Number of Perfection: 23 Names That Mean Seven

Choosing a name based on the name of months, days or even numbers is now preferential to many parents. Unlike with months, it’s more rare to find someone with the name of a number but you can still find names that are related to numbers without it being the number itself.

The number seven is the number of perfection, security, safety, and rest. Seven contains the number three of the heavens and soul, with the number four of the Earth and body. In addition, according to the scripture, the number seven represents completeness in physical and divine perfection. After all, in the book of Genesis, God completed his perfect creation, the world, on the sixth day and rested on the seventh day. With God’s creation complete on the seventh day, the seventh day was, thus, made holy. These are many good reasons to name your little one something that means seven.

Girl Names That Mean Seven

This is the list of girls’ names that mean seven, with beautiful meanings and stories behind them. Seven- as a term, is unique and sounds excellent for a girl. If you are to consider Greek mythology and Bible stories as preferences, then you can save the following names and their meaning.

1. Artemisia

Artemisia is a name that originates from Greek, which means “one of the seven wonders of the world.” It is a beautiful name for a baby girl with the parents of a traveler.

2. Evadne

Having a Greek origin, the name Evadne means “seven against Thebes.” The story of Seven Against Thebes is one of the plays that were written by the great tragedian Aeschylus. It is the story of the war that broke out after Oedipus was exiled from the city of Thebes.

3. Celica

Celica is a Latin name that means “one of seven mythological daughters of Atlas.” One fact about Celica is that she was turned into a star by the God of thunder, Zeus. This name can also be spelled “Celina.”

4. Pleiades

The unique name Pleiades originates from  Greek, which means “seven sisters.” Pleiades is among the nearest and most apparent to the naked eye star cluster to Earth.

5. Nanami 

Nanami is of Japanese origin that means “seven seas.” Nanami is a popular name in Japan, which is also used as a surname. An excellent character for those who love to travel.

6. Barnali

This name is of Indian origin and means “dispersion of seven colors.” Barnali is connected to the rainbow, which signifies colorful and positive energy. This is for you if you’re into art or anything bright.

7. Magdolna

Magdolna is a Hungarian name and means “Mary the Magdalene.” This name is the Hungarian term for Magdalena. Magdolna is the latinate form of the ecclesiastic Greek Magdalene woman from Magdala, a town near the sea of Galilee.

8. Niobe

A name originating from Mythology and Astrology, Niobe means “fern” and has a deep history: “a queen of Thebes who mourns for her seven sons and daughter whom Apollo and Diana killed. Niobe was turned into a stone from which tears continued to flow.”

Boy Names That Mean Seven

This is the list of boys’ names that mean seven, with special meanings and stories behind them. If you consider the Zodiac myths, Greek mythology, and Bible stories as preferences, then you can save the following names and their meaning.

1. Shichiro

Shichiro is a name that originates from Japanese, which means “seventh son.” Shichiro’s name numerology is eight and tends to be spiritual a helper, and intuitive.

2. Abagtha

A stunning name that is of Biblical origin, meaning “one of the seven eunuchs in Ahasuerus’s court.” Abagtha also means “Father of the wine press.” Abagtha has a fire element and is associated with the zodiac sign Aries.

3. Saith

The name originates from a Welsh that means “seven.” Saith has an Air element and is associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius. According to the scale of consciousness, the name Saith reflects the emotional vibration of Peace. This name can also be spelled “Seith.”

4. Adrastus

Adrastus is a name that originates from Greek origin, which means “one of the attackers in ‘The Seven Against Thebes.” This name can also be spelled “Adrestus.” In addition, Adrastus is the son of Talaus, king of Argos, and leader of the Seven against Thebes.

5. Magni

Magni is of Norse origin, meaning “one of the seven gods of the Aesir.” In Norse mythology, Magni is a son of Thor. Abagtha has a fire element and is associated with the zodiac sign Leo.

6. Septimus

This name originates from the Ancient Roman meaning “seventh son.” The Roman Emperor Septimus Severus, a patron of arts and letters, popularized Septimus. This name sounds beautiful and unique to a man.

7. Abhicandra

This Hindi-originated name means “with a moon-like face, one of the seven Manus of the svetambara Jain sect.” A person with name Abhicandra is believed to have a connection with the element of air of self-love.

8. Nishadh

Nishadh is of Hindi origin and means “Cheerful,” “Seventh note on the Indian musical scale,” or “Awesome.” Nishadh signifies a lot of good definitions. If you consider a happy-go-lucky kid, then this is a good fit.

9. Beersheba

Beersheba originated from the Bible and means “the well of an oath, the seventh well.” Beersheba is the largest city in the Negev desert of southern Israel.

10. Elumalai

A Hindi-originated name means “Lord Venkateswara” or “Lord of seven hills.” Elumalai has an Earth element and represents the zodiac sign Taurus.

11. Naem

Naem is an Arabic name and means “pleasure, luxury, benefits” or “one of the seven sections of paradise.” Number three is the associated lucky number for this name. Naem’s represented color is Indigo.

12. Subaru

This Japanese name means “Pleiades or the seven sisters.” People with this name are deep thinkers who dream of a bright future. This name is a good option if you consider positive energy.

13. Rajabu

This great name Rajabu is from Africa and means “born in the seventh month of the Islamic calendar.” Rajabu has an air element and is associated with the zodiac sign Libra.

Unisex Names That Mean Seven

This is the list of unisex names that mean seven, which signifies a deep meaning and great origin. You can name your child on these lists regardless of gender.

1. September

September is of Latin origin, which means “the seventh month.” The birthstone for September is the Sapphire and flowers that represent the month are morning glory, aster, and forget-me-not.

2. Nsonowa

This name is of Western African origin, meaning “seventh-born child.” Nsonowa symbolized destiny, luck, and power. Nsonowa is a good fit for a baby who could be a leader and a businessman/woman.

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