40 Thriving Names That Mean Three or Third

names that mean three
names that mean three

Throughout history, good things have often come in threes. Maybe you have a third child on the way, or perhaps three is your favorite number. Whatever your reasoning may be, there are plenty of names to choose from if you’re in search of a name that means third or three.

From Hirune to Silas, there are dozens of names related to the number three on this list. While some are inspired by divinity and the concept of the holy trinity, others are related to the third-born child. Some of these names are even associated with kings and monarchies. If you’re looking for a unique name for your newborn, you’re certain to find some promising options on this list.

Girl Names That Mean Three or Third

Need a name for your third child? Or maybe you’re in search of a pretty name that means three for your daughter. Check out these choices.

1. Kunto

An amazing and unique name for a little girl, Kunto is of African origin. The meaning of this name is “third born”.

2. Hirune

Lovely and classic, Hirune is a feminine name that has roots in the Basque language. Meaning “three” or “trinity,” Hirune is suitable for a third-born baby.

3. Tertia

Of Latin origin, Tertia is a timeless baby girl’s name. It means “born third”.

4. Trivena

Derived from Indian origin, Trivena is a beautiful and feminine name that means “where the three rivers meet”.

5. Debotri

Debotri is an interesting and unusual girl’s name. Of Hindu origin, this name means “submitted to the three gods”.

6. Miya

Of Japanese origin, Miya is an adorable female name that translates to mean “three arrows”.

7. Irune

Irune is an enchanting girl’s name. Stemming from the mysterious Basque language, Irune is a feminine name that means “trinity”.

8. San

San is a delightful name that is suitable for a baby girl or a baby boy. The meaning of this name is “three” and it has origins in the Chinese language.

9. Gamma

A stunning name for a newborn girl, Gamma means “the third letter”. It is of Greek origin.

10. Trinity

Trinity is a pretty girl’s name. Stemming from Latin, Trinity means “triad”.

11. Shalisha

Shalisha is an uncommon name of Hebrew and Christian origin. The meaning of this name translates to “three”.

12. Idowu

Stemming from the Nigerian Yoruba language, Idowu means “the third child”.

13. Shalice

Shalice is a song-like name for a little girl. Meaning “the third queen.” Shalice is a Hebrew name fit for a little princess.

14. Tatu

Derived from African Swahili, Tatu is a delightful name that means “third born”.

15. Jemima

Of Hebrew origin, this classic name has the meaning “one of three daughters”.

16. Mikazuki

Mikazuki is a stunning name that has roots in Japanese. It means “moon of the third night”.

17. Terza

Terza is one of the rarer names on this list. Meaning “three” and “third,” this is a feminine name of Italian and Cornish origin.

18. Thrithika

A striking baby girl’s name that is derived from Kannada, Thrithika is translated to mean “the meeting of three goddesses”. This name is suitable for a divine and angelic baby.

19. Triana

Meaning “three rivers,” this melodic name is an enchanting choice for a little one. Triana is a name derived from Roman origin.

20. Kenzo

The name of a prominent fashion brand, Kenzo is a Japanese name for girls that means “humble” and “three”.

21. Miki

The meaning of the name Miki is “three trees”. This earthy name is derived from the Japanese language.

22. Tressa

Another Cornish name to make this list, Tressa is a feminine name that means “third”.

Boy Names That Mean Three or Third

If it’s a masculine name that you’re looking for, take a gander at this selection of boy names that mean three or third.

1. Almelon

An ancient and powerful name for a little boy, Almelon means “the third king”. This name originated in the Babylonian language.

2. Gordon

A classic name that is both boyish and refined, Gordon means “from the three-cornered hill”. It is of English origin.

3. Geryon

Meaning “three,” this vintage name stems from Ancient Greek. It’s a great choice for fans of Greek mythology.

4. Silas

Silas is a sweet and mysterious-sounding boy’s name. Meaning “three” or “third,” this name is derived from Biblical origin.

5. Renzo

Of Japanese origin, Renzo is an adorable name for a baby boy that means “third link” or “third son”. Perfect for a family of boys.

6. Trilok

Meaning “the three worlds,” this interesting and unique name is of Hindu origin and is intended to be given to baby boys.

7. Nahiossi

Probably one of the rarest names on this list, Nahiossi is of Native American origin. Stemming from the Cheyenna language, this pretty name means “one who has three fingers”.

8. Mensah

Mensah is a masculine name that means “he who is born third”. A name that is ideal for a third-born son, Mensah is of Egyptian and Hebrew origins.

9. Mitsuo

A delicate and grounded name for a little boy, Mitsuo is of Japanese origin and means “three,” “third,” and “shining light”.

10. Nivik

A divine name for your newborn prince, Nivik means “the meeting point of three rivers”. This name is derived from Hebrew origin.

11. Ottah

Similar to the name Otto, Ottah is a precious name for a boy. This masculine name means “third born” and it originated in Egypt.

12. Tercero

A name with roots in Spanish and Latin, Tercero means “the third part” or “third element”.

13. Charchika

An uncommon Hindu name, Charchika means “third eye” and is a great name for parents who participate in the Hindu faith.

14. Trey

A modern name that is set to make a comeback, Trey means “three” and originated in the English language.

15. Nainesh

Nainesh is a lovely boy’s name with roots in Indian languages. Meaning “God’s third eye,” this name is especially suitable for spiritual families.

16. Saburo

Of Japanese origin, Saburo is a captivating name for a baby boy. This name means “the third son”.

17. Balta

A masculine name that seems to roll off the tongue, Balta is of Greek origin and means “one of three kings”. Perfect for a third addition to your family.

18. Tri

With roots in Indonesian, Tri is a baby boy’s name that translates to mean “three” or “third”.

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