70 Heroic Names That Mean Savior

names that mean saviour
names that mean saviour

A savior, literally put, would be someone who saves someone or something from distress or danger. A savior doesn’t have to be someone heroic, strong, and mighty, it could be anyone, from the heroic soldier that saved someone’s life to the little boy who ran an important errand for you, thus saving you from distress.

Hence, saviors are of all sorts, just as we have to be saved from all sorts of situations, both minor and major. They are people we cannot do without, they are the ones who bring you relief and hope during times of distress.

A name meaning “savior” would surely make an excellent name choice for your little one. It’s the kind of name that could manifest a life of great positivity, honor, and glory.

Girl Names That Mean Savior

Below is a list of stunning girl names that mean “savior.” Do check them out.

1. Aminta

A gorgeous Greek girl’s name, meaning “defender,” or “vindicator.” Aminta was also the heroine of a well-known pastoral play by the Italian poet Torquato Tasso.

2. Hola

Hola, primarily known as a Spanish greeting means “Saviour” in Africa, and is also a commonly used African baby name.

3. Fadia

A beautiful Middle Eastern name, meaning “ protect others.” A pretty and sophisticated name.

4. Claramond

Claramond is the alternate version of the Latin and German name Clarimond, meaning “shining defender.”

5. Alejandra

Alejandra is a breathtakingly beautiful Spanish girl’s name meaning “defending men.” The name is derived from the Greek name Alexander.

6. Delmira

An adorable girl’s name of German origin, meaning “noble protector.” Demira is also a variant of the German name Delma.

7. Ritza

An elegant girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning “she who gives everything to protect people.”

8. Kendria

A magnificent Welsh girl’s name, meaning “greatest champion.” A regal sounding name, with a beautiful tone.

9. Hashna

An attractive girl’s name of Celtic origin, meaning “happiness,” or “savior.” Hashna is a name favored by the Christian community.

10. Tillie

An adorable-sounding Old German girl’s name, with the ferocious meaning of  “the mighty maiden in battle.”

11. Medusa

Despite the not so favorable connection to Greek mythology. Medusa is a Greek name with the beautiful meaning of  “to protect,” and “to rule over.”

12. Ramona

A gorgeous girl’s name of diverse origins; Spanish, and German. Ramona means “well-advised protector.” A name popularised in the US and Canada by the Helen Hunt Jackson novel Ramona (1884).

13. Sandra

A beautiful female name of Greek origin, meaning “protector or defender of man.” Sandra is also the short form of Alexandra or Cassandra.

14. Sanda

An adorable Greek girl’s name, meaning “man’s defender.” A simple but fierce name.

15. Salvadora

A sophisticated Spanish girl’s name meaning “savior.” A gorgeous name befitting your little princess.

16. Osha

An adorable name also used as a boy’s name, means “savior.” Osha is a simple name of Biblical origin.

17. Ratchika

An elegant and regal-sounding name of  Indian origin, meaning  “savior,” or “protector.”

18. Tersem

A unique name of Indian origin, meaning “perfect savior.” Tersem is also used as a boy’s name in India.

19. Sopatra

A beautiful and elegant Greek girl’s name, meaning “father’s savior.”

20. Salbatora

This gorgeous Spanish name is the  female version of the name Salvatore, meaning “savior.”

21. Marcella

An elegant Latin girl’s name meaning “dedicated to mars.” Marcella is also the feminine version of the name Marcellus.

22. Rosabella

A regal and majestic German girl’s name, meaning “noted savior.” Rosabella is a name that also has roots in Italy where it is quite popular.

23. Arminda

A beautiful name, used in English-speaking countries. Arminda is a name meaning “savior,” of Literary origin.

24. Alesta

A gorgeous and trendy Greek girl’s name, with the magnificent meaning of “man’s defender.”

25. Sela

An adorable Roman name meaning “defender or savior of mankind.” Sela is also the feminine version of the name Sandu.

26. Alexa

A trendy and modern girl’s name, meaning “man’s defender,” or “noble.” Alexa is a name of Greek and Old German origins and is also a variant of the name Alexander.

27. Alessandra

An interesting and unique variation of the name Alexander. This beautiful girl’s name is of Old Greek origin, meaning “wise savior,” or “protector.”

28. Tarnvir

A gorgeous girl’s name  of Old Greek origin, meaning “father’s savior.” Tarnvir also has roots in Punjabi, where it means “heroic savior.”

29. Lexi

A trendy and modern variant of the Greek girl’s name Alexandra, meaning “man’s defender.”

30. Brunhild

An adorable girl’s name of Norse origin, with the ferocious meaning of “armed for battle.”

31. Hashna

A pretty girl’s name of Celtic origin, meaning “happiness,” or “savior.” Hashna is a name that is quite common among the Christian community.

32. Moke

An adorably pretty Australian girl’s name meaning “savior.” It is a unique but beautiful name.

Boy Names That Mean Savior

Check out this magnificent list of boy names that mean “savior.”

