55 Disturbingly Cute Names That Mean Trouble

names that mean trouble
names that mean trouble

Giving your child a name that implies trouble may seem weird and hilarious. Still, there’s no denying that kids with fiery personalities are entertaining (and exhausting, we won’t argue that). Your charming angels might be causing mischief and playing adorable little tricks. So why not make it more amusing by giving them clever aliases or names?

It will be more entertaining to observe and help develop the ability to let loose and have fun occasionally, even as an adult. We have a list of the funniest, cunningest trickster names. Whether it’s the title of a trickster god from Norse mythology, Native American belief, or its various more contemporary forms, we’ve got you covered.

Girl Names That Mean Trouble

Take a look at the following list of girl names that mean trouble.

1. Keres

This feminine name is of Greek origin, which means “evil spirits” or “death spirits.” It also means “trouble” because, in Greek mythology, these goddesses embodied brutal death or were drawn to extinction on the battlefield.

2. Flurry

Of American English origin, this name means “to become agitated or troubled.” It also has roots in Irish which means “blooming” or “in bloom,” and in Latin, which means “goddess of flowers.”

3. Nevolja

The different Croatian name, Nevolja, means “trouble,” “tribulation,” or “misfortune.” It also has Slavic origin, which means “will of the will,” so naming your little girl this name can turn misfortune into fortune.

4. Lijen

Lijen is of Frisian language (West Germanic language) origin, meaning “trouble.” People with this name have independent, outgoing, and creative personalities.

5. Hada

This delicate name, Hada, is of Estonian origin, which means “trouble.” It has also roots in Hebrew and German, meaning “she who radiates joy,” and has a variant form, “Ada,” in English and Spanish.

6. Guai

This uncommonly used girl name has Corsican origin, which means “trouble.” It also originates in the Chinese meaning “devil” or “ghost.”

7. Masalah

Of Indonesian or Malay origin, Masalah is a female name that means “trouble.” This name represents bravery, independence, determination, and sincerity.

8. Shida

This name is actually a boy’s name. Still, it is also used as a girl’s name, which originated in Swahili. Shida means “trouble” or “difficulty,” People with this name are industrious, workaholics, and organized.

9. Acantha

Acantha is a feminine flower name of Greek origin that means “thorny” or “prickle.” Though the name doesn’t directly mean “trouble,” Acantha’s synonym is “rough,” which can also correlate to trouble.

10. Alea

This name is a variation of the womanly name “Aleah” and is of Italian origin, meaning “risk” or “hazard.” It also originates from Arabic and Persian language that implies “exalted” or “God’s being.”

11. Aleela

Aleela is a soft name from the Swahili language that means “she cries” or also indirectly means “in trouble.” It also has roots in French, Armenian, and Arabic, with meanings “noble,” “light-bearer,” and “soft, delicate.”

12. Briar

The female name “Briar” is of English origin, meaning “a thorny patch” or “thorny bush of wild roses.” We know that encountering thorns can also mean “trouble,” Briar is also considered a popular nature name.

13. Deirdre

Deirdre is a famous first name for a woman of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “broken-hearted” or “sorrowful.” In Celtic legend, Deirdre is the prettiest woman in Ireland.

14. Leah

Of Biblical or Hebrew origin, Leah is a girl’s name that means “delicate” or “weary.” In the Old Testament, Leah is considered the most famous biblical matriarch.

15. Dolores

This name originated from the Spanish meaning “lady of sorrows” or “pain.” Dolores became the 13th most famous girl’s name in the US and is considered one of the many names given to the Virgin Mary.

16. Amelia

Amelia is of Latin origin that, primarily means “work,” and can also represent a hardworking personality. However, it is also the name of the famous rebel in history, Amelia Earhart.

17. Jinx

Jinx is of English origin and means “attracting bad luck,” and we know lousy luck means trouble. It is also a unisex name that means “magic charm.”

18. Rebel

This gender-neutral firm name is of English origin, meaning “defiant person” or “a trouble-causing person who opposes rules or authorities.” This is a sweet name for your young lady who enjoys debating.

19. Ophelia

Ophelia is a beautiful woman’s name of Greek origin that means “help,” and asking for help can also imply trouble. This name also means “benefit” and was first used in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

20. Desdemona

Of Greek origin, this delicate name means “ill-starred” or “prone to trouble and misfortune.” This name was first used in Shakespeare’s Othello.

21. Pandora

The gender-neutral name Pandora is of Greek origin that is associated with “curses or trouble.” It is mainly used for girls since it means “all gifted.”

22. Pickle

Pickle is a girly naughty name of English origin, meaning “a difficult situation,” which can also imply trouble. The Middle Dutch word pickle refers to “a food item preserved in vinegar or brine.” This name is perfect for parents looking for a bad food-related name.

Boy Names That Mean Trouble

Names that mean “trouble” have surprisingly a long list of boy names that are pleasing and inspiring.

1. Breaker

Breaker is a great masculine name of English origin that means “troublemaker” or “destroyer.” It also means “a wave that makes white foam on the shore.”

2. Danger

The name Danger is a boy’s name of French origin that means “troublemaker.” In its English-American head, Danger means “one who takes great risks.” People with this name are destined to live a life of adventure.

3. Drefan

Of Anglo-Saxon origin, this incredible masculine name means “trouble.” People with the name Drefan are usually Christian and naturally interested in helping other people.

4. Fox

This name is of English origin, meaning “troublemaker,” and it is also known as the wild animal in a dog family. Fox usually represents a sly or cunning personality.

5. Heman

Heman is a name of Hebrew or Biblical origin meaning “their trouble,” “golden yellow,” and “faithful.” In Old German, Heman also means “fatherland.” People with this name are introverted and self-sufficient.

