40 Outstanding Names That Mean One or First

names that mean one or first
names that mean one or first

If you’re like most parents, your newborn is number one in your heart. For those in search of a name that reflects just how important your little one is to you, why not go with a name that means one or first? Luckily, we have compiled a list of unique names that are just what you’re looking for.

From Una to Adamo, this list contains a bunch of beautiful names that mean one and first. Some of these names mean the firstborn child, others mean the beginning, and others mean of primary importance. With so many interesting choices from around the world, you’re sure to find the perfect name.

So, if you’re ready to locate a first-place name for your newborn, take a look at all of these names that mean one or first.

Girl Names That Mean One or First

Your little princess always comes first. Here are some lovely feminine names that mean one or first.

1. Kadie

Kadie is the sweetest name for a baby girl. Like Katie but not quite the same, Kadie means “first” and is of Celtic origin. It also has a Greek meaning of “pure”.

2. Mona

A classic and timeless name for your little one, Mona means “one”. This name is derived from Greek origin.

3. Prim

Elegant and floral, Prim is a name that has roots in the French language. The meaning of this feminine name is “first”. An alternative version of this name is Primrose, which means “first rose”.

4. Kensa

A name that is derived from Cornish, Kensa is an interesting and lesser-known name. Perfect for a baby girl, Kensa means “first”.

5. Una

Of Latin origin, Una is a simple yet stunning name. Meaning “one,” this name would be suitable for a firstborn daughter.

6. Mosi

Mosi is a more uncommon name that comes from the Swahili language. This super cute name means “first child”.

7. Aadhya

A strong and mightly name for your newborn, Aadhya is derived from Hindi origin. This lovely girl’s name means “the first power” and is associated with the Hindu goddess Durga.

8. Hana

A charming two-syllable name, Hana means “one” in Korean. This is a great choice for parents who want a subtle first-related name.

9. Embla

Truly and enchanting name, Embla is a feminine option that means “first woman of the earth”.

10. Eve

Meaning “first woman,” Eve is an elegant name that has Biblical roots.

11. Aavani

Aavani is an amazing name for a little girl. Meaning “the first month,” Aavani is an Indian name that stems from the Tamil language. Aavani is the first month of the Tamil calendar.

12. Akia

An undoubtedly pretty baby girl’s name, Akia is a name that emerged from the continent of Africa. Meaning “first born,” this name would be the perfect fit for an eldest daughter.

13. Winona

Also spelled as Wenona, this lovely name has Native American roots. Stemming from the Dakota language, Winona means “firstborn daughter”.

14. Agreya

Agreya is a unisex name that is a cute choice no matter the gender of your newborn. This name means “first” and is derived from Hindu origin. It can also be spelled as Agriya.

15. Apiyo

An endearing name, Apiyo stems from the Kenyan language. This feminine name means “firstborn of twins”.

16. Aditha

An adorable name with a touching meaning, Aditha is a name of Hindu origin. It means “the first root”.

17. Aadishri

Aadishri is a beautiful and unique name that you don’t see every day. Meaning “first” or “of primary importance,” this name is of Hindi and Tamil origin.

18. Eka

Charming and gender-neutral, Eka is a delightful name for a little girl. The meaning of the name Eka is “firstborn child,” and it is derived from Indonesian origin.

19. Hatsuko

A darling name for a family with ties to Japan, Hatsuko is a Japanese name that means “firstborn child”. A great choice for the first daughter.

20. Aada

Aada is a bright and feminine name. Of German origin, Aada means “first born” and can also mean “noble one”.

21. Naki

Meaning “firstborn girl” or “eldest daughter,” Naki is a super sweet name for a little girl. The name Naki is derived from African origin.

22. Bere

A name that is still quite uncommon outside of Africa, where it originated, Bere is a stunning choice for a newborn girl. This name means “first daughter” and stems from the African Yoruba language.

23. Ahana

Ahana is a melodic name that is derived from Sanskrit origin. This lyrical name means “first ray of sun” and is perfect for a little princess.

Boy Names That Mean One or First

Maybe you’re expecting a firstborn son, or perhaps you’re simply looking for a name that reflects just how much you love your child. Either way, you may wish to take a look at these names that mean one and first.

1. Aadi

Aadi is masculine name with a sing-song quality. Meaning “first,” “of most importance,” or “the beginning,” Aadi is derived from Sanskrit and is a popular name in Indian cultures.

2. Hilo

One of our personal favorites on this list, Hilo is a charming and masculine name. Meaning “the first night after the new moon,” Hilo is a name of Hawaiian origin.

3. Ensio

Ensio is a relatively uncommon boy’s name that means “first”. This name is derived from Finnish origin.

4. Lief

A name that has earthy or leafy connotations in English, Lief is a Scandinavian boy’s name that means “first in line” or “first heir”.

5. Bekir

Meaning “first born,” Bekir is a powerful-sounding name that has roots in the Turkish language.

6. Kadam

Kadam is a name that is still rarely seen in the United States and North America. The meaning of Kadam is “first step” or “beginning,” and it is of Indian origin.

7. Adenya

Not yet popular in Western countries, Adenya is a masculine name derived from India. It means “first,” “winner,” or “of the highest quality.”

8. Kazu

Kazu is a distinctive and strong-sounding name for a baby boy. Meaning “the first one,” this name is of Japanese origin.

9. Pratham

A name fit for a prince, Partham is a masculine name that means “one who always comes first”. The origin of this name is in Sanskrit.

10. Genet

Genet is a striking yet warm name that means “the first garden” or “the garden of Eden”. This name is derived from Middle English.

11. Fairy

A lovely and spirited name, Fairy means “first born son” and is of Latin and Middle English origin.

12. Adamo

Meaning “the first man” or “son of the red earth,” Adamo is an Italian name for baby boys. Adamo is the Italian version of the Biblical figure, Adam.

13. Acacia

Acacia is a gender-neutral name that stems from Greek and Latin. Meaning “the first man,” Acacia is also the name of a distinctive tree.

14. Aarash

This interesting baby boy’s name means “the first ray of sun”. Aarash is a cheery name of Afghan, Arabic origin.

15. Chastity

Chastity is a name that emerged from Middle English. It means “first born child,” and is suitable for both little boys and little girls.

16. Avaya

A beautiful and rare name, Avaya means “the first born” and “the purest one.” This name is unisex and is derived from Hindu origin.

17. Haruko

Haruko is an enchanting Japanese name that translates to mean “spring child” or “firstborn child”. A great choice for the first son.

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