50 Beautiful Names That Mean Pure

Purity concerning the human body would usually be among the most desired states of being, in other words, “an ideal condition.” Being pure encompasses cleanliness, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

It would mean a clear and clean mind, with minimal negative influences and a healthy mental state. It would also mean physical purity, in terms of hygiene, and spiritual purity in some cases.

Hence, being “pure” physically, mentally, and even spiritually, is indeed a state that all of us would love to achieve.

That being said, naming your child a name meaning “pure” would manifest much positivity in their lives. In addition, the beauty of some of these names that mean “pure” would for sure be an added perk, some of them are indeed hidden gems!

Girl Names That Mean Pure

The meaning “pure” certainly offers an impressive range of girl baby names, these surely wouldn’t disappoint you!

1. Kathryn

A beautiful and trendy Greek name, meaning “pure.” Kathryn is a popular name among ancient royals and saints, and is based on the Greek word “katharos.”

2. Lucasta

A unique Latin name with a powerful tone, meaning “pure light” or “chaste light.” Lucasta was invented by a poet in the seventeenth century for a collection of poems dedicated to his lover Lucy.

3. Agathi

A very pretty Greek name, with an interesting range of meanings; “one who is good, pure, kind, or sensitive.” Agathi was a name that was common in the past but declined in popularity since.

4. Aneesha

A gorgeous name of Arabic, Indian and Greek origin. Aneesha means “pure,” “chaste,” “kind,” or “good.”

5. Amena

A beautiful name with diverse origins.  Amena means “honest,” or “utterly pure” in Celtic origin, and “trustworthy,” or “peaceful” in Arabic. Amina is the more popular alternative form of the name.

6. Zekia

A beautiful name of Arabic origin, with a deep and impressive meaning. Zekia means “pure,” “innocent,” or “untainted.”

7. Concetta

An adorable Italian girl’s name, meaning “pure” and “conception.” Concetta is a name that is related to “conception” and the virgin Mary.

8. Tahira

Tahira is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “pure,” “free from dirt,” “free from sin, and “cleansed.” A gorgeous Quranic name that is very popular among Muslims.

9. Vimala

Vimala is a name of Indian origin, meaning ”pure.” This beautiful name is the feminine form of the name Vamal, meaning “clean,” and “pure.”

10. Alana

Alana is a name of Latin origin, meaning “precious,” or “awakening.” A trendy yet elegant name. The name also has roots in Hawaii, where it means “beautiful offering.”

11. Alanis

Alanis is a name of Hawaiian origin, meaning “precious,” or “cheerful.” This one’s elegant too.

12. Amisha

 A graceful-sounding Hindu name with a deep meaning. Amisha means “beautiful,” “without deceit,” “pure,” or “truthful.”

13. Dalaja

Dalaja is a name of Indian origin, meaning “pure honey.” This one sounds powerful, does it not?

14. Ekaterina

A beautiful Greek name that is the Slavic variant of the name Catherine, meaning “pure.” The name gained international popularity due to Olympic skater Ekaterina Gordeeva.

15. Galatia

A uniquely-beautiful German name, meaning “pure white like milk.” Galatia is also the name of an ancient province in Rome, mentioned in the Bible.

16. Iffah

Iffah is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “purity,” or “modesty.” A cute and adorable-sounding name.

17. Ines

Ines is a simple and adorable Greek name, meaning “pure,” “holy,” or “chaste.”

18. Keva

This gorgeous name of Irish origin means “gentle,” “beautiful,” or “precious.” Other variations of the name include Kevina, which is the feminine version of Kevin. 

19. Liliana

Liliana is a name derived from the Latin words Lilium or Lilion, meaning “lily.” Lilies represent “purity,” and “innocence.”

20. Naqa

An adorable Arabic name, with a beautiful meaning. Naqa means “purity,” “refinement,” or “clarity.”

21. Nesita

Nesita is a name of Greek origin, meaning “the poor,” or “chaste of pure.” A name with such a soft tone to it.

22. Norabel

Norabel is a name of English origin, meaning “beautiful light,” or “honor.” A name with much grace and a beautiful musical undertone.

