42 Names That Mean Two or Second for Your Little One

names that mean two or second
names that mean two or second

Are you expecting a second mischief-maker? Or maybe the number two holds a special meaning for you and you’re in search of a suitable name to match. Whatever the case may be, this list of interesting names that mean two or second is sure to help you find the perfect match.

Some names that mean two or second are related to sets of two in nature, while others refer to the second-born child or the second child of twins. From Twila to Abel, there are dozens of distinctive and unique names from all around the world to choose from. If you’re ready, consider this list of names that mean two or second.

Girl Names That Mean Two or Second

Whether you’re welcoming another baby girl into the world or need a feminine name that means two, one of these names might do just the trick.

1. Nauri

A lovely Samoan name for a little girl, Nauri means “two young coconut shoots”. This is a great choice for parents who are nature lovers.

2. Twila

Twila is an adorable baby girl’s name. Meaning “woven with a double thread,” this name is of English origin.

3. Katherine

A more commonly known name, Katherine stems from English and Greek. The meaning of this name is “each of the two”.

4. Amo

Of Swedish origin, Amo is a charming girl’s name that also has ties to Finnish and Danish languages. It means “nectar” or “second”.

5. Kato

Powerful and strong-sounding, Kato is a gender-neutral name of African origin that means “second of twins”.

6. Dvita

Dvita is a beautiful feminine name that has roots in both Sanskrit and Indian. It means “existing in two forms at once”.

7. Duri

Meaning “two,” Duri is an interesting and feminine name that is of Korean origin.

8. Ami

Ami is a name that has roots in the French language. The meaning of Ami is “second” and it can also mean “beautiful”.

9. Futaba

A delightful name for a baby girl, Futaba is of Japanese origin and means “two,” “a set,” or “a leaf”.

10. Abam

Abam is an uncommon and rare name. It means “the second born of twins” and is derived from the Twi language.

11. Hai

A cute Vietnamese name that is suitable for a little girl, Hai means “two” or “second”.

12. Ichiniko

Ichiniko is a lovely name that is derived from the Japanese language. The meaning of this name is “two”.

13. Nakato

Of Japanese origin, Nakato is a wonderful baby girl’s name that translates to mean “second of twins”.

14. Niki

Niki is a feminine name that stems from Japanese. It means “two,” “hope,” and “time”.

15. Andra

An interesting name that has roots in Greek, Andra is a great choice for a little girl. It means “protector” or “the second one”.

16. Aki

Short and sweet, Aki is a charming and feminine name that means “dazzling” or “second”.

17. Antra

Meaning “second note,” Antra is a stunning and distinctive name. A great option for a little princess, this name stems from Hindi origin.

18. Alaba

Originating from Yoruba, Alaba is a lyrical-sounding girl’s name that means “second child after twins”.

19. Nessa

A unique name that sounds similar to Vanessa, Nessa is a Cornish name that means “second”.

20. Penebui

The name of a famous Egyptian queen, Penebui means “the seat of the two lords”.

21. Niko

Niko is a cute and gender-neutral name. Meaning “two” and “victory of the people,” Niko is a name of Japanese origin.

22. Pili

An endearing girl’s name, the meaning of Pili is “second born”. This name is derived from African origin.

23. Gemini

Gemini is a timeless name. Perfect for girls or boys, Gemini is a Latin name that means “twins”.

Boy Names That Mean Two or Second

There are plenty of boy names that mean two or second to choose from. Check out these interesting and striking options.

1. Koji

Meaning “fortunate” and “second son,” Koji is a charming name for baby boys. This name is of Japanese origin.

2. Arlo

An adorable name for a little boy, Arlo stems from the Spanish language. The meaning of this name is “between two hills”.

3. Banji

Quite an interesting and unusual name, Banji has roots in African languages. It means “second born of twins”.

4. Jiro

Another delightful Japanese name, Jiro means “second son”.

5. Adedeji

Adedeji is one of the more uncommon names on this list. Meaning “the crown has become two,” Adedeji is a masculine name of Yoruba origin.

6. Joji

Joji is a cute two-syllable name that means “second son”. The origin of this name is in Japanese.

7. Broden

A boyish name, Broden is of Scottish origin and means “second son”. This name is suitable for a second-born son.

8. Altan

An enchanting Turkish name, Altan is a great masculine name for a little prince. The meaning of Altan is “a second chance”.

9. Veasna

A rare Cambodian name, Veasna is a masculine name that means “lucky” or “second chance”.

10. Secondus

You can probably guess the meaning of this name. Of Latin and Roman origin, Secondus is a masculine name that means “second”.

11. Juji

Derived from Japanese, Juji means “chaste,” “two,” and “pure”. Definitely a cute choice for a baby boy.

12. Abel

A name that is quite popular in countries outside of the United States, Abel means “breath” and “the second son of Adam and Eve”. This is a Biblical and Hebrew name.

13. Sani

Sani is a charming and masculine name that comes from the West African language of Hauwa. It means “second,” “peer,” and “equal match”.

14. Swi

Meaning “second child,” Swi is a lovely masculine name that stems from Indonesian.

15. Thomas

A classic Greek name that has withstood the test of time, Thomas means “twin”.

16. Janus

Similar to the name Gemini, Janus is a Roman and Latin name that refers to the two-faced God of beginnings and doors in Roman mythology.

17. Fuji

Fuji is a nature-related name that means “two,” “wisteria,” and “wealth”. The origin of this name is in Japanese.

18. Kehinde

Of African Nigerian origin, Kehinde is a sweet yet masculine name that means “the second-born child of twins”.

19. Rinji

Another spectacular Japanese name, Rinji is a boy’s name that means “two,” “govern,” and “correct”.

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