70 Kaleidoscopic Names That Mean Rainbow

For parents in search of the perfect baby name, one that expresses hope, beauty, and love, something rainbow-inspired could be a great choice. Not only are rainbows an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon, but they also symbolize peace, joy, and beauty after the storm. If you think a rainbow name might be a match, you’re in luck because there are plenty of options.

Rainbow-inspired baby names relate to various themes, including hope, light, the sky, and blessings. From Iris to Arcus, this list contains countless unique and stunning rainbow names from around the world.

If you’re ready to discover a magnificent rainbow-related name for your little pot of gold, take a look at these wonderful choices.

Girl Names That Mean Rainbow

A rainbow-inspired name is an amazing choice for a baby girl. A symbol of blessings, good luck, and new beginnings, these names are full of love.

1. Alina

Alina is a sweet and feminine name of Greek origin. It means “light” and “beautiful.”

2. Celeste

A heavenly choice for a baby girl, Celeste comes from Latin origin and means “of the sky.”

3. Amitola

Unique and pretty, Amitola is a name derived from Native American origin. The meaning translates to “rainbow.”

4. Hina

Hina is a lovely girl’s name of Hawaiian origin. It refers to a Hawaiian goddess who is said to have traveled on a rainbow bridge.

5. Iris

Of Greek origin, Iris is a feminine name that means “goddess of the rainbow.” In Greek mythology, Iris was the rainbow goddess who delivered messages between the heavens and earth.

6. Beatrix

Beatrix is a more uncommon girl’s name that has both Latin and Dutch origins. It means “she who bring happiness” and “blessed.”

7. Koko

A super cute name for a little girl, Koko is derived from Japanese origin and means “rainbow,” “stork,” and “delight.”

8. Araceli

With origins in Mexican and Latin, Araceli is a feminine name that translates to “altar of the sky.”

9. Mirai

Mirai is a pretty name of Basque origin that means “miracle.” Just as rainbows are natural miracles, so is your little girl.

10. Iridiana

Another name derived from Greek, Iridiana is a beautiful feminine name that means “rainbow.”

11. Enfys

A baby girl’s name of Welsh origin, Enfys means “rainbow.”

12. Clarabelle

Clarabelle is a name stemming from Latin. It means “bright” or “famous.” Perfect for a baby girl who shines bright like a rainbow.

13. Noelani

Of Hawaiian origin, Noelani is a stunning feminine name that translates to “mist of heaven.”

14. Eleanor

A timeless choice, Eleanor is a name derived from Greek and that means “shining light.”

15. Alya

Alya is a lyrical name that has Arabic roots. It means “sky” and “heavenly.”

16. Helena

Pretty and classic, Helena is a Greek name that means “shining bright.”

17. Gwyneth

Gwyneth is a delightful girl’s name that stems from Welsh. The meaning translates to “blessed.”

18. Manzat

A distinctive and rarer name, Manzat is of Mesopotamian origin and means “goddess of the sun” and “shining over heaven.”

19. Abigail

Abigail is a cute baby girl’s name that means “brings joy,” just like a rainbow. It is of Hebrew origin.

20. Etsuko

An uncommon name in the United States, Etsuko is of Japanese origin and means “child of the rainbow.”

21. Itzel

Charming and unique, Itzel is a feminine name with roots in Native American and Mayan languages. The meaning is “rainbow” or “rainbow girl.”

22. Iria

Stemming from Spanish, Iria is a musical name that means “colorful rainbow” and “peace.”

23. Winifred

Winny for short, Winifred is a name with links to both Welsh and English. It means “joy and peace.”

24. Amala

Bright and full of whimsy, Amala is a feminine name of Arabic origin that means “hope.”

25. Miku

Perfect for a baby girl with cultural ties to Japan, Miku is a feminine name that translates to “beautiful sky” in Japanese.

26. Ayah

Ayah is a lovely female Arabic name. It means “mirace” or “a sign from God.”

27. Evelyn

Rising in popularity, Evelyn is a trendy name that has Hebrew roots. The meaning translates to “wished for child,” or in other words, a miracle.

28. Asha

Short and sweet, Asha is a name of Sanskrit origin that means “hope.”

29. Nadia

Also meaning “hope,” Nadia is a beautiful and elegant name with Slavic roots.

30. Skye

Skye is a Scottish name that refers to the name of a small Scottish island, and also means “the heavens.”

