73 Thrilling Names That Mean Soul or Spirit

names that mean soul or spirit
names that mean soul or spirit

A soul is defined as a spiritual or immaterial presence that is regarded as immortal, while a spirit refers to the non-physical part of a person which encompasses their emotions and character. They are both undeniably intangible beings that a lot of people insist exist.

Further, a soul is regarded as the link between the material body and the spiritual self. Religious and philosophical beliefs state that the soul represents the essence of a human being which confers individuality and humanity. It is a part of us that consists of our mind, character, thoughts, and feelings. Many also believe in the continued existence of the soul after the death of a human being. In other words, the soul is your inner light and flame that continues to exist long after you are gone.

Hence, one could say your soul is what truly defines who you are, it is the primary existence within your body, without your soul, you too would cease to exist.

Given the eminence of one’s soul…why hesitate to choose a name with such a magnificent meaning for your little one? Aren’t our children of significant importance to us?

Girl Names That Mean Soul or Spirit

Scroll on and browse this magnificent list of girl names that means “soul” or “spirit.”

1. Anima

Anima is a lovely girl’s name that means “spirit” in Latin. The name is also of Sanskrit origin, where it means “infinite smallness,” derived from writings on yoga, and referring to a petite physique.

2. Alma

A quaint and pretty girl’s name of Latin, Italian, Hebrew, and Arabic origins, meaning “nourishing,” “kind,” “soul,” “young woman,” and “learned.” Alma is also the name of a river in Crimea where the famous 19th-century Battle of Alma was fought.

3. Aruzhan

A stunning name of Kazakh origin, composed of two elements, aru meaning “beautiful,” “pure,” “lovely,” and zhan meaning “soul.” Aruzhan, therefore, means “beautiful soul,” or “good-hearted.”

4. Cansu

This pretty name derives from the Turkish word can meaning “life,” “spirit,” “soul,” “water,” or “juice.” Cansu means “the elixir of life.”

5. Diblin

A sweet and lovely girl’s name of Kurdish origin, meaning “fragrance of soul.” A name that is commonly used among the Muslim community.

6. Enid

An adorable Welsh girl’s name, meaning “soul,” or “life.” Famous namesakes of Enid include authors Enid Blyton, and Enid Bagnold.

7. Kachina

A gorgeous girl’s name of exotic roots originating from Native America, meaning “sacred dancer,” or “dancing spirit.” The name is pronounced Kah-CHEEN-ah.

8. Lubaba

A unique and fascinating Arabic girl’s name, meaning “a soulful woman.” Different forms of the name include Lubabah, Lubabee, Lubabey, Lubabia, and Lubaby.

9. Peuma

Peuma derives from the ancient Greek word pneuma which means “breadth,” and “spirit “ or “soul” in a religious context.

10. Psykhe

This gorgeous and trendy feminine name is of Greek origin, and means “animating spirit,” or “soul.” Other spelling variations of the name include Syche and Psyche.

11. Reshu

A gorgeous and attractive Indian girl’s name that means “pure soul.”

12. Janan

A quaint and adorable Arabic girl’s name, meaning “heart,” or “soul.” A common girl’s name in the Muslim community.

13. Kokoro

Kokoro is a word used by native Japanese speakers that means “heart,” “mind,” or “spirit.”

14. Saqui

A unique-sounding name that originates from the Mapuche language, meaning “kind soul.”

15. Shekinah

Shekinah is a gorgeous Hebrew girl’s name that means “God’s holy spirit.” The name can also be written as Shechina.

16. Uhee

A unique-sounding Arabic girl’s name that means “soul,” “flower,” and “who touches the heart.” An adorable and unique name.

17. Uyir

A melodious Indian girl’s name that means “gem of a soul.” Uyir also means “life” in Tamil.

18. Advaita

Advaita is a unique and lovely girl’s name of Sanskrit origin that means “unique,” “non-duality,” or “union of matter and soul.” It is a name mainly used among Hindu speakers.

19. Arima

A gorgeous name of Spanish origin. Arima means “soul,” or “spirit,” Arima is a powerful girl’s name.

20. Aathmika

An exotic and graceful-sounding name of Indian origin, meaning “good soul.” Aathmika derives from the Sanskrit name Aasmi, meaning ”soul.”