23. Pavi

A simple Hindu name with exotic roots, meaning “pure and passionate individual.”

24. Rachel

Rachel is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “ewe,” or “one with purity.” Rachel is the anglicized version of the Hebrew name Rahel and first appeared in English-speaking countries in the sixteenth century.

25. Kailene

Kailene is a name of English and American origins, meaning “pure,” or “keeper of the keys.” It is also associated with the name Kaylin, which has the same meaning.

26. Zakiyyah

Zakiyyah is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “sharp,” “intellectual,” “pure,” or “pious.”

Boy Names That Mean Pure

Also, check out this marvelous list of boy baby names meaning “pure.”

1. Amalbir

Amalbir is a name of Punjabi origin, meaning “pure and brave.” A charming name with a musical undertone.

2. Akalush

A handsome Hindu name with exotic roots, meaning “eternal purity,” or “pure.”

3. Cleanth

A unique-sounding name of Greek origin, meaning “clean,” or “pure.” Cleant is a pastoral poetry name associated with shepherds and nymphs.

4. Omna

A unique and graceful-sounding Welsh name, meaning “pious,” “pure,” “sacred,” “holy,” or “divine.”

5. Sachin

Sachin, a charming name meaning “pure.” It’s a unique name originating from Sanskrit. The name increased in fame because of the legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

6. Visoth

A charmingly handsome Cambodian name, meaning “heavenly,” or “pure.”

7. Amal

Amal is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “hard work,” “hope,” or “pure.” Amal is also a well-known Hindu girl’s name with similar meaning.

8. Bimol

Bimol is a name of Indian origin, meaning “one who is pure.” Impressive meaning isn’t it?

9. Casta

This adorable name is of Latin origin, meaning “pure,” “pious,” or “modest.” Casta is a derivative of the name Catherine or a short form of Jocasta, meaning “shining moon.”

10. Hansroop

A handsome name, befitting your little prince. Hansroop is a name of Panjabi origin, meaning “pure person,” or “one who has a great soul.”

11. Kasin

Kasin is a Hindu boy’s name, meaning “pure,” “shining,” and “appearing like a conqueror.” A profoundly handsome name.

12. Kazumi

Kazumi is a name of Japanese origin, meaning “beautiful,”  “lovely,” or “pure.” A charming name used for both girls and boys. The pronunciation of the name is as follows; kah-zoo-mi.

13. Kunna

Kunna is a name meaning “pure,” or “one with good qualities.” A simple Indian name with impressive meaning.

14. Mohamed

Mohamed is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “praiseworthy,” or “commendable.” A popular name in Islamic culture.

15. Shaarav

Shaarav is a name of Indian origin, meaning “pure,” or “innocent.” A name with an air of royalty, sounds charming, does it not?

16. Suvimal

Suvimal is a name meaning “pure.” A handsome Indian name with a beautiful ring to it.

17. Sonu

Sonu is a name meaning “pure gold,” “morning,” or “God’s gift.” An adorable and meaningful Indian name.

18. Zakai

Zakai is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “pure,” resembling the ancient Hebrew originating name Zaccai. It is a handsome and trendy name increasingly favored by modern parents.

19. Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “pure,” or “innocent,” a derivative of the Hebrew name Zakkay. Zacchaeus was also one of the disciples of Jesus according to the Bible.

20. Zaki

A handsome Quranic name meaning “righteous,” “pure from sin,” “pious,” and “blessed.” Also associated with the Arabic word Zakat, which is the name for obligatory charity to be given by wealthy people.

21. Kiyo

An adorable and mischievous-sounding Japanese name, with a wonderful meaning. Kiyo means “purity,” or “clean.”

22. Nakia

Nakia is a name of multiple origins. In Arabic meaning Nakia means “pure,” in Egyptian, it means “pure and faithful,” and “unconquered” in Greek.

23. Amiksh

Amiksh is a name of Hindu origin, meaning “a person with a pure heart.” A name of exotic roots and an impressive meaning.

24. Amoha

A handsome and elegant-sounding Indian name. Amoha means, “pure,” or “errorless.” Amoha also originates from Nepal, where it means “clear,” or “straight.”

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