30 Powerful Names That Mean Sister

“What’s in a name?” says William Shakespeare. Well, we’d say A LOT! The name given to us at birth is not just a label. It sticks with us for a lifetime, it defines us and goes on to become one of the most significant parts of our identity.

A sister is a bit of childhood that can never be lost”- Marion Garretty. There is something very warm about the word ‘Sister’, as it stimulates a sense of affinity and love.

Kinship is one of the most valuable things to most of us and to keep that feeling of love and closeness blooming some people opt for baby names that represent or symbolize the concept of sisterhood.

30 Names that mean Sister

From mythology to religion to different cultures, here is a list of names associated with the sisterhood.

1. Minya

The name Minya stems from the Native American Osage tribe and has the meaning of “Older sister” and “desired one”. Despite its origin, it is very rarely heard in America anymore. It is however a familiar name in Asian countries including Taiwan, China, and India.

2. Akiya

Of Arabic/African origin, Akiya pronounced like ‘Aa-key-yah’, is a befitting choice for your firstborn since it quite literally has the translation of “firstborn”. Akiya also has the meaning of “sister” and is still heard in the Asian part of the world namely India and Japan.

3. Kaya

From the Native American tribe of Hopi, the name Kaya means “my elder sister”. The popularity of this name rose in the extreme 2000s and is still heard of in the state of Hawaii amongst people of Asian ethnicity.

4. Adelphia

Of Greek origin, Adelphia sounds like a name straight out of a Shakespearean fairy tale, which is great if you’re big on magical names. Just like its sound, Adelphia has a novel-like meaning – “dearest sister”.

5. Nurrin

Of Aboriginal origin, Nurrin is a beautiful female name, meaning “eldest sister”.

6. Freira

Hola Amigos, the name Freira, pronounced like ‘Freh-rah’ is of Spanish origin and means “sister”.

7. Aantika

Bollywood fan anyone? The name Aantika has such an Indian movie-star vibe to it. The origin of this name is Hindi and means “older sister”.

8. Jijiya

Jijiya is a Hindi name that stems from the word ‘Jiji’ meaning “older sister”. The male equivalent of this word is ‘Jija’ meaning “sister’s husband”.

9. Numees

A Native American Hebrew name of the Algonquin tribe, Numees means “sister”.

10. Aneko

Aneko is a name of Japanese origin meaning “older sister”. This is one of the trending names in Japan for firstborn girls and is also used as a sobriquet for older sisters.

11. Hean

Not “Jean” but “Hean”! Hean is a unique Native American Christian name that means “sister” and is a neat option if you’re looking for an uncommon name.

12. Shadi

The name Shadi is an uncommon name found in Persian, Arabic, and Indian origin. This beautiful name has a diverse set of meanings including bird, older sister, marriage, and also happiness.

13. Aleka

Aleka is a short and sweet Greenlandic name meaning “older sister”. Another variant of this name with the same meaning is Alekasina, a great option for those looking for a more cultured and sophisticated name.

14. Yapany

Stemming from the early Aboriginal origin, Yapany means “big sister”. It is not at all frequently heard of, which makes it a distinctive and rare name for the big sister of your kid clan.

15. Purvaja

Of Indian/Bengali origin, Purvaja means “elder sister” and is usually given to Hindu girls.

16. Kissa

The African name “Kissa” means “sister of twins” and also “born after twins”. This name is prevalent in African countries Egypt and Nigeria, and is an appealing choice for people who have a baby girl after twins.

17. Sissy

Not common anymore, the retro name Sissy is of English origin and means “younger sister” or “dear sister”. It was more frequently heard of in the 60s and 70s.

18. Seo

K-pop and Korean anime have surely made all Korean things a new fad. The name Seo means “younger sister”, and is one of the most trendy Korean baby names since 2021.

19. Sisko

Another retro name meaning “sister” is the Finnish name Sisko. Not common anymore, Sisko was more prevalent in Finland in the 70s.

20. Mei

The Chinese name Mei, pronounced like ‘May’ , comes from the Chinese word Mei Mei meaning “younger sister”. It’s a nice alternative if you like the name “May” but want a unique spelling and meaning.

21. Shideezhi

This name has such a “Game of Thrones” vibe to it. Shideezhi, meaning “younger sister”, is pronounced like “Shi-dee-zee” and stems from the Native American Navajo nation.

22. Hermana

Buenas Noches! The word Hermana means “sister” and is also used as a name in Spain. The male equivalent of this name is Hermano.

23. Xoco

Of Aztec Nahautl origin, Xoco is pronounced like “Zow-kow” and means “youngest sister”. Although it is a name only heard in Mexico, it sounds like the perfect option for a modern-day hipster baby.

24. Nuka

One of the top trending unisex names in Greenland is the “Nuka”. Pronounced like ‘Noo-Kah’, this name means “younger brother or younger sister”.

25. Teicuih

Another unique name stemming from the Aztec Nahautl origin is Teicuih pronounced like ‘Tie-qui’. This name also means “younger sister.

26. Anuja

Anuja is of Indian origin and is usually heard among Hindu girls. It has various meanings including “youthful, young at heart, and younger sister”. The male equivalent of this name is “Anuj”.

27. Sibley

Sibley is a unisex name of English origin, which means “sibling, brother, or sister”. Although it is a gender-neutral name it is usually given to females and seems like a cute name for a younger sibling.

28. Wihe

Wihe comes from the Native American Osage origin and means “younger sister”.

29. Nayah

This name springs from the Greenlandic name Naja, which means “a boy’s little sister”. Mostly found in France, this name is an adorable idea for those having a baby girl after a boy!

30. Pokki

This five-letter Hawaiian female name means “younger sister”. A quirky option for a family of P’s; you could have Penelope, Parker, and little Pokki. How cute is that?

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