6. Jacan

Of Hebrew origin, Jacan is a manly biblical name that means “trouble.” People with Jacan as their name are independent, generous, confident, and brave.

7. Tristan

Tristan is also a gender-neutral name of Celtic origin, meaning “noise,” “sad,” or “melancholy.” This name is mainly used for boys because, in Arthurian folklore, it is a legendary character who fell in love with an Irish princess.

8. Ado

Of German and English origin, Ado is a masculine name that means “heightened fuss,” “trouble,” “awe-inspiring,” and “noble.” People with this name are energetic, determined, and courageous.

9. Woe

This valiant name, Woe, is of English origin, which means “a condition of deep suffering from misfortune” or “ruinous trouble.” Woe is used chiefly to describe Wednesday in the Netflix series with the same name. The name Woe also invokes cheeriness, companionship, and empowerment.

10. Travail

Of Anglo-French and Latin origin, Travail is an intense manly name from tribalism (where criminals are tortured). Travail means “agony,” “torment,” or “to labor hard,” but it also embodies a person who is hardworking and resilient. 

11. Hubbub

Hubbub is of Irish origin that means “uproar,” “chaos,” or “turmoil,” which are also synonymous with trouble. This name is perfect for little boys who are pesky and playful.

12. Harry

The charming name Harry is of English origin, which means “to torment by” or “to make a destructive raid.” In its Old German origin, Harry means a “home leader” and is mainly used as a nickname for Henry and Harold. Harry is the name of the famous fictional boy wizard, Harry Potter.

13. Pester

Of English, Dutch, and German origin, Pester is a boy’s name that means “to harass with petty irritations” or “to annoy or to cause trouble.” The name is suitable for baby boys who are adorably annoying and loud.

14. Smite

The captivating name, Smite, is of English origin that means “to attack injuriously” or “to strike sharply.” Smite also implies “to captivate” or “take” in instances like when you are “smitten” by someone’s charm.

15. Vex

This influential name is of Middle English, Anglo-French, and Latin origin, meaning “to bring trouble” or “to bring physical distress.” However, Vex in other countries like Africa and Qatar means “powerful” or “power.”

16. Irk

Of Middle English origin, Irk is a dexterous masculine name that means “to make weary or irritated” and “source of annoyance.” People whose name is Irk are perceived as honorable, unique, and persistent.

17. Bezdis

The uncommon manly name, Bezdis, originated from Albania, which means “trouble.” People with this name are often intense, independent, ambitious, and courageous.

18. Arger

Of German origin, Arger is a vigorous boy’s name meaning “trouble.” A person with this name embodies a stable, determined, and hardworking attitude in life.

19. Baj

Baj is a daring gender-neutral name of Hungarian origin that means “trouble.” It is also of English origin that means “beige.” Baj, as a name, entails an intelligent and optimistic personality.

20. Guiao

The name Guiao is of Italian origin, meaning “trouble,” while in its Portuguese origin, Guiao means “script.” Boys with this name are highly competitive, confident, and studious.

21. Kasamok

Kasamok is a Hiligaynon word or name that means “trouble” or “turmoil.” This name also embodies a sociable and loud person.

22. Arazoak

This name is of Basque origin, which means “trouble” or “problem.” It is also a variation of the name Arazouk and Arazoa, and people with this name are naughty, cheerful, and peacemakers.

23. Problemer

Problemer is of Danish origin, meaning “trouble,” “problem,” and “difficult to deal with.” This name is perfect for baby boys who are mysterious and challenging.

24. Gulo

The tricky word or name Gulo came from Filipino origin, meaning “trouble.” It is also a gene of the family Mustelidae or wolverine species. Gulo is the best name for people who are astounding and energetic.

25. Sorun

Sorun is a rare name of Turkish origin that means “difficulty” or “trouble.” Sorun also has roots in Latin and is the variant form of Soren, a Scandinavian and English name. Persons with this name have distinct and righteous natures.

26. Abaddon

This Biblical name is of Hebrew origin, which means “destructive one” or “place of destruction.” Abaddon is also considered in the bible as the “Angel of Death” and “King of Locus Army,” so having this name connotes having a troubling yet adventurous journey.

27. Asani

Asani is a boy’s name that came from Swahili-speaking countries which means “rebellious,” and we know that being rebellious or having this nature can cause trouble. Asani is a unisex name used chiefly for males in African countries.

28. Dagger

The badass name Dagger is of English origin, which means “a sharp pointed knife for stabbing,” and having this tool can implicate trouble. This name might be a difficult choice for parents, but Dagger symbolizes a tool that can protect your child in this cruel world.

29. Crash

Crash is a boy’s name of Middle English origin, meaning “to break violently” or “to move toward aggressively,” This scenario clearly indicates trouble. However, Crash in Brazil origin means “snake” and “advisor” in American origin.

30. Devlin

Of Irish origin, Devlin is a male’s name that means “unlucky” or “descendant of the unlucky one,” which is also trouble given its meaning. However, this name’s earliest written record happened in the thirteenth century, when an O’Devlin was appointed Bishop of Kells in 1211.

31. Ephai

Ephai is of Biblical Hebrew origin that means “gloomy,” “coverer,” or “darkling.” This name is also an alternative for the names Eli and Elijah. It is believed that people with this name are optimistic, outgoing, inspiring, and expressive.

32. Gulliver

This whimsical name is of Irish origin, meaning “glutton,” and having this trait means trouble and misfortune. Gulliver is the fictional Englishman who travels to the land of Lilliput in the novel by Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels.

33. Hamill

Hamill is a manly name of Old English origin meaning “scarred,” In ancient times, having a scarred face meant trouble, sorrow, and misfortune. However, this name also entails resiliency and bravery.

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