31. Solongo

Quite a rare choice, Solongo is a feminine name with Mongolian roots. It means “rainbow.”

32. Ziazan

Of Armenian origin, Ziazan is a unique baby girl’s name that means “rainbow.”

33. Godiva

A name that is both sugary and stylish, Godiva is of English origin and means “God’s gift.”

34. Karishma

With Indian roots, Karishma is a refined and feminine name that translates to mean “miracle.”

35. Akiko

Of Japanese origin, Akiko is a delightful name for a baby girl. The meaning of Akiko is “bright child.”

36. Cozamalotl

Suitable for parents looking for a distinctive name, Cozamalotl is of Aztec origin and means “rainbow.”

37. Jenica

Jenica is a precious name with Latin roots that means “God’s gracious gift.”

Boy Names That Mean Rainbow

The sky is the limit for your newborn baby boy. Check out these masculine names inspired by rainbows.

1. Zorion

A striking name, Zorion is of Basque origin. This masculine name means “happiness.”

2. Avilion

Avilion is an impressive baby boy’s name that has English roots. It means “a golden rainbow,” “beautiful,” and “unique.”

3. Felix

A trendy choice for your newborn, Felix is a name that comes from Latin and means “good luck” or “fortunate.”

4. Karisma

Of Greek origin, Karisma is a gender-neutral name that means “gift.”

5. Noah

Though not exactly meaning rainbow, Noah is a biblical name that refers to a man who was promised a rainbow by God.

6. Keyne

Keyne is a cool name that stems from Celtic origin. It means “man of the eastern sky.”

7. Indra

A charming and masculine name of Hindi origin, Indra means “god of the sky, storms, and rain.” In Hindu mythology, Indra carries a rainbow that shoots arrows.

8. Kiran

With roots in Sanskrit, Kiran is a boy name that translates to mean “beam of light.”

9. Lucas

Cute and boyish, Lucas is a name with roots in Latin. The meaning of this name is “bringer of light.”

10. Meyer

Of Hebrew origin, Meyer is a masculine name that means “bright one.”

11. Uenuku

A heavenly name for a baby boy, Uenuku is of Maori origin and means “divine being of rainbows.”

12. Heimdall

Heim for short, Heimdall stems from Old Norse. It refers to the guards of a rainbow bridge in Old Norse mythology.

13. Anuenue

Stemming from Hawaiian origin, Anuenue means “rainbow.”

14. Caius

Caius is a sweet masculine name with Latin roots. The meaning of this name translates to “rejoice.”

15. Sabrang

Sabrang is a name with Hindi roots. It means “rainbow.”

16. Arcus

A stylish choice for a baby boy, Arcus is a masculine name of Jamaican origin that means “rainbow deity.”

17. Khroma

Khroma is a unisex name with roots in German. It means “color.”

18. Walken

Of German origin, Walken is a charming baby boy’s name that translates to mean “rainbow.”

19. Akash

A handsome name stemming from Sanskrit, Akash means “upper sky.”

20. Theodore

Meaning “gift from God,” Theodore is a masculine name that comes from Ancient Greek.

21. Arnan

Arnan is a lovely baby boy’s name with roots in Hebrew. It translates to mean “joyful.”

22. Jalus

Of Tibetan origin, Jalus is a masculine name that means “rainbow.” This name is quite uncommon, making it a trendy choice.

23. Gilbert

A classic name, Gilbert stems from Old French and means “bright promise.”

24. Bennett

Bennett is a unisex name with roots in Latin and French. It means “blessed” or “blessing.”

25. Kahukura

A name popular in New Zealand, Kahukura is a gender-neutral choice of Maori origin. It refers to the divine deity of the double rainbow in Maori folklore.

26. Alan

Alan is a baby boy’s name that never goes out of style. Of German origin, it means “precious.”

27. Asher

Modern and fashionable, Asher is a masculine name with roots in Hebrew. It means “happy.”

28. Amitola

Amitola is a male name of Native American and Indian origin. It means “rainbow painted in the sky.”

29. Isa

Simple but unique, Isa is a delicate name of Chamorro origin. This name translates to mean “rainbow.”

30. Musoke

Musoke is a rare name of African heritage that means “rainbow.”

31. Mahpiya

Another uncommon name, Mahpiya is a Native American name that means “cloud” or “sky.”

32. Albert

Of German origin, Albert is a dignified name that means “bright.”

33. Neven

Neven is an interesting name that stems from Latin origin. It means “saintly.”

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