53 Breathtaking Names That Mean Wise or Wisdom

names that mean wise
names that mean wise

Wise people though they may not make it obvious, are individuals with much significance. They are intelligent beings with vast knowledge and experience, and a deep understanding of this highly complicated world. Their intelligence and wisdom is a tool that is of great advantage to them, as it multiplies their chance of survival and success in this world.

So what exactly is being wise? It is to possess knowledge that is true and real, to have good judgment, the ability to learn and grow from one’s experiences and mistakes, and much much more.

Being wise or even having close relations with such a person would certainly be a luxury. Imagine having a child with such intellectual abilities, wouldn’t that be great, at the very least you wouldn’t have to worry about them making stupid decisions out there.

With that being said, buckle up, and check out this magnificent list of names associated with the meaning “wise.”

Girl Names That Mean Wise

The meaning “wise” offers a stunning list of girl names, do check them out!

1. Akylly

This unique girl’s name is of Turkmen origin, a Turkic ethnic group native to Central Asia. Akylly means “smartness.”

2. Bertha

An elegant and quaint name of Old German origin, meaning “bright one.” Bertha was once the short form of the Anglo-Saxon names Beorhtgifu meaning “bright gift,” or Beorhtwynn meaning “bright joy.”

3. Alberta

An adorable name of Old English origin meaning “noble,” or “bright.” Alberta was also the name of Queen Victoria’s daughter, whose name is the namesake of the Canadian province Alberta.

4. Machiko

This pretty and adorable Japanese name means “knowledgeable child.” Other variations of the name include Machi, Machika, Machyka, and Machyko.

5. Monica

This beautiful Latin girl’s name is derived from the verb monere, meaning “to advise.”

6. Alohi

An elegant unisex name of Hawaii origin, meaning “shining,” or “brilliant.” Alohi is also a variant of the Hawaiian name Aloha.

7. Minerva

A sophisticated female name of Latin origin, meaning “the mind.” Minerva is also an important character in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Minerva McGonagall.

8. Dara

An adorable name of Hebrew origin, meaning “nugget of wisdom.” In Persian, Dara is a masculine name that is a variant of the name Darius, meaning “rich,” or “well-off.”

9. Mackenzie

This charming name is of Irish and Gaelic origins, meaning “fire born,” or “ the son of the wise ruler.” Mackenzie is a popular girl’s name in North America and Australia.

10. Saffi

An adorable Greek girl’s name, meaning “wisdom.” Saffi is also a variation of the Greek name Sophia.

11. Labiba

This unique-sounding Arabic name means “clever,” or “wise.” Labiba is a common name in Arabic countries and is available in other regions too.

12. Manisha

This gorgeous and elegant  name is of Sanskrit origin, meaning “desire,” “intelligence,” and “wisdom.” Other variations of the name include Manizha and Monisha.

13. Veta

This adorable Spanish girl’s name means “intelligent,” “God is my oath,” “knowledge,” or “wisdom.”  Veta is an alternate version of the Hebrew name Elizabeth, as well as the Sanskrit word Veda.

14. Sonya

An elegant and modern name of English and Greek origin, meaning “wisdom.” Sonya is a derivative of the English name Sonia and the Greek name Sophia.

15. Ramona

Ramona is a Spanish girl’s name meaning “wise protector.” It is also the feminine form of the Spanish name Ramon, and the Old German name Raymond.

16. Zosia

This gorgeous trendy version of the Greek name Sophia means “wisdom.”

17. Sage

An adorable name of Latin origin used for boys as well. Sage is a herbal name that connotes wisdom and means “wise.”

18. Quinn

This quirky name of Irish origin means “descendent of Conn.” Conn comes from the Irish word ceann meaning “head,” “chief leader,” or “intelligence.”

19. Sophie

A popular name of Greek and French origins, meaning “wisdom.” Sophie is the French form of the Greek name Sophia.

20. Rae

This adorable name of German origin means “wise protection.” Rae is also the feminine version of the name Raymond, and the short form of Rachael.

21. Prudence

An adorably pretty name of Latin origin, meaning “caution,” “discretion,” or “good judgement.” Prudence is a virtue name that was quite common in Middle Age England.

22. Busara

A unique-sounding girl name of Swahili origin meaning “wisdom,” “prudence,” “sense,” and “understanding.”

