75 Glistening Names That Mean Gold

If you’re looking to give your little one a name that shows just how much you cherish them, one that means gold could be just the thing. Gold is more than just a valuable metal, it is also symbolic of good fortune, luxury, generosity, and divinity.

Maybe you’re searching for a name that reflects your baby’s heart of gold, or perhaps something that means precious. There are even names for boys and girls with golden-colored hair. Whatever your inspiration is, there are countless unique and beautiful options to choose from.

So, get ready to dive into the gilded realm of gold-inspired baby names.

Girl Names That Mean Gold

Your little girl will always be your greatest treasure, so why not give her a gilded gold-related name to match?

1. Arella

With roots in Spanish, Arella is a feminine name that means “one with a golden personality.”

2. Callidora

A stunning name for a baby girl, Callidora is a Greek name that translates to “voice of gold.”

3. Nubia

Nubia is a darling name with origins in Egyptian. It means “like golden treasure.”

4. Haimi

Of Indian origin, Haimi means both “golden” and is another name for the Goddess Parvati.

5. Marigold

Perfect for flora and fauna lovers, Marigold is a name of English origin that means “golden flower.”

6. Kimora

A charming choice, Kimora is a rare name with American roots. The meaning is “from the golden meadow.”

7. Ambrielle

Alternatively spelled as Ambria, Ambrielle is a Hebrew name that means “golden resin.”

8. Aurel

Stemming from Latin, Aurel is an elegant and cute name that means “golden-haired.”

9. Carmela

Carmela, or Carmeline, is a name with both Hebrew and Italian roots. It means “golden woman.”

10. Aralia

A name coming from Latin, Aralia is a pretty feminine name that translates to mean “one who is made of gold.”

11. Orelia

With roots in French, Orelia is an adorable baby girl’s name that means “precious or golden jewel.”

12. Zelta

A distinctive option, Zelta is a girl’s name of Latvian origin. It means “gold.”

13. Cressida

Cressida is a classic name derived from English. From the Ancient Greek word chryseis, Cressida means “golden.”

14. Deor

Deor is a gender-neutral name that comes from French. Also spelled as Dior, it means “beloved baby” and “golden one.”

15. Aubrin

Of English origin, Aubrin is a sweet girl’s name that means “a golden meadow.”

16. Auristela

Majestic and uncommon, Auristela is a feminine name with Latin roots. The meaning is “bright and golden star.”

17. Ophira

Stemming from Hebrew, Ophira is a female name that means “expensive gold.”

18. Pazia

Pazia is a pretty Spanish name that’s meaning translates to “one who is golden.”

19. Talayah

A lovely name for a baby girl, Talayah is of Arabic origin and means “golden ray of the sun.”

20. Sonali

Sonali comes from Hindi. This beautiful female name means “gold” and “moonlight.”

21. Arjeta

An uncommon name in the United States, Arjeta is of Swiss origin and means “golden life.”

22. Aurelia

With Latin roots, Aurelia is a gorgeous name that means “golden haired” or “saint.”

23. Gini

Cute and stylish, Gini is a Hindi name that means “gold.”

24. Haridra

Haridra is a trendy choice of Indian origin. It means “golden-colored” or “lucky.”

25. Auri

Of English origin, Auri is a charming name for a baby girl. The meaning of this name is “golden.”

26. Aurore

Aurore is a chic girl’s name that comes from French and Latin. It means “golden” and “goddess of dawn.”

27. Kanaka

A gender-neutral choice, Kanaka is a unique Indian name that translates to mean “the golden one.”

28. Gildan

With roots in English, Gildan is another unisex name that means “gilded.”

29. Chrysantha

Alternatively written as Chrisanna, Chrysantha is a Spanish name that means “golden flower.”

30. Amisha

A rarer girl’s name, Amisha is of Indonesian origin and means “heart of gold.”

31. Kajla

Kajla is a graceful feminine name that has Slavic roots. It means “golden chain.”

32. Gelisa

A refined female name, Gelisa is of Australian origin and translates to “a girl with yellow or golden hair.”

33. Aury

Originating in the Dominican Republic, Aury is a cute baby name that means “gold.”

34. Ardita

A name derived from Albania, Ardita means “a golden day.”

35. Dibi

Of Arabic origin, Dibi is an adorable girl’s name that means “one with golden tissue” and “priceless.”

36. Aliveni

Delightful and unique, Aliveni is a feminine name of Bengali origin. It means “golden doll.”