21. Aasmi

An adorable Hindu girl’s name with the unusual meaning of “I am soul,” or “I am self-confident.”

22. Aatmaja

A gorgeous and graceful feminine  name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “daughter of the soul,” or “born of the soul.”

23. Hansi

An elegant and soft-sounding feminine name of Hindi origin, meaning “innocent,” “swan,” “soul,” or “pure.” Other similar Hindu girls’ names include Hansaveni, Hansavathy, Hanvitha, and Hansuja.

24. Hehewuti

Hehewuti is an unusual but impressive Native American name, meaning “warrior mother spirit.” A lovely and powerful name.

25. Banafrit

An adorable and unique Egyptian girl’s name, meaning “beautiful soul.” Banafrit would make a unique name choice and its beautiful meaning is a great added perk too.

26. Cade

Cade is a diminutive of the Welsh name Caden, meaning “soul,” “spirit,” or “spirit of the battles.” Other variants of the name include Kade.

27. Daivi

Daivi is a stunning and graceful Hindu girl’s name, meaning “pious soul.”

28. Dusa

An adorable name of Slavic origin, meaning “soul,” or “spirit,” referring to the essence of a person that is believed to live on after the person’s death.

29. Maanasa

A graceful feminine name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “unity of soul or mind.” It’s a widely used feminine name in South India.

30. Nurcan

A handsome girl’s name of Turkish and Arabic origins, composed of two elements; nur from the Arabic root, meaning “light,” “luminous,” “radiant,” or “brilliant,” and can from the Turkish, meaning “life,” “soul,” “heart,” or “spirit.” Nurcan, therefore, means “soul full of light,” or “bright soul.”

31. Cadell

Cadell is a variant of the Welsh name Cade, meaning “soul,” or “spirit.”

32. Keres

Keres is a girl’s name of Old Greek origin, which means “vengeful spirits of death and doom” according to Greek mythology.

33. Ruhee

A stunning girl’s name of Urdu origin, meaning “soul,” “flower,” or “who touches the heart.”

Boy Names That Mean Soul or Spirit

Check out this list of gorgeous boy names that mean “soul” or “spirit.”

1. Aksa

Aksa in Indian origin means “soul,” “spirit,” “god’s blessing,” and “a mosque.”

2. Amzi

An adorable and trendy masculine name of Hebrew origin, meaning “strong spirit,” “strong,” or “my strength.”

3. Atmik

This charming boy’s name is of Sanskrit origin and means “relating to the soul.” Aatmik is a variant of the Sanskrit name Aatma, meaning “spirit,” or “soul.”

4. Amalesh

Amalesh is a gentle and charming Indian boy’s name, meaning “unblemished soul,” “the pure one,” or “one who is guilt-free and pure.”

5. Roho

Roho is an adorable African-Kiswahili-origin boy’s name, meaning “soul.”

6. Ryuu

A name that has crossed borders and is increasingly gaining popularity in several regions. Ryuu is a Japanese boy’s name that means “dragon spirit.”

7. Dusan

A charming boy’s name of Czech origin, meaning “soul,” or “spirit.” Dusan is derived from the Slavic element dusha. The pet form of the name is Dusek.

8. Euthymius

Euthymius is an ancient Greek boy’s name composed of the elements eu meaning “good,” or “well,” and thynos meaning “soul,” or “spirit.” Hence the name means “good-spirited.” Other variants of the name include Euthymios and Eutimo.

9. Nurcan

An impressive and attractive name of Turkish origin, meaning “bright soul.” Nurcan is derived from the Arabic word Nur meaning “light,” and the Persian word Jan meaning “life,” and “soul.”

10. Frohar

A unique-sounding boy’s name of Hindu origin, meaning “angel,” “spirit,” or “spirit which protects the soul as a guardian angel.”

11. Hanspala

Hanspala is a charming Indian boy’s name, with the grandiose meaning of “protector of the great soul,” and “Lord of the swans.”

12. Livaatam

A rare and unique-sounding Indian boy’s name, meaning “to be absorbed in the soul.” It’s a mysterious name that surely leaves a deep impression.