Boy Names That Mean Wise

Boy names that mean “wise” of plenty too. This list offers some very exciting boy name choices.

1. Dana

This Arabic boy’s name means “wise.” Dana also has roots in Old English, where it meant “from Denmark” and was used as a girl’s name. Dana is also the short form of the Hebrew name Daniel.

2. Aakil

A charming and elegant Indian boy’s name, meaning “intelligent,” or “smart.”

3. Alden

This handsome name of Middle English origin means “old, wise friend.” However, other sources also interpret the meaning as “friend of the past.”

4. Aldo

An adorable name of Italian and German origins, meaning “old and wise,”

5. Solon

Solon is a unique sounding name of Old Greek origin, meaning “wisdom.” Solon is a name that is largely used in English and French languages. Other variations of the name include Solan, Solen, and Solin.

6. Alvis

An elegant and graceful name of Old Norse origin, meaning “all wise.” Alwis is also a character in Norse mythology.

7. Naauao

A unique-sounding Hawaiian name pronounced as Nah-ow-oh. Naauao means “wisdom,” or “enlightenment.”

8. Bilge

Bilge is a fascinating and unique Turkish name that is also used for  females, meaning “wise.” The name is best known as the name of the Turkic ruler Bilge Kagan.

9. Basir

This masculine Arabic boy’s name means “knowledgeable,” “proficient,” or “the one who sees.” Basir is considered to be the finest of names and much favoured by the Muslim community.

10. Sabio

An adorable name of Spanish and Portuguese origin, meaning “clever,” or “learned.” A virtuous and meaningful name.

11. Heller

A unique sounding German boy’s name, meaning “bright,” or “brilliant.” The name however has its original roots in Greek, and was used as a girl’s name.

12. Gliocas

A gorgeous name of Scottish origin, meaning “wisdom.” Gliocas is a handsome name with a wonderful masculine undertone.

13. Zhihui

A trendy and elegant-sounding name of Chinese origin, meaning “wisdom.”

14. Boman

An interesting name of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning “a great mind.” Boman is also an unusual alternative to Roman.

15. Cato

Cato is an adorable Latin boy’s name that was also used for girls, meaning “all-knowing.” The name Cato is also associated with a high-minded Roman statesman at the time of Julius Caesar.

16. Ceorl

A unique and adorable name of German origin, pronounced as Ce-orl, meaning “achiever,” “peacemaker,” and “more attractive.”

17. Matalino

Matalino is a charming boy’s name of Tagalog origin, meaning “bright,” or “wise.”

18. Gyani

This graceful Hindu boy’s name means “genius.” Gyani is a name that is very popular among the Hindu community.

19. Conrad

A masculine and modern name of German origin, meaning “brave,” or “counsel.” Conrad is derived from the Old High German words conja meaning “bold,” and rad meaning “counsel.”

20. Conroy

A charming name of Irish origin, meaning “wise man,” or “wise advisor,” Conroy is a popular name in English-speaking countries.

21. Cuthbert

This unique-sounding name of Old English origin means “bright,” “brilliant,” and “famous.”

22. Eldridge

A unique-sounding name of English origin, meaning “old, wise ruler.”

23. Ethan

Ethan is a charmingly trendy name of Hebrew origin, meaning “firm,” “enduring,” and “strong and long-lived.”

24. Farzan

This handsome and elegant Arabic name means “wise.” The feminine equivalent of the name is Farzaneh or Farzana.

25. Fitzhugh

A charming name with the wonderful meaning of “son of intelligence.” Fitzhugh originates from Old French and Old German and is also the namesake of the American painter Fitzhugh Lane.

26. Hakim

This Arabic boy’s name is also associated with the Prophet Muhammed and means “the wise,” “a ruler,” or “judge.”

27. Hugo

This adorable boy’s name is of diverse origins including German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Hugo means “wise,” or “intellect” and is also the Latin form of Hugh.

28. Kendry

An elegant Scottish name, meaning “wise man.” A unique and rare name with a great meaning.

29. Manish

This graceful name of Sanskrit origin means “lord of the mind,” or “intelligent.” A popular and attractive name among the Hindu community.

30. Raymond

An attractive masculine name of German origin, meaning “wise protector.” The short version of the name is Ray.

31. Seanan

Seanan in Hebrew means “gift of God,” and in Irish it means “little old wise one.” The more popular variation of this unique name is Senan.

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