38 Stunning Names That Mean Twilight

Twilight, in the literal sense, refers to the period of the day between daylight and darkness when “twilight” is visible, which is the soft glowing light from the sky that appears when the sun is below the horizon, caused by the reflection of the sun’s rays from the atmosphere. It is a magnificent sight and a magical time of the day, as despite the sun not being above the horizon, a glow still permeates the air, created by the scattering of the sun’s rays by the Earth’s atmosphere.

Twilight is indeed a distinctive time of the day as it signifies the ending of one day and the beginning of another, when the sun rises and when it sets. It also symbolizes the cycle of life, as twilight represents the death of a day while dawn represents the birth of a new day.

Twilight would indeed make a stunning and meaningful choice of name for your little one. While the distinctive nature of the meaning of such a name itself makes them worthwhile considerations, one cannot ignore how stunningly gorgeous some of these names are. Indeed names meaning “twilight” are strikingly beautiful, which is an added perk. So do check out this fabulous list of names that mean “twilight.”

Girl Names That Mean Twilight

This list offers a range of gorgeous girl names that mean “twilight,” do check them out

1. Sandhiya

Sandhiya is a gorgeous girl’s name of Hindu origin, meaning “Evening,” “Twilight,” or “dusk.” Another variation of the name is Sandhya.

2. Balasandhya

This unique-sounding name is a beautiful girl’s name of Indian origin. Balasandhya means “Early twilight” in Hindi.

3. Lycoris

A  gorgeous Greek girl’s name that means “twilight.” Lycoris is a commonly used name among English speaking countries.  Another spelling variation of the name includes Licoris. Lycoris is also a genus of the plant family Amaryllidaeae.

4. Sandhya

A beautiful Hindu girl’s name, meaning “twilight,” or “born at twilight.” A very popular name among the Hindu community.

5. Sayantani

This elegant name is of Bengali origin and means “evening” or “twilight.”

6. Shaevari

This is a unique-sounding popular Hindu girl’s name, meaning “the night,” or “night queen.”

7. Dwabha

A trendy and beautiful girl’s name of Hindu origin, meaning “twilight.”

8. Tinuviel

Tinuviel is the elf princess in J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium. It is a Sindarin name given to her by her mortal lover Beren.  Tinuviel means “daughter of twilight,” or “nightingale.”

9. Sepida

An uncommon girl’s name of Arabic or Persian origins, meaning “morning twilight,” “dawn,” or “the time in the morning before sunrise when the sky starts to become light.”

10. Sandhyaraga

A lovely choice of name that refers to the “colour of twilight.” A gorgeous name of Sanskrit origin.

11. Samar

A gorgeous Arabic girl’s name that means “evening conversation.” Samar is pronounced similarly to the English word summer. Samar is a popular name in Islamic culture, another meaning associated with the name is “the night and its blackness.”

12. Sayoko

A gorgeous name of Japanese origin, meaning “evening child,” which is a derivative of the Japanese word Sayo. Sayoko is a popular name among the Japanese.

13. Speda

A trendy name of Arabic or Persian origin, meaning “dawn,” “morning dawn,” or “morning twilight.” Speda is a variant of the Persian girl name Sepideh.

14. Nishadi

Nishadi is a beautiful  girl’s name of Hindi origin, meaning “twilight.”

15. Dawnika

Dawnika is a gorgeous and elegant name of Old English origin, meaning “the first appearance of light,” or “daybreak.” Dawnika is the trendy version of the name Dawn.

16. Waipshwa

A unique-sounding female name of North American Indian origin, meaning “daybreak,” or “dawn.”

17. Shashikaanta

An impressive name of Hindi origin, meaning “twilight.” Shashikaanta is a name commonly used among the Hindu community.

18. Sayantani

Sayantani is a popular Hindu girl’s name, meaning “twilight.”

19. Twyla

A stunning English girl’s name that refers to “twilight,” or “early evening.” Other variations of the name include Twila, Tuwyla, Twilla, and Twylla.

20. Chickoa

An adorable Native American originating girl name, meaning “born at daybreak.” Other variations of the name include Chickoah, Chikoa, and Chikoah.

21. Dawnielle

This is a gorgeous girl’s name of Old English derivation, meaning “the first appearance of light,” or “daybreak.” Dawnielle is also a variant of the English word dawn.

22. Yvaine

A gorgeous and attractive girl’s name of Scottish origin, meaning “evening star.” Yvaine is a combination of the names Yvonne and Elaine. The possible masculine version of the name may be Yvain.

23. Nisha

Nisha is a simple and popular Hindu girl’s name, meaning “night.”

24. Sanjoli

A beautiful and melodious Hindu girl’s name, meaning “period of twilight.”

Boy Names That Mean Twilight

Check out this list of charming boy names that mean “twilight.”

1. Shafaq

A handsome name of Arabic origin that is also used for girls, meaning “twilight,” referring to the redness that appears in the sky before the sun comes up and after it goes down. Shafaq also means “sympathy,” “affection,” “pity,” or “tenderness.”

2. Taozeeh

A gorgeous Arabic boy’s name, meaning “light,” “daylight,” “sunshine,” or “daybreak.”

3. Hakumei

A charming masculine name of Japanese origin that means “twilight.”

4. Vikal

A charming boy’s name of Hindu origin, meaning “twilight,” “evening,” or “close of day.”

5. Lucrecio

A gorgeous boy’s name derives from Latin origins, meaning “twilight of dawn.” Lucrecio is a top-trending boy’s name.

6. Wabaunsee

An impressive and noteworthy name of North American Indian origin, meaning “dawn of day,” or “daybreak.” Other variations of the name include Waubonsie, Waubonsee, Waabaanizii, and Wabanzi.

7. Shinonome

An elegant-sounding name that means “daybreak” in Japanese.

8. Anatolios

A charming Greek boy’s name that means “sunrise.” Anatolios is a name that is mostly used in Greek-speaking countries.

9. Fajr

Fajr is a popular Arabic boy’s name that means “daybreak,” “first light,” or “dawn.” Fajr also refers to the morning prayer observed by Muslims around the world.

10. Ishraaq

Ishraaq is a direct Quranic name for both girls and boys, meaning “sunrise,” or “daybreak.,” it also means “illumination,” “emergence,” or “vividness” in a more figurative sense.

11. Yiska

Yiska is a unique-sounding name of Native American origin, meaning “the night has passed.”

12. Arrats

A gorgeous masculine Basque name, meaning “afternoon,” or “dusk.”

13. Yoake

Yoake is a Japanese name with the literal meaning of “dawn.”

14. Bamdat

Bamdat is a unique-sounding name that originates from the Persian name Bamdad, meaning “dawn,” or “morning twilight.”

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