60 Dearest Names That Mean Precious

names that mean precious
names that mean precious

As parents, you have a ton of obligations. After the baby is born, mothers hardly have time to catch their breath, let alone think of a name that fits the newborn. He or she is charming since you carried that sweet little one around all those months in the womb. Your infant is your dearest and most valuable property. Why shouldn’t they be, then?

A name that conveys how much you value someone should be given such a priceless gift as a newborn baby. Because every parent deserves to give their child a name that complements their unrivaled beauty, we’ve assembled a list of some of our favorite baby names that mean precious and signify their beauty.

When you see the adorable baby names we have listed below, you will be in wonder! So take your time to reflect and decide from these names.

Girl Names That Mean Precious

Every baby girl deserves the best and most beloved name, which means precious, so the following female names below will surely make them treasured.

1. Coral

This girly name came from Latin and Hebrew, meaning “precious, jewel” or “a semiprecious sea stone.” It also embodies destiny and luck, so naming this to your young lass can secure her promising future.

2. Ain

This feminine name has different origins and meanings. In biblical, it means “an hour, eye, fountain,” in Egyptian, it means “priceless,” while in Muslim, it is an “eye – thus precious.” Ain also has an Irish root signifying “beloved friend, to love,” People with this name are impulsive and adventurous.

3. Diamanda

A girl’s name from the English language, Diamanda, means “the precious diamond stone” or “high value, brilliant.” Its variant is Diamond which is another connotation for something priceless.

4. Aziza

Of Arabic, Hebrew, and Swahili origin, Aziza is a name that means “precious, powerful, and beloved.” It is an attractive name in the Middle East and Africa. It is considered an alternative form of Azeezah, Azizah, and Aziz.

5. Beryl

Beryl is a womanly name of English, Indian, and Greek origin. The term implies “precious, semiprecious stone.” It is considered a good luck token and is a variant of Beril, Berri, and Beryle.

6. Coralie

Of English and French origin, Coralie came from Cora or Coral, which connotates “precious, maiden, girl.” Coralie is the alternative form of Coralee, Coralina, and Coraline. It is associated with the name of the famous contemporary French singer.

7. Asma

The name Asma is Arabic and Muslim, meaning “precious” or “supreme.” Asma is also a notable Muslim name since she was Muhammad’s niece. Asma in Sanskrit origin signifies “hard as stone” and is perfect for naughty and robust girls.

8. Azeezah

Azeezah is another female name from Muslim and Arabic countries meaning “precious,” “valued,” or “cherished.” The term originates from African-Swahili origins and is a variant of Aziza.

9. Coraline

This name is a diminutive of Cora and is of English and Latin origin, which means “coral, precious, heart, maiden.” People with this name are resilient and tough.

10. Jacinta

Jacinta is a girly Greek and Spanish name signifying “precious stone.” It is also the Spanish word for hyacinth, a beautiful flower. Jacinta’s variant form is Jacinda.

11. Diamond

Of English origin, this name obviously means “the precious diamond stone” or “high value, brilliant.” Its variant is Diamanda, Diamonique, and Diamontina. It is a great name to give your favorite girl born in April.

12. Faridah

Faridah came of Muslim and Arabic origin, meaning “unique, precious stone.” It is a variant form of Fareedah and Farid, symbolizing a genuine depth for your little one.

13. Golda

Of English origin, Golda is a name that connotes “the precious metal” or “made of gold.” It is an alternative form of Goldarina, Goldee, and Goldi. It is associated with the famous late prime minister of Israel.

14. Amritha

Amritha is a girl’s name of Sanskrit and Hindi origin that means “immortality” or “one who is precious.” Its variant is Amrytha, and it’s a priceless name to give your little one since it also embodies independence.

15. Goldie

This name is of English origin, meaning “the precious metal” or “made of gold.” Goldie is a variation of Golda, Goldarina, and Goldi and became notable with the name of the primary character on the TV show The New Normal.

16. Nafisah

Nafisah is a Muslim female name that means “precious.” Other spelling variations of Nafisah are Nafeesa and Nafisa.

17. Najma

Another feminine name of Muslim origin, Najma, is a name that denotes “precious star.” If you want your baby to be sparkling and shining like a star, then this is the name you’re looking for.

18. Jacinth

Another name of Greek origin, Jacinth, is a female name that indicates “precious orange stone.” The name originated from the hyacinth, a blue or purple larkspur flower.

19. Jade

Jade came from the English language, meaning “semiprecious stone.” It is a gemstone that is usually used in jewelry or artwork. This is the best gender-neutral name to give your little one if you want them to be always healthy.

20. Fairoza

This unique female name is of Muslim and Arabic origin meaning “precious stone” or “a turquoise stone.” Girls having this name are stable and determined to reach their goals.

21. Fareedah

Fareedah is another Muslim and Arabic name for girls which means “precious stone,” This name is considered one of the best Muslim names to give your little girl. People with this name are unique and independent.

22. Jawahar

Of Muslim origin, Jawahar means “precious stones” or “jewels.” People having this name are logical and amiable.

23. Kareema

Another different name for your baby girl is Kareema, which is in the Muslim language, meaning “precious.” Its variant form is Karima, and girls with this name are generous and selfless.

24. Jewel

Jewel is a sparkling name of Latin and French origin, meaning “precious stone.” Give this name to your young lass to make them dazzling in life.

25. Lesham

The girly name Lesham originated from Hebrew, which connotes “precious.” Your baby girl will have a stable and detail-oriented personality once she has this name.

26. Karima

This Muslim name is an alternative form of Kareema, meaning “precious.” This is also a proper name for your big-hearted little girl.

27. Nafeesa

Of Muslim origin, Nafeesa is a womanly name that signifies “precious, delicate gem.” It is a variant form of Nafisa and Nafisah.

