57 Quirky Names that Mean Quiet or Silent

Your newborn is certain to be a little angel, so what better name to give them than one that reflects their peaceful nature? This list of names meaning quiet contains beautiful and unique choices from around the world. Whether you’re in search of a name that literally means silence, or if you want your baby’s name to evoke tranquility, one of these quiet-inspired names is sure to do the trick.

From Shiloh to Amity, these names that mean quiet are related to themes of relaxation, calmness, beauty, and serenity. Most of them are unique yet gentle, making them perfect for the sweetest of newborns.

If you’re ready to discover the perfect name for your peaceful baby, take a look at all these interesting options to choose from.

Girl Names That Mean Quiet or Silent

It’s not unusual for baby girls to be shy or reserved, it’s part of their charm. These girls are also often keenly observant and gentle, making one of the following quiet-related names quite fitting.

1. Halinka

Halinka is a feminine name that originated in the Greek language. Meaning “tranquil” or “silent,” this name is a nice choice for a little girl.

2. Galina

Translating to mean “spirit of quiet oceans,” this majestic name stems from Slavic and Russian origins.

3. Mirela

Of Romanian origin, Mirela is a song-like name for a baby girl. It comes from the word mirella, which means “peace.”

4. Mikalah

Similar to the more common name Mikaela, Mikalah is of English origin and refers to a person who is “shy and beautiful.”

5. Ballari

An interesting and uncommon name for girls, Ballari is derived from Indian origin and means “one who walks quietly.” How pleasant!

6. Paloma

Paloma is a beautiful name for baby girls that relates to nature and serenity. Meaning “dove” and “peace,” this name comes from the Spanish language.

7. Shiloh

A timeless name of Hebrew origin, this gender-neutral choice means “peaceful sanctuary.” The meaning of this name is almost as stunning as your child is sure to be.

8. Dianthe

Derived from the Greek language, Dianthe translates to mean “a girl who is silent and gentle.” This name sounds both trendy and vintage.

9. Tacey

Almost the same as the name Tracey, but not quite, Tacey stems from Latin and means “to be silent.”

10. Lajila

Unique and pretty, Lajila is a feminine name that means “shy.” It has roots in Indian languages.

11. Salem

Salem is a mysterious-sounding name that is derived from Hebrew. It means “peace,” though it is also the name of an American town famous for conducting witch trials in the past.

12. Calaine

Meaning “quiet and charming,” Calaine is an enchanting name for a newborn girl.

13. Uxue

Definitely not a name that you hear every day, Uxue has roots in the Spanish language and means “dove.” Though this name doesn’t literally mean quiet, doves are known as symbols of peace and gentleness.

14. Mira

Mira is a name that has multiple different origins, including Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, and more. In Slavic, Mira means “peace.”

15. Arcadia

An elegant choice for a baby girl, Arcadia comes from the Greek language and means “a region of peace and prosperity.”

16. Galen

Another name that stems from Greek, Galen is a gender-neutral choice that translates to “calm and quiet.”

17. Diara

A lovely name that originated on the African continent, Diara means “gift of love” and “quiet and gentle.” This name covers all the bases.

18. Tiombe

Tiombe is a feminine name that is on the rarer side. Of African origin, Tiombe means “one who is shy.”

19. Sakina

A standout -ina name, Sakina is derived from the Arabic language and means “tranquility and peacefulness.”

20. Tullia

With roots in Romanian, Tullia is a light and floral name that’s meaning is “silent or peaceful.”

21. Tihana

Tihana is an adorable baby girl’s name with roots in the Croatian language. The meaning of this name is “quiet” or “shy.”

22. Femke

Meaning “peaceful girl,” this striking and rare name is Dutch in origin.

23. Nalani

Loveable and cute, Nalani is a feminine name that means “divine skies.” The origins of this name are Hawaiian.

24. Shanti

Though Shanti is a common name in its place of origin, India, it is lesser known in the rest of the world. This pretty girl’s name means “tranquility and silence.”

25. Amity

A name that evokes peace, Amity is of Middle English origin and means “harmony.”

26. Hilja

An enchanting baby girl’s name that stems from Finnish, Hilja translates to mean “silence, quiet, and calm.”

