36 Quirky Names That Mean Suffering

names that mean suffering
names that mean suffering

Suffering and sorrow are a part of life. While many people would wonder why someone would give their child a name that means suffering, the truth is that those who embrace their feelings and overcome their hardships and miseries have a strong spirit.

Names that mean suffering may be inspired by esteemed personalities, things, or places. Whether from a broken heart, death, or solitude, everyone experiences misery and sufferings at one point.

From alluring Desdemona, Greek for “misery,” to mystical Oizys, the goddess of misery, to Benoni, “son of my sorrows,” we have made a list of all the names that mean suffering or misery.

Boys’ Names That Mean Suffering

From names inspired by Arthurian folklore to a river flowing through ancient Greece, here is a list of boys’ names that mean suffering.

1. Devland

The stunning name Devland means “misfortune” and is Irish in origin. It also has roots in Gaelic, meaning “fierce courage.” Devland is a unique name that might just be perfect for your amazing little boy.

2. Acheron

The mystical name Acheron has roots in Greek. This modish name means “river of sorrow,” which gives it a beautifully tragic touch. It is also the name of the Greek river flowing through Thesprotía in Epirus, which was believed to be a portal to the underworld.

3. Tristan

Although this name is primarily used for males, it can also be used for girls. This charming name has deep roots in both, Celtic and Gaelic. Tristan means “sadness,” “sorrow,” and “suffering.” It was also the name of the mythological figure in Arthurian folklore who fell in love with the Irish princess, Iseult.

4. Azrael

Having roots in Arabic, Azrael means “angel of death.” It is said to be the name of an angel in Islamic, Jewish, and Christian religions, who is responsible for taking the souls of the deceased from the earthly realm and bringing them to the afterlife.

5. Achaeus

In Greek mythology, Achaeus is derived from the word “achos,” which means “grief,” “pain,” or “woe.” Achaeus means “griever” and is said to be the name of many mythological figures, including the son of Xuthus and the legendary founder of the Achaean race. Another variation of this enchanting and unique name is Achaios.

6. Jabez

The interesting name Jabez means “painful” and “sorrowful.” It has roots in Hebrew, meaning “he makes sorrowful,” helping him realize that while every path is not smooth, fascinating things can come from challenges and suffering.

7. Benoni

Having roots in the Hebrew language, Benoni has a unique feel of its own. Having been linked to the biblical name Benjamin, it is associated with his painful birth where his mother didn’t survive, leading it to mean “son of my sorrow” or “son of my strength.”

8. Ajax

Having roots in Greek and Latin, the meaning of this gorgeous name is “mourner of the earth.” In Greek mythology, it was the name of a powerful warrior who was famous for his bravery. It also has a meaning linked to the glorious bird of prey, “eagle.”

9. Devlin

Having Irish origins, the sensational name Devlin means “unlucky,” which will help invoke his inner power of perseverance. While luck may not always be on his side, he will surely have your back.

10. Brone

Brone is a pretty name that has Irish origins, meaning “sorrowful.” It is also used as an Irish surname.

11. Drystan

The unique name Drystan is another form of Tristan. It has roots in Welsh and means “full of sorrow.” Even though it has a sad meaning, it will help your baby embark on the road to positivity and strength.

12. Letum

Letum is a Latin name primarily used for boys, but it can also be used for girls. The meaning of this enchanting name is dark yet beautiful, and it means “violent death,” which will help him fight his way through different challenges.

13. Bakar

Of Basque origins, the name Bakar is the masculine version of the feminine name Bakarne. Both name variations mean “alone” or “solitude.”

14. Abaddon

Hebrew in origin, the charming name Abaddon means “doom” or “destruction.” It is an uncommon choice and is mentioned as the name of an angel in the New Testament, making it a good choice for anyone who is into history and religion.

15. Dearil

The lovely name Dearil has roots in Scottish, meaning “call of death” or “red-haired.” Despite its dark meaning, it has a soft ring to it, making it an excellent choice for your little boy.

16. Pechman

The name Pechman has roots in German, meaning “a man with bad luck” or “a man with a bad misfortune.” Either way, it will remind him to find hope amid suffering.

17. Brennan

Brennan has roots in Gaelic, meaning “sorrow” or “sadness.” It also has origins in Irish and Celtic, where it means “raven,” “little drop,” or “prince.” Brennan is undoubtedly a name that represents the beauty of overcoming suffering.

18. Sephtis

Having roots in Persian, the name Sephtis means “eternal death.” Sephtis is a very unusual name and would make a great choice for your little boy if you are looking for something different.

