Find Your Silver Lining: 80 Names that Mean Silver

names that mean silver
names that mean silver

Tis’ the era of all things unique and special; and this includes choosing the name for your newborn baby. A lot of people genuinely believe that the name that is given at birth sculpts an individual’s personality and destiny.

All parents have great hopes and desires for their little ones and a word that embodies bright and positive things is “silver”. You may think silver is just a color but this shade symbolizes many splendid things like wealth, grace, wisdom, luck, and success.

Silver is also famously symbolic of hope and optimism. One of the most famous phrases by English poet John Milton; “Every cloud has a silver lining” which later turned into a metaphor is the perfect example of how silver has been used as a connotation of something positive and promising.

Here is a list of male and female names from across the globe, which have different connotations of “silver”.

Boy names that mean silver

1. Sterlyn

Sterlyn is a male name of German, American and British origin and comes from the word “Sterling” meaning “made from silver”.

2. Arian

Arian is of Welsh origin and comes from the Greek name Arion. In Greek mythology, Arion was a magic horse birthed by Poseidon and Demeter. The meaning of this name is “silver”.

3. Rajat

Rajat is a Hindi name for boys meaning “silver courage” and also “white”. This name is pronounced “Ra-jut”.

4. Hiran

Of Thai origin, the name Hiran means “silver”.

5. Argento

This Christian name comes from the Latin word argentum meaning “silver”. The country Argentina also gets its name from the same Latin word.

6. Gintoki

Of Japanese origin, this name is derived from two Japanese elements “gin” and “toki”, with the first meaning “silver” and the latter meaning “time”. Together the name Gintoki means “silver time”.

7. Birru

From the Amharic language of Ethiopia, the name Birru means “silver”.

8. Argyros

This male name is derived from the Ancient Greek word “arguros” which means “silver (money)”.

9. Parth

This Indian name is common among Hindu boys and it has multiple meanings including “silver”, “bright”, “emperor of the world” and “king”.

10. Anzar

This muslim name for boys is pronounced “Un-zarr” and means “pure gold or silver”.

11. Eun-ju

Eun-ju is derived from Sino-korean words; “Eun” meaning “silver” and “Ju” meaning “pearl or jewel”. Pronounced “Un-joo”, this name has the meanings “silver”, “jewel” and also “grace”.

12. Sivuj

This name comes from the Mari language of the Mari Republic in Russia and translates to “silver” in English.

13. Asimakis

This name is of Greek origin and comes from the Greek “Asimi” meaning “silver”.

14. Celeborn

Pronounced “Keh-luh-bawn”, this unique name comes from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. From the fictional Sindarin language of the elve’s, Celeborn comes from two words “celeb” meaning “silver” and “orn” meaning “tree” together meaning “silver tree”.

15. Zilar

Pronounced “Ze-lurr”, this Christian boy name is of Basque origin and translates to “silver”.

16. Argan

Argan is a unique and rare name of Celtic origin, and means either “silver money” or “silver, bright and noble”.

17. Floyd

Floyd is a popular name of Anglo-Welsh origin and translates to “grey or silver- haired”. One of the most famous people with this name is American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather.

18. Hopea

Of Finnish origin, the unique name Hopea means “silver”.

19. Fashan

Fashan is a male name of Hindi origin and means “made of iron, silver or gold”.

20. Sippai

Sippai is a male name of biblical origin and means “threshold” or “silver cup”.

21. Ngan

Ngan is a surname and also a first name of Vietnamese origin and means “silver”.

22. Simab

Simab or Seemab is a unisex name but more commonly heard among boys. It is of Arabic origin and means “mercury” or “quicksilver”.

23. Perak

From the Malay language the name Perak means silver. There is also a river named “Perak” in Malaysia famous because of its “Silver-like” appearance.

24. Fizzi

Fizzi is an Islamic name of Arabic origin and it can mean “silvery”, “made of silver” or “colored like silver”.

25. Ginjiro

Of Japanese origin, the name Ginjiro means “good silver”. This name is mostly heard among males who are Shinto by religion.

26. Silvio

Silvio is a male name of both American and Italian origin and translates to “silver”. Famous people with this name include Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi.

27. Rrezargjend

This Albanian name is rather unique and long but unusual names have become quite a trend these days. Rrezargjend means “ray of silver” and can be shortened to Reza or Rez as a nickname.

28. Nhia

From the Hmong people of China, Nhia is a posh name meaning “money and silver”.

29. Akupya

Speaking of unique name Akupya is a male name of Indian origin and means “gold or silver”.

30. Silverman

Although commonly heard of as a last name but Silverman can definitely be used as a first name.  This name is derived from the Old English word “Silfor” meaning “silversmith” or “someone who works with silver”.

31. Bac

For people who want short and rare names, Bac is a Vietnamese which means “silver”.

32. Aykomos

Aykomos is a Greek name for boys meaning “silver voice”.

33. Selcuk

Selcuk is a name for boys from the Turkish language and it translates to “eloquent” or “silver mouthed”.

34. Nagito

Nagito is a Japanese name for boys that means “silver” but can also means “peace and harmony”.

35. Silverton

Another Old English name derived from “Silfor” is Silverton. This English name for boys means “silver town”.

36. Qupo

From the Nuosu language of the Yi people of China, Qupo is a male name meaning “silver lord”.

37. Gumyush

This quirky name for boys comes from the Lezgin group in Russia and translates to “silver”.

38. Quqi

Quqi is another Yi name from the Nuosu language meaning “silver leaf”.