27. Ramzia

An Urdu-originated name, Ramzia means “quiet or reserved.” This name is popular with Muslim families.

28. Sayna

Of Arabic origin, Sayna is an impressive and feminine name that translates to mean “silent.” Perfect for those who want a pretty name that means quiet.

29. Irene

A popular baby name that first originated in Ancient Greece, Irene means “goddess of peace.”

30. Kagiso

Kagiso is a distinctive and uncommon name for baby girls. It is of African origin and means “peace.”

31. Adquene

A traditionally Native American name, Adquene means “peaceful.” This name would be great for babies who have ties to Native American culture.

32. Jing

An amazing choice for Chinese baby girls, Jing means “gentle and still.” The origins of this name come from the Zhou dynasty of China.

33. Serena

A name with ties to Latin, Serena means “calm.” It comes from the Latin word serenus.

34. Paxton

Though Paxton is a gender-neutral name, we think it would be especially cute for a little girl. This name is of British origin and means “peaceful town.”

35. Laqueta

A sweet name for a newborn girl, Laqueta means “the quiet one.” This name is of African origin.

Boy Names That Mean Quiet or Silent

Though baby boys are not widely known for being the quietest, they certainly have their introspective and calm moments. Here are some baby names that will reflect the serene aspect of your newborn’s temperament.

1. Mauni

An enchanting name that would be great for both baby boys and girls, Mauni means “silence.” This name is derived from Indian languages.

2. Calum

Of Scottish origin, Calum is a stylish baby boy’s name that means “dove” and “peace.”

3. Concord

A name that simply means “peace,” Concord is a great masculine name of Scottish origin.

4. Stellan

Stellan is a striking and masculine baby boy’s name that has Swedish roots. Meaning “calm and peaceful,” this is certainly a stellar choice for your newborn.

5. Wilfred

A classy name that won’t go out of style, Wilfred is of English origin and means “desiring peace.”

6. Nyein

Stemming from Burmese, this distinctive and pretty name is quite rare. A nice choice for a boy or a girl, Nyein means “calm and quiet.”

7. Jaylen

Also a gender-neutral baby name, Jaylen comes from Greek and means “tranquil.” Another spelling of this name is Jaelyn.

8. Yasu

A name that even sounds serene, Yasu is of Japanese origin and means “peaceful and calm.”

9. Axel

With roots in Scandinavian languages, Axel is a boyish and tough-sounding name that means “peace bringer.”

10. Nirav

Meaning “tranquil” or “calm,” Nirav is a masculine name that first originated in India. It’s suitable for little boys with cultural connections to India.

11. Coy

Modern and trendy, Coy is a boy’s name that stems from Middle English. The meaning of Coy is “quiet woods.”

12. Placido

Of Italian origin, Placido is a masculine name that means “tranquil or quiet.”

13. Aarav

Aarav is a delightful name for a baby boy. Meaning “calm and peaceful,” Aarav is of Indian origin.

14. Tihomir

A name that has roots in Slavic, Tihomir means “peace” or “quiet.” This name is still quite unusual in North America, making it a trendy choice.

15. Noah

A classic name for a baby boy, Noah comes from Hebrew and was included in the Bible. This name means “at rest.”

16. Benjiro

Meaning “one who loves peace,” this Japanese name would be a great fit for your newborn sweetheart.

17. Kamau

Kamau is a name that represents both strength and serenity. Meaning “quiet warrior,” this masculine name is of African origin.

18. Paz

A short and punchy boy’s name, Paz has roots in Spanish. Translated, this name means “peace.”

19. Tacito

With roots in both Italian and Spanish, Tacito means “silent.”

20. Dearan

Dearan is an amazing name that can be given to a boy or a girl. Derived from the Gaelic language, Dearan means “a great and solitary being” or “quiet one.”

21. Anzan

Related to the tranquility of nature, Anzan is an Indian name that means “quiet mountain.” It is a popular choice amongst Buddhist families.

22. Vidar

A name fit for a warrior, Vidar comes from Old Norse and means “quiet god.” This is a lovely choice for a baby boy who is both strong and calm.

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