mathematical Union.

26. Girijesh

Girijesh is a Hindi-originated male name translating to “god of the mountain” or “Lord Shiva”.

27. Tmolus

Considered a son of Ares, Tmolus was a mythical Greek king and mountain god of Lydia in Anatolia, presently known as the country of Turkey.

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