71 Deliciously Pleasant Names That Mean Sweet

Endearing and delicious sounding, names that mean sweet are gentle and filled with kindness, making it a great choice for your little bundle of joy.

From unique names like Abhivachan to more common ones like Rihanna, we have made an extensive list of names that mean sweet.

Whether you want something inspired by Greek mythology or a more modern gender-neutral name, take a look at the names listed below.

Boy’s Names That Mean Sweet

Enticing and poetic, names inspired by all things sweet are from various languages. From Usochi to Azeeb, here are some fantastic names for your boy that mean sweet.

1. Azeeb

Originating from Urdu, this charming name means “sweet” or “fresh.” This unique and adorable name will help him embrace his sweet personality.

2. Lennan

The name Lennan has connecting roots to an Irish background. This short and simple name means “sweetheart” or “lover.”

3. Blazh

This elegant name is derived from the Norman region, meaning “a boy who is sweet” or “a boy who is pleasant.”

4. Carmelo

Obtained from the Hebrew language, this stunning name also has intertwining roots in Spanish and Italian. Carmelo is a fascinating choice that means “fruit garden” as well as “orchard.” And it would be a great option for your little one’s sweet personality.

5. Darlen

Rooting back to the Native Americans, this adorable name is perfect for your little one with a soft and sweet side. Darlen means “sweet man” or “darling.”

6. Istu

Derived from the Native-American word for sugar, this cute name means “sweetness” and “sweet.” It is not a popular name making it a great choice for your unique little boy who has made your life even sweeter.

7. Usochi

Obtained from the Igbo language and having roots in Africa, this unique name means “the sweetness of God.”

8. Ratul

This charismatic name is derived from the Indian word for “sweet.” Ratul means “sweetness.” It is a common name in India, including the name of the actor Ratul Sharma.

9. Hannan

From Arabic origins, the name Hannan means “sweet.” It also represents kindness, compassion, and tenderness.

10. Felix

The name Felix has roots in the Latin word “felix,” meaning “fruitful.” This soft and gentle name is one of the best options to consider for your little one. It also means “happy,” “lucky,” and “cheerful.”

11. Eden

Even though this name is primarily used for boys, it can also be used for girls. This charming name is derived from Hebrew and means “delight.”

12. Jarah

The name Jarah, having Hebrew origins, means “sweetness,” “God gives sweetness,” or “honeycomb,” making it a great choice for your baby boy to help him enhance his sweet soul.

13. Lazeez

The name Lazeez has Arabic origins, meaning “one who is pleasant” or “delightful.”

14. Anish

Having Sanskrit origins, the short and smart name Anish means “sweetness” and “pleasant.” It also means “supreme.” Whether you want him to be sweet, pleasant, or supreme, Anish is a fantastic choice.

15. Ediline

Originally from German, the alluring name Ediline means “one who is polite” or “one who is soft-hearted,” traits that make up a sweet person.

16. Drury

Having French origins, the energetic name Drury means “sweetheart” or “dear one.” It is mainly used as a last name.

17. Karam

This adorable Muslim name means “generous” and “giving,” which will surely boost his good spirit and sweetness.

18. Clemente

Originating from French, this unique name means “sweet-tempered” and “forgiving,” serving as a reminder for him to be merciful.

19. Dawsey

Having roots in the Old English words “douce” and “dowce,” the charming name Dawsey means “soft” and “sweet.”

20. Coco

The chic and snazzy name, Coco, has French origins. Although this is primarily a boys’ name, it can also be used for girls. It is a great choice for your little one, helping him reflect his sweet personality because of its connection to the chocolate bean, “cocoa.”

21. Abhivachan

Connected to Indian roots, this interesting name means “sweet or good words,” empowering him to be victorious by the mere use of words.

22. Abiq

Taken from the Arabian language, Abiq means “a sweet fragrance” or “pleasant scent,” allowing him to represent his sweet self in the best way.

23. Deucalion

Deucalion means “sweet sailor.” Inspired by Greek mythology, Deucalion was the name of various characters, including the son of Prometheus and Deucalion, son of Zeus. It was also the name of the soldier who Achilles killed.