37. Hemadri

Hemadri is a graceful name from India that means “golden hills.”

38. Zarmisha

A stand-out name for a baby girl, Zarmisha means “golden flower.” This name has both Afghan and Arabic roots.

39. Amira

Arabic and Kurdish in origin, Amira is a divine name that means “princess with a heart of gold.”

40. Coppa

Coppa is a baby girl’s name of Italian origin. It means “golden coup” or “reward.”

41. Hiraani

Of Indian origin, Hiraani is a feminine name that means “gold” or “diamond.” It also refers to a female goddess named Lakshmi.

42. Zarrina

Zarrina is a beautiful Georgian name. It means “golden.”

43. Goldia

Goldia is a name derived from Hebrew. It means “as valuable as gold.”

Boy Names That Mean Gold

Whether you’re looking for a name that relates to your baby boy’s golden locks or one that represents just how special they are, one of these gold-inspired names is sure to do the trick.

1. Orville

A classic name for a baby boy, Orville has roots in French and means “golden village” or “town full of golden treasure.”

2. Altan

Altan is a noteworthy name that has Mongolian roots. It means “golden.”

3. Aerol

Of Greek origin, Aerol is an uncommon male name that translates to “golden at heart.”

4. Orel

With ties to both Latin and Russian, Orel is a baby boy’s name that means “precious” and “as bright as gold.”

5. Sonu

For parents seeking an uncommon name, Sonu is of Hindi origin and means “beloved” or “familiar with gold.”

6. Kerli

A charming choice for a newborn boy, Kerli is an Indian name that means “golden necklace.”

7. Hiran

Hiran is a masculine name with Indian roots. Simply, it translates to “gold.”

8. Aurek

Perfect for parents with connections to Polish culture, Aurek is a Polish name that means “golden-haired.”

9. Arion

Arion, also spelled as Arian, is a name of Albanian origin. It means “golden life.”

10. Anzar

Of Arabic origin, Anzar is a baby boy’s name that means “heart of pure gold.” It also has the meaning “angel of paradise.”

11. Aurelio

A musical-sounding name, Aureolio comes from Latin and means “golden-haired.”

12. Dinis

Dinis is a lovely boy’s name that is derived from Portuguese. It means “heart of gold.”

13. Kyon

Kyon is a striking male name that comes from Greek. In Greek mythology, Kyon was the name of the golden dog that protected the god Zeus.

14. Kanal

Of Indian origin, Kanal is an interesting name that means “shining and golden.”

15. Jin

Suitable for Chinese baby boys, Jin is a name of Chinese origin that means “gold.”

16. Sumer

A rarer name, Sumer has Indian roots and means “golden mountain.”

17. Kethan

Similar to the more common name, Ethan, Kethan is of Tamil origin and means “pure gold.”

18. Alamar

An Arabic name, Alamar is a pleasant boy’s name that translates to mean “coated in gold.”

19. Abriz

Also derived from Arabic, Abriz is a masculine name that means “the purest form of gold.”

20. Besart

Quite uncommon in the United States, Besart is a name with roots in Albanian. It means “golden oath.”

21. Chrysanthos

Chrys for short, Chrysanthos is a masculine name with roots in English and Latvian. The meaning of the name is “golden flower.”

22. Hemandra

Hemandra is a unisex name of Hindi origin. It translates to mean “lord of gold.”

23. Zerin

Similar in sound to the common name, Erin, Zerin has roots in Bosnian and Persian. The meaning of Zerin is “golden.”

24. Zlatan

A strong choice for a baby boy, Zlatan is a Croatian name that means “golden-haired man.”

25. Aureo

Aureo is a noteworthy masculine name that stems from Spanish. It means “respectable” and “golden-haired.”

26. Abrik

Of both Indian and Sanskrit origin, Abrik is a striking name that’s meaning is “precious like gold.”

27. Lambirt

A name with ties to Dutch and German, Lambirt means “glowing” and “golden.”

28. Vanna

Vanna is an intriguing baby boy’s name that has ties to Cambodian and Sanskrit. It means “golden.”

29. Manava

A gender-neutral baby name, Manava is a rare choice that has Indian origin. The meaning of the name is “previous as gold.”

30. Hati

Hati is a delightful name for a baby boy. This name is of Hindi origin and translates to “golden.”

31. Hemai

With Indian roots, Hemai is a cool and masculine name that means “golden boy.”

32. Tapur

A very rare name in the United States, Tapur is of Indian origin and means “a golden boy.”

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