13. Mahatma

Mahatma is a regal-sounding Hindi boy’s name, meaning “great soul.” Derived from the Sanskrit word maha meaning “great” and atman meaning “soul,” “spirit,” or “life.” The name is also associated with the prominent Indian figure Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948).

14. Nurzhan

An attractive boy’s name that derived from the words Nur meaning “light” in Arabic and zhan meaning “soul” in Persian.

15. Paramatam

Paramatam is a well-known Indian boy’s name, meaning “supreme soul.”

16. Zhansultan

Zhansultan is a grandiose boy’s name of Arabic origin, meaning “soul sultan or leader.”

17. Achak

A fun and attractive Native American name that is also sometimes used as a feminine name, meaning “spirit.”

18. Adilzhan

A gorgeous boy’s name of Arabic origin, derived from the words adil meaning “fair,” or “just” and zhan meaning “soul.”  Adilzhan, therefore, means “a fair soul.”

19. Alastor

A Greek boy’s name with a modern vibe, meaning “avenging spirit.”

20. Ahriman

Ahriman is a destructive name that originates from Greater Iran, it means “spirit of evil,” “chaos,” or “destruction.” The Middle Persian equivalent to the name is Ahrimanes.

21. Avallach

A grand and masculine name that is an Arthurian legend name of a Celtic king and means “masculine spirit.”

22. Aatamgosh

This is an impressive Hindu boy’s name meaning “the inner light or soul.”

23. Cheveyo

A charming and heroic Native American boy’s name, meaning “spirit warrior.”

24. Aruzhan

A gorgeous masculine name of Arabic origin, meaning “tender soul.” Aru in the Kazakh language means “pretty,” “beautiful,” “tender,” or “gentle,” while zhan means “soul” in Turkic languages.

25. Chuchip

An adorable and fascinating Native American boy’s name is from the Hopi tribe, meaning “deer spirit.”

26. Espiridion

Espiridion is the Spanish version of the Greek name Spiridion, meaning “little spirit.”

27. Eutimio

Eutimio is the Latinised version of the ancient Greek name Euthymios, meaning “in good spirits,” or “generous,” which is a derivative of the word euthymos, composed of eu meaning “good” and thymos meaning “soul,” or “spirit.”

28. Fravardin

A unique-sounding Arabic boy’s name with an impressive and beautiful meaning. Fravardin derives from the word fravashi meaning “guardian spirit.”

29. Uberto

Uberto is a fancy name that is used among English, Spanish, and Italian speakers. The name originates from Germanic and Old High German, meaning “spirit,” “bright,” or “Shiny,” and derives from the Old High German name Hubert.

30. Ugo

Ugo is a derivative of the Latin name Hugo, meaning “mind,” or “spirit.”

31. Wanageeska

A complex but exotic-sounding English name, meaning “white spirit.”

32. Hewie

Hewie is a quaint and soft-sounding boy’s name of Scottish and German origins, meaning “soul,” “mind,” or “intellect.” The name is also another version of Hewett, Hughie, and Hugh.

33. Hototo

An adorable and charming boy’s name of Native American origin, meaning “warrior spirit who sings.”

34. Spiridion

A trendy and unique boy’s name derives from the Greek word spyridion meaning “basket “ or the Latin word spiritus meaning “spirit.” Other diminutives of the name include Spiro, Spiros, Spyro, or Spyros.

35. Shen

A trendy Chinese boy’s name, meaning “extremely spiritual.”

36. Shug

Shug is the Scottish version of the Old French or Old German name Hugh from Hugues, meaning “soul,” “mind,” or “intellect.”

37. Spyros

Spyros is a Latin and Greek originating name, meaning “spirit,” and “basket.” Spyros is also an alternative form of Spiridon or Spiridion.

38. Hubertus

Hubertus is the Latinised version of the Old German name Hubert, meaning “bright or shining intellect.” Hubert derives from the Old German word huhu meaning “mind,” “thought,” or “spirit” and beraht meaning “bright.”

39. Hudde

Hudde is a French name that roots in the ancient Germanic element hugiz, which means “mind,” “bright in mind and spirit,” heart,” “thought,” “sense,” or “understanding.”

40. Kneph

A unique and adorable boy’s name of Egyptian origin, meaning “spirit.”

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