30 Flawless Names That Mean Perfect

Perfect. Flawless. Ideal. Superb. As a parent, these are the words that come first to your mind every time you stare at your children. You look at them like they are the most exquisite artwork in the museum. From their sparkly eyes to their soft giggles, they are an absolute embodiment of perfection.

In life, it’s not always laughter and giggles. Life will become more challenging, not only for you but also for your children. Struggles and hardships will be experienced. Days of perfection will soon be forgotten, and I’m perfectly sure that you wouldn’t want that. Worry no more as we introduce you to these 30 quintessential names that will serve as a constant reminder of your newborn child’s perfection.

Girl Names That Mean Perfect

Listed below are several perfect-related names fitting for your superb little girl.

1. Kamilah

Of Arabic origin, Kamilah is a female name meaning “perfect”. Kamilah Chavis is the wife of the English musician, singer-songwriter, composer, and co-founder of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters.

2. Aimiah

Aimiah is a Hindi-originated name for girls, which stands for “perfect”. Mia can be a stylish alias for this name.

3. Immaculate

Immaculate, a feminine name of Spanish origin, translates to “without stain”. The Virgin Mary was called the Immaculate Conception because of the belief that she was free of the original sin from the moment of her conception.

4. Lisbete

Lisbete is a girl’s name of Latvian and Hebrew origins, signifying “God is perfection” or “God is my oath”.

5. Anilaja

Anilaja is a female name of Hindi origin that means “perfect” or “beautiful”.

6. Tameemiya

The Muslim name, Tameemiya, is a name suitable for your daughter as it implies “perfection”.

7. Kamila

Kamila is a girl’s name of Hungarian and Latin origins, which translates to “young ceremonial attendant” and “perfect”. Kamila Valieva is a 16-year-old Russian figure skater who was hailed as the 2022 European champion, 2021 Rostelecom Cup champion, 2021 Skate Canada International champion, 2022 Russian National champion, and 2021 Russian National silver medalist.

8. Perfecta

Perfecta is a female name of Spanish origin meaning “perfect” or “flawless”.

9. Dyllis

Dyllis is a flawless Welsh name for girls. It stands for “genuine”, “perfect”, “true”, and “reliable”.

10. Utopia

Utopia is a Greek-originated name commonly used by girls, which pertains to an “imagined place of perfection”.

11. Dianelys

Originating from the Dominican Republic, Dianelys is a feminine name that signifies “perfect” or “luminous”. Dianelys Pérez is a Cuban sports shooter who competed in both the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics.

12. Soo Yun

Annyeonghaseyo! If you have a thing for the trending Korean culture, then you can consider the Korean name, Soo Yun, for your little epitome of perfection. It refers to “a perfect lotus blossom”.

13. Bete

Of Hebrew origin, Bete is a female name that stands for “God is perfection” or “the perfection of the Lord”.

Boy Names That Mean Perfect

Here are some impeccable names for your son, which mean perfect.

1. Kamal

Of Arabic origin, Kamal is a Hindi name for boys, which means “superiority” or “perfect”. Kamal Haasan, an Indian actor, filmmaker, and politician who has been recognized as an influence in the Tamil film industry, is a notable character who holds the name.

2. Acchindra

The Hindi-originated name, Acchindra, is a masculine name that stands for “flawless”, “perfect”, or “uninterrupted”.

3. Arthic

Arthic is a Tamil-originated name for men, signifying “perfect” and “love”.

4. Hao

Hao is a male name of Vietnamese origin translating to “good” or “perfect”.

5. Iotama

Iortama, a masculine name of Maori origin, implies “God is perfect”.

6. Kamil

Kamil is an Arabic name suitable for boys, which translates to “perfect” or “the perfect one”.

7. Jotham

Jotham is a Hebrew male-given name that means “the Lord is perfect” or “perfection of Jehovah”. In the Old Testament, Jotham was the name of the eleventh king of Judah, who reigned for 16 years since he was 25 years old.

8. Kemal

Of Turkish origin, Kemal is a boy’s name that stands for “fullness”, “perfection”, or “maturity”. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is the founding father of the Republic of Turkey, serving as its president from 1923 to 1938.

9. Kalpesh

The masculine name Kalpesh is a Hindi name of Indian origin signifying “imaging of Lord”. It also translates to “Lord of perfection”. 

10. Aristophanes

Aristophanes is a Greek-originated name fitting for boys. It implies “of perfect appearance”. Aristophanes was the name of the ancient playwright who we consider the greatest representative of ancient Greek comedy, whose eleven plays have been virtually preserved.

11. Artemio

Artemio is a classic male name of multiple origins. It may refer to “gift from Artemis”, “whole and perfect”, or “follower of Artemis”. Artemio Ricarte was a Filipino general who fought during the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American War. 

12. Chilion

Chilion, a biblical name for boys, means “finished”, “complete”, or “perfect”. Chilion was one of the two brothers who were mentioned in the Book of Ruth in the Bible. Together with his parents, Elimelech and Naomi, and his brother, Mahlon, they settled in the land of Moab during the period of Israelite Judges.

13. Perfecto

Perfecto is the Spanish translation for “perfect” – which, by the way, can also be used as a masculine name for your exquisite baby boy.

14. Yotam

Yotam is the Hebrew form of the name, Jotham, which stands for “the Lord is perfect”.

15. Ashmal

Ashmal is an Arabic-originated Muslim name for boys. It translates to “perfect” or “complete”. The three-letter Ash can be a cool nickname for this.

16. Akmal

In the Muslim region, Akmal is a male name that signifies “complete” or “perfect”. One notable character who possesses the name is Akmal Saleh, an Egyptian-Australian comedian, and actor.

17. Samidh

Samidh is a masculine name of Hindi origin meaning “perfect full”. Samidh Mukherjee is an Indian singer, songwriter, and music composer from Kolkata, India, who uses this ideal baby name.

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