54 Powerful Names That Mean Strong or Strength

A meaningful name is the first gift a parent can give to their child.

Names that mean strong or strength are mighty and exist in many cultures and languages. From lyrical Matilda to fun and quirky Arsenio, we have compiled a list of powerful names that will help bring out your baby’s strength.

Girl Names That Mean Strong or Strength

Whether you want to opt for a unique name like Minka or something inspired by Greek mythology, here is a list of girls’ names inspired by strength.

1. Adira

Easy to roll out of the tongue and yet an attention grabber, Adira is a name to define your bold little girl perfectly. The name has a Hebrew origin meaning “strong” and “noble.” It has a similar meaning in Arabic.

2. Matilda

Matilda is a poetic name of German origin meaning “strength” and “might” the name Matilda is a kids’ favorite since Roald Dahl’s popular novel of the same name came out. If you want your child’s personality to reflect the witty and determined protagonist penned down by Roald Dahl, then Matilda is unarguably the name for you to choose.

3. Audra

Short and crisp, Audra is a sophisticated name that will highlight the powerful personality of your daughter in the chicest way. The name of British origin is said to be immensely popular in Scotland and means “noble strength.”

4. Philomena

A name of Greek origin, Philomena means “lover of strength.” It may sound foreign to one’s ears, but its beautiful meaning and uniqueness make it special. Philomena is associated with many significant personalities, such as the martyred saint of Rome and an Irish woman Philomena Lee who has a book and movie based on her real-life events.

5. Asta

If her shining bright eyes and heavenly face can’t help but remind you what a divine gift your little angel is, then name her Asta. The name has Greek and Danish origins meaning “divine strength” and “starlight,” which will help your baby girl to always aim for the stars and nothing less.

6. Karleen

Nothing better than seeing your little doll empowered and strong-willed. If you want to instill these qualities in your daughter, then naming her Karleen can be the first step. Karleen is a name of German origin meaning “womanly strength” and is said to be the feminization of the name “Karl.”

7. Bedelia

A name as beautiful and unique as Bedelia can be the right fit for your feisty princess. The name is of Celtic-Gaelic origin, meaning “strength,” “powerful,” and “exalted one.” Bedelia has religious significance in Irish mythology, and the name is traced back to the Celtic goddess Brigid who had healing abilities.

8. Casey

An Irish origin name meaning “brave in battle,” Casey represents immense strength and bravery. The name is gender-neutral but can be a perfect choice for your little warrior princess.

9. Kiah

A contemporary name of American origin, Kiah means “strength of god.” The name also has a Hebrew and Welsh origin, meaning “start of the season.” If you are looking for a modern and meaningful name for your baby girl, Kiah is the choice for you.

10. Bridget

Bridget has an Irish-Celtic origin and is a direct variation of the goddess’s name, “Brigid.” It means “strength” and “exalted one.” Bridget is a fantastic name for your little girl, directly honoring the goddess of agriculture and healing in Irish mythology.

11. Mildred

An Anglo-Saxon name of Old English origin, Mildred means “mild strength.” The name is old-fashioned but is now back in trend after the success of The worst witch series on Netflix, where the protagonist has the same name. This name can also be a heartwarming way of paying homage to an old and beloved relative or ancestor.

12. Brianna

The Celtic-origin name Brianna means “strong” and is the female variation of Brian. Quite a few famous people own the name; one example is the dead pool actress Brianna Hildebrand.

13. Minka

A name with Polish and Teutonic roots, Minka is seen as a sign of admiration, intelligence, and strength. Minka means “strong” and “resolute.”

14. Valerie

Bearing a resemblance to the word “valor,” Valerie means “strong and healthy” in Latin. It also means “brave” and “fierce” and originated from many regions such as France, England, Germany, Scandinavia, etc. It is one of the most popular and beautiful names representing strength and self-sufficiency for girls.

