27 Names That Mean Lost for Your Little Wanderer

For parents in search of a unique name for their newborn baby, you may want to consider a name that means lost. Nearly all of the names inspired by the concept of being lost are quite interesting and intriguing. Related to themes of disappearance, being lost and then found, lost souls, and wandering, these names are sure to impress.

It’s tough to find a name that you’ve never heard before. Luckily, most of these names that mean lost are rare and hard to come by. This means that your little boy or girl will definitely stand out. From Njoki to Colla, we have gathered a list of numerous lost-related names for boys and girls. There are even some gender-neutral options.

So, if you’re ready to explore and learn about all of these names that mean lost, take a look at this list of choices.

Girl Names That Mean Lost

There are dozens of names that mean lost. With one of these rare and unique names, your baby can have a name that is just as special as them. Below are some options perfect for your wandering little girl.

1. Njoki

Njoki is a pretty and feminine name that stems from the Kikuyu language. It means “to return after being lost.”

2. Zezima

A stunning choice for a little girl, Zezima has roots in the Kiswahili language and means “to disappear or sink.”

3. Vondila

Of African origin, Vondila is a lovely name for a newborn that means “lost child.”

4. Yaomi

Beautiful and serene-sounding, Yaomi is a feminine name with roots in Japanese. The  meaning of this name is “lost soul.”

5. Khayali

Originating from Indian and Bengali languages, Khayali is a lovely girl’s name that means “a woman lost in her own wonderland.”

6. Alop

A Hindi name, Alop is a cute choice for a baby girl. The meaning of Alop translates to “will not be lost.”

7. Jal

A gender-neutral baby name, Jal is of English origin and means “wondering spirit.”

8. Eweiwi

Eweiwi is a musical-sounding name for a little girl. It has roots in the Benin language and means “a good thing that is never lost.”

9. Limbus

Another unisex choice, Limbus is an interesting name for both boys and girls. Limbus is a Latin word that means “limbo,” the mythological place where lost souls can be found.

10. Iyabo

Iyabo is a feminine name of African origin that comes from the Yoruba language. The meaning is “mother has returned.”

11. Perdita

With roots in Latin, Perdita is a unique name that means “a lost woman.”

12. Hadaza

Of Guanche origin, Hadaza is a beautiful name for a baby girl. The meaning of Hadaza is “lost” or “distracted.”

13. Machie

A name that can easily be given to newborn boys or girls, Machie is of Igbo origin and means “replacement of a lost gem.”

14. Bokuna

Stemming from Cameroon, Bokuna is a striking and feminine name that means “she who lost her sibling.”

15. Yung

Yung is an adorable baby girl’s name that comes from Japan. It means “lost one.”

Boy Names That Mean Lost

Mischievous little boys are known for wandering and getting into trouble. If this sounds like this could be your newborn, check out these masculine names that mean lost.

1. Colla

Colla is a trendy and interesting name for a baby boy. Of ancient Irish origin, this name means “lost in antiquity” and was the name of a prince.

2. Dolen

With roots in the Dutch language, Dolen is a sweet and masculine name that means “wanderer.”

3. Pahana

An eye-catching name, Pahana is of Native American origin and means “lost brother.”

4. Diggory

Diggory is a classic name for a little boy. Coming from the French language, Diggory means “lost one.”

5. Kafur

Kafur is an enchanting and stylish name with roots in Indian languages. The meaning of this name is “to disappear or be lost.”

6. Shabazz

A cool name for any baby boy, Shabazz is of African origin and means “a lost tribe.”

7. Jyran

Jyran is an uncommon name that comes from India. The meaning of this masculine name is “lost love.”

8. Sennacherib

An extremely rare choice for your newborn boy, Sennacherib has both Latin and Biblical roots. It means “sin lost her brother.”

9. Forcas

Of Hebrew origin, Forcas is a distinctive boy’s name that translates to mean “lost property that has been returned.”

10. Conary

Conary is a special name for a baby boy. Of Irish origin, Conary means “lost in ancient times.”

11. Esupofo

Esupofo is a name that stems from the Yoruba language. It means “the devil has lost.”

12. Peter

A reference to the famous children’s story, “Peter Pan,” Peter is known as a lost boy. The meaning of the name is “rock” and it comes from Greek.

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