39. Harfang

If you are into fictional names, what better option than one from the Harry potter franchise. Chosen from the magical series by J.K Rowling, Harfang is a masculine name meaning “silver”.

40. Changyin

Changyin is a male name of Chinese origin and its meaning varies according to which Kanji characters are used. Some of the meanings include “silver”, “long” and “prosper”.

Girl names that means Silver

1. Chandani

One of the most popular Indian/Hindi for girls names that means “silver” is Chandani. Another variation of this name is Chandi also meaning “silver”.

2. Argenta

From the Latin “Argentum”, Argenta is a feminine name meaning “silvery”.

3. Fidda

Of Arabic origin, Fidda is common among Muslim girls and boys too sometimes. The meaning of this beautiful name is silver.

4. Arianell

Arianell is an Old Welsh Christian name for girls meaning “silver”.

5. Gulsim

This beautiful Kazakh name for girls has an even more beautiful meaning. Gulsim is a popular name from Kazakhstan and means “silver flower”.

6. Simin

Simin stems from the Persian origin and means “silvery” or “of silver”. Pronounced “See-min” derives from the Persian word “Asemen”.

7. Kailasa

If you love nature and beautiful names, this is the perfect blend of the two for you. Kailasa is a Native American feminine name meaning “silver mountain”.

8. Hiriwa

Of Polynesian origin, the name Hiriwa means “silver”.

9. Roopal

Roopal or Rupal is an Indian name for girls mostly belonging to the Hindu religion. The meaning of this exotic name is “made of silver”.

10. Tatyana

Pronounced “Taa-tee-yaa-na”, this feminine name stems from Russian origin and means “silver-haired”.

11. Ligia

This Christian name for girls is of Greek origin and has the groovy meaning “silver voice”.

12. Picabo

This super cool and unique name is of Native American origin and means “silver creek”. A very famous person with this name is American Alpine skier and Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street.

13. Jumana

Pronounced “Joo-maa-naa”, this Arabic name for girls’ means “silver pearl” and is found commonly in Palestine, Syria and Iraq.

14. Argiope

This ancient Greek name is pronounced “Arr-geo-pee” and means “silver face”. According to Greek mythology Argiope was the daughter of the Greek god Nilus.

15. Ngaire

From the Maori people of Polynesia, the feminine name Ngaire means “silver fern”. This name is pronounced with a silent “g” like “Nye-ree”.

16. Rajata

The female equivalent of Rajat, this Indian name means “silver”.

17. Argentina

Of Latin origin and also the name of a South American country, Argentina is a beautiful name meaning “made of silver” or “silver colored”.

18. Kwan

Pronounced “Ku-waan”, this Native American name for girls’ means “silver fox”.

19. Arcene

Pronounced “Arr-sin”, this feminine name is of French origin and means “silvery”.

20. Casiphia

Pronounced “Ca-see-fee-ya”, this Hebrew name for girls has several meanings including “silvery white” and “gleaming”.

21. Lujayn

Pronounced “Lo-jhayn”, this Arabic name is very popular in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. The meaning of this feminine name is “silver”.

22. Celebrian

The female equivalent of Celeborn, this elvish Sindarian name means “silver queen”.

23. Shoneah

rom the Ojibwa tribe of Native America, Shoneah is a feminine name meaning “silver”.

24. Silver

The meaning of this name needs no explanation, and there’s really no better option if you like the word and meaning silver. Although this name is unisex it is more commonly found among girls.

25. Eirian

Pronounced “Eye-ree-an”, this name for girls is of Welsh origin and means “silver”.

26. Simay

This sparkly name for girls is of Turkish origin and means “silver moon or glitter moon”.

27. Arianrhod

This name is an amalgamation of two Welsh names “Arian” and “Rhod”, the first meaning “silver” and the second meaning “wheel”. Together the meaning of Arianrhod is “silver wheel”.

28. Kumisay

Stemming from Kazakhstan, this feminine name is derived from two Kazakh words; “Kumis” meaning “silver” and “Ay” meaning “moon”, together Kumisay means “silver moon”.

29. Eun-bi

Eun-bi is a korean name stemming from two words “Eun” meaning “silver” and “bi” meaning “rain”, together this name translates to “silver rain”.

30. Sooleawa

Sooleawa is a Hebrew girl name of Native American origin and means “silver”.

31. Naja

Of Arabic or Novajo origin, the name Naja means “silver hands” or “success”.

32. Yin

Originating from the Chinese language, the feminine name Yin means “silver”.

33. Joo-eun

Originating from the Sino-Korean language the name Joo-eun translates to “silver coins or silver pearls”.

34. Neeharika

This Indian name is popular among girls of Hindu faith and has a very promising meaning i.e. “every cloud has a silver lining”. So if your baby girl is the only shiny ray of hope in your life then this name is perfect!

35. Eunhwa

Of Korean origin, this feminine name means “silver and flowers”.

36. Ginko

The name Ginko comes from the Japanese language and means “silver child”. In Japanese the word “Gin” means “silver” and “Ko” means “child”.

37. Arianwen

This name derived from two Welsh words “Arian” and “Wen”, the first meaning “silver” and the latter meaning “holy”. Arianwen is a feminine name which translates to “holy silver”.

38. Eun-bi

Eun-bi comes from the Korean words “Eun” and “Bi”, together meaning “silver rain”.

39. Silfurn

This name for girls comes from two Icelandic elements “Silfr” meaning silver and “run” meaning rain, together describing the name as “silver rain”.

40. Himangi

Of Indian origin, Himangi is a rare name for girls meaning “a girl with a silver body”.

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