15. Gabriella

A Hebrew origin name, Gabriella, is derived from the word Gavri’el, which itself is composed of two words, “gever,” which means “strong,” and “el,” which means “referring to God.” The name originates in Spain and Italy, meaning “God is my strength.” This alluring name rose to fame due to the nerdy and calm Gabriella Montez in Disney’s High School Musical.

16. Valentina

A dreamy name of Latin origin, the name Valentina is derived from the Latin word “valens,” meaning “healthy or strong.” It’s a feminine variation of the Roman name Valentinus and is used in many different languages, such as Italian, Greek, Russian, Croatian, etc.

17. Gertrude

An old-fashioned German name, Gertrude, means “spear” or “strength.” Even though it is currently a unique name, it was immensely popular in the early and mid-20th centuries. Bringing back the old trends is the new fashion, so Gertrude will make a great name for your bundle of joy if you wish to be a trendsetter.

18. Milicent

The vintage name, Milicent, is derived from the German and Old French name Melisende. The name means “strong in work” and represents perseverance and cultivation due to its many European roots.

19. Drew

Even though Drew is a unisex name meaning “strong and manly,” it’s a fitting choice for your little girl due to the sweetness and charm this name comes with. Being strong is an important quality even for girls, and here “manly” depicts strength and bravery, which can also be found in women. Famous American actress Drew Barrymore is a perfect example of this name.

20. Barrett

This German-origin name is immensely popular among Christians and means “strong bear.” The name is unisex but sounds pleasing as a girl’s name. It is also used as a preferable middle name for girls.

21. Etana

A name of Hebrew origin, Etana, means “strength of purpose.” The name means “strong” in Swahili, and an alternate meaning for this name is “dedication.” It is a lovely name for baby girls and is also considered the female variation of the male name Ethan.

22. Alcina

The name Alcina is of Greek origin and is based on a sorceress said to rule over a magical island in Greek mythology. The name means “strong-willed” and is a unique and meaningful choice for your small fairy who enchants everyone with her cuteness.

23. Mahogany

With Spanish origin, Mahogany means “strong.” What makes it different is the derivation of this name from the beautiful-looking mahogany tree, known for its reddish-brown wood. A baby named Mahogany will grow up as beautiful and valued as the tree she’d be named after.

24. Trudy

Having roots in German, the lovely name Trudy means “spear of strength,” helping your baby girl embrace her inner power.

25. Bidu

The fascinating name Bidu is of Irish origin, meaning “strength” or “power,” making it a distinctively unique name for you feisty girl.

Boy Names That Mean Strong or Strength

Everyone wants their boy to be strong enough to take on the world. Below is a list of inspirational names for boys that mean strength.

1. Andrew

A variant of the Greek name Andreas, Andrew means “manly and strong.” It’s been a popular and charming name among boys for decades and will be a perfect fit for your handsome hunk. This name also belongs to everyone’s famous spiderman, Andrew Garfield.

2. Ethan

Sweet and chic, the name Ethan is of Hebrew origin and means “strong and enduring.” It’s one of the most popular names in the USA and can also be spelled as Etan, Eitan, and Eytan.

3. Zale

Zale is a Greek name that means “sea strength.” Like its meaning, the name has a tranquil and calm vibe. The same qualities can be reflected in your child through this name, enabling them to be peaceful at all times yet take up the strong and assertive avatar when required.

4. Arsenio

Having Spanish origin, Arsenio means “strong” and “virile.” The name has a fun, lively vibe to it, and despite sharing a common meaning with many other names, it still manages to maintain its individuality.

5. Narve

Meaning “strong and healthy,” the name Narve has Scandinavian and Dutch origin. This attractive name is still a hidden gem and is not widely used. If you want your child to be one in a million, then Narve is the perfect identity to give to your champ.

6. Imre

A German name meaning “strength,” Imre is a Hungarian name. Unlike its meaning, the name is rarely used and is mainly heard in the country of its origin.

7. Garrett

The name Garret means “spear strength” in Irish origin and is a short and modern name for your strong little man. Garrett was also a famous vampire character in Twilight. Alternates for the name can be Gerrit, Garrick, or Garth.