Girls’ Names That Mean Suffering

From poetic Lola to mystical Desdemona, names that mean suffering symbolize strength and perseverance through hardship. Here is a list of fantastic girls’ names that mean suffering, sorrow, or misery.

1. Deirdre

Deirdre is a feminine name of Irish origin, meaning “broken-hearted” or “sorrowful.” In Irish mythology, it was the name of a heroine who faced many tragedies. It is also a popular name choice in many stories of literature, such as in Yeats’ play “Deirdre,” and is a symbol of tragic, doomed love.

2. Lola

The charming name Lola is derived from the Spanish name Dolores, meaning “pain,” “sorrows,” or “sorrowful.” Some cultures also use Lola as a shortened form for Carlota, which means “free man” in German. It is commonly used as a nickname because of its playful and exquisite feel.

3. Naenia

The mystical name Naenia is derived from the Latin word “naenia,” which means “dirge” or “lament.” In Roman mythology, it was also the name of their goddess of death and funerals, who was invoked at the beginning of the Roman year to ward off evil spirits. Naenia is an excellent fit for anyone who loves uniqueness.

4. Dolores

Having roots in Spanish, Dolores means “lady of sorrows.” It is one of the many titles given to the Virgin Mary. In 1930, it was one of the most common names in the US. Harry Potter fans would recognize this as the name of one of the witches, Dolores Umbridge. It is also the name of American actress Addison Timlin and Jeremy Allen White’s daughter.

5. Tristesse

Tristesse is derived from the French word “triste,” which means “sad” or “gloomy,” however, this lovely name is more prevalent in Australia than in France. Tristesse means “sadness” or “melancholy.” It is often used in literature, poetry, and art as a symbol of melancholic emotions, making it perfect for your little drama queen.

6. Mara

A feminine name of Hebrew origin, Mara means “bitter” or “sorrow.” Some cultures associate the name with the Buddhist goddess of death and rebirth, Mara. It is a common name in Netherlands and Spain and is used in literature and art as a symbol of sadness and bitterness.

7. Desdemona

Having roots in Greek, the sweet name Desdemona means “ill-fated,” “unlucky,” and “unfortunate.” It was first used by William Shakespeare in one of his plays as a tragic character who becomes a victim of jealousy. It is used in art and literature as a symbol of jealousy, betrayal, and the destructive power of love.

8. Mallory

With a classical, vintage feel, the gender-neutral name Mallory has roots in French, meaning “unlucky” and “ill-fated.” It can also be used as a surname. Another variant is Malory, which is derived from the Old French word “maloureux,” meaning “ill-fated” or “unfortunate.”

9. Bronagh

The alluring name Bronagh is Irish in origin and is derived from the Irish Gaelic word “brón,” which means “grief” or “sadness.” Another variation of this name is Bronach. An Irish Christian saint from the 5th century is one of this name’s bearers.

10. Marja

With links to various cultures, the sensational name Marja, in Scandinavian, means “sadness from the sea” or “sea of bitterness,” giving it an arcane vibe. In Finnish, Marja means “bitter.”

11. Roimata

With a meaning even more profound than the name itself, the lyrical name Roimata means “tears” or “teardrop,” helping her realize that embracing her emotions is important. It has roots in Maori and is also the name of the famous actress Roimata Fox.

12. Nekane

Of Basque and Spanish origins, the melancholic name Nakane means “sorrows.” It is a chic name with a modern feel to it, which will help her overcome the sorrows and challenges she faces. 

13. Persephone

Having links to Greek mythology, the fascinating name Persephone means “bringer of death” or “bringer of destruction.” In Greek mythology, Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, who was abducted by the god of the underworld and taken to be his queen.

14. Malala

Of Arabic origin, the hauntingly-beautiful name Malala means “sad,” “grief,” or “grief-stricken.” The most famous name bearer of this name is Pakistani women activist and Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousefzai.

15. Oizys

Having roots in ancient Greek, Oizys means “pain,” “misery,” “distress,” and “suffering.” In Greek mythology, it was the name of the deity of misery, affliction, and grief, who was often described as a winged spirit.

16. Banshee

Connected to Old Irish, the quirky name Banshee means “female spirit that brings death by shrieking or wailing” or “woman of the fairy mound.” It is associated with the mythological creature in Irish folklore and fairy tales.

17. Aven

Having a vast number of meanings, the lovely name Aven has roots in Gaelic. It means “sorrowful,” “woeful,” and can also mean “force,” “riches,” or “Iniquity.”

18. Bakarne

The feminine version of the male name Bakar, the gorgeous name Bakarne means “alone,” “solitude,” or “loneliness” in Basque. This exquisite name will help her realize how to face life’s challenges alone.

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