24. Neshvee

The delightful name Neshvee has roots in the Indian language, which means “sweet” and “pleasant.”

25. Manju

This sensational Indian unisex name is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “pleasant” or “sweet.”

26. Namon

Originating from the Hebrew language, this unique and unusual name is a fantastic choice for your little one helping him embrace his pleasantly sweet personality. Namon means “the pleasantness of a person” or “the pleasant personality of a person.”

27. Quanah

Although this name is primarily used for boys, it can also be used for girls. Having Native-American origins, this elegant name means “fragrant” or “sweet-smelling.”

28. Todor

Derived from the Greek name Theodore, this sensational name represents the meaning of “a pleasant gift from God,” which might be fitting to name your child as your child is a pleasant gift, and you’ll get reminded of that every time you look at your little man.

29. Madhuram

The Hindi-originated name Madhuram meaning “sweetest person” or “a pleasant person,” is a popular choice in India.

30. Sliden

Originating from English, the quirky name Sliden means “inquisitive,” “pleasant,” and “natured.”

31. Anas

Having Lebanese origins, this stunning name means “a sweet companion” or “sweet friend.” This name also represents one of the great companions of The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and is a popular choice amongst Muslims.

32. Ivan

This name has different variations in the Hebrew and Russian languages. In Hebrew, it means “God’s gracious gift,” while in Russian, it means “God’s sweet gift.” Either way, this alluring name holds a lovely meaning, making it a perfect choice for your bundle of joy.

33. Aamod

From Indian origin, the gorgeous name Aamod means “pleasant,” “rejoice,” or “acceptance,” making it a sweet name to pick out for your child.

34. Amodin

Having Indian origins, the pretty name Amodin means “pleasant aroma,” “sweet fragrance,” or “pleasingly scented.”

35. Anjish

A name common amongst Hindu boys, Anjish has roots in Hindi. This endearing name means “sweet,” “nice,” and “pleasant,” making it a perfect choice for your sweet little boy.

36. Milosz

The appealing name Milosz has roots in Slavic. Milosz means “pleasant one,” “dear one,” or “sweet one.” Help him bring out his sunny sweet side by giving him this awesome name.

37. Susmit

Susmit is a great name having Indian origin. It means “one who has a pleasant smile” or “a boy with a sweet laugh.” It is one of India’s most popular names.

38. Jovils

Generally used for Christian boys, the enchanting name Jovils is of Indian origin. It means “someone who is sweet,” “a person who is pleasant,” or “a pleasant, restless being.” So if your little one is full of energy and life, this will be a great pick for him.

39. Pablo

The fascinating name Pablo has Spanish origins. It means “small” or “humble.” An exceptional name such as this is sure to make an impact and help him appreciate his sweet and humble personality.

40. Vinay

The sophisticated name Vinay has Indo-Aryan/Indo-European origins, and it means “sweet,” “polite,” and “humble,” making it a fine choice for your boy.

Girls’ Names That Mean Sweet

If you are looking for a cute and appealing name for your daughter, here is a list of girls’ names that mean sweet.

1. Myra

The dreamy name Myra has Greek origins meaning “sweet-smelling oil.” It also has roots in Sanskrit, meaning “beloved and admirable.”

2. Laia

The lyrical name Laia, with a pleasing ring to it, has origins in Spanish and Catalan, meaning “sweet speaking.”

3. Rihanna

The mellifluous Arabic name Rihanna means “sweet basil.” It also has roots in Irish, meaning “great queen.” Robyn Rihanna Fenty NH is a famous Barbadian singer, actress, and businesswoman.

4. Maire

Appealing and endearing, Maire is derived from the Finnish word mairea, which means “sweet.” It also has Irish roots, meaning “sweet,” “drop of the sea,” or “bitter.”

5. Pamela

Harmonious and having a rich background in literature, Pamela originated from Greek and was first used in the 16th century by Sir Philip Sidney. It became hugely popular after Samuel Richardson’s novel “Pamela.” This exotic name means “honey” or “all sweetness.”

6. Mellona

Charming and enchanting, Mellona was the Roman goddess of bees and bee-keeping, responsible for taking care of and protecting the sweetness of honey. Originating from Latin, Mellona means “honey.”