8. Cornall

A powerful name with the meaning of “strong wolf,” Cornall is a name of Irish origin. Many famous Irish warriors and rulers were named Cornall, making the name admirable and ideal for any little prince.

9. Eyal

Appealing and simplistic, the name Eyal is the perfect choice for modern parents. The name means “might” or “strength” and is of Hebrew origin.

10. Liam

Liam is considered one of the most charming and popular names, thanks to the One Direction fame Liam Payne. It means “strong-willed” and has an Irish origin. It is said to be a shortened version of the Irish name Ulliam and the old Germanic name William.

11. Fermin

This eccentric name is said to be of Spanish and French origin, meaning “strong.” Fermin is based upon a martyred saint of Spain, and the festival of Sanfermines is named in his honor. The name is also derived from the Latin word “firmunus,” meaning “steadfast, strong.”

12. Ezekiel

A unique and sophisticated name, Ezekiel is a name of Hebrew origin derived from the name Yechezquel meaning “to strengthen.” The name Ezekiel itself means “strength of a god.”

13. Kenzo

Kenzo is a Japanese origin name meaning “strong and healthy.” As they say in Japanese, the name is super Kawaii and a chic choice for your sweet little boy.

14. Nero

The Latin name Nero means “strong” and is associated with the famous Roman emperor. With the might and glory this name brings, it’s an ideal choice for your future achiever.

15. Oz

Cool and casual, Oz is a proper name of Hebrew origin. As deceiving as this short name sounds, the meaning is very deep and assertive. Oz means “strength and courage” and is a great choice for parents who want to keep it striking yet meaningful.

16. Chasin

Chasin is an Old Jewish name that means “strong.” It’s an admirable name for young boys and also has a Hebrew origin.

17. Everett

A top vintage pick, Everett is a name of English origin, meaning “strong boar.” The boar in this meaning is not taken in its literal sense but depicts strength and bravery. The name can be used for boys and girls both, but traditionally it was a masculine name.

18. Griffin

One of the top names that depict strength, Griffin is a name of Latin origin meaning “strong lord.” This adorable pick is surprisingly a unisex name; however, it is more popular for boys than girls.

19. Kwan

This Korean name means “strong” and is popular in Asia. The Chinese variant of this name is Guan. The name is stylish and will differentiate your boy from the crowd due to its uniqueness.

20. Zorawar

A name with great influence in the Sikh heritage, Zorawar means “strong and brave.” Zorawar recently gained hype in the UK and was ranked number 962 in 2020 in England.

21. Kano

The Japanese name Kano means “one’s masculine power.” The name also originates in Africa, and its alternate meaning is “capability.” If you envision your child as capable of achieving big things in the future, naming him Kano can be the right start.

22. Ryker

This cool and edgy name has Danish and Dutch origins. It means “brave power” in Danish and “rich” in Dutch. It is said to be the Danish form of Richard and can be spelled Riker as an alternative.

23. Warrick

A German origin name, Warrick means “strong leader who defends.” The name symbolizes strength and commendable leadership qualities. It is an old and noble name and can be a fitting choice for your little man.

24. Quillon

This aesthetic Latin origin name means “strong” or “crossing swords.” It is one of the noble-sounding names on this list and will give your child a sense of self-affirmation and individuality.

25. Auron

Predominantly used as an English name, Auron is of Hebrew origin, meaning “mountain of strength.” The name is said to be an alternative for Aaron and is very popular.

26. Valero

 A rare form of the Spanish name Valerius, the name Valero means “strong.” The name sounds very distinct and modern, making it one of the most loved names for boys.

27. Metin

A name of Turkish origin primarily used for males, Metin means “welding force or authority” and “strong.” It is a name that is widely cherished in the Arabic world and represents immense strength and self-reliance.

28. Egon

The German name Egon has a mighty ring to it and means “strong with a sword,” allowing him to be zealously strengthening.

29. Mandla

The quirky name Mandla has roots in Zulu, meaning “strength.” If you want your little one to stand out in a crowd, then Mandla is a fantastic choice.

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