85 Solid Names That Mean Stone or Rock

Rocks and stones are not only the foundations of nature, but they are also symbols of strength and perseverance. If you’re like most parents, you’re probably looking forward to watching your baby grow up big and strong. You may also want to see your newborn become an individual who others can lean on. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then why not give your baby a name that means rock?

Maybe you’re looking for a baby name that is associated with the ability to overcome obstacles, or perhaps you’re in search of a unique gem-inspired name. With so many options to choose from, this list contains dozens and dozens of interesting and classic names related to this element of the earth. So, go ahead and explore this gold mine full of baby names that mean rock.

Girl Names That Mean Stone or Rock

Little girls are resilient by nature, making a name that means rock or stone a perfect match. These rock-related names will reflect both the beauty and strength of your newborn.

1. Vala

Vala is a pretty name for a baby girl. This name comes from Welsh origin and means “rock.”

2. Ailin

A unique name of Mapuche origin, Ailin means “rock” and is a feminine choice for your newborn.

3. Terra

Classic and related to mother earth, Terra is a name that has roots in Latin. It means “rock” or “land.”

4. Ashma

Ashma is a baby girl’s name that is quite popular where it originated, in India, however, is uncommon in the United States. This name means “rock.”

5. Pierette

Stemming from French, Pierette is a delicate and classy-sounding name. It means “rock.”

6. Shila

Similar in sound to the more common name, Sheila, Shila is of Indian origin and means “rock.”

7. Iolite

A beautiful feminine name derived from the Greek language, Iolite translates to “violet-colored stone.”

8. Perrin

This unique and uncommon name means “little rock.” Perfect for your little princess, Perrin has roots in the English language.

9. Jetta

A name that carries both a cute and energetic feeling, Jetta is of Greek origin and means “stone from Gaigai.”

10. Novvot

Novvot is a great choice if you want your baby girl to stand out from the crowd. Meaning “rock sugar,” this name is of Uzbek origin.

11. Gemma

Another sweet stone-related name, Gemma is of Italian origin and means “precious stone.”

12. Rochella

Stemming from the French language, Rochella is a stunning name for baby girls. It means “little rock.”

13. Seneca

Seneca is a gender-neutral name that would fit both a baby boy or a girl wonderfully. Coming from Latin, this name means “rocks.” Seneca is also the name of a famous philosopher.

14. Onila

A lyrical name of Spanish origin, Onila means “small rock.”

15. Tarin

Tarin is a name that has roots in Irish. Meaning “rocky hill,” this name is super cute for a baby girl.

16. Taniksha

Derived from Indian origin, Taniksha is a stunning girl’s name that translates to mean “golden stone.” This name is suitable for a gilded little girl.

17. Pratima

A name that is much more common elsewhere than in North America, Pratima is of Indian origin and means “statue.”

18. Torra

A name with Old English roots, Torra is an interesting name for baby girls that means “a high rock.”

19. Shipla

Definitely a name that will stand out, Shipla has Indian roots and can mean “sculpture” or “rock.”

20. Pedra

Timeless and chic, Pedra is a feminine name that means “rock.” This name comes from the Spanish language.

21. Parnel

An adorable name for a newborn girl, Parnel is a feminine name that has roots in Spanish. It means “rock.”

22. Halle

Halle is a sweet choice of name for a down-to-earth baby girl. Meaning “rock,” this name stems from Old Norse.

23. Cairne

Cairne is a distinctive and pretty name that has both Scottish and Celtic ties, Cairne means “a mound of stones.”

24. Carnelian

A floral-sounding name, Carnelian comes from Latin and is the name of a beautiful red stone.

25. Nelka

An adorable choice for parents with cultural links to Poland, where this name originates from, Nelka means “stone” and “warrior.”

26. Tara

Stemming from Irish, Tara is a classic and minimal name that means “rocky hill.”

27. Ailie

Though Ailie is a super cute name, it is relatively uncommon outside of the United Kingdom. With roots in Scottish, this feminine name means “a rocky islet.”

28. Sharon

Sharon is a Hebrew name that never goes out of style. The translation of this name is “rocks of a fertile land.”

29. Petronilla

A lovely name that traces its lineage back to the German language, Petronilla is a baby girl’s name that means “rock.”

30. Lorelei

Lorelei is a lyrical name that is derived from Irish and Gaelic. Meaning, “a lurking rock,” this name reflects both strength and mystery.

31. Eterna

As you may be able to guess from the spelling of this name, Eterna means “eternal” or “everlasting.” The origins of this name are in Latin.

32. Gaia

A name that references the beauty and power of mother earth, Gaia comes from the Greek language and means “rock of the earth.” Gaia is also known as the goddess of earth in Greek mythology.

33. Haldora

Haldora is a feminine name that gives off a regal vibe. Translating to mean “rock of Thor,” this name originated in Old Norse.

34. Nell

Short and sweet, Nell is a baby girl’s name that means “stone” or “river.” The lineage of this name can be traced back to the English language.

35. Ishi

A feminine name that possesses a magical quality, Ishi is of Hindi origin and means “rock.”

36. Chantal

Chantal is a classic girl’s name that first emerged from Europe. The meaning of this name is “stone.”

37. Pernella

Of French origin, Pernella is an astounding name for baby girls that means “rock.”

38. Pinja

A name that you’re unlikely to hear often, Pinja is of Polish origin and means “stone pipe.”

39. Halle

An ever-so-pretty name for a newborn baby girl, Halle comes from Old Norse and means “little rock.”