7. Vevina

The lyrical name Vevina has roots in Scottish, meaning “sweet lady.” Vevina can be found in Scottish poetry.

8. Nemy

Originating from Africa, Nemy means “sweet,” fitting for your delightful little girl.

9. Roanna

Having roots in Latin, Roanna means “sweet,” helping your girl embrace her sweet personality.

10. Dulcie

Dating back to the Roman Empire, Dulcie is as sweet of a name as can get. This unique name is derived from the Latin word “dulcis,” which means “sweet.” It is also the Spanish word for candy. Other variations are Dulcia or Dulcinea.

11. Melina

Originating from the Greek word “meli,” meaning “sweet,” the poetic name Melina means “the one who is sweet as honey.”

12. Chan

With a soft and alluring feel to it, Chan means “sweet-smelling tree.” It has roots in Cambodia. Chan is a unisex name and can be used for both a girl and a boy.

13. Rosamel

Primarily a girl’s name, Rosamel, can also be used for naming your baby boy. This French name is mainly used as a surname, meaning “rose and honey.”

14. Habiba

The captivating name Habiba has roots in Arabic, meaning “beloved,” “sweetheart,” or “darling,” perfect for your beloved little sweetheart.

15. Naamah

Having roots in Hebrew, the lovely name Naamah means “sweetness,” “grace,” or “beauty.” It is also the name of a place in the Jordan Valley and is mentioned in the Bible as the name of one of the daughters of King Ammon, who was also the wife of Solomon.

16. Darva

Originating from Slavic, Darva means “honeybee” or “sweet.”

17. Nidia

Having a soft feel to it, Nidia originates from Greek, meaning “possessor of sweetness and grace.” It also has roots in Latin, meaning “a safe place or nest.”

18. Melissa

Having roots in Greek, Melissa is derived from the word “meli,” meaning “honey.” In Greek mythology, Melissa was the name of a nymph who nursed the infant god Zeus with honey. This enchanting name can be found in several notable works of literature, some of which are written by Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, and Lawrence Durrell.

19. Pamina

The Italian name Pamina means “little honey.” People started naming their daughters Pamina after Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute.” It is also derived from the Greek “pammenis,” meaning “night of the full moon.”

20. Eulalia

The fascinating name Eulalia has roots in Greek, meaning “sweetly speaking,” giving rise to her melodious voice. It is also the name of the patron saint of Barcelona, Saint Eulalia. Another variant spelling is Eulalie, which is also the title of the poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

21. Sadbh

The fascinating name Sadbh originates from Irish, meaning “goodly” or “sweet.” In Irish mythology, Sadhbh was the mother of Oisín, the greatest poet of Ireland and a warrior of the Fianna.

22. Zusa

With a creative spark to it, Zusa means “sweet.” It has roots in Yiddish and will surely bring out her sweet aura from within, enlightening every one’s hearts.

23. Candy

The adorable name Candy has roots in English, meaning “sweet,” helping her enhance her sweet personality.

24. Shirin

Shirin, or Shireen, is a Persian name meaning “sweet.” It is commonly used in Muslim families to name their lovely daughters.

25. Anika

The Sanskriti name Anika means “graceful,” “brilliant,” or “sweet-faced,” helping her bring out her sweet nature.

26. Nazanin

Popular across Middle Eastern and Asian countries, the appealing name Nazanin means “sweetheart.” The name has roots in Persian and is common amongst Muslim girls. Another variant spelling is Nazenin.

27. Asel

The Turkish name Asel means “honey.” Let her be sweet and pure like honey by giving her this lovely name.

28. Hulda

Originating from the Swedish “huld,” meaning “sweet” and “lovable,” Hulda is a marvelous choice for your baby girl. It also has roots in Hebrew, meaning “weasel.”

29. Ihanelma

Originating from the Finnish word ihana and dating back to the early 20th century, the delightful name Ihanelma means “lovely and sweet.”

30. Pipaluk

The quirky name Pipaluk has roots in Greenlandic, meaning “sweet little thing.” If you are looking for a unique name, Pipaluk is a perfect choice.

31. Xalwo

The unique name Xalwo is the name of a Somalian dessert, which is why this charming name means “sweet” or “halwa.”

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