31 Spectacular Names That Mean Spider

Spiders are a source of pure terror for a lot of individuals out there. However, ever wondered what would happen if all spiders just disappeared? The answer to that question would be, famine.

Yes, you heard me right, as spiders are the primary controllers of pests, without them, all crops would be consumed by pests. Hence, spiders play a crucial role in the food chain, and without them, we would eventually starve.

In addition, spider venom is also beneficial for us, as it can be used as a safer painkiller and could potentially treat strokes, and muscular dystrophy, and used for antivenom in the case of spider bites.

Hence, it is evident that spiders aren’t always the villainous monsters we perceive them to be. They are a species we absolutely cannot do without, and therefore it is high time we recognized these creatures for what they truly are (yes, you can still run to the other side of the room if you see one, but maybe offer a bit of respect where it is due).

Girl Names That Mean Spider

1. Arachne

This gorgeous Greek girl’s name means “spider.” Arachne is also a protagonist in Greek mythology, primarily known by the version of the tale told by the Roman poet Ovid.

2. Lolth

A fabulous fictional name originating from R.A. Salvatore’s “The Dark Elf  Trilogy,” Lolth is the dark elf goddess of spiders and their ruler.

3. Merimange

This beautiful Albanian girl’s name originates from Albania.

4. Octavia

This beautiful name is of Latin origin, meaning “eighth.” Octavia was an ancient Roman name that was also used in Victorian times when naming an eighth child.

5. Aranea

Aranea is a stunning girl’s name of Latin origin. Its literal meaning is “spider.”

6. Aranha

This gorgeous girl’s name originates from Portugal. Aranha is a beautiful name with a soft melodic tone.

7. Anansi

This pretty girl’s name originates from the Central Tano language, Akan. Anansi is Akan means “spider.”

8. Araignee

The name Araignee is the French version of the Greek name Arachne, meaning “spider.” According to Greek mythology, Arachne was the name of the girl who challenged Athena and was thus turned into a spider.

9. Penelope

This elegant-sounding Greek girl’s name means “weaver.” The name can be traced back to the poem “The Odyssey,” which was popular in Greek mythology and famous worldwide.

10. Ariadne

This beautiful name originates from Greek mythology, meaning “most holy.” Ariadne was known for spinning thread and assisted Theseus to escape the Minotaur’s labyrinth, by using her skill.

11. Praachika

A magnificent girl’s name of Hindi origin, meaning “driving,” “falcon,” “long-legged,” and “spider.” A powerful name with a fascinating list of meanings.

12. Maengmum

This Fascinating name choice is a girl’s name originating from Thai. Maengmum is also the name used by the popular Thai-Chinese actress Pimnitchakun Bumrungkit.

13. Hina

An adorable name of Polynesian origin, meaning “spider.”

14. Araneo

This graceful name is of Latin origin. Araneo is a spider species commonly found in caves and has tranquilizing venom. It sure does sound like a force to be reckoned with.

15. Arana

Arana is a simple and adorable Spanish girl’s name meaning  “spider.”

16. Buibui

Buibui is a girl’s name originating from Africa-Swahili, meaning “spider.” Despite its uncommon tone, the name is commonly used in Swahili.

17. Hyna

Hyna is an elegant name of Tongan origin, meaning “spider.” It’s a simple and adorable name.

18. Kokyangwuti

A unique-sounding Native American girl’s name, meaning “spider woman at middle age.” An interesting name indeed.

19. Belva

A melodious Portuguese girl’s name, meaning “wild beast.” Despite its fierce meaning, Belva sure sounds adorable.

Boy Names That Mean Spider

1. Shelob

An interesting name meaning “she spider” from the Westron dialect, which is the fictional language spoken by the protagonist in Tolkein’s novel. Shelob is a combination of two words; she, meaning “female” and lob, meaning “spider.”

2. Ocho

An adorable boy’s name of Spanish origin, meaning “eight.” The name Ocho is associated with spiders because spiders have eight legs.

3. Gagamba

Gagamba is a unique Filipino name that directly translates to “spider.”The name gained popularity due to the award-winning novel of the same name.

4. Ragno

This trendy Italian boy’s name, that directly translates to “spider.” Ragno sure sounds like a total vibe.

5. Otto

This adorable Italian name means “eight,” which is again associated with spiders as they have eight legs.

6. Aragog

A name any Potterhead out there wouldn’t fail to recognize. Indeed, Aragog is the name of the giant venomous spider from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Ara is also derived from the word “arachnid,” which is the class spiders belong to, and Gog is a biblical name meaning “leader.”

7. Gossamer

A unique name originating from Old English, a word used to describe “light and delicate thread,” also referring to “spider threads spun in fields of stubble in late fall.”

8. Cancor

An interesting name of Old High German, which is the earliest stage of the German language. Cancor directly translates to “spider.”

9. Higanbana

A fascinating choice of name, originating from Japan. Higanbana means “red spider lily.”

10. Kumo

An adorable-sounding name of Japanese origin, meaning “spider.”

11. Aranha

A charming name of Portuguese origin, meaning “spider.” It’s a handsome name that is common in Portugal.

12. Ukkashah

A Handsome Arabic boy’s name, meaning “web,” “cobweb,” or “spider web.” A charming name befitting your little prince.

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