28. Opal

The female name Opal originated from English-speaking countries and signifies “precious stone.” This name embodies the faithfulness and confidence that your baby should ideally have.

29. Pearl

Pearl is a womanish name that roots in Latin which means “precious.” It is a diminutive form of Pearla and Pearle. People having this name are elegant and innocent.

30. Nafisa

An alternative form of Nafeesa and Nafisah, Nafisa is of Muslim origin, meaning “valuable, precious.” This is a lucky name for your child to ensure her blessed life.

31. Rubetta

Of Latin roots, Rubetta is a name that denotes “a precious little jewel.” It represents the red gemstone and is the alternative form of Ruby.

32. Nilam

This name came from the Muslim language, meaning “precious, sapphire, blue stone.” This is the correct name to give your little one if you love the color blue.

33. Pearla

Another beloved name of Latin origin, Pearla, is a girl’s name meaning “precious.” It is an alternative form of Pearl and Pearle.

34. Ruby

The girly name Ruby came from Latin ancestry, which means “precious jewel.” It is predominantly known as the red gemstone. Ruby is a prized name you can give to your little gal, born in July.

35. Pearle

This name is another one from Latin-speaking countries. Pearle signifies “precious.” Pearle is also a variant of Pearl and Pearla.

Boy Names That Mean Precious

The following male names below will undoubtedly make your baby boy appreciated because these are the best and most adored names that mean precious.

1. Nayab

Nayab is a unisex name that means “precious,” It originated in Muslim-speaking countries. It also means “rare, unique,” Nayab symbolizes balance and enchantment.

2. Azizi

Azizi has Arabic roots that signify “precious, the mighty one, beloved.” Its alternative form for girls are Azeezah and Aziza, and this name also denotes being “highly esteemed.”

3. Fairoze

Another boy’s name of Muslim ancestry, Fairoze, means “precious stone,” and it is a variant of Fairoza. It also invokes a victorious personality, so giving this to your baby boy will keep him winning.

4. Naayaab

Of Muslim origin, Naayaab is an alternative form of another Muslim name Nayab, and it means “rare, precious.” It is believed that Naayaab embodies an outgoing and creative personality.

5. Chellan

The Indian name Chellan symbolizes an inspiring and reliable personality. Chellan means “a precious jewel, lovable.”

6. Davin

This name originated from Hebrew origin, which indicates “a precious being.” Davin is taken from the famous character in the bible, David. The word of Scandinavian origin also means “Finnish person.”

7. Nafis

Another masculine name from Muslim ancestry is Nafis which connotes “precious, exquisite, extremely desired.” This name represents people who love taking care of other people and animals.

8. Abharan

The name Abrahan came from Hindu and Marathi origin, which implies “jewel, precious.” This name is one of the most used baby boy names. Abharan is domestic, calm, and caring.

9. Abrik

This manly name of Hindi origin indicates “precious like God,” and people having this name are free-spirited, workaholics, and tidy.

10. Adeem

Another masculine name, Adeem, originated from Arabic-speaking countries, meaning “a rare or precious person.” If you want your little one to have a strong personality and willpower, this is the perfect name to give him.

11. Agamani

Agamani is a manly name denoting “a precious stone which is priceless, magnificent, and unique” or “a one-of-a-kind gemstone.” This name is included in the list of beloved male names to give your little lad.

12. Bo

Of Chinese and Scandinavian origin, Bo is a gender-neutral name mainly used for boys. It signifies “precious, wave, to live.” Its variant is Boe, the short form or nickname for Robert and Beauregard.

13. Nadir

The macho name Nadir came from Muslim ancestry, which means “precious, rare, valuable” or “lowest point.” Males who have this as their names love music and arts. They are also affectionate and kindhearted.

14. Nafees

Nafees is a male name from Muslim-speaking countries that literally means “precious, valuable.” Its variant is Nafis, and they have a heartwarming and jovial personality.

15. Jawahar

Another unisex name but is mainly recommended for boys, this name came from Muslim-speaking countries and means “precious stones.” It is the male variant of the girly name Jawahar.

16. Neelam

Neelam is of Hindi and Muslim origin, connoting “precious, blue sapphire.” It is said that having this name can provide happiness healthy and wealthy life.

17. Agapito

This Spanish and Italian name signifies “one who is dearly loved, precious, adored, cared for, treasured, cherished, and one’s favorite.” Agapito is also the name of one of the popes and Saint in the sixth century.

18. Bahiyat

Bahiyat is a boyish name that translates to “a very precious person.”

19. Balamani

This name came from Arabic-speaking regions, meaning “young jewel, precious young pearl.” People with this name are leader-type and considered lucky because of its association with the random number three.

20. Chandraneel

Chandraneel, an Indian name, denotes “a precious blue gem, one who is precious like the moon.” It symbolizes an organized and innovative personality.

21. Davy

Davy is a male name of Hebrew and Old English origin, meaning “a cherished and precious individual.” Davy is an alternative form of Davis and David. People having this name-value their comfort and peace.

22. Gianpaolo

Of Italian and Australian origin, Gianpaolo is a boy’s name that combines Gian and Paolo. It means “God is gracious, humble, and God’s precious gift.” Gianpaolo has a visionary and sensitive personality.

23. Harimani

Harimani originated from the Hindu religion and indicates the “gem of Lord Vishnu, sapphire, a precious blessing of Lord Vishnu.” This name embodies a bold and materialistic attitude.

24. Kito

Of Swahili origin, this masculine name means “a precious stone.” People having this name are determined, dependable, and systematic. 

25. Firoze

This manly name is of Muslim and French origin and denotes “turquoise, precious stone” or “undefeatable person.” People with this name are intelligent and love freedom.

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