1. Amyntas

A handsome Greek boy’s name, meaning “defender.” Amyntas is also the name of several prominent Greek and Hellenistic men and is derived from the Greek word amyntor.

2. Mina

A pretty name that is commonly used as a female name among the Arabic, Chinese, and Indian communities. Mina in Egypt is a boy’s name meaning, “a person who is steadfast,” “committed,” “unrelenting,” or “determined.”

3. Musabingo

A fascinating boy’s name of Lukonjo origin, meaning “a savior.”

4. Hoshea

A charming boy’s name of  Hebrew origin, meaning “salvation.”

5. Dinanatha

An interesting boy’s name of Indian origin, meaning “savior of the poor.” A name with an impressive meaning, befitting a future leader.

6. Najjad

This charming Middle Eastern Arabic boy’s name means “rescuer,” or ”savior.”

7. Gaizka

Gaizka is a gorgeous Basque boy’s name, meaning “savior.” It is a name that is popular among the Spanish community.

8. Nagpal

A unique-sounding name of Bengali Origin. Nagpal means “savior of serpents or cobras.”  An odd but fascinating meaning indeed.

9. Xalvador

A stylish masculine Spanish boy’s name, meaning “savior.” This would make one heck of a magnificent name.

10. Aimon

This adorable and stylish Old German derivation of the French name Aymon means “fatherland,” or “wealthy protector.” Aimon could also be the phonetic variant of the Irish name Eamon, a variant of Edmund.

11. Amanpal

Amanpal is a fascinating name of Hindu origin, meaning “peace protector,” or  “one who maintains peace in everything.” It is a derivative of the name Aman, meaning “peace.”.

12. Wanikiy

An adorable name of Native American origin, meaning “savior.”

13. Vaikuntha

A unique-sounding Indian boy’s name, meaning “savior.” The name originally is of Sanskrit origin.

14. Nassir

Nassir is a charming Arabic boy’s name used in the Arabic, Turkish, and English languages. The name means “supporter,” “helper,” and “protector,” and is derived from the word nasara meaning “to make victory.”

15. Alexander

A popular and stylish Greek boy’s name meaning “warrior,” “protector of mankind,” or “defender of man.” Alexander in Greek also means “battle-prowess,” referring to the ability to withstand or push back an enemy battle line.

16. Joshua

A handsome name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my savior.” Hoshea is another variation of this name.

17. Taarank

A trendy Hindi boy’s name, meaning “savior.”

18. Elikai

Elikai is an adorably charming Hebrew boy’s name, meaning “God is my savior,” or “God is my salvation.”

19. Liam

Liam is the trendy and modern version of the traditional Irish boy’s name William, meaning “strong-willed warrior,” or “protector.”

20. Misham

This charming name is of Biblical origin, meaning “their savior,” or “taking way.”

21. Sal

An adorable name sometimes used as a girl’s name, of Latin origin, meaning “savior,” or “rescuer.” Sal is the alternate version of the name Salvator and is quite popular in Italy.

22. Xabat

A stylish Spanish boy’s name, meaning “savior.”

23. Oshea

An adorable boy’s name of Biblical origin, meaning “a savior,” or “a deliverer.”

24. Ludvig

A unique name of German origin that derived from Old High German, meaning “famous warrior,” or “famous in battle.”

25. Ray

This adorable name is the shortened form of Raymond, which is a German-originating name meaning “wise,” or “protector.”

26. Ehno

Ehno is an adorably elegant name of Italian origin, meaning “protector.”

27. Sasha

A gorgeous and trendy Russian name, also used as a female name, meaning “defender,” and “helper of mankind.” Sasha is also the name of the daughter of Barack Obama (a former president of the US).

28. Elisai

An elegant boy’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my savior.”

29. Edmon

A masculine name of Old English derivation, meaning “wealthy protector.” Edmon is also a variant of the name Edmund.

30. Aasim

This handsome Arabic boy’s name means “protector,” “benefactor,” or “saver from sins.” Aasim is also a name that is directly associated with the Quran.

31. Edmundo

A handsome, masculine  name rooted in Old English, meaning “wealthy protector.” Edmundo is the alternate version of the name Edmund.

32. Chadd

This handsome boy’s name of Old English origin means “protector,” or “defender.” Chadd is also the variant transcription of the name Chad.

33. Alex

A trendy and modern Greek boy’s name, meaning “protector,” or “defender of humankind.” Alex is also used as a girl’s name, though less often.

34. Ned

An adorable and gentle-sounding boy’s name of English origin, meaning “wealthy guardian.”

35. Eumann

This graceful and unique-sounding name is of Old English origin, meaning “wealthy protector.” Eumann is also a variation of the name Edmund.

36. Reinhold

Reinhold is a unique German boy’s name meaning “wise protector.”

37. Sosthenes

An impressive name of Biblical origin, meaning “savior,” “strong,” and “powerful.”

38. Salvino

A trendy boy’s name of Latin origin, meaning “savior.” Salvino is also a variant of the name Salvador and Salvator.

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