41 Inspiring Names That Mean Pain

names that mean pain
names that mean pain

Pain is an unpleasant physical sensation or emotional feeling that is more often viewed negatively. However one cannot insist that pain is always bad news without understanding the various facets related to it. Yes, it does not change the fact that pain is nothing pleasant, but pain certainly does enhance positive experiences in life.

As the popular saying goes “no pain, no gain.” Struggle is necessary to gain strength, learn, grow, and improve. Painful experiences serve as motivators for individuals to pursue happiness and enhance one’s resilience. It also encourages abstinence from situations that could cause pain, thereby helping individuals make good decisions.

Hence, pain truly does bring the much-needed balance to one’s life, and shows us what truly is important. Hence, it is high time that we reevaluate our pessimistic views on pain, and recognize its true value.

It is therefore with confidence that I say. Pain truly ain’t all that bad. You certainly would not be making an error by choosing such an incredibly inspiring name for your little one.

So without further ado, dive right into this magnificent list of names that mean “pain.”

Girl Names That Mean Pain

The meaning “pain” offers a glorious list of girls’  names. Do check them out.

1. Oinaze

Oinaze is a stunning girl’s name of Basque origin, meaning “pain,” or “suffering.”

2. Sofia

Sofia is an adorable name that is a variation of the Greek girl’s name Sophia, meaning “wisdom.” It is also a combination of the Japanese words So meaning “pain,” or “suffering,” fi meaning “wind,” and a meaning “second.” Sofia is a popular name in Australia, France, and Italy.

3. Mariela

A gorgeous and melodious girl’s name that is a diminutive of the Spanish name Maria. Mariela means “bitter,” “painful,” “drop of the sea,” and “beloved.” Another similar name is the Danish name Mariel, meaning “star of the sea.”

4. Vishalya

A beautiful and elegant name of Hindu origin, meaning “Painless.”

5. Delores

Delores is a name that is mainly used in English, Spanish, and German. It is also the Spanish title for Virgin Mary (Maria de los Delores), meaning “Mary of the sorrows.”

6. Talavali

Talavali is a name of Indian origin, meaning “head pain,” or “headache.”

7. Briar

An adorable English originating name, that is also used for boys, meaning “a thorny patch.”

8. Asselina

This is a graceful name of Norwegian origin that symbolizes “pain,” “iniquity,” and “power.” Other similar names include Asselle and Asselt.

9. Haldi

Haldi is primarily a female name of Scandinavian origin, meaning “stone spirit.” It also refers to turmeric in India and is known for its medicinal value in reducing joint pain.

10. Benonette

An  impressive name that is a derivative of the Hebrew word Benoni, meaning “son of sorrow.”

11. Avedna

Avedna is a trendy and beautiful name of Indian origin, meaning “painless.”

12. Lola

An adorable name that is a diminutive of the Spanish title for Virgin Mary Delores, Lola means “sorrow,” “wealth,” “precious and seductive,” and “beautifully feminine.”

13. Achaia

A stunningly elegant name that is derived from the Greek word achos, which means “grief,” “distress,” or “pain.”

Boy Names That Mean Pain

Below, you have a list of wonderful boy names that mean pain, scroll away…

1. Achill

Achill is a charming Old Greek boy’s name that means “pain,” or “distress,” and “the one who has beautiful lips.” It is also a diminutive of the Old Greek and German name Achilles. Other variants of the name include Achilleus and Achilles.

2. Ciksuru

An adorable name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “the one who inflicts or gives pain to fellow human beings.”

3. Agrippa

A fascinating Greek boy’s name, meaning “the one who causes great pain at his birth,” also refers to “birth pain.”

4. Pidantak

A unique and adorable Irish boy’s name that means “destroyer of pain,” or “remover of pain.”

5. Dard

This adorable name in its Hindu origin means “pain” Dard also means “son of Zeus” in Greek origin.

6. Alypius

A unique-sounding Greek boy name that derives from the Ancient Greek name Alypos, which is composed of two elements a (negative prefix) meaning “no,” “not,” or “without,” and lype meaning “sorrow,” “sadness,” “unhappiness,” “suffering,” “pity,” and “compassion.” Hence the name means “no grief, pain, or sorrow.”

7. Acheron

Acheron is a handsome Greek boy’s name, meaning “river of pain,” or “river of sorrow.” Acheron also refers to the lake or swamp in Greek mythology.

8. Ponos

This adorable Greek name refers to “pain” in Greek mythology.

9. Fortitude

A noteworthy boy’s name of English origin refers to “strength of mind that enables an individual to encounter danger and bear pain or adversity with courage.”

10. Majekodunmi

An impressive Nigerian name that means “don’t lie it hurts me.”

11. Sarlic

Sarlis is a unique-sounding name of Hebrew origin, meaning “pain.”

12. Jabez

A captivating boy’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “born in pain.” The name gained popularity in 2000 with the publication of Bruce Wilkinson’s book The Prayer of Jabez.

13. Zeruiah

An attractive boy’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “pain,” or “tribulation of the Lord.”

14. Onam

Onum is a simple and charming name of Biblical origin, meaning “pain,” “force,” or “iniquity.” Other similar name choices include Onesimus or Ono.

15. Briar

A quirky and adorable name of Hindu origin, meaning “without pain.”

16. Martes

This charmingly attractive boy’s name means “prince of pain and war in the Philippines.” Martes also means “Tuesday” in Spanish.

17. Philoponos

Philoponos is an impressive name of Greek origin, meaning “lover in pain.” An alternative shorter version of the name is Ponos, which means “pain” in Greek.

18. Rudra

Rudra is a trendy and attractive boy’s name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “remover of pain.”

19. Sar

A modern name of Hindu origin, meaning “pain,” or “effective.”

20. Hunda

Hunda is an adorable Indian boy’s name, meaning “giver of pain,” or “one who tortures.”

21. Nirabadha

Nirabadha is a meaningful and attractive name of Hindi origin, meaning “prince of pain and war.”

22. Benoni

Benoni is a unique-sounding Hebrew name, meaning “son of my sorrow and pain.” Referring to the Biblical story that depicted the mother of Benyamin, who called him Benoni knowing she was going to die after his birth, his father later named him Benyamin.

23. Havilah

Havilah is a beautiful boy’s name of Biblical origin, meaning “that suffers pain.”

24. Achilles

Achilles is a well-known Greek boy’s name that is a derivative of the Greek word achos, meaning “pain.” The most famous namesake of Achilles is the brave hero of the Trojan war, who was known for his strength, courage, loyalty, and his fatal flaw; his heel.

25. Hul

A trendy and simple Biblical boy’s name, meaning “pain,” or “infirmary.”

26. Pausilypos

A Greek name made up of the Greek words pausis meaning “stopping,” or “ceasing,” and lype meaning “pain.”

27. Breasal

An interesting choice of a name of Irish origin, that translates to “pain.”

28. Nirgundi

Nirgundi is an ayurvedic oil that helps with providing relief from pain and inflammation.

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