40. Alaina

Alaina is a popular name for girls. Of German origin, this name means “precious rock.”

41. Shashimani

Shashimani is a name that is certain to impress. Translating to mean “a precious stone,” this name is derived from Indian languages.

42. Sela

A name that rolls right off the tongue, Sela is of Hebrew origin and means “rock.”

43. Even

Though Even is a unisex name, we think it would be charming for a little girl. Meaning “stone” or “rocks,” this name has roots in Hebrew.

44. Tinna

Tinna is an enchanting feminine name that stems from Scandinavia. This name means “stone.”

Boy Names That Mean Stone or Rock

Your newborn boy is sure to grow up big and strong. If you want them to be a person others can lean on, then consider giving them one of these names that mean rock.

1. Haldor

Tough and strong-sounding, Haldor is a masculine name with roots in both Norwegian and Old Norse. It means “Thor’s rock.”

2. Rockwell

Rockwell is a classic name for baby boys that comes from Old English and means “rock spring.”

3. Zuriel

A biblical name, Zuriel is a male name that means “God is my rock.”

4. Halvard

Stemming from Old Norse, Halvard is a manly choice for a newborn boy. The meaning of this name is “rock defender.”

5. Dustin

Dustin is a darling boy’s name that can be traced back to British origin. The meaning of Dustin is “Thor’s stone.”

6. Iwao

Of Japanese origin, Iwao is a unique and masculine name that translates to “rock of life” and “rugged.”

7. Lave

An intriguing name that comes from Hebrew, Lave means “burning rock.” This one is perfect for a little firecracker.

8. Baxton

The roots of the name Baxton can be traced back to the English language. Meaning “brewing stones,” this is a cool name for a little boy.

9. Jabili

An uncommon name in North America, Jabili is of Swahili origin and means “a man who is a strong as a rock.”

10. Kalju

Kalju is a relatively rare boy’s name that comes from Estonia. The meaning of Kalju is “rock,” “boulder,” or “cliff.”

11. Feoras

Unique and striking, Feoras is of Greek origin and means “rock.”

12. Pierce

A stylish choice for a newborn boy, Pierce has roots in Latin and Greek. It means “rock.”

13. Peter

Peter is a timeless male name that stems from the Greek language. The meaning of Peter is “rock.”

14. Sakhir

A wonderful name choice, Sakhir is derived from Arabic and means “a solid rock.”

15. Carrington

Carrington is a fetchy name for little boys. Meaning “rock,” this name stems from Old English origin.

16. Alan

A name that has been given to many famous figures, Alan comes from English origin and means “stone” or “rock.”

17. Gerstein

Gerstein is an uncommon name nowadays, though it was once quite popular. Stemming from the English language, Gerstein means “one who wields a rock.”

18. Keve

A simple yet charming boy’s name, Keve originated in the Hungarian language and means “rock” or “stone.”

19. Kaya

Kaya is a gender-neutral name that can work for boys and girls. Meaning “rock” or “cliff,” this name has roots in Turkish.

20. Chibwe

Chibwe is a traditional South African name for baby boys that means “a big rock or stone.”

21. Callan

A name derived from Gaelic, Callan is a charming and masculine name that means “battle” or “rock.”

22. Safwan

With roots in Arabic, Safwan is a gorgeous name for a newborn boy. The meaning of this name is “rocks.”

23. Hallberg

Hallberg is a name that originated in Sweden. It means “rocky mountain hill” and is definitely a charming choice for a little boy.

24. Harlow

Another name that can be unisex, Harlow is a whimsical name of English origin. It means “rock hill.”

25. Wolfstan

A striking and assertive name, Wolfstan means “the wolf’s stone.” This name is derived from Old English.

26. Artis

Of Celtic origin, Artis is a lovely name for a boy. It means “bear” or “rock.”

27. Ahkra

A super rare and uncommon boy’s name, Ahkra has roots in the Abkhaz language and means “rock” or “strong.”

28. Carrick

Carrick is a pleasant male name. Meaning “rock,” this name has Irish roots.

29. Cephas

Cephas stems from the Aramaic languages. Used as a name in the Bible, this masculine name means “rock” or “foundation.”

30. Craig

Referring to a “crag” rock formation or “steep rock,” Craig is a boy’s name that comes from Irish and Scottish.

31. Clive

A name whose roots can be traced back to Old English, Clive means “rock.”

32. Parkins

Of Greek origin, this delightful baby boy’s name means “rock.”

33. Panos

Panos is an incredibly interesting and trendy name for a little boy. It means “rock” and comes from Greek.

34. Arkaitz

A name with roots in the mysterious Basque language, Arkaitz translates to mean “rock.”

35. Bato

Bato is a name derived from the Filipino language. The meaning of this name is “rock” or “stone.”

36. Iwa

Short but astounding, Iwa is a lovely male name that stems from Japanese and means “rock.”

37. Adra

A fantastical-sounding name, fit for an adventurous baby boy, Adra is of Indian origin and means “rock.”

38. Oystein

Oystein is certainly not a name that you see every day. Meaning “rock of happiness,” this name has its roots in Norweigian.

39. Carique

With roots in both Welsh and Celtic, Carique is a masculine name that means “rock.”

40. Ackley

Ackley is an enchanting name for a baby boy. It means “stone” and stems from the English language.

41. Silu

Silu is a song-like name of Indian origin. The meaning of this masculine